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[ On the night of the 16th, the feeling of tension and horrid anticipation comes to a head. Everything stops when the sun goes down-- even the ever-present music in the hoppingest part of the city center. One by one, everyone turns their eyes to the skies. The young and old alike pour out of their houses, some in bare feet, and they point to the velvety blanket of stars.

It takes a second to find it, especially if one is unaccustomed to the starscape. But even a casual observer can see it.

A brightly-shining star, larger than the others, and growing larger.

An announcement cuts across all communication channels that encourages people to evacuate to the space station, but it’s clear that these are just people and they’ll need some help. Supplies, equipment, organization, there’s something for everyone to do.

Civilization is disrupted by a panicked stampede of people vying for limited seats aboard spacefaring craft. Within hours, there will be crushed glass, looting, and chaos.

The clock is ticking. Will you help? Or would you rather watch the dying gasps of a Singing Planet from a safe distance? ]

[OOC: Please see this post for plot details. Phase two has begun! Feel free to use this post as a reaction post, mingle, etc. or make your own!]
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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Audio; fleetwide
Action: Those aboard the Bishop; later, planetside
When: Backdated to the morning of the 10th

[Sent via the ship's intercom, and Audio to any member of the crew off-ship]

This is your captain. Based on what I have been able to gather from the Fleet's last encounters with these "singing planets" and the most recent case of enemy action, all crew members are to report planetside to the attached coordinates in twelve hours time.

You will be improving your familiarity with your assigned weapons. Those who lack training in close combat will be given an introductory course to better ensure their survival in the even of another attack. Rick Grimes will oversee your training, I will supervise and assist where able.

It is likely we will encounter hostilities in the near future. This is for your own safety, as I may not be able to personally intervene should you find yourself threatened. While I cannot compel everyone to attend, know that I can make your rescue a lower priority than those who bothered to present themselves for instruction.

[Audio: Transmitted to everyone else, via the Fleet's network]

This is Captain Looma Red Wind. By now, I am certain many of you are aware of these dreams we have been having, and the potential danger we may encounter on this planet as a result. I am also aware that many of you are not used to combat, or simply not accustomed to the use of the weapons available to you.

Any who wish for assistance in this matter- or who simply wish to resume their own training- are to report to the attached coordinates on the planet below in twelve hours time. Rick Grimes and I will be overseeing firearms instruction, as well as some manner of close combat training for those who have never seen battle. Depart early, as this will be some distance from the city, to avoid alarming the locals.

Additional assistance in munitions or personal combat training from experienced members of the fleet will be welcomed.

If your ship lacks an armory, or you are for any reason denied access to it, I will be bringing along the contents of the Bishop's armory and will permit their use when available.

[True to her word, attached are a set of coordinates for an area roughly 15 minutes outside the city proper. Partly because she was told that if she was going to do this at all, it needed to be far away from the civilian population- and partly because she did not want to risk anyone showing up to scream about whatever bad omens were associated with the color red, the number 4, and whatever other nonsense this superstitious bunch was capable of imagining.]
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Who: Looma Red Wind and anyone who can still put up with her
Broadcast: Network
Action: Anyone actually awake on the Bishop
When: Early, early in the space-morning whenever that is

[While most people would be content to, you know, sleep once in a while, it seems like Looma's spending this Drift dealing with a remarkable lack of it. She looks the part too- one does not switch over to getting by on nothing but micro naps over the course of several days without exhausting themselves. Tetramands are apparently no different.

She's sitting in her chair aboard the Bishop, fighting back sleep as best she can while poring over any readout of the ship she can get her hands on. Less than half of it makes any sense to her, but it doesn't have to- she knows what everything should look like, she's just on alert for any suspicious changes.]

I have only been a part of this wretched show for less than one human year, so there is much about our shared enemy that I do not understand. I know that this last occasion was not the first time they have thrown us into one another's memories, but what has been happening recently feels... different.

[Yep, she's another one who wound up getting a strange dream. She's not a fan of it. For one thing, they're not supposed to happen while you're awake. To say it's put her on high alert would be an understatement- her only response was to assume an impending move by the Atroma or, even worse, a complete unknown.]

