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Who: Vash and you
Broadcast: The type you regret in the morning!
Action: On the planet, Twin Roses, or The Space Bar
When: Backdated to July 21st

[When the fleet first arrives to the planet Vash for once doesn't look overly excited by finally reaching a populated area. Usually he's so excited to meet the locals and take in the sights. Those who spend a lot of time with Vash regularly may have noticed that his smile doesn't seem to reach as far or seem as genuine over the last few days.

It drops completely when the twinkling lights of the city come into view. It should be breath taking and beautiful, but they had to show up to a large city on that anniversary. Those who sampled the chocolate donut with sprinkles during Vash's calibration room may know that this is the anniversary of Lost July. The day Vash destroyed a city of millions.

Going to one of the food courts in a busy shopping center was a mistake. He thought being around a lot of people would help ease the nightmares of the destroyed city and the terrible silence that followed the destruction, but no, it only made it worse. Which may explain why Vash is sitting with an untouched hamburger in front of him as he grips his right arm tightly. He's not making a scene, but his eyes are starting to fill with tears and his mind has gone for a wander. He probably won't notice if someone walked up close to him right away.

As he is having literal nightmares at night. Luckily he doesn't wake up screaming, but the crew of the Twin Roses with good hearing may pick up that he has been waking up at different points at night with a loud gasp or shouts of STOP! or NO! in his room. He can only do so much to try to hide the tired eyes he has during the day. Or maybe Vash has accidentally fallen asleep in a common area and has suddenly sat bolt upright once someone walks into the room with him.

To try to distract his mind Vash will try to take up extra shifts at The Space Bar. Or if he's really not wanted in the kitchen he'll hang out and have a few drinks. He'll also take his drinking home to the Twin Roses as he feels like the drinking helps him sleep. To his credit he never drinks to the point of being obnoxious, but it will likely be noticeable he's drinking a bit more. Stupid rapid healing making it hard to stay buzzed.

Or at least most of the time he doesn't get completely drunk. There is the one time he drinks a bit too much and opens his communicator.]

Hey. [A long pause.] Do you ever think about big events that happened back on your planet. Maybe it was world changing or- or maybe it just changed your world--

[He trails off for a moment. What was he talking about?] And think about how none of the places we visit have ever heard of it. Life, it just goes on. I suppose that's a good thing...

[He's not drunk. You're drunk.]
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Who: Kaworu Nagisa, anyone unfortunate enough to view and respond to this post
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: he's likely on the Vanquish... being questionable
When: midmorning 7/24

Did you know you're able to buy summer loving delicacies in bulk enough to keep your summer loving always young at heart?

Also, did you know phosphorescent marshmallows are a summer loving delicacy?

Also, did you know that buying a specified number of these bulk products automatically enters you as eligible to win a lifetime supply (limit 300 years, not bad) of the summer loving delicacy?

That's what I heard. Sounds great, doesn't it? I'm pretty excited. I hope I win. But I wanted to mention the chance of winning to the rest of you, too.

[Moments later...]

I'd never thought of this before, but surplus makes a lot of people seem very much more cheerful.
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Who: Jill Valentine
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Heron + Iskaulit
When: July 18th onward

Hey, two questions.

Are there cameras in the bathrooms? And does anyone know a good place to start growing plants? If you have somewhere, I will gladly exchange piano lessons, fighting (and weaponry) assessment and suggestions, or some sort of favor (within reason). I'm afraid I don't really have much in way of cash right now.

Last but not least (not a question), if anyone would care to buddy up for a little good ol' fashioned exploring, then I'm your gal.

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Who: Daenerys Targaryen & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Yes, on the Marsiva. Because I know ship names.
When: Right after her arrival.

[The salt of the sea no longer fills her nostrils; she cannot hear the waves and she senses that she is not amongst her fellows or onboard a ship any longer. Panic would be an acceptable first emotion and with how the young Queen jerks up from her bed, she clearly considers it.

But a Dragon does not show her weakness. Rubbing absently at her neck, clad in black, Daenerys familiarizes herself with her surroundings and, eventually, her communication's device.


After watching others making use of it, she learns quickly, violet eyes sharp and intent on the task. What magic is this?]

I commend you for your audacity. If you think I am weaker cut off from my allies and my children, you are sadly mistaken.

[Now onto negotiations. She settles herself, expression calm, adapting to her new, strange circumstances.]

