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Who: Merlan Margaret O'Keefe, [OPEN]
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Paisley (first week), touring fleet, etc.
When: All of July post Marivsa/Calibrations

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[ Calibration Rooms ]
( for A-M characters )

Before you post your toplevel comment, please:
1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. A-M names comment here, and N-Z names go to the other post.
2. Make a note in your comment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
4. Post your comment! It's fine if everyone's Calibrations end up looking and reading very different from one another. As long as you're having fun and following our guidelines, you're good to go. :)
5. If you have any questions or concerns during Calibrations, you are welcome to send them towards the mod team at any time, as always.

A - C

  • Aurae "Tempest" Le Paulmier
  • Arthur Kirkland
  • Asuka Shikinami Langley
  • Barry Allen
  • Belthazar Spellscry
  • Billy Cranston
  • Carl Grimes
  • Chloe Price
  • Clay Terran
  • Cloud Strife
  • Cogsworth
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  • Daeron
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Dezel
  • Doudanuki Masakuni
  • Edna
  • Edwin Jarvis
  • Eithan Paine
  • Eizen
  • Eleanor Hume
  • Ezri Dax
  • Fingon
  • Felix Gaeta
  • Felix Harrowgate
  • Fenris
  • Furiosa
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  • Ginko
  • Hermione Granger
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  • James "Bucky" Barnes
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  • Jim Kirk
  • Kaiden Alenko
  • Kai Gracen
  • Katie McCoy
  • Kaworu Nagisa
  • Keith
  • Khadgar
  • Kirito
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Kurt Darkholme
  • Lance
  • Looma Red Wind
  • Lumiére
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
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  • Maglor
  • Max Rockatansky
  • Merlan Margaret O'Keefe
  • Mikleo
  • Mon-El

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    [ Not long after the shuffle, there's a ripple of static over the network - loud, sudden, and seemingly with no origin. It's puzzling, but there's no indication that it's going to happen again...

    Until a minute later. Another surge of static comes in over the speakers, and then a voice - one some may find familiar, though not necessarily welcome, after all of this time... It's Diamond. Long time no speak, hmm?

    Clearly, not all is well. She sounds very far away, for one. For another, she sounds... skeptical, almost alarmed. There may actually be real concern in her voice. ]

    Again? Twice in one c--

    [ Her sentence is cut short with a strangled gasp, followed by a moment of silence. What follows may be the sound of metal dragged across metal, but it's hard to place. When she speaks again, it's uncharacteristically monotonous. ]

    ... Bring them in.

    [ A blip of lost time passes right after those words, before every passenger mysteriously wakes alone in their own unfamiliar room. The style of decor resembles that of the Marsiva's Hospitality Deck, if any passengers should remember what that's like. It sounds and smells the same as the host ship as well, all clean and chrome, but this set of rooms has only been used once, and for the very same purpose that befalls the fleet contestants now.

    As for their hosts, there is no immediate sign of them, though some may recall a series of hideous, half-electronic screams before their memories begin to blur upon arrival...

    Welcome back to the Marsiva, dear passengers. It's time for round two of calibrations. ]

    [ This mingle will cover all non-calibration room interactions. Please continue to come back to it for the duration of the plot! You are, of course, free to post any other mingles/posts/etc. that you'd like. ]


    Jun. 4th, 2017 01:09 am
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    Who: Sorey || OTA
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: Iskaulit - Interfaith Center
    When: after leaving the system

    Quite a few of us have lost friends recently, even people we've considered family. Stefan Salvatore was one of those people. Some of you might know him as the familiar face of the Interfaith Center, always ready with a kind word or a helping hand for those in need.

    He left the Center to Mikleo and I, and we'd like to carry on the tradition. I'm not as knowledgeable about religions as he is, but I'd like to help if there's anybody who'd like to use the Center to practice. If you don't have a faith, that's totally fine too; think of it more like a place where you can have some peace and quiet for your thoughts.

