Jul. 15th, 2017 11:04 am
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Who: Fingon, open.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Huntress.
When: Backdated a few days for gifts.

{Fingon chokes back a laugh when he finally opens his basket of gifts. A portrait of a family of Elves is shown, as the Fleet may have come to expect from this family. Loving fingers trace over features and his voice is steady as he speaks, if quiet.}

I remember when this was painted. My father and mother, my younger brothers and sister. Are there many families who have been reunited here? I have been blessed to be reunited with cousins who are dear to me, and for a time my grandfather. But thus far that is all.

{He's ignoring one of the other little gifts. A fearsome - if small - figurine of a horned beast painted garishly in red, with a whip that looks like it could wrap around and choke or hurt if given the chance.}


Jul. 14th, 2017 07:57 pm
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Who: Maedhros & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Huntress
When: Backdated slightly for gifts.

(Joy and grief are mingled in what he receives. Maedhros has set his focus on others either enjoying what they received or despairing over them. It's easier, isn't it?

A breath before the plunge.

He sets a portrait on a table, shakily touching each face with exceptional tenderness. There is a dark father, a fiery mother and seven sons. Maedhros himself is frozen there embracing two little brothers who share his hair color. They are undeniably twins.

Six births and he remembers all of them. The young bright faces are both beloved and shunned. He rests his chin on his arm, peering at them - making himself do so before he speaks, voice rough.)

These are my brothers...my father...and my mother.

(The clanking of a chain comes next and Maedhros lifts a pair of manacles. Heavy manacles. The sort to hold a strong Elf fast. He says nothing about them, but the fingers of his only remaining hand slide over the metal, remembering.

His last gift is nicer and he drops the manacles in favor of it. It is a crimson tunic with fine golden threading and black accents. It may or may not be the tunic he wears in the portrait.

Nicer, yes, but it causes a pang still.)

My mother made this for me. She wished for me to be a fine prince.


Jun. 14th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Who: Maedhros & Open
Broadcast: Marsiva
Action: On the Marsiva.
When: Evening

(A voice, beginning softly and then rising in volume, can be heard aboard the Marsiva this eve. Technology brings it to others - the ship is large - not that the singer entirely notices. A bright tumble of fiery hair obscures the picture momentarily before a certain tall Elf steps back. Yet the singing continues and Maedhros's eyes are distant, lost in memory.

The notes reach pitches that are almost keening, but the melody always softens, always returns to a pleasant level. Until the end, that is. The keening returns, then, and the Elf shows his prowess with song - something he will deny until death and beyond - by singing notes that are quick and passionate like flames. His eyes reflect despair and grief before assuming a look of grim determination.

But every song must end and his cannot carry on. He absently brushes back his hair - which is loose from all braids - and finishes securing his prosthetic arm in place.)
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    Jun. 5th, 2017 11:03 pm
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    Who: Maedhros & Open
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: On the Iskaulit.
    When: Any time this month!


    (The ever reclusive red-haired Elf has set himself a project. Some of the blades he has forged are before him and he is using a small tool to engrave patterns upon them. His fiery hair is tied back, revealing the scars on his face and the tip missing from one of his ears.)

    My brother has offered to forge items for those interested. I happily join him in that endeavor and I think myself capable of making weapons other than swords, daggers and the like. Do not think a project impossible; if we can find the parts, we will see it done.

    (His deep voice is calm, but there is something distant - sad - about it. To those with keen eyes, he may look pale and tired.)



    (When he is not working on his blades - or other projects - Maedhros - all seven plus feet of him - can be found wandering the Iskaulit, his gaze distant and his lips moving as he mumbles to himself. Likely in ancient Quenya.

    No, no, he's fine.)
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    Who: Fingon, Open!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide.
    Action: Huntress.
    When: Evening, May 8th.

    A Ball? {Fingon nearly bounces as he reads the invitation, a vibrant smile shines at any who see him, and the Elf just manages to keep from bolting for the stores he has already poured over in recent days.}

    Only a few days away, will everyone be ready?

    {And, because he knows his cousins, he aims a hopeful grin as he attempts to switch to a more private setting for the next part of his message.}

    Maitimo? Kano? You are both going, right? We should dance together!
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    Who: Fingon.
    Broadcast: Fleetwide.
    Action: Meston.
    When: Last week of April.