I have noticed several others have been having strange dreams. I was not asleep for mine.

I must know if the Atroma are responsible, or if there is some new presence toying with us. Have they been behind anything like this in the past? If they have not, I have two concerns.

One: They are plotting something, and changing how they plan to toy with us.

Two: We will soon be dealing with some new threat.

[She's...kind of forgotten where she was going with this, by this point. And for a moment it looks like she's going to nod off in the chair again, before her eyes snap wide again and she regains some measure of focus.]

...any insight would be appreciated. Especially from those of us who have been here long enough to know what to expect. I have been unable to find any satisfactory explanation on my own.
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Who: Everyone
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Kayanni System, the city
When: NOW

There is a wedding on the planet. You may know this because you were invited to this wedding by this little guy and it's a lovely ceremony! You can watch the couple get married, wether you know them or not, the whole fleet was invited.Even if they don't know you either. 

Noctis was in all black and he was beside himself, the time had finally come and after seeing his beautiful bride he couldn't look away. The music was soft yet appropriate. Luna was beaming, holding onto Shiro's arm down the aisle until they were together and holding hands. The vows went on as if in another room. Noctis couldn't quite focus on them, he was fighting getting sucked into Luna's orbit and just kissing her prematurely. Distantly he heard his cue to repeat after the offician and he recited his vows word for word. Umbra had their rings ready for them. When he put Luna's on her finger he felt a tear spill down his cheek. He couldn't stop smiling. The officiant led Luna then and Noctis hung on every word. Her voice was melodic and soft. Then he had a ring on his finger and he felt himself crying again. He just looked at her, he officiant left them through the end, announcing it was over, they were married.

Noctis didn't wait for any cue, he pulled Luna in close and dipped her as they kissed.

They were laughing and crying and holding each other tight. They were in their own world for the time being. But the RECEPTION starts now. And that's what everyone really came for. There's alcohol, food in a buffet, and cake
 . Those of you at the cake tasting with them may notice the flavor you recommended is available as a donut! All of the suggested flavors are availalble, it was hard to decide who didn't get their favorite and what ONE flavor to make an entire cake out of. It didn't sit well with either of them. 

Also sparklers
  There is a table with a few gifts on it, but it contains a large display of long sparklers with matches and a bucket of water saying "Please light up our night!" 

SO Have at the reception everybody!

There is a: Dance floor with music booming, a buffet with delicious food and CAKE, There is BOOZE of all types and it's just flowing with no signs of stopping, and sparklers! Also dancing with the bride..... or getting a photo with the couple!



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Who: Princess Looma Red Wind and YOU
Broadcast: Video, sent to all her fellow flooters
Action: Planetside (closed to Sayid)
When: Varies (first broadcast in the afternoon, second and third at night)

[A: Fair Warning]

[This is definitely an unusual broadcast from Looma, given she's currently looking a bit uncomfortable inside a darkened...container of some sort. She's seated on the floor, as comfortably as she can be, even if she can't quite stretch her legs without immediately hitting the wall opposite her. Also, it's dark, and the only lighting is from a small light stick rolling around on the floor of wherever the hell she is.]

Consider this broadcast a warning. I do not know if anyone in the Fleet is involved, but I thought only fair to warn any who were. If you happen to be employed anywhere on this planet, and your given task is to steal a shipment of contraband- don't.

[The glare she's giving the camera right now should provide aaaaaall the information anyone could possibly want about just why it's unwise. She also has the big metal spear she picked up back on the water planet with her, which can't possibly bode well. Looma with weaponry rarely does.]

This will be your only warning.

[That seems to be the only thing her conscience requires, so she'll reach over and shut off her comm device. Though as she has no idea how long it'll take for this trap to be sprung, she'll at least be good about answering.]

[B: Way Worse Than A Mimic]
Cut for length and also some violence/maiming )

[C: Some time later, locked to Sayid]

[Have an annoyed looking Looma on your screen, Sayid. Sure it's late, but she's your captain darn it and it's not like she hands out work often.]

I require your assistance. I do not expect it to take long.

