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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Huntress
When: Evening 9/13

[The soft voice of one of the Huntress' resident elves pipes up one evening, mingling with the sound of a harp. Unlike his usual songs, as those who know him would realize, Daeron sings in the Common Tongue, and there's a clear note of wistful memory and almost joy.]

Her limbs were white,
Her hair like night,

[A rather horrid noise, now painfully familiar around the Huntress, interrupts and ends his song, and the feed- he might be a bit busy shutting the vuvuzela up to answer immediately!]
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Who: Clint "Hawkeye" Barton and you's all
Broadcast: Video
Action: Introductions on The Caprine, Katie-waiting on the Blameless and dog-walking aboard the Iskaulit
When: Action immediately following the shuffle, video in the days after.

Action | The SS Caprine, the SS Blameless and then the Iskaulit

[Immediately after the shuffle, Clint spends some time milling around on SS Caprine, knocking on doors or on the walls beside entranceways, poking his head in places. New ship, new faces. Does anyone on this ship play the drums at odd hours of the night? Is that a thing he should worry about? Do the kitchens have coffee? What's the space-mold situation in the corners of these space-rooms? Inquiring minds must know. Inquiring minds wearing standard-issue jump-suits.

But Clint stays off the network for a little while. Why? Because he wants to find Kate Bishop in person, first. That feels important to him -- not to settle for firing off a quick text message. After all, back home, it would be putting the situation mildly to say that they don't hang out as much as they used to. He hopes to find her still billeted on the Blameless... and... Okay. she's gone when he gets there, but Lucky is sleeping on her bed. In the Captain's room. So that answers that, and more besides. After a brief and joyful reunion with much shushing and good-boying Clint opts to knock out two birds with one stone and takes Lucky for a walk on the Iskaulit in case the Hawkeye to his Hawkeye should happen to be hanging out there.

Of course, since she's not there, he doesn't find her. And when Lucky tires Clint returns to the Blameless, again (weirdly, it feels less like trespassing to loiter here than on his own ship, and he feels less guilty drinking the coffee from Kate's kitchen than his own now that his own kitchen is on a strange ship full of strangers.) Finally, when at last he feels his welcome is being overstayed, Hawkeye retires to Kate's room to await her there.]


[In the days that follow, feel free to contact him remotely. For his part, Clint does address the fleet with a short- ]


This is Clint Barton, here to help with all your bow-and-or-arrow based needs. I've been here before, as some of you know. It's been about ...

[He looks at his hand, and the back at the camera.]

Five months?

So, what did I miss.

((ooc: if anyone should want to incorporate/continue CR from the test drive, by all means. It would have taken place while he was walking Lucky on the Iskaulit. That's canon now!))
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Who: Nami and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bloodsport, Iskaulit, ze planet
When: 10 September


I'm back.  I don't suppose there's any good news?

[Short and sweet.  She already caught up on all the disaster shenanigans afoot.

If you want to catch her in person at all, she'll be either:

a) on the Bloodsport going through the network entries and being in a generally shitty mood;
b) at the Space Bar taking inventory and catching up on business;
c) organising and purchasing new supplies planetside for the bar like nothing is wrong; or
d) taking her waver out to sea at various points, for scouting and her own peace of mind.

Or wild card me up.  Take your pick.


Actually, she does come back to the network the next day.  She skimmed far enough to look at the dreams, and nearly lost the reference to Eleven's post.  Sister.  Waking up.

That's a dream to do with what's going on...?]


Who remembers the message we got from that last singing planet?

[Because there are some awfully relevant parts to it.]
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Who: Sam and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bloodsport, Iskaulit, maybe even the planet. (Let me know if you have a wildcard!)
When: A while after Katie's post. Yikes!! Information on alerting locals also answered here.
Note: (There's a subthread where people can have their characters list their dream, if they'd like, but of course it's just for funsies.)

... Hey everyone, this is Sam.