    {A playful tune on a harp-like instrument accompanies the sight of one of the remaining Elves. Is that a glowing tree at his back? Yes it is! Fingon's camped himself in one of the wildlife reserves to enjoy the reminder of Aman, especially the light of the various plants, and has taken to playing and singing for any and all who come upon him.

    There's a smile on his lips as he plays, blue ribbons are braided into his long dark hair and help keep it back behind pointed ears. Any who happen to look close enough will also see the hilt of a sword just within reach. He's learned his lesson thanks to the raiders.}

    Are you all enjoying yourselves in this system of stars so far? The asteroids are rather interesting! {And a little frightening to navigate through the holes just to get to where he wants to go! But worthwhile, so he barrels through as needed.}


    Apr. 14th, 2017 05:46 am
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    Who: Maedhros
    Broadcast: Fleetwide~
    Action: On the S.S. Huntress.
    When: Friday morning.

    The best secrets are never told; they are buried down deep and killed before they reach the lips.

    (His family has many such secrets and he has added a vault or two of his own to them. He also knows the power of denial. A secret can't hurt if you believe it isn't real.)

    I am experienced with secrets and lies. There are not any that could hurt me now. However...

    Those rumors relating to my family shall do them no harm. If they were heard, you will forget them.

    (There is a steely glint to his eyes now; threatening, mad.)
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    Who: Ezri and you?
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Caprine
    When: 4/2

    [Up until now, Ezri had managed her spacesickness very well. And by manage it, she would mean that she's absolutely ignored it as much as she could and mentioning it to no one. No one from DS9 was there to call her on her lie by omission. And Beverly isn't from the same year so she has that at her advantage.

    Except, nothing lasts forever. She looks a little green when she speaks up.]

    So, is this what life here is? Stopping somewhere for most of a month, welcoming new kidnap victims, and then drifting somewhere else? It seems like... like.... [She swallows hard.]

    Excuseme! [And gone.]
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    Who: Arthur and anyone
    Broadcast: N/A
    Action: Mafik
    When: Late March

    [Arthur's been keeping himself dry and out of the water on his ship for most of the month, with the fact that they were probably going to be leaving the system shortly, he wanted to at least try to see a bit of the watery planet. At least he knew he couldn't drown this time!

    Getting around gracefully, however... wasn't going to happen.

    He was very aware of the snickerings of a few of the ruder locals as he floundered about, holding onto whatever he could. It was embarrassing, but at this point the Brit was just too proud to give up and go back until he'd at least spent long enough to make the trip worth it. And maybe pick up a souvenir. Just to prove he went out there.]


    Mar. 31st, 2017 08:36 pm
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    Who: Maedhros & Fingon
    Broadcast: Nope!
    Action: Closed.
    When: Friday Evening~

    (His time amongst the fleet has made him too lax with his time. Maedhros knows better and he puts down the weapons he had been checking, ending his work early for the evening. He then cleans himself up, changing his robes and drawing his long copper hair back into a high ponytail. There is a bandage around one of his arms, but it is easily covered with his sleeve.

    It is unfortunate that he can do nothing about his scars. His lips twist bitterly as he finishes his preparations. After buttoning his sleeves - not an easy task - he finally exits his quarters and walks to his cousin's door. Raising a hand, he knocks and...holds his breath.)
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    Who: Fingon
    Broadcast: Fleetwide by accident!
    Action: Planet, around the water temples or further away.
    When: Evening.

    {Fingon's been quiet for several weeks, needing more time to himself than usual. This evening has him floating peacefully just under the surface, long hair drifting with his long robes, he's clearly unbothered by his seeming-drowned state - though perhaps that's more because he's long figured out that it's normal for this planet!

    He just wishes the water didn't occasionally turn a little cold around him, just cold enough to form a few ice crystals on the tips of his pointed ears!}

    I wouldn't mind staying here for a while. It's peaceful.
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    Who: Maglor and YOU! Also Maedhros is likely around somewhere
    Broadcast: Video from one of the planet Mine sites
    Action: Forges!
    When: Anytime during this stop

    I must say the good folk of this stop are very kind - they have allowed my brother and I use of the mines and forges here in exchange for some trading. My brother and I are going to be working on some proper swords - if anyone else is inclined to a bladed weapon, we are happy to make you one as well.

