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Who: Eleanor and You!
Broadcast: Yes.
Action: SS. Wonderduck
When: May 1st


[After Eleanor arrives, it takes her a few days to 'adjust.' She had plenty of experience travelling, sure, but all of that was aboard a pirate ship. This is space, and there are so many questions she has.]

[Once she feels comfortable, she decides to use the communication device to reach out. At the very least, touching base with everyone here couldn't hurt.]

Good evening, everyone.

I'm Eleanor Hume. I was recently transported here to be a part of this 'show.' I can't say that I'm happy about this, but I'm going to try to make the most of it.

I look forward to meeting all of you. If there's anything you need, please let me know.


[Eleanor is spending most of the week getting used to life on board the Wonderduck. Most of her time is spent between the armory and the bridge of the ship, but she's making occasional visits to the kitchen, too.]
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: Possibly!
Action: April System
When: Month of April!

[Welcome to the Belt, a huge asteroid belt that's been terraformed for life. Here you can explore the different asteroids, become a rock star, race on some ATVs, enjoy not being underwater.

In other words, it's a mingle! Get in everyone!

> System Info ]
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Who: Beverly Crusher, Ezri Dax, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Pavel Chekov - and you, should you like to stop by!
Broadcast: video
Action: Málum
When: April 5

[So Beverly may or may not have taken a few tequila shots. And she may or may not be quite drunk and affectionately effusive about... everything. Thus she has something Very Important to tell the Fleet, which she does from inside Málum with some of her Starfleet companions around. Thankfully, one of them is holding the camera or this feed would be a lot more intolerably shaky.

It's also one of the rare times you'll find her in her Starfleet Uniform.]

Today! [Beverly claps her hands together.] Today is an important holiday back home - First Contact Day! It marks the time when humans finally launched the first spaceship powered by warp drive and that was also the same day we met the Vulcans. [She frowns, her thoughts coming more slowly than is usual.] I don't think we've had any Vulcans here in the fleet, unless it was a long time ago before I came. Which is really weird when you stop to think about it, that there's been Humans and Cardassians and Trill but no Vulcans. Or anybody else really. Vulcans kind of look like elves so I've often wondered if maybe they are but just so many universes removed that it's not quite the same.

[Clearly someone is giving her A Look from behind the camera and she points an admonishing finger at them.]

I'm getting there! [She straightens up and pats her hair, getting back into "lecture" mode.] What probably many of you don't know, is that I saw all of this, first hand, the last time I went home. You see there were the Borg - only we're not going to go into them because this is supposed to be a celebration - and they were trying to go back in time to ruin the warp ship so the Vulcans wouldn't come down to see us so of course we had to go stop them even though we're not supposed to time travel - and for good reason too, it's a pain in the ass. One time Mark Twain followed us onto the Enterprise and it was this whole thing though I guess it worked out all right in the end because then he wrote A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court so that's good. And he really was very nice and understanding of why he couldn't tell anyone what he saw.

[Another pause as she tries to figure out why she started talking about Mark Twain. Ah! Right!]

So anyway we had to go back in time to stop the Borg and so we met Zefram Cochrane who invented the warp drive and he was completely not like any of us expected and you know, sometimes they say you shouldn't meet your heroes? We'd all been taught about what a great genius he was, and that's true, but I guess they didn't really want to mention in the history books that he really liked to party and building the ship wasn't some noble, selfless endeavor to advance science - it was a difficult time in human history, and he needed the money. But that's the beautiful thing isn't it? People are complicated and may not always be what you expect but they still can do great things. And that's really what First Contact Day is about, celebrating the amazing things we've already done and the things we'll do in the future too. Together.

[This nerd, y'all. You should come party with her.]
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Who: Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] stefanged), Kitty Pryde ([personal profile] passingthrough), Sokka ([personal profile] alwayscomesback), Jennifer Keller ([personal profile] forsometimenow), Charles Xavier ([personal profile] axiomed), Beverly Crusher ([personal profile] dancingmd), Clay Terran ([personal profile] geonomy)
Broadcast: closed to those listed above
Action: n/a
When: right now

[aizawa's got the 7AM homeroom lecture voice on lock] All right, I've included everybody who expressed interest in teaching at this proposed school on Uraraka Ochako's vlog post...or whatever she's calling it.