I feel like we should get to this as soon as possible, so here I go: there's something coming, some force that's going to endanger this planet and the people on it. We've all been having the dreams -- dreams of pretty nasty things, too, I'm betting; I've kept track of some that I've seen on the network, and if I know this fleet by now, I know it's not just coincidence we're here.

[He shifts, glancing toward Katie's sleeping form; he's been a bit of a concerned guard dog, really, and it's hard not to be worried. He'd known... she had a problem with honesty, and now his fears are verified -- honesty might very well be a death sentence. That said, she was in good hands, and she's stable, healed.

... Still good to watch out for her, just in case. He clears his throat]

For anyone who's been trying to contact her, or has sent messages... Katie's going to be alright; she really strained herself there, but she's resting now, and I'll be keeping an eye out for her, to make sure she's okay. As for her network post... I put complete faith in her and her abilities, when she says that the planet is terrified -- and that danger's coming. Hell, the dreams we've had are all warnings, and it makes sense that a planet with an aura like this would have some sort of... mental link, with the people near it or on it.


I had a dream, too.

I knew it wasn't... just some dream, because I've had premonitions before. Dreams that come true. And there's something about them that you can't just shake, so I imagine you guys felt the same, that these weren't just your ordinary nightmares. In mine, I saw a calm planet, and I knew... I knew it wasn't what it looked like, that the calmness was a lie. I could hear it, this awful sound from the planet... and then I stood in a forest, suddenly, and I saw... beings, crouched and hidden. Hunting me.

And that was just what I got. Our combined dreams, they don't paint a good picture.

[He rubs a hand over his mouth, those little unhappy frown between his brows.]

I've been talking to the locals, trying to warn them. Some of them have been skeptical, but, um, I think with some work and a lot of voices, we can get them to consider that something very real and very deadly might be approaching this world... Please, if you can, talk to them. Warn them in any way you can. Even if this awful thing doesn't happen during our time here, it may very well happen when we leave.

They're people of superstition and have a strong spiritual compass, so our odds might be good.

[A pause.]

It seems like the Marsiva, the Atroma, it... keeps sending us to worlds that need some kind of help. This is just another notch in the belt, you know? The terraformers, the sickness on the water planet, and situations like this... I don't know what they're planning, or why they're sending us to these worlds. You'll never convince me that makes them noble, no matter what their intentions, and as much as I hate dancing to their tune, the safety of these civilians is something I can't turn a blind eye to right now.

Please let me know if you can help spread the word. I'm going to make an attachment where we can note what our dreams had in them, so we all are on the same page. You can find it below. If you hear anything from the locals, let me know and I can pass it along or add it to our notes, or if you'd like, I can add your dream to the list myself.

I doubt we can evacuate a whole planet -- I doubt that would even protect them from total harm, if this danger is closer than we'd like by now -- but we can at least give them time to prepare themselves for a possible invasion, wherever it comes from. A fighting chance.

Captains of the fleet... Make sure you have something planned for emergency action, too.

I like to hope not, but... we could be right in the middle of something ugly. Last thing we need is another raid.

And again -- if anyone has not gotten one yet, I can install a GPS feature on your network device, so that if you need to send your coordinates immediately, you can press a button and it'll be broadcast. Even if you're not sure where you are. It's not foolproof, but if you get into trouble, it's a really useful way to get aid to you quickly.

[If you need to find Sam, he is sitting at his desk aboard the Bloodsport, shifting through his notes on prior planets, quietly scribbling down whatever new information he receives; you may also find him later in the day at The Space Bar aboard the Iskaulit, stopping for a drink after a day down on the planet, trying to spread the word, too. If you happen to run into him on the planet, this is just about what he's doing -- trying to spread the warning, and even sharing dream descriptions from other fleet members, if they're offered to him.]