[There's no "please" there, which shouldn't surprise him. Or anyone, for that matter. But at least she's not actually shouting orders at him, right?]
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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Video! And open to everyone. Everyone.
Action: Anyone on the Bishop I guess? If they want?
When: Backdated to the 10th

[After seeing to her new captain-y obligations, and figuring out who the new people on the ship are, Looma's got some important business to take care of. Very important business. She's set her comm down and everything, and look at that she's still got her nicely wrapped little gift basket in one hand! Though it doesn't look like she's so much as opened it yet.]

It has not escaped my notice that our new hosts have provided us with gifts. And, as I know they are watching us, I believe it is only appropriate I express my gratitude as directly as possible.

[Which...involves opening an airlock for some reason. Okay. Oh, yep, she's just tossing her beautifully wrapped gift basket right on in there isn't she- and glaring so hard at the camera the entire time you'd swear she was trying to burn a hole in it. Once the door's sealed, it's just one angry button smash before the whole thing's just shot right out into space. Didn't even break eye contact, either.]

I trust that should suffice.
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Who: Bishop crew and any visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Anyone aboard the S.S. Bishop
When: RIGHT THE HECK NOW (and also throughout the month)

[New crewmates, new captain, new reasons to wonder how the ship's still flying]
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Who: Worf and you.
Broadcast: Open.
Action: Marsiva kitchen.
When: Now. 4th of July.

[The feed cuts in showing a rather irritated Klingon tasting some of the "space gel" that the crew are forced to eat as a substitute to real food. He's in the kitchen, having had no choice but to tear himself away from all the memories and strange rooms aboard the ship. Worf isn't good dealing with odd situations like staring into someone's past or trying to get his head around things like that.]

How can anyone call this food? It is tasteless and lacks everything real food has! This is nothing compared to Gagh.

[That's Klingon food. Worms that are alive and move a lot.]

This show has gone on long enough. I demand to know what is happening and why there are these strange memories of people being shown in rooms. If you were a man I would kill you where you stand!

[He's targeting his anger at the network, hoping to get his rage across to the Atroma; his captors. Maybe Worf is just annoyed at the food selection and lack of prune juice. It seems he wants to pick a fight with something or someone.]
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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Open broadcast because someone can't be bothered to filter things
Action: If you wanna seek her out, sure
When: Evening of July 3

[Oh hey it's Looma again, and she's not beating up the ship at the moment. Go figure right? Instead she's killing time by a sealed and locked door on the Marsiva, because she's pretty deadset on forcing her way into the rest of the ship the moment she sees it open not that she ever will.]

It has come to my attention that the Bishop is now without a captain. I intend to claim that position. Any among the crew who wish to dispute that claim may challenge me at their leisure. The only promise I make to those who do is that I will ensure you survive your failure.

[It's a little hard to tell whether this would classify as a promotion or a coup, all things considered. Which was impressive since it's not like she got rid of Cersei, but she also had no intention whatsoever of being subservient to anyone left on the ship. And she was more than willing to take that position by force if necessary.]

As for everyone else... I would be interested in hearing if anyone has found a way off this section of the ship. The thought of being trapped here any longer is infuriating, and it is difficult to continue isolating myself.

[She's trying to prioritize everyone's safety, that's gotta count for something, right?]
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[ Calibration Rooms ]
( for A-M characters )

Before you post your toplevel comment, please:
1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. A-M names comment here, and N-Z names go to the other post.
2. Make a note in your comment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
4. Post your comment! It's fine if everyone's Calibrations end up looking and reading very different from one another. As long as you're having fun and following our guidelines, you're good to go. :)
5. If you have any questions or concerns during Calibrations, you are welcome to send them towards the mod team at any time, as always.