    Grandfather, Fingon, you needn't ask, but your help in the forges would be invaluable - Maedhros and I manage, of course, but neither of us are... what we were. And we have neither Father, nor Curvo, nor Tylepe here to point out everything we are doing wrong!


    Feb. 10th, 2017 10:53 pm
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    Who: Maedhros & Open
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Yes! On Ring World Siourew.
    When: The tenth.

    (It is uncommon for Maedhros to be surrounded by...anyone, truly. He has an air about him that affords him space without him saying a word. Perhaps his scars are off-putting or his height or perhaps word has spread that he - along with certain members of his family - are skilled, cold killers when threatened.

    Regardless, the tall Elf is finding himself in an uncomfortable situation. Many of those vying for his attention are Co’kal and he is wary of offending them even in his confusion.)

    Forgive me, but I cannot - (There is excitement that follows his gentle rejection and he tenses, barely avoiding a hand touching his hair.) I do not like to be touched.

    (Which isn't entirely true. His family can touch him freely and he feels no anxiety. However strangers are a different story.

    A smaller, somewhat daintier Co'kal makes a sound of sympathy and he smiles nervously.)

    I am honored to be given your affections. (Maedhros meets the gazes of all around him, paling when he feels tensions heightening.) But I am not worthy of them. I must tell you now that we would not be compatible as mates.
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    Who: Maglor and you!
    Broadcast: Public broadcast from the Huntress
    Action: in his room in the HUntress, which he is still slooooowly trying to soundproof and failing
    When: forward dated to the next shuffle

    Action aboard the Huntress

    [ Finrod is gone. Maglor brushes a hand across the Nauglamír, seeing without seeing where one day the Silmaril will sit (he is so glad that it is not there - the necklace looks better without that cursed gem anyway). It is a dwarvish design, and the artist in him appreciates the differences from his own work in the past, the solid, geometric shapes beautiful in their difference.

    It is better this way. His brave cousin will doubtless walk again with his father in Valinor, released from the Halls. Better that he is far away from here, and safe.

    Rising, he goes to his harp and tunes it to the old mode, and he begins with the very first song that Finrod ever wrote, and works his way through from there, the simple tunes of childhood right through to the great songs of later years, the silly and the sublime. He'll play until someone stops him, and eventually, inevitably, he'll raise his voice in Song ]

    Public Broadcast

    [ Maglor Sings, and any who listen can See, the golden prince who was loved by all, wise and kind and brilliant as the summer. The King on his throne, in a castle hewn from stone beneath a mountain, a testament to the beauty that the collaboration between species could create. The loyal friend, forswearing his crown for an Oath made to his truest mortal friend. The hero, who killed a werewolf with his bare hands and saved his friends life.

    Maglor sings Finrod, as he knew him in life, the young cousin and the dear friend, as well as the hero whose name is exalted still in Dwarven Halls as well as Elven ones, who Men called the Wise, and all folk named Friend ]

    Thus Felagund in Nargothrond
    still reigned, a hidden king whose bond
    was sworn to Barahir the bold.
    And now his son through forests cold (130)
    wandered alone as in a dream.
    Esgalduin's dark and shrouded stream
    he followed, 'till its waters frore
    were joined to Sirion, Sirion hoar,
    pale silver water wide and free
    rolling in splendour to the sea.
    valiantfire: ({091})
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    Who: Fingon
    Broadcast: Fleetwide.
    Action: Huntress.
    When: 2/2

    {There's a particularly joyous Elf in the kitchen this evening, poking at new equipment. He smiles brightly when he notices he's being recorded and rests a hand lightly on the soy sauce dispenser - not that he knows what any of the new things are for, except for the augment!}

    It appears the Huntress has been gifted with a few new things in our kitchen! I admit to having never seen any of them before - though I will learn. Do my crewmates have any requests for meals I could try and prepare? Even tutoring on how to make them would be appreciated!
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    Who: Syeira and anyone who thinks this applies to them
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Red Fish if desired
    When: After the sweep


    [Clean up has been rough to say the least. The place is still stained, and it might never come out. But this is when she realizes what's happened. She calls them, and they don't answer. She goes to their rooms, and the places are empty. They're gone.