What do you want? Gold? Power? Ships? [She is not parting from either option, of course, but any hint about her captor(s) is useful.

Later, she can be found scouring out the Marsiva, posture perfect and unyielding.]
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Who: Kaworu Nagisa, anyone else
Broadcast: text
Action: For now he's a busybody aboard the Vanquish, unless you'd like to discuss anything else.
When: 6/6, midmorning

They sell candles in packs of 8, 10, 12, 24, 48... and some packages even larger than that. Well, a certain type of candle, the kind that goes into the cake. Initially I needed exactly 16 candles, so the package of 24 would have been reasonable, right? But I thought it might be nice just to use all 24 after all.

Then I thought that a package of 48 might be just as nice as a package of 24. If not even nicer. It seemed worth trying.

Anyway, I have some sets of candles, now, the type specific to the cake, but if each candle represents a year of life, I wondered why I should stop at 16, 24, 48, etc. I have some bigger candles in my sleeping quarters, as well, so that's a few more I can add, but the higher the number of them I have, the less it seems like enough. It would be good to have a table full of them. A room full of them. It would be good to have candles like the sweep of stars.

I'm sure I can repay you, if you'd like to lend me any of your own. I promise I won't melt them all the way.
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Who: Anyone attending the Ball!
Broadcast: If you’d like.
Action: Orfwyn Dreadhorse’s personal asteroid
When: May 12th - 13th …. 14th if you really like to party.

Welcome to the biggest party of the season! Grab a date, dress up to the nines, and get ready to party the night away! In other words, it’s a mingle! Feel free to make a top level with any prompts or styles you prefer.

Get the Details! )


May. 11th, 2017 05:46 pm
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Who: Aizawa & you
Broadcast: text
Action: Starstruck, if so desired!
When: late at night, before the ball

Since we seem to have a fair amount of people from worlds where 'super powers' exist, let me ask something for the sake of sating curiosity: power use regulation by government. Thoughts?

Go ahead and respond to this anonymously if you like, I'm just looking for opinions.

[ Action ]

[aizawa is almost always in the med bay these days, organizing and reorganizing, writing down what looks like curriculum and schedules and trying to brush up on his mathematics.

on the rare occasion that he's not on the starstruck, he can be found on any of the asteroids with shops, looking for...a tuxedo. or an approximation of one, anyway. he doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it, but it's hard to find something in a humanoid shape that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.]


May. 5th, 2017 11:27 pm
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Who: Victor Nikiforov and OPEN
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva's Hospitality Deck (common area)
When: Shortly after he wakes up and has had time to explore a bit, so sometime in the middle of the "day"

[The video shows a man wearing a black T-shirt and coat. He is smiling and seems to be happy and cheerful. He has the strap of a sports bag over his shoulder. One hand is to his face, a finger touching his lips.

Despite having just woken up in the middle of space with no idea how he got here, he seems completely at ease.]

I wish someone had told me I was going to be on television today. Honestly, I'm grateful that you took me on my way home from practice because it means I have my skates, but I would have dressed up for the occasion had I known. A nice suit perhaps? At least a decent sweater. [He hand moves down to grip the sports bag's strap.]

I could look so much better given a little bit of notice. [Then he winks, and it's not clear if that's meant for anyone who is receiving this message, the much bigger audience they're told exists, or just because he likes winking.

Then, after a moment, he gets to the true purpose of this message.]

Oh, and if anyone has seen Yuuri Katsuki please let me know. He's Japanese, about 173 centimeters in height, has black hair and brown eyes, and wears glasses. Let him know that Victor is looking for him if you see him, hm?


Apr. 30th, 2017 05:19 pm
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Who: Jade Harley ([personal profile] thebarkside)
Broadcast: Fleet-wide
Action: N/A, but she's on the Caprine
When: 4/30, after returning from a concert

has anyone started a band yet
and do you need a bass player

(i havent played in a couple of years and it might be more difficult without a bunch of extra arms???
but i can probably manage!
im a fast learner)
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Who: Katie and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Vanquish
When: Now-ish? Though this should have been put up like a month ago, whoops

Hey I've got a question:

Who else has the personnel augment?
What do you do with it?
Are we really meant to act like counsellors?
Do you act as your ship's therapists?
Or do you just really like the nice room you get?
What do you do with the nice room?
I turned mine into a blanket fort.
Should I post a sign saying THE DOCTOR IS 

[Actually, it hasn't been a blanket fort in months now, but psh. IT IS IN SPIRIT, OKAY.]