A - C

  • Aurae "Tempest" Le Paulmier
  • Arthur Kirkland
  • Asuka Shikinami Langley
  • Barry Allen
  • Belthazar Spellscry
  • Billy Cranston
  • Carl Grimes
  • Chloe Price
  • Clay Terran
  • Cloud Strife
  • Cogsworth
  • D - F

  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Daeron
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Dezel
  • Doudanuki Masakuni
  • Edna
  • Edwin Jarvis
  • Eithan Paine
  • Eizen
  • Eleanor Hume
  • Ezri Dax
  • Fingon
  • Felix Gaeta
  • Felix Harrowgate
  • Fenris
  • Furiosa
  • G - I

  • Gil Brodie
  • Ginko
  • Hermione Granger
  • Ignis Scientia
  • J - M

  • Jack Sparrow
  • James "Bucky" Barnes
  • Jayden Price
  • Jim Kirk
  • Kaiden Alenko
  • Kai Gracen
  • Katie McCoy
  • Kaworu Nagisa
  • Keith
  • Khadgar
  • Kirito
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Kurt Darkholme
  • Lance
  • Looma Red Wind
  • Lumiére
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
  • Peggy Carter
  • Maglor
  • Max Rockatansky
  • Merlan Margaret O'Keefe
  • Mikleo
  • Mon-El

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    Who: Lance and you!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Marsiva
    When: 6/6

    [Life hasn't made sense in a long time for him. Ever since the day that Shiro returned to Earth and they found the Blue Lion, it had been one crazy thing after another to the point where he never knew what the next minute would bring. How long has it been? Months? How many?

    And then, of course, this has to happen. He paces around the deck he's on, still clad in his armor, looking extremely worried.]

    Quiznak. Not good, not good. This is a joke, right? Some really, really elaborate practical joke that Coran's playing on us. Which, dude, not the time or the place! But if this really is real and I didn't just hit my head super hard and went into another coma...

    [He covers his face with his hands and groans.]

    I gotta save the universe, not be in Big Brother in space! I have to find Blue somehow. I don't care what that dumb computer says, there's got to be some way out of here, or at least to get in contact with the others... There has to be.

    [Lance stops, looking down, and mumbles to himself.]

    I don't want to be here alone.
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    Who: Looma Red Wind
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: Anyone unfortunate enough to be aboard the Bishop
    When: Evening of 5/21? Does space even have evenings? Space dinner time?

    [For the past few weeks, Looma had been in A Mood and pricklier than usual. All that came to a screeching halt though, once she took out some of that anger on the ship and discovered something wonderful. And of course she's sharing it! So there's a giant, multi-armed and armor-clad princess gracing the network for you flooters, and she's positively beaming from the cargo hold of the SS Bishop.]

    I have discovered the most exciting thing! This ship can repair itself!

    [While that wasn't technically true, that was totally the case from Looma's point of view. And she was more than willing to show everyone so that they might better appreciate the superiority of the floating collection of spare parts that she'd been forced to crew against her will okay. It was clearly a superior piece of junk.]


    [And with that she's just gonna turn around and punch the absolute hell out of the closest bulkhead. It's loud, the video quality takes a hit as the camera's jostled by the pressure wave and falls on its side, and those two fists of hers have caved in a section of the hull the size of a Winnebago. Also the instrument panel up on the bridge is probably lighting up like a Christmas tree but honestly that is so far from being her problem that it really doesn't matter, right?

    But as soon as she pulls her arms back, there's a loud creaking and groaning of metal as the wall just pops itself right back into place, good as new! And the novelty clearly hasn't worn off yet, because Looma's still as excited by this as ever as she turns around to set her communicator back upright.]

    Is every ship capable of this?! To think I had been worried I might break something- this is wonderful!

    [...okay, yep, she is going right back to beating the hell out of the ship again. And again. For the love of god someone stop her because at this rate she's liable to have everyone aboard convinced that the ship had found its way into an asteroid field or something. Just stop her for their sake, okay?]
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    Who: Looma Red Wind and you!
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: Bishop crew
    When: Around space noon-ish on the 11th

    Her first sponsor drop, and it's exceptionally useless )
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    Who: Beverly Crusher, Ezri Dax, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Pavel Chekov - and you, should you like to stop by!
    Broadcast: video
    Action: Málum
    When: April 5

    [So Beverly may or may not have taken a few tequila shots. And she may or may not be quite drunk and affectionately effusive about... everything. Thus she has something Very Important to tell the Fleet, which she does from inside Málum with some of her Starfleet companions around. Thankfully, one of them is holding the camera or this feed would be a lot more intolerably shaky.