    Oh yeah, and if you take your tea a certain way, please let me know. I'll do my best to have some ready when you come.
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    Who: opal and you
    Broadcast: fleetwide
    Action: on the goldstone if you so desire
    When: a full day or so post shuffle

    i don't want to distract anyone from whatever weird shit went down with the marsiva earlier but

    for anyone who knew her, nightingale's gone

    i know the guide she was working on is outdated so i'll get it up to date soon if anyone wants to help out

    that's it
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    Who: Anyone attending the Ball!
    Broadcast: If you’d like.
    Action: Orfwyn Dreadhorse’s personal asteroid
    When: May 12th - 13th …. 14th if you really like to party.

    Welcome to the biggest party of the season! Grab a date, dress up to the nines, and get ready to party the night away! In other words, it’s a mingle! Feel free to make a top level with any prompts or styles you prefer.

    Get the Details! )
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    Who: Tina Belcher and you
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: SS Paisley
    When: May 1st
    NOTE: The art of Tina in her unicorn onesie was done by [plurk.com profile] nirnroot!

    [When Tina opens the video feed, she's unashamedly dressed in a unicorn onesie, and is sucking noisily on the straw of a colorful drink. However, the cup has "TUNA BELCHES" written on it in black Sharpie. Either Tina doesn't notice or she doesn't care.]

    Mmmmm, this tastes like magic. Hey, Paisley crew, there's one here for each of you, too. Better come and get it before they melt.

    Uhm, there's a whole crateful of bottled ones, too. They're up for grabs if you want one. [She sets her communicator down, digs in the crate and holds up a glass bottle filled with bright pink liquid.] They're very pink. Like, painfully pink. And called Unicorn Floot-puccinos, since I guess unicorns are my thing now. [Her tone turns very sarcastic.] Ha, ha, ha. Because the meat was so, so funny.


    May. 1st, 2017 01:56 pm
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    In my country we have a lot of stories of famous historical figures - some whose tales have grown as they have become more legend than person.

    Take, for example, the Tale of Musashino Benkei. TL;DR: Benkei was a loyal badass )

    [He takes a deep breath after speaking for so long. It whistles a little in his lungs, but he manages not to cough.]

    Do you have any such stories? Famous people or groups? I'd love to hear them. It would be a nice break from all the loud music.


    Apr. 24th, 2017 07:58 am
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    Who: Alex Russo and YOU
    Broadcast: Fleetwide text
    Action: N/A
    When: April 24th

    guess what's gonna happen in seven days

    [That's it. That's the whole post.]
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    Who: Everyone!
    Broadcast: Possibly!
    Action: April System
    When: Month of April!

    [Welcome to the Belt, a huge asteroid belt that's been terraformed for life. Here you can explore the different asteroids, become a rock star, race on some ATVs, enjoy not being underwater.

    In other words, it's a mingle! Get in everyone!

    > System Info ]


    Apr. 6th, 2017 12:37 pm
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    Who: Allen Walker
    Broadcast: Voice and Text;
    Action: SS Blue Fish
    When: Today!

    [For anyone who hasn't heard from Allen in a couple months, his voice sounds different- older and slightly deeper. Someone's been using those aging upgrades okay.]

    Excuse me, but I'm looking for someone who is skilled with repairing swords. I received a sword from that last world that has a lot of sentimental value to me, but for some reason it was sent in pieces. [Yeah, that sure is annoyance in his voice]

    I'd be happy to pay well for the repair. Thank you.

    [The broadcast ends there, but sure enough, some text rumors appear at the end of the message, unbeknownst to Allen, who had not paid attention to the post when he submitted it.]

    Allen Walker dyes his hair white to be edgy.
    Allen and Clay are kinky in the bedroom.
    Walker really is Texan, the British accent is an act for a secret ranger mission.
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    Who: Crew and Guests of the Paisley
    Broadcast: no
    Action: SS Paisley
    When: throughout the rest of March

    [Time for a mingle, Paisleys!]
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    Who: A well-balanced party- AKA Kirito, Asuna, Nightingale, Opal, Jayden, and Nami
    Broadcast: N/A
    Action: One of the underwater ruins
    When: During this month!

    [At some point after getting Nightingale to stop screaming, a proper party is assembled! They've got everything: tanks, mages, DPS, puzzle-solvers! This whole dungeon crawl should be a cinch, right? It's not like any of them have a tendency to attract bad luck or sudden disaster.

    H e h. Good luck, nerds.]