This is obviously a very important and singular question.
Less important: do you know anything about souls?  Know any soul magic?


Apr. 19th, 2017 02:15 am
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Who: Sam Winchester
Broadcast: Video.
Action: Bloodsport.
When: Now-ish!


[Sam has been mostly doing his usual thing - that is, collecting information about the new place, primarily the unnatural wild life. He even got a pet rock for shits and giggles, though he has kind of abandoned it on his little desk in his room, which he's finally sitting down at after a long day of working. He's humored himself in buying something more rocker-style, all thanks to some of the interesting shops down on the asteroid belts. With a grin he says -- ]

Well? Let's hear it: weird crap you've bought, go.

[He slides the pet rock box over, chuckling.]

... These were popular for a short time on earth, in the 70's. Some guy just... chatted with some buds in a bar about how hard it was to take care of actual pets, so he made these and sold over a million of them -- in fact, it made him a millionaire. Pretty impressively weird, right? Maybe even the most successful selling of weird. Unless you guys can top that.

At least Beanie Babies are kind of cute on a shelf. A pet rock -- who knows.

But now I can fit in with everyone who has an animal aboard. I bet you guys 20 credits mine is easier to potty train.

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Who: Shinji Ikari and you?!
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: On the Heron. If any of Shinji's crew members want their own costume (see below), feel free to claim one.
When: Right around now.


[Where the heck is that music coming from?

Unaware that he's being filmed, Shinji wanders into the cargo bay of the Heron, following the muddled melody that's been plaguing him for a few minutes now. He stops dead in his tracks when he comes across--that. That rather large cardboard box with his name clearly plastered on the side. The music seems to be emanating from inside, on a loop.]

Well, that's not ominous at all, [he says dryly.

There's a large blue card attached to the top, which he steps up to and plucks off. As he reads from it, the messages inside flash across the video feed:]

- Shinji Ikari, you're not being true to yourself.
- There's something you've been hiding from everyone around you.
- But it's all right: we understand, and we want to help you.
- This should allow you get in touch with your inner desires.
- Your new life starts now! And don't forget to bring your friends!
- Brought to you by your sponsor: Made Fur You Incorporated.

[All of the sudden, the cardboard box falls to pieces, revealing a bunch of smaller boxes, each with preview pictures and labels stamped on the front. Kaworu: Arctic Fox Costume tumbles on top of Shinji: Azure Moth Costume, and both of those bounce around Asuka: Brown Cow Costume. There are additional costumes for members of the Heron crew, even.]

Oh, come on. I've been waiting more than a year for a sponsor, and this is what I get?

[Shinji sighs to himself, disappointed, and that's when he notices he's already broadcasting to the Fleet's network. God damn it.]

H-Hey! I don't want any of this stuff! Seriously! How do I send it back?


Apr. 9th, 2017 02:10 pm
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Who: Fie Claussell & You
Broadcast: Yes, fleetwide
Action: On the Wonderduck if you'd like
When: April 9, mid-afternoon

[Random rumors showing up on the network? You know the drill by now.]

Allen, Fie, Zaveid, Theon, Shiro, Adalwolfe, Fenris, and Kaworu are all related and part of a secret family that must remain unknown to all outsiders. The white hair is the key...

[A little while later, the lone female of the newly formed clan appears on the broadcast, green eyes blinking in mild puzzlement.]

So... when's the next family reunion? We've got a lot of catching up to do if I haven't met over half of you. I can bring something. A casserole? Is that normal?

[Humorous pondering aside, Fie does actually have a reason for the broadcast.]

I wanted to know who's in charge of the gardens on the Iskaulit, or who I ask about helping out. Or if anyone is. Should I just start working there? [That's more words than she uses most of the time.]

... My name's Fie, if it matters.
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Who: Nancy Wheeler + you
Broadcast: yes
Action: heron, if you're so inclined
When: current

So if anyone needs or wants water guns, we have tons on the Heron.


it'll sound weird but if you ever heard of other places, worlds.

I don't mean this one.

If you've ever heard about one or been to one that looks like yours but isn't then, well.

I'd like to talk.

[ video ]

Apr. 4th, 2017 08:53 am
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Who: Kubo + You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Starstruck
When: Now

[ The video opens up to a boy kneeling on a mat, his shamisen on his lap. There are a few origami figures settled next to him. ]

So, I know that the Fleet gives us money and there's no reason for me to really work the way I used to. But I also don't want my skills to go to waste. Perhaps you would be willing to share me your story? A part of it, happy or sad, good or evil. You can change it or even make it up as you go.