    It's also one of the rare times you'll find her in her Starfleet Uniform.]

    Today! [Beverly claps her hands together.] Today is an important holiday back home - First Contact Day! It marks the time when humans finally launched the first spaceship powered by warp drive and that was also the same day we met the Vulcans. [She frowns, her thoughts coming more slowly than is usual.] I don't think we've had any Vulcans here in the fleet, unless it was a long time ago before I came. Which is really weird when you stop to think about it, that there's been Humans and Cardassians and Trill but no Vulcans. Or anybody else really. Vulcans kind of look like elves so I've often wondered if maybe they are but just so many universes removed that it's not quite the same.

    [Clearly someone is giving her A Look from behind the camera and she points an admonishing finger at them.]

    I'm getting there! [She straightens up and pats her hair, getting back into "lecture" mode.] What probably many of you don't know, is that I saw all of this, first hand, the last time I went home. You see there were the Borg - only we're not going to go into them because this is supposed to be a celebration - and they were trying to go back in time to ruin the warp ship so the Vulcans wouldn't come down to see us so of course we had to go stop them even though we're not supposed to time travel - and for good reason too, it's a pain in the ass. One time Mark Twain followed us onto the Enterprise and it was this whole thing though I guess it worked out all right in the end because then he wrote A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court so that's good. And he really was very nice and understanding of why he couldn't tell anyone what he saw.

    [Another pause as she tries to figure out why she started talking about Mark Twain. Ah! Right!]

    So anyway we had to go back in time to stop the Borg and so we met Zefram Cochrane who invented the warp drive and he was completely not like any of us expected and you know, sometimes they say you shouldn't meet your heroes? We'd all been taught about what a great genius he was, and that's true, but I guess they didn't really want to mention in the history books that he really liked to party and building the ship wasn't some noble, selfless endeavor to advance science - it was a difficult time in human history, and he needed the money. But that's the beautiful thing isn't it? People are complicated and may not always be what you expect but they still can do great things. And that's really what First Contact Day is about, celebrating the amazing things we've already done and the things we'll do in the future too. Together.

    [This nerd, y'all. You should come party with her.]
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    Who: Edwin Jarvis (fully grown up)
    Broadcast: Video Fleetwide
    Action: Starstruck, then Tourist
    When: April 1st

    [Action. SS Starstruck and then SS Tourist]

    [Edwin of eight-and-three-quarters-years-old went to sleep on the 31st of March -- and when he woke up on the 1st, he was simply Mister Jarvis once more. He peeled his eyes open, looked around the room in a bit of a sleepy daze, and tried to remember what had happened the night before. It was a bit of a blur, but he remembers being rather short, and the longer he sits there the longer he pieces memories together.

    ... Oh dear, the clothes he had before don't fit.

    .... Oh dear, he has no clothing.

    He ties the bed sheet around his waist and considers how to escape the SS Starstruck without entirely embarrassing himself. This is the worst morning ever. And even worse... It's April 1st. Oh god above, one of the absolute worst days of the year.

    Much later, when he is dressed, thank you very much, he will be on the Tourist making breakfast.

    Clearly nothing happened and everything is back to normal! Hi guys have some scrambled eggs or protein-based pancakes. And goodness, let him just... sweep this floor... Have we been doing the laundry? How's the dusting gone? Is the dishes all washed?]


    [Also, let him just remind everyone he's totally back to normal.]

    I've returned from a rather... unwanted vacation. Thank you to everyone who endured my younger self and treated me kindly. And I apologize for any work I may have missed at The Space Bar, but rest assured, I'm very excited to be tall and capable of making my own meals that don't end in burnt crusts and tears. Still... it was... strange to remember oneself from thirty years ago so clearly now. I admit, there are things coming back to me I was sure I had lost in the haze of aging.

    ... Utterly bizarre. It's... actually nice to remember faces from then with such clarity.

    I shall not regret it.

    [Ehem. Anyway.]

    To the point. If any practical jokes are played today at my expense for the holidays...

    I'll have you know a butler is very good at finding divine retribution.

    [This smile says he can do terrible things despite his kind and polite personality.