Please feel free to discuss and ask questions of each other here, I am by no means in charge of literally anything. [that was ochako's fault, the little shit.] I thought it might be a good idea to organize so this isn't a shitshow. [and so the kids aren't expected to do everything.]

There're some questions down below that I think we could stand to answer so we can get a good idea of each other's experience and areas of expertise, as well as get to know each other as people. While this obviously isn't going to be a conventional school setup, I don't think we should avoid taking this at least a little seriously; some volunteer students will undoubtedly be attending in an effort to regain a sense of normalcy. Think of it as lowkey counseling services.

...that's all from me.


1. Name:
2. Age: (as relevant to species)
3. Subjects to teach:
3a. Level of Mastery
3b. Relevance to life on the Fleet
4. Prior Teaching Experience: (if any; tutoring counts, helping your kid brother with homework counts)
5. Comfort level when dealing with children: (age group most comfortable with, etc. looks like we have a variety of interest)
6. Anything I'm forgetting: (probably a lot)

quack quack

Apr. 2nd, 2017 10:21 am
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Who: The crew of the SS Wonderduck and any visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Wonderduck
When: The first few weeks of April

[The crew has changed a lot since the last mingle. What're you up to, Wonderducks? What nasty and/or hilarious rumors are being spread about you?]
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Who: Uraraka Ochako | OTA
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Starstruck, Iskaulit
When: Today, after the fleet leaves the system

[Cue Ochako setting the communicator up and bouncing back, waving like it's some kind of peppy vlog. Cheers, everyone!]

Back to space we go! I don't know about everybody else, but I'll be glad that I don't have to keep wringing my clothes out all the time.

Anyway! That's not the point of this! While we're here, I was thinking... we've got a lot of kids with special abilities around here now, don't we? Or even just kids who wanna get stronger. The fleet is mostly safe, but sometimes things happen, and... well! Everyone benefits when we know what we're doing, right? Right!

Okay, so for everybody who doesn't know him, my teacher, Aizawa-sensei, is here! He's kind of a recluse so you probably wouldn't think it but he's really strong, and his teaching skills are top-notch! Back home, he's my homeroom teacher at the best heroics school in the world! He knows what's what. I bet he could teach anyone.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a school here? Not just for superpowers, though I think that sort of thing is important... but I've never been out of school this long in my life. I feel like I'm getting dumber by the day. And it could be fun! We could make a classroom on the Iskaulit, we could get books and put together a real class and- oh, uniforms! We could get uniforms if we wanted!

Anyone interested!?

( Wandering )

[Ochako starts off on the Starstruck, taking care of her various chores while she covers responses, but at some point she'll venture over to the Iskaulit, poking around some of the rooms - both existing and unclaimed - to scout out what space is free in the vicinity of the library. She's humming to herself some upbeat song, visibly and very obviously in a good mood.]
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Who: Signy Mallory and Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Wonderduck
When: Just after shuffle

[ Signy has paid the confetti and pudding no mind at all, and if the transportation was jarring, she’s still relieved to be somewhere else, with people around. With a view she can take in and maybe start to do something with. Her posture is pure military commander, and if she’s wearing rather and repaired clothes, there’s a Captain’s patch on her jacket. She looks mid thirties, other than her eyes and the silver-gray of her hair. She should really do something about that, since Norway isn’t part of Earth Company any longer. Then again, she’s not part of Norway at the moment.]

This is Signy Mallory. Formerly Captain of the Norway in the Merchanter’s Alliance. If there’s anyone here from Union or Mazian’s fleet, I’m sure we can find a way to get along.

[ It hurts to say ‘former’ more than she expected. Damn her pride, and, too, her worry for her crew. Di can handle it, of course, but until she believes why she’s been taken, there could easily be some greater threat that her abduction is a part of. ]

I have to say, from what I’ve seen of this fleet so far…I’m still waiting to be impressed.