Or maybe you could tell me what kind of stories you'd like to hear about? What makes your heart soar?

[ He strums on the shamisen lightly. ]

Help our stories grow.
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Who: Belthazar and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: The Iskaulit.
When: At a very reasonable time of morning


[The piano's actually been built for a few weeks-- since before Winn fell asleep, actually-- but his coma left Belth needing to finish putting things together as well as the final touches. The rest has been simply... tuning. He's glad he has an ear for music, but finding a decent tuning fork was surprisingly difficult. And then, of course, he had to paint and polish the damn thing. That took another couple of weeks...

But it's done now, and he's managed to teach himself a very basic melody for the purpose of this broadcast. He turns the communicator so it can sweep over the piano in its entirety. There are a few things that set it as alien, such as the shape and the expanded number of keys, but it's recognizable enough.]

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you... the Fleet's first piano! The book called it a harpsinterian, though it's obviously related. It even has the pedals I remember from the-- I'm rambling. [Ahem.] This was made possible because of Winn's ingenuity so you may direct your thanks to him. I merely provided the materials.

[He plays his few arpeggios without any mistakes. He's been up all night getting this perfect, and he lets out an audible sigh when he's done.]

A friend told me that she longed to hear her loved one play the piano again, and that was the main reason I started this project. But music doesn't belong to just one person. That's why it's on the Iskaulit for anyone to enjoy. I hope to spend some time getting to know it from the player's chair rather than bending over it... and I wish to hear the Fleet filled with music again.

Also, if it's not much of a bother-- Nightingale? I would love to see you and Opal both, so that I may hear this playing you gushed so much about.
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Who: Kaworu Nagisa ... + you!
Broadcast: fleetwide, text
Action: not currently, could change
When: early evening, today.

I haven't taken the time to endure the exploits many of you have been. It doesn't suit me, I think. I'm being productive in other ways, although I'm not sure I can share the fruits of my labor. But bearing something is fulfillment, right? If you have given life to your work, it feels good, even if that life is mild and quiet. Sometimes, perhaps, even moreso then. Well, not everybody wants to be in history books.

Hey, what's some soap you really like? I've gotten myself blotted with ink, which is why I'm pausing to sit back and talk. I didn't want to mark my papers. Then again, it's dry by now, so maybe I can just leave it.

One more question. Does anyone want to make a small trade?


Mar. 23rd, 2017 05:27 am
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Who: Rey
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: On the planet~
When: Thursday morning.

[Water. There is so much water. Rey doesn't quite know what to do with herself as she stands on one of the shores.]

I have never seen so much water. Is it always so blue? [Entering it seems questionable, but when in Rome, right? Not that she knows of Rome or that particular metaphor.] Can anyone give me pointers on how to swim?

[She hasn't actually done that before.]

I think I can figure it out and not drown, but - [She's trying to be cautious. Does she get points for that?]
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Who: Kara & the Fleet!
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: On the Tourist
When: Mar 8th (or space equivalent)

[ Kara waves into the camera, well recovered from her ultra embarrassing boyfriend's announcement ]

Hi everyone! On my Earth, we have a day called "International Women's Day", which has been celebrated for over one hundred years. The whole idea is that we take some extra time to recognize the awesome women that we know, and pay attention to our contributions to society. The reason it's necessary where I'm from is that gender equality isn't a reality yet. Kind of crazy, right? But for reasons I have never actually understood, not being from Earth, is why the Patriarchy is still a thing.

Anyway, I was thinking that we could make it Intergalactic Women's Day. You can reply here to talk about the awesome women in your life, or, you know, just thank them for being cool. Maybe make them a cake? Just because?

Definitely make them cakes.

[ TEXT ]

Feb. 28th, 2017 12:21 pm
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Who: Jade Harley
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: n/a
When: 2/28

[ she's been pretty reclusive, but it's been hard to muster motivation for much. part of her has been hoping that maybe, if she's listless enough, she'll bore the powers that be into sending her back again. so far, no luck. ]

hey, so this probably sounds really weird
but make sure to bring a bunch of dirt back with you from the planets, ok??
i can grow veggies and flowers and stuff with them
but i need a lot of dirt to do it

who knows how long itll be before we see real land again, right?

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