    It's a little frightening.

    Also, his room now has a cute little teddy named Mr. Tottles. He shall never throw him out.]

    ... And all rumors you here are hearsay and complete lies.

    [... Feel free to have heard whatever odd rumor from the event regarding Jarvis.]
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    Who: Edwin Jarvis (as a small fella) and you!
    Broadcast: Voice
    Action: SS Tourist, SS Starstruck, Iskaulit
    When: From about March 22nd, a week onward.

    ... Sorry Tourist, make your own food for the week.


    [Jarvis' day is the same as it always is. He gets up, makes breakfast, does a bit of laundry and tidies the ship wherever he sees fit — then work at the bar, the gym visits, making a half-sea-food dinner, and so on. It's a normal week, yes? Or perhaps not. The next day, there is no breakfast. Then no tidying or laundry. Then no dinner. It seems, without having left the roster, Jarvis has all but vanished from the SS Tourist.

    Or perhaps he hasn't quite vanished. For you see, hidden up under his bed as he's been for hours now is a small boy of about eight or nine, wearing a rather too large robe, his hands in anxious fists tucked up by his face. He hasn't come out yet, because his nerves are rather... fried. Yours would be too, if you were a small kid and you woke up suddenly in a steel trap of sorts! He is mortified and at a complete loss, and all he can assume is that he's been abducted. Perhaps a ransom! Oh, his mind dances through a million paranoid thoughts. His mum and dad must have bothered someone terribly. They must've closed a door in someone's face and they want revenge. This is a lair from a villainous hideout, it must be so.

    His stomach gurgles but he holds steadfast, as he fidgets with the device in front of him. It had been on the desk beside his bed, and he was interested in what it could do — and some part of him knows, in theory, how it works. And that is very frightening, because he's never seen something like this before in his entire life!!

    He slams down the device, frustrated tears blooming in his eyes.]


    [A hushed voice:]

    Oh, don't cry — don't cry now, it won't do any good...

    [He sniffs hard, and seems to be steeling himself. For a moment.

    Even so — ]

    ... I want to go home...

    [Eventually, sooner or later, somehow, someway, he will be out from under that cursed bed of doom and gloom and sit a day late at the table in the kitchen. But he doesn't cook, or clean, or anything of the sort. He sits with his hands off the table (impolite to put them there), sitting straight in his chair, unsure if he should... be waiting for someone to come in and make food, or if he... needs to make his own...

    He's not very good at making things, yet.

    Eventually he does grab a plate of... a block of some kind of gel. He wrinkles his nose but eventually gives in, and though he thinks the taste is just terrible, he is determined to eat every bite; wasting food is unsightly. He's a good boy. He would never. So to enjoy it forcefully, he hums a little tune as he eats, swinging his feet just a little. Nobody is around to see his poor etiquette, so... it's okay to be a little less rigid at the table, right?]


    [AT SOME POINT... Peggy will sniff him out. Which is probably way sooner than later, but anyway. Edwin is terribly curious now, despite his anxiety surrounding this... impossible place. He had investigated the Starstruck's cargo bay with some interest. Some strange and frightening man with a habit of grunting answers gave him some delicious dessert, and he wandered freely with the promise of being the most well-behaved kid in all of space.

    ... Well, he did fiddle with the teleporter a bit...

    And ended up aboard the Iskaulit rather abruptly.

    Which sparked great panic in the hall of the ship.]

    How do I go back?! Oh, I've mucked it up! Stupid, Edwin — they'll be so cross with me!

    [If I hit buttons enough, will that fix the problem? No?

    Okay, time to roam the ship nervously then.]


    [Have something that isn't in any of these categories? Wanna make a particular thread?

    Hit me up and let me know, we can do something. :)]


    Mar. 18th, 2017 02:12 am
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    Who: Princess Looma Red Wind
    Broadcast: OPEN
    Action: After broadcast (if it's wanted), in the markets around Dasil'di. She's gotta make sure she has everything she needs, after all!
    When: Backdated to 3/13

    [The Fleet's resident war princess, now bored of temple shenanigans and itching for more action, has decided the Bishop needs a little redecorating. So what better way to do that and alleviate some boredom than organizing a hunting party? That's why she'll appear over the network in a new, non-chewed-by-giant-water-beasties wetsuit and sporting a lot more Pointy Things than she started with. Four arms means you need way more harpoons and knives than the average human, after all!]