I’m given to understand that the Atroma are controlling us. What resistance attempts have been made to date?

What other active threats are there?

◉ Text

Mar. 30th, 2017 09:07 pm
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Who: Clint Barton and some of you.
When: Now.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Aboard the First Breath, if you want to come see him.

I haven't been in a coma here yet. If that's what you'd call it. I haven't disappeared for a while like some of you have. I get that when that happens you can come back later along in your life than when you left, or changed compared to how you were before. Can I talk to some of the people that's happened to? I'm not asking to understand what happens because I can tell it's one of the biggest mysteries The Real Housewives of Space has going for it. But it might be enough if I could understand it a little better.

[It'd be a start, anyway.]
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Who: Fie & responders
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: no
When: night of 3-18

[Fie's been here for a while day now, watching, listening, reading the broadcasts, and simply being an observer. Now, it's her time to make her grand entrance!]


[Yep, it's a simple text emoticon. That's all.]
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Who: Pavel Chekov
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: For the crew of the SS Wonderduck (and video for everyone else)
When: Now

[Chekov wishes he could be surprised or, at the very least, unsettled when he wakes up in a foreign place, but there's a point at which this sort of thing becomes a fairly routine--if always unpleasant--occurrence. Losing people is never easy, no matter the universe, no matter the number of times it happens.  

But taking stock of the situation and establishing who is here has to come before mourning those who were left behind in MarinaNova. To that end, Chekov, somewhat familiarized with his new home and in clothes that are slightly more dignified than the pajamas that he initially woke up in on the Marsiva, begins a broadcast. Are you listening to this in Standard/English/Common? If so, enjoy the ridiculously thick Russian accent.]

This is Lieutenant Pavel Andreievich Chekov of the Federation starship Enterprise. If you have met me already or if you are affiliated with Starfleet, please respond to this message. [He smiles even though he's in no real mood to be cheerful.] I would also be happy with replies from you if we're strangers.

Thank you for your time.
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Who: Jennifer Keller and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A unless you want to talk to her in person; in that case she'll probably be in the Wonderduck's medbay
When: March 7th

Hey, everyone. I hate to butt in with business when we're having a good time, but I feel like this is a good time to remind you all that I have a list of everyone in the Fleet that has medical or healing skills, and I'd like to make sure it's up to date. Considering the disease that's ravaging the native population here, if anybody is inclined to try and help them, it'd be good to know so we can collaborate.

The good news is that thus far, members of the Drift Fleet seem to be unaffected, so we don't have to worry about getting sick from it. Our medbays are also able to synthesize medicine, and I'm offering free use of the Wonderduck's medbay if anyone wants to give it a try. I'd like to do what I can to help these people for the short time we're here.

Oh, and anybody who's exploring these dungeons... please be careful. I'll be cheering for you from afar, since I'm not the dungeon-exploring sort. [She grins.]
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Who: You!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: The Rew System
When: Month of February

[ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

In other words, it's a mingle!

> Rew System Information ]
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Who: Wanda Maximoff, friends, shipmates, and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Yes; Starstruck
When: Early this morning (last night) through the rest of today

A) Closed to Wanda's Christmas List

A very merry and belated Christmas )

B) Fleetwide Broadcast

[When Wanda turns on the broadcast, she looks noticeably... well, tired. It seems she did not get a lot of sleep last night for some reason. Hmmm. Odd. She tries to smile, friendly and cheerfully, though her eyes flutter a few times while she speaks. Girl's likely gonna take a long nap after this.]

I was, um, baking... a lot recently... and I, um... I made extra! So, if anyone would like some cookies or brownies, they are... They are on the Starstruck! ... in the kitchen... room... area...

[She covers her mouth with her hand, attempting (poorly) to cover a soft yawn.]

Help yourselves! I... um, everyone is welcome! First come, first serve though... sorry... I can make some more... later...