    She doesn't trash her room, or break down. Though it's a near thing. It stays a near thing, hovering just under the surface when she turns on her comm. She looks worried, distressed, but she holds onto her calm with both hands.

    Red Fish crew... This is your captain. I need you all to check in. Now preferably.

    Actually, everyone I know, please check in. I need to see who's still here.

    [The why. She should tell people why. They have other friends.]

    Zhas and Coil are both gone.

    [Shit! She will not cry. She swallows and her eyes are moist but she doesn't cry. ]

    Just say something. Please.


    Jan. 27th, 2017 08:12 pm
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    Who: Rey
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Bloodsport.
    When: Friday - late at night when good souls should be sleeping.

    [She doesn't know when it began or what started it. Oh she has dealt with glitches before - she was a child for a few weeks - but this one is so different! It can't be a glitch, right? She has never had so much energy in her life!]

    I don't think I've ever gotten so much done in a few hours! I wonder what was stopping me before? I don't even feel like I need to sleep!

    [Whoa, Rey, slow down. How many cups of coffee have you had?]

    I'm tired of being cooped up, though. Would anyone like to take a shuttle with me to Iskaulit or one of the other ships? I know the Bloodsport needs a lot of repairs and I've finished some minor ones, but I need move more.

    [She is already pacing, stray strands of hair falling from her customary buns to touch her face.]
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    [The First Battle]

    [They come shooting out of the great dark. Guns blazing, no warning. The enemy ships are ragtag, mismatched, and cobbled together from spare parts. But that doesn’t make them weak. No-- years and years of scavenging have turned them into raiders, and they carry their scars with pride.

    The battle is more aggressive than previous attacks against the Fleet. Nothing deters the raiders because they’re tough, and if they see a wounded ship floundering, they have no problems swooping in and boarding. Those crews will soon learn the meaning of teamwork if they want to bring the attackers down. They infiltrate the Iskaulit as well, just in case people try to hide there. At this point they are very, very used to tracking down women and children for their slave trade.

    If asked why they’re doing this, the answer is simple.

    Spare parts have to come from somewhere.

    Don’t worry. Nothing on your ship, and no one, will go to waste.]

    [A Few Hours Later]

    [The raiders are too strong and the Fleet is failing. After what seems like an eternity of warfare, static comes in, broadcasted to the fleet at large. Something or someone is hailing them…

    The signal is untraceable and the video is complete static, but they tell the Fleet they are here to help. Ships come swooping out of the black and they open fire on the raiders. They number a dozen, maybe more, and the ships look eerily similar to the ones currently used by the Fleet, if not a bit older and battle-hardened. Their shielding and weaponry is much, much better, however-- and most of them have custom paint or other touches on their hulls.

    They’re not invincible, however. A few may end up between a rock and a hard place when the raiders surround them.

    Some older residents may remember this particular group of ships. They’re obviously helping out now, but there’s nothing stopping Fleeters from firing on their would-be saviors save a complete lack of weaponry. You do have a Security officer on board, don’t you? They’ll defend themselves by seriously injuring your ship, but they won’t destroy it for some reason. Small mercies.

    The raiders soon realize they’re outgunned and jump ship, taking their dead with them. The intercepting fleet pulls back, too, and both parties vanish back into the dark as silently and swiftly as they came. There’s a lot of cleanup to do whether your ship is disabled or you’re preparing to tow someone else.

    Hopefully, the people who saved you don’t change their minds.]

    [Plot info is here! Feel free to make your own toplevels with fighting, barricading, being boarded, saving others, the aftermath, etc. There's lots to do!]


    Jan. 2nd, 2017 02:53 pm
    valiantfire: ({042})
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    Who: Fingon
    Broadcast: Fleetwide!
    Action: Huntress
    When: January 1st!

    {Fingon is busy in the kitchen of his ship when he realizes he's being watched, and flashes a smile, if a bit embarrassed looking with the hint of pink to pointed ears.}

    Ah, hello. I suppose... I hope my shipmates and those who have visited the Huntress the past couple weeks have not gone too hungry during my - ah...regression? I hope to have a good hot meal ready soon for those on board or visiting.

    {A little later has the Elf checking on his relatives and making sure everyone is as they should be, bringing a few newly baked goodies with him.}

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