    Attention fellow off-worlders! Many of you do not know me- I am Princess Looma Red Wind. For those of you not assisting the locals or cowering in your ships, I have a proposition.

    This planet has no shortage of dangerous predators. I intend to kill some of them, and offer you the chance to accompany me. What you kill, you keep, though a portion must be given to the Dasioe as a tribute in good faith.

    [She's mostly in it for the challenge, but she can't say no to being able to get a new trophy and food that doesn't come in gel form. She'll also be satisfying that new, nagging compulsion to help people who need it by giving a decent chunk of whatever she nabs to the locals for their own bellies. No one tell her they don't eat meat, that's weird.]

    If you wish to accompany me, say so. You will have one day's time to prepare!

    [The hulking alien princess almost ends the broadcast there, but seems to remember something just after shutting off the communicator, and quickly flickers back onto the screen.]

    Oh! And if you happen to kill any creature with gills, keep it to yourself. The locals won't appreciate it. Good battle to you!

    [Okay now she's done, and happily ends the broadcast with that unusual farewell.]
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    [The source of the toxins has been discovered to be coming from the Depths that were previously sealed off. The Dasioe, desperate for aid, has agreed to let the Fleet have access to search for the source and put a stop to it. So now it's up to you to prepare yourselves for the unknown, and brave these dark waters for the sake of this world.

    But be careful: you aren't alone down there.

    This is a catch all-mingle/event log for the Depths event and anything related to it. None of the creatures will be NPCed by mods, so feel free to control them as you'd like.

    > Info OOC]
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    Who: Sayid Jarrah
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: SS Bishop
    When: Post-Shuffle

    [He'd only had a short time aboard the Marsiva before he found himself transported yet again, this time onto the bridge of a much smaller, less immaculate ship. Not long enough to figure out what was going on, not even long enough to browse the network.

    Sayid's new shipmates will therefore find their newest member seated at the comm station, pretty much ignoring his celebratory pudding. (Someone else can eat it, if they want.) Perhaps somewhat notably, he's dressed in clothing that could reasonably be described as archaic - leather armor over simple clothing - and yet he doesn't seem awed or confused by the technology. Even with the augment, he seems pretty damn sure about what he's doing.]

    network - video
    [So yeah, there's this guy in fancy leather armor on screen. His arms are crossed over his chest, the look on his face is faintly annoyed, but he's calm and collected.]

    I'm starting to worry that these kidnapping situations are going to become routine for me.

    [Okay, but no that frustration isn't helpful, and he needs answers more than he needs to gripe.]

    I'd like to know if there's anything expected of us here - other than to be amusing - or if we're otherwise allowed to live our lives unbothered. Our lives such as they are, anyway.

    [Because, you know, the last time he was unexpectedly yanked from one place to another, there were games and dying and a lot of trauma. It'd be nice if that weren't repeated.]
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    Who: Pavel Chekov
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: For the crew of the SS Wonderduck (and video for everyone else)
    When: Now

    [Chekov wishes he could be surprised or, at the very least, unsettled when he wakes up in a foreign place, but there's a point at which this sort of thing becomes a fairly routine--if always unpleasant--occurrence. Losing people is never easy, no matter the universe, no matter the number of times it happens.  

    But taking stock of the situation and establishing who is here has to come before mourning those who were left behind in MarinaNova. To that end, Chekov, somewhat familiarized with his new home and in clothes that are slightly more dignified than the pajamas that he initially woke up in on the Marsiva, begins a broadcast. Are you listening to this in Standard/English/Common? If so, enjoy the ridiculously thick Russian accent.]

    This is Lieutenant Pavel Andreievich Chekov of the Federation starship Enterprise. If you have met me already or if you are affiliated with Starfleet, please respond to this message. [He smiles even though he's in no real mood to be cheerful.] I would also be happy with replies from you if we're strangers.

    Thank you for your time.

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