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Who: Katie McCoy and you.
Broadcast: Most definitely.
Action: ...the planet Lyuku, if you come looking, I guess?
When: Sept 7

[The problem with the investigations Katie's been doing over the past week is they've delivered her answers that she's reasonably sure nobody else will have. Which dilemma she probably should have expected if worst came to worst, but she's never been particularly good at planning ahead. Probably why she'll never get promoted, back home. (You know, apart from her general lack of reliability, but...)

The other problem is rock formations and trees and landmasses in general have no human sense of time, so the terrified message this world gives her could happen next year. Or it could happen in half an hour. She can't get enough coherency for specifics.

The other other problem is that every time she's tried to impart information to the Fleet it's been largely missed amidst the chaff she has to surround it with. Mikleo picked up one point last time. Edna and Sam also know, but that is too small a pool of people, and two of them have issues being noticed by most everyone else. This time, she can't afford anyone to not understand how very important this is.

In short, this is going to suck.]


Singing planet sent the dreams.

Planet is terrified [Two.]

What we saw is coming to ths planet in the near fture [...three. Usually a limit.]

marsva sent us here ergo it will happenw hile wer'e here

evactuate peope
back la

[We're sorry. The pooka you're trying to talk to has passed out. Leave a message?  She's... kind of in the middle of nowhere if anyone has a way to track her down, sprawled under some pretty huge and old trees.  A geas to lie sucks.]

((Seriously, she won't be back to respond for at least a day. So feel free to threadjack others in this post and make her warning not be in vain.))
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: If you like!
Action: The planet Lyuku, the Iskaulit, and anywhere else you want
When: Sept 1 to Sept 28

[After a rather short time adrift, the fleet is finally in range of another planet. Small, peaceful, and colorful, there is plenty to do and explore.

Maybe it's enough to forget that vague feeling of unease.

Or not.

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Who: Shiro and you!
Broadcast: Nope, but you can still reach him through the communicator if you want.
Action: On the planet + the asteroid field.
When: First two weeks of the month, before metaplot hits us.
This got longer than I expected, sorry for all the cuts!

A. The fortune tellers

Please help him before he snaps... )

B. Exploring + zip-lining

Does this guy never get tired? )

C. Job: bodyguard (bar area)

Hope you have a multipass! )

D. Astronomy


E. Asteroid field

Look, Keith isn't the only daredevil, alright, he's just better at hiding it. )

F. Stargazing - closed to Kate

This is NOT a date, shut up, Lance )
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Who: Maglor and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Huntress
When: Now

[ The video flips on to Maglor carefully setting his communicator down. He waves at the camera. ]

This is for Vash.

[ He tells everyone cheerfully and then backs away, gesturing behind him, to where a vuvuzela sits calmly on a table. Nothing special to see here. He walks away, from the communicator, picks up the vuvuzela, and then the shappy mop of pink on the table, that turns out to be a wig. He straps that to the vuvuzela, comes back and picks up the communicator, and starts to walk ]

As requested, we are conducting an experiment, to see if the wig stays on.

[ He stops by the airlock, where there is a bit of fumbling around, and then the vuvuzela, complete with wig, is shown drifting off into space. The communicator stays on it until it's vanished into the distance. And then Maglor turns around, and you can hear him sigh.

The same vuvuzela, complete with wig, is lying on the floor behind him ]

And now we know.

[ CLICK. Yes. That's literally the entire reason for this post. Blame Vash. ]
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Who: Worf and OPEN
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Vanquish
When: 2nd September

[Worf had already spoken with certain members of the fleet regarding blade and martial arts training. He'd also talked about weapons with Jill Valentine regarding types of weapons. Right now, he was within the training room of the SS Vanquish, pushing up some heavy weights above his shoulders. It was good to stretch his muscles once more. Letting the weights slowly to the floor, he addressed the network;]

For those who wish to train with me I am within the training room of the SS Vanquish. Sokka? You wish to learn how to wield your Bat'leth? I will teach you the ancient Klingon ways if you wish.