[The video feed cuts there, as Wanda falls back onto her bed for some much needed rest. Anybody who received a mysterious, belated Christmas gift this morning just got a big clue as to who it was that delivered them.]
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Who: The wonderful crew of the SS Wonderduck and any visitors.
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Wonderduck
When: February 3rd and onward

['sup ducks new and old. What are you up to?]
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Who: Khadgar | OPEN
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Windrose
When: now

[Look, someone is actually taking it easily, making notes and recording everything that happened lately so he can go through it all later and pick thing apart.]

I'm probably looking too much into this but-

[He shifts, wincing slightly as he sits more upright.]

We're here for entertainment right? Could Atroma have staged that attack? It doesn't seem like they gave a damn during the attack and, I mean, the Marsiva wasn't touched, was it? What would be more entertaining for people than seeing us all in real danger?

If they're willing to just kidnap us, they wouldn't be above this!
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: Fleetwide
When: A catch all that can be any time after the big battle.

Just a catch-all for anyone that needs more space for aftermath -- everything's in disarray and nothing's gonna be fixed up overnight! This can take place as the fleet ships as people heal, make repairs, and try to keep each other's spirits up after a pretty gnarly raid. Put your augments and personal skillsets to good use to get us all working and moving forward. Some people included aftermaths on the original post and that's kosher, too!! Just a quick entry for farther-reaching threads if wanted, or things that didn't quite make your original thread starter.

NOTE: there's a new system soon as well, so don't forward date it too far until it's introduced. :)


Jan. 3rd, 2017 12:32 pm
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[Tyrion has looked better, truth be told. His mis-matched eyes were distant, sad, and a little red-rimmed. Winn's bottle of wine was open at his elbow, half empty, but it appeared that he had slowed down his consumption from the last time people saw him endulge.

Voice quiet, but steady, he spoke directly into the camera.]

For those who have, or have not been paying attention ... Daenyrs Stormborn Targaryan has gone home. Drogon, I believe, has gone with her.

[With that, he clicks off the feed. Fzzzzzt. Silence.]
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Who: The Fleet!
Broadcast: If you want
Action: Hotel Corona or Planet Ikke
When: December 7th onward

a wheel-shaped space station

[After the mystery and isolation of their last destination, the Marsiva seems determined to head to brighter, busier territory. After a long journey through remote, nebula-painted space, speeding along at a brisk pace for the Host ship, the Marsiva brings her Fleet to a sudden and prominent point of traffic.

It seems that the Fleet has happened upon some sort of vacation destination! Maybe Atroma thinks that the passengers deserve some rest and relaxation... or just wants to distract them with something huge and shiny.

Welcome to Hotel Corona! Feel free to enjoy yourselves and enjoy the sites! If a hotel resort isn't your thing, you can head on over to the nearby planet and explore it's icy wonders.

In order words: it's a mingle!! Everyone get in! ]

[>> Plot Post]
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Who: Jennifer Keller and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A
When: December 5th

[Jennifer waves at the screen when she begins broadcasting, from the Wonderduck's medbay.]

Hey, everyone- for those who haven't met me, I'm Dr. Keller, medical officer on the Wonderduck. And even if we have spoken in the past, I've got a favor to ask- specifically, of anyone who has any sort of medical training or healing magic or the like. See, Dr. McCoy made the suggestion of having a list of people with such abilities handy in case of an emergency, and I agree wholeheartedly.

I've created a document- here on the network- and I'd appreciate it if anyone who is a healer of some sort could fill it out. It's just the basics- your name, what ship you're on, and what your abilities are. Even if you've just been taking first aid lessons from me, it's still valuable to know.

I know it can be hard to think about, but we never know what Atroma might be cooking up for us next. So it's important to have an idea of who can be directed where, if it ever comes to the point where we have a mass casualty event. A few minutes can make all the difference.

Thank you.
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Who: Jade Harley
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Marsiva
When: 12/1

[ well, jade can't say that she was expecting to wake back up here, because mostly she'd forgotten that "here" had existed for a pretty long time. her expression is still a little stunned when the video broadcast starts from her bunk on the marsiva. ]

Hey! Long time no see. Or - um, never see, I guess, maybe? Considering I have no idea who's here still.

[ has she been gone a day or a year? she can't really tell. happy birthday to her. ]

Soooo... how are things in space, guys?

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