    (( if none of the below thread mingles satisfy you write your own i'm not your mom!!! ))
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    Who: Everyone!
    Broadcast: If you want!
    Action: Anywhere on Mafik
    When: The month of March

    [Welcome to Mafik, the water world! Hope you brought your best swimming gear and don't have a paralyzing fear of water, because that's all that's here! So get out those wet suits and enjoy life under the sea!

    In other words, it's a mingle! ]

    > System Information


    Mar. 3rd, 2017 03:57 pm
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    [The audio feed rattles to life with a blare of feedback, and the voice that comes through is bright, cherry, and possibly familiar to a few.]

    Gooood morning, outer space! I'm pleased to announce that I've just taken over your fleet. You can call me Your Majesty, or Supreme Overlord, or Beyoncé. One of the three. Mom jeans and aerobic dance are officially outlawed, and nothing is allowed to start before noon.

    Kay, thanks. Beyoncé out.
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    [Filtered Message to the Blameless, Bloodsport, Blue Fish, Heron, Paisley, Red Fish, Starstruck, Twin Roses, Vanquish]

    [After a month of waiting and glitches, the ships who turned on the bugging devices may have begun to feel it was a waste of time. But patience truly is a virtue, and a couple days before the fleet leaves the Rew system, a message from that unknown frequency is sent:]

    This is the Interceptor Fleet, Drift Fleet 12. We’ve received your message.

    Atroma’s surely trying to crack this encryption, so we’ll keep it short. We’re not your enemy. Our enemy is Atroma.

    We’ll be in contact again, but it might be awhile. We’re still making repairs from that last fight. Sam can tell you how fast some of our crew work. So for now, keep those devices off. Only turn them on if you got a message to send. We don’t want to give Atroma time to hack into this feed and it should stop the glitches you’ve been getting.

    Bloodsport, we got your attachment. We got a few ideas of what it could mean, but we’ll have to get back to you on that.

    Paisley, thanks for the emoticons. Some crew were delighted and have been using them non-stop. Some of us, less so.

    You’ll hear from us again. I promise.

    Keelah se'lai.

    [The message ends. There are no further messages, and no replies.]

    [ooc: This message is filtered to those who turned on the devices, but crews are strongly encouraged to spread the message to other ships! Also feel free to use this post as a reaction/mingle/whatever you'd like.

    Characters can also send messages back! There will be more about this in the OOC comm in a couple days.]
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    Who: Vanquish crew and visitors!
    Broadcast: Nah?
    Action: On the Vanquish and around the planet!
    When: Right meow, and also for March

    [Vanquish crew? Up to things? It's more likely than you think.

    Get in here, it's time for a mingle!]
    thespaceopera: (drifting)
    [personal profile] thespaceopera
    Who: You!
    Broadcast: If you want!
    Action: The Rew System
    When: Month of February

    [ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

    In other words, it's a mingle!

    > Rew System Information ]
    huaaaaagh: <user name=headset> (Default)
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    Who: Paisley crew & visitors
    Broadcast: Only when specified
    Action: Paisley!
    When: Whenever!

    It's been a while, so ship mingle for the Paisley!

    Residents of the Paisley can potentially be affected by the glitches described here.

    1 - video

    Feb. 5th, 2017 08:19 pm
    stoccado: <lj site="tumblr.com" user="iconzanime"> (« intent »)
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    Who: Asuna and anyone
    Broadcast: Everyone ever
    Action: If anyone's actually on the Marsiva
    When: Sunday evening

    [The video function turns on to the hesitantly smiling face of a young woman. Blue hair and pointed ears mark her as somewhat different— or they would if this wasn’t a space fleet carrying residents from all over the multi-verse. She waves at the camera, a slight tilt of her head the only immediate indication of any puzzlement, but concern is detectable.]

    Ah… hi there. I’ve gone through the information on the computers— or at least what looks like the basics, so I’m trying this now. [She stops, backtracking somewhat.] Obviously I’m new, I think. I just woke up an hour or so ago. I’m still trying to process this, if it’s not a really weird in-game event.

    [Her expression sobers for a brief moment before she continues.] Because this isn’t what I normally look like, not really. So…

    [And here she catches herself.] Oh, sorry! My name’s Asuna. If anyone has clarification, I’d love to hear it. Thank you.

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