[He grabbed a towel and wiped his brow for a few moments.]

Jill? I am still interested in discussing weapons from your world. If you wish to spar with me I would welcome the challenge.

[Because Worf could face as many opponents as the fleet could throw at him.]
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Who: Ardyn Izunia and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Red Fish + Eyuzi System
When: Today


Does anyone feel a little...off? It's as though something or someone is calling out to us with powers. I can feel it through my veins like a magnet drawing me closer, aiming to catch me in it's net. A pulsing energy like I've never experienced before. Then, there's the melody like singing. We must be approaching something....a planet maybe? I must say this feeling is rather new to me, although I've felt effects like this before, this one is on a new level altogether. Perhaps, I am quite mad, but I do feel this. If anyone else can relate to me on this it would be appreciated, just so I can feel a little more comfortable.

[Ardyn doesn't know that his broadcast might take a little longer to reach fellow crew members, due to the static within the air. It's all to do with the arrival to the new planet...]

Eyuzi system:

Fortune Telling:

[Ardyn had decided to give it a go. Why not? It was just a fantasy after all, right? He had never really believed in gypsy witchcraft, so why should he now, just because he was on an alien planet? Smirking softly, he picked up a palm scanner and wondered if it would indeed tell his fortune.]

Does anyone believe in all of this? I find it hard to believe that any of this could actually work.

[He spotted other trinkets, cards, herbs and other items, which were supposed to help tell your fortune. A waste of money? Perhaps. Was anyone else falling for it?]

Cruise Ship:

[Now, this was more Ardyn's style. Sitting comfortably with a glass of red wine in his hand, the Chancellor stared out of the window at the rolling waves being swept up by the boat. Ah, it was almost like being at home. Galdin Quay came to mind and also Altissia. Such beauty. He sipped his wine and wondered who else would venture aboard the boat in search of some sanctuary away from the metal prison in space.]

Ah, this is the life. It's nice to actually smell the salty air once more. Too long have we been cooped up like animals in a cage aboard the ships.

[He got up to walk along the deck to take in more of the view. He might even have a hot bath soon to ease his aches. Oh, such luxury!]


[Well now, Ardyn might be holding a rainbow snake within his fingers, as he offered the trader a wry smile. He wasn't afraid of the reptiles, oh no. He loved them. Yet, he wasn't sure the Red Fish would be a suitable habitat for the snake, so he allowed the animal to slither back to his master. A shame.]

You know, he would have kept me company, yet I believe space may be too cold for this little fellow. Alas, I could have had a friend for life.

[Ardyn sighed and then moved to another stall, checking out the merchandise and wondering what, or if, he should spend his currency on.]


Have at thee.
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Who: Looma Red Wind and anyone who can still put up with her
Broadcast: Network
Action: Anyone actually awake on the Bishop
When: Early, early in the space-morning whenever that is

[While most people would be content to, you know, sleep once in a while, it seems like Looma's spending this Drift dealing with a remarkable lack of it. She looks the part too- one does not switch over to getting by on nothing but micro naps over the course of several days without exhausting themselves. Tetramands are apparently no different.

She's sitting in her chair aboard the Bishop, fighting back sleep as best she can while poring over any readout of the ship she can get her hands on. Less than half of it makes any sense to her, but it doesn't have to- she knows what everything should look like, she's just on alert for any suspicious changes.]

I have only been a part of this wretched show for less than one human year, so there is much about our shared enemy that I do not understand. I know that this last occasion was not the first time they have thrown us into one another's memories, but what has been happening recently feels... different.

[Yep, she's another one who wound up getting a strange dream. She's not a fan of it. For one thing, they're not supposed to happen while you're awake. To say it's put her on high alert would be an understatement- her only response was to assume an impending move by the Atroma or, even worse, a complete unknown.]

I have noticed several others have been having strange dreams. I was not asleep for mine.

I must know if the Atroma are responsible, or if there is some new presence toying with us. Have they been behind anything like this in the past? If they have not, I have two concerns.

One: They are plotting something, and changing how they plan to toy with us.

Two: We will soon be dealing with some new threat.

[She's...kind of forgotten where she was going with this, by this point. And for a moment it looks like she's going to nod off in the chair again, before her eyes snap wide again and she regains some measure of focus.]

...any insight would be appreciated. Especially from those of us who have been here long enough to know what to expect. I have been unable to find any satisfactory explanation on my own.
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Who: Okita vs Everyone
Broadcast: No
Action: Everywhere on the Fleet
When: During the drift

[He was asleep for so long that he had very little time on the planet. But he only needed a little time to get what he needed. Just after the drift begins and the planet is a distant spark on the horizon, he starts flitting from ship to ship and cabin to cabin to find people.

Action for Goldstone
For the members of his crew, he has a little gift for everyone. He'll be coming by crew cabins or finding people at their stations, anywhere they are, so he can deliver a little handwrapped present with a smile.

Action for the Fleet
With his main gifts given out, he'll start shuttling over to ships at random. Wonder what that noise is in the cargo bay? What about that weird banging noise in the kitchen? Well it's the Fleet's resident samurai, piglet in tow, and he's leaving little gift baskets for each ship - candy, non-perishables like dried fruit and canned goods, shower gel, a flamingo hat, random weird junk like these things, etc. Whatever he could buy down on the planet, he's stuffed into baskets and is leaving them on every ship for everyone.

Or you could find him wandering the Iskaulit with Saizou trailing behind passing out brightly colored candies. Who knows what flavors they are - maybe Floot Loops.
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Who: Keith, Huntress crew, Shiro, open text message
Broadcast: Text
Action: Huntress
When: The night of and morning after the visions/nightmares

Who Am I to Disagree? )
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Broadcast: If you want it?
Action: Yes - in the asteroid field!
When: The last few days of drifting (8/30 - 8/31)

[ This is a mingle! The fleet's coming up on a miniature, thinly-spread asteroid field, which is perfect for some shuttle fun! Hide and seek, racing, trick competitions... chicken... you know, whatever you feel like!

Go forth and play some games, fleet! Use this post however you like! ]
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Who: Everyone
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Kayanni System, the city
When: NOW

There is a wedding on the planet. You may know this because you were invited to this wedding by this little guy and it's a lovely ceremony! You can watch the couple get married, wether you know them or not, the whole fleet was invited.Even if they don't know you either. 

Noctis was in all black and he was beside himself, the time had finally come and after seeing his beautiful bride he couldn't look away. The music was soft yet appropriate. Luna was beaming, holding onto Shiro's arm down the aisle until they were together and holding hands. The vows went on as if in another room. Noctis couldn't quite focus on them, he was fighting getting sucked into Luna's orbit and just kissing her prematurely. Distantly he heard his cue to repeat after the offician and he recited his vows word for word. Umbra had their rings ready for them. When he put Luna's on her finger he felt a tear spill down his cheek. He couldn't stop smiling. The officiant led Luna then and Noctis hung on every word. Her voice was melodic and soft. Then he had a ring on his finger and he felt himself crying again. He just looked at her, he officiant left them through the end, announcing it was over, they were married.

Noctis didn't wait for any cue, he pulled Luna in close and dipped her as they kissed.

They were laughing and crying and holding each other tight. They were in their own world for the time being. But the RECEPTION starts now. And that's what everyone really came for. There's alcohol, food in a buffet, and cake
 . Those of you at the cake tasting with them may notice the flavor you recommended is available as a donut! All of the suggested flavors are availalble, it was hard to decide who didn't get their favorite and what ONE flavor to make an entire cake out of. It didn't sit well with either of them. 

Also sparklers
  There is a table with a few gifts on it, but it contains a large display of long sparklers with matches and a bucket of water saying "Please light up our night!" 

SO Have at the reception everybody!

There is a: Dance floor with music booming, a buffet with delicious food and CAKE, There is BOOZE of all types and it's just flowing with no signs of stopping, and sparklers! Also dancing with the bride..... or getting a photo with the couple!



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Who: Hunk and EVERYONE~
Broadcast: Open, Fleet wide
Action: SS Heron
When: Today

[A - Network/Video]

[Oh man, not again. Being kidnapped by some unknown alien force really needed to stop happening. What are even the odds of that? Is there a card you can get stamped? And just in case waking up alone in this very stark room wasn't bad enough, his head was killing him. Probably from the alien lo-jack that he felt behind his ear. Or... that's what he assuming the bump was. But he could worry about that later. He needed to find the others.

Shaking off the headache he slipped off the bed to head for the door. It was eerily quiet as he entered the Hospitably Deck and he paused. The place looked abandoned. Oooookay. This isn't creepy at all. He scanned the area, searching for anything that remotely looked like control panel and made a b-line for it.

The feed flicked on to reveal the image of a young man wearing quite the colorful space suit. His expression brightened seeing that the video was going through.

There we go.... Hello? Lance? Guys? Is anyone picking up this transmission? This is Hunk, Yellow Paladin of Voltron and I have no idea where I am. I thought I saw a sign that said 'Hospitality Deck' but there doesn't seem to be anyone here. I'd at least expect cupcakes.

Except there is some smooth jazz playing in the distance somewhere? Which just makes me being alone even creepier.

If anyone is getting this, please respond.

[B - SS Heron Bridge]

[There was a sudden new surprise for the crew of the SS Heron. With a flash of confetti and the fanfare of tiny trumpets, a very confused looking Hunk was now standing in the middle of their bridge. He barely had time to send a broadcast let alone explore the previous ship he was on before he was whisked away again. Man, today just keep getting weirder.]

Hello? Anyone here?

[He picked the confetti from his hair as he scanned the room. Defiantly not on the Castle, but hey, its not galra either so... glass half full? And wait a second. Does his eyes deceive him? Was that a plate of chocolate pudding? It was that moment his stomach decided to make it's presence known. When was the last time he ate? Honestly, he couldn't remember which means it was too long. You know, you can't think when your tank is empty.

Sliding on over to the plate, Hunk picked up one of the small cups and was instantly filled with regret the moment its contents touched his lips. Blech! That wasn't chocolate! It was just paste to taste like chocolate which is just an insult to real chocolate! A wave of betrayal washed over his face as he stared down at the cup in his hands.

Great.... I'm missing food goo already.
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Who: Ardyn Izunia and YOU!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Red Fish
When: Today


Such a curious sensation indeed. Oh yes.

[You will switch on to see Ardyn sat in his cabin clutching his head with his eyes closed, whilst sat on the end of his bed. A glass of something, which looked like space wine, was close by to hand. He had his eyes closed in deep concentration, as he frowned deeply, sighing almost in pleasure.]

Yes, yes.....ah, now I can see more into your minds. Oh, is that....Lady Lunafreya? Prompto? Noctis? Dear Ignis even. If only I could project my thoughts deeper through space. Yet, the power isn't strong enough, not yet. But hopefully it will be soon.

[That's right; he's using his new Telepathic powers to try and project images of himself into the minds of certain people. His friends from Eos mainly, but he might even project his mind onto other crew members on other ships by mistake. Sorry, guys. This man is slightly unhinged to say the least. Arrogant, cocky and just a bastard.]

The Red Fish:

Cargo Hold:

I don't think so....you fiend!

[A bright flash and a crackling noise, as Ardyn launched a fireball at the nearest punch bag. That's right; he's practicing his magic and accuracy towards the punch bag within the gym area. They make good targets it seems.]

Your Majesty, how rude of you to deny me such pleasure in ending your life.

[He muttered under his breath, as he launched an icicle sharp as daggers towards the punch bag this time. It rocked and was already pitted from the fireball. Yet, surprisingly it was still in one piece.]

We could have ended it all together but no. So selfish.

[The man almost growled, as he raised a hand up to freeze the bag solid, then unsheathed his sword, slicing the stiff bag in half. The bottom half of the bag crashing to the floor into tiny pieces.]
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Who: Shay and you
Broadcast: Unfiltered, open to everyone!
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[A - Network]

Um, hello? [Just because she has the augment doesn't mean Shay trusts it completely, and she peers curiously at the video. A smile spreads across her face as she realizes it's working.] Ah! Hello! I am Shay, of Balmera. There are so many here from different worlds! I would be most interested to hear of your homes. I know little of worlds beyond my own and this seems a perfect chance to learn!

[She pauses, her smile fading in thought. She is a little lonely.] I heard rumor of Voltron... I would be most pleased to see you again.

[B - Action aboard the SS Blue Fish.]

[The newest passenger of the Blue Fish is happy to be here, too happy with admiring the stars to think about how far away from home she is. She's perched by a window, long legs drawn to her chest as she looks outside to admire the view. Every now and then, a long fingered hand reaches out to try to catch a passing comet or meteor. She's never seen them so close before, never been this close to space, and she's loving the opportunity.]
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[Metal and pipes echo hollowly through the empty ship. The Paisley, after more than a year of service, floats along without anyone to poke at her innards or bang pots in her kitchen or destroy the blender. A terrible fate indeed. The ship wanders on its own, slowly but surely moving to pass by the Marsiva to circle around the rest of the nearby solar bodies.

Those who happen to be at their communicator consoles will notice a sudden sharp uptick in energy, some kind of invisible wave that sets out from the Marsiva itself. The type of energy is impossible to define; the instruments scramble for a minute or two. It's not unlike the effect a massive solar storm has on electronic devices. Personal communicators may also be affected by this.

But windows still work, and all the other ships have a clear view of what happens next.

As the Paisley wanders within range, the Marsiva in all its awkward rounded glory splits vertically. It's less like a mouth or a hinged jaw and more like a void. There are the tiniest hints of stars if you look closely, but stare too long and you'll be overcome with a sudden and completely irrational fear of the darkness and/or falling. It opens wide, its size dwarfing the small ship like Earth meeting a gaseous giant, and then--

-- the Paisley is gone.

The Marsiva resumes its normal shape. A deep vibration knocks the consoles back online, like the belch of a universe.]
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Who: Lance, you, and his buddies!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Planetside, closed to CR
When: July 28th

[A - Broadcast]

[Have a beaming, excited Lance. He isn't in his usual clothes; instead, he's rocking a blue otter onesie. And looks absolutely ecstatic to be wearing it. There's a box near him with what looks to be a whole bunch of skincare and hair care products as well.]

Okay, this sponsor drop thing? Awesome. I knew the audience was gonna like me. I guess they saw me discussing that my birthday was today, cause I wake up and bam, here's this box of stuff! And not useless stuff, either! This is actually the good stuff.

[Yay for stuff.]

A great to start to a great day.

[B - Action - Laser Tag]

[This was bound to be a fun activity, and Lance knows he's going to kick butt at it. After all, he's a sharpshooter. What better way for him to show off then a good ol' fashioned game of laser tag? Plus, there's a certain red paladin he needs to show up.

There are some assigned teams at first, mostly as to give him the aforementioned opportunity and to make sure not every game is stacked by having Lance and Kate on the same team. Later games have the teams randomized, however.

Have fun!]

[C - Action - Dinner]

[The games of laser tag are followed by an all you can eat buffet dinner. You can bet that Lance is going to try to eat his own weight in meat, even if his stomach is going to regret it later. It's also time for presents and cake!

Eat up. After the dinner, feel free to chill out in the restaurant or outside. It's a nice night out.]

[D - Action - Wildcard]

[Anything goes throughout the day!]

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