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Who: Misty Day
Broadcast: Video
Action: Interfaith Center on the Iskaulit
When: Today, December 20

[The Interfaith Center has been a busy place lately, with everyone getting ready for the various holidays and solstices that roll around at this time of year. Misty is right in the thick of preparations and over the past couple of weeks she's been preparing a special surprise for the fleet: a Christmas tree! The little spindly evergreen sapling she obtained from the planet below has grown proud and straight and tall with vibrant green needles, thanks to her magic. She's very proud of her handiwork - if only Cordelia could see! But... she needs help with decorations. So she puts out a call to the fleet.]

Hey y'all, it's Misty!

[She beams into the camera, her face slightly too close to the lens, before turning her comm towards the tree, sitting in the Interfaith Center in all its bare glory.]

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I got us a tree! And I figured it'd be fun to get together and decorate it! I don't have any lights or anything for it, but we can make our own ornaments, no problem. So I'll be hangin' around today and tomorrow if you want to stop by...

[She turns the camera back to herself.]

Oh and if you don't celebrate Christmas, but you got another holiday this time of year you need help decorating or cooking for, you can give me a call! I want this to be a good holiday season for everyone.

[ooc: feel free to use this as a mingle post for the Interfaith Center!]
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Who: Finwë
Broadcast: yes, fleetwide
Action: Huntress
When: today

[Finwë is very careful with using one hand to use the communicator since there is small sleeping Elf child asleep against him.

There is sorrow in his gaze and in his smile, his hushed tone is heavy.]

It seems I have fallen asleep for a time though I am not sure for how long. When I woke, it seems one of my grandsons have reverted in age- [He looked down at the sleeping Elfling with a fond smile before continuing softly.] -something which I cannot say I can complain about though I hope he does not suffer.

[He shifts Fingon slightly, not wanting to wake him.]

Have any here fallen asleep and then woken with new memories? It seems almost as if it were a dream but I felt as if I had experienced it so vividly.

[He paused, making sure Fingon hadn't woken up before giving a smile, his voice very quiet.]

And please, no loud noises. I would hate to wake my grandson.

[Once Fingon is awake and with another of his grandsons, Finwë took the chance to get up and stretch, to see if anything had changed and to check on the others in the crew.]
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Who: The Fleet!
Broadcast: If you want
Action: Hotel Corona or Planet Ikke
When: December 7th onward

a wheel-shaped space station

[After the mystery and isolation of their last destination, the Marsiva seems determined to head to brighter, busier territory. After a long journey through remote, nebula-painted space, speeding along at a brisk pace for the Host ship, the Marsiva brings her Fleet to a sudden and prominent point of traffic.

It seems that the Fleet has happened upon some sort of vacation destination! Maybe Atroma thinks that the passengers deserve some rest and relaxation... or just wants to distract them with something huge and shiny.

Welcome to Hotel Corona! Feel free to enjoy yourselves and enjoy the sites! If a hotel resort isn't your thing, you can head on over to the nearby planet and explore it's icy wonders.

In order words: it's a mingle!! Everyone get in! ]

[>> Plot Post]
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Who: lil orphan ani + u
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: paisley
When: today

[ the video feed turns on to a child, no more than ten. he doesn't say a word at first and spends a few minutes curiously poking and prodding, shuffling the communication device around. he opens his mouth wide and the camera gets a nice view of his tonsils.

there are more pokes and shuffling when it's his full face again. ]
This is so new and weird, it must be from the Core. I've never seen anything like this before...!

[ he yells into it. ]

Hello! Is this thing working? Where is this ship heading?

[ ACTION; on paisley ]
[ he has to be very quiet. and he's good at being quiet. he's snuck around watto so many times now, sneaking around is practically a honed skill. it's really cold here, though, and he's not used to that at all.

as he makes his way through paisley, he tries to find the warmest spot on the ship. he bumbles through the kitchen quietly, trying not to get caught by anyone that might be in there. and he eventually ends up finding the crew rooms. he doesn't know who's is who's. all he knows is he's in space, onboard a ship traveling in space! off tatooine! he enters the first room and wraps himself in the blankets found there. hopefully no one misses their blankets.

he takes off with the makeshift wrap and works his way through the rest of ship, making quiet pitstops here and there. he marvels at the pilot station, gawks at the engineering lab a bit then scurry quickly to the cargo bay where it's big and spacious and no one could possibly find a kid there. ]
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Who: padmé amidala naberrie & you!
Broadcast: text
Action: everywhere!
When: right now


[ Padmé isn't sure when the smooth lines of the Queen's transport turned into the sharp utilitarian lines of an unfamiliar ship. She's dressed in an orange robe with the hood pulled forward to hide her face as much as possible. Padmé is trying to blend in, but without the other handmaidens, she sticks out. She forces herself to remember to be a handmaiden-- quiet and unobtrusive. In reality, she wants to stomp right up to the pirate captain (for surely this must be a pirate's doing-- they would be foolish enough to try to capture her ship).

She needs to find Sabé-- Amidala at the moment-- and ensure that she is safe. And, if needed, guide her through negotiations. Finding the Jedi master and his padawan is another priority. To that end, she'll be jumping from ship to ship as she can.

Padmé can be found in the cargo bay, assessing the surprisingly easy-to-access shuttles. She'll need an out if things go south and negotiations fail. She'll also poke around in the crew quarters, quietly and carefully opening any closed doors-- locked doors are especially suspicious but she won't be able to open them.

If she happens to open the door with someone in the room, she'll apologize to them in a quiet tone: ]
I apologize, I was not aware anyone was in here. Please excuse me.

[ Eventually she'll find her way to the Iskaulit. Padmé has no experience with pirates but, given what she saw on Tatooine, they're not usually this thoughtful about their captives' well-being. The ships seem to have all of the necessities for each member of the crew and the Iskaulit has everything from a garden to an interfaith center.

But if it's not pirates, what is it?

As a last resort, she sends a message through the network: ]


Does anyone know our destination? I would like to know how warmly to dress. My former destination only required formal robes.

[ There. A carefully-coded message to Sabé and the others cased in a real question that could help her. All of those lessons in caution and patience are paying off.

Even if she still wants to scream-- she has an entire planet's worth of people who are relying on her and she's already wasted too much time! ]

(I grabbed her from the time between leaving Tatooine and arriving on Coruscant, so she'll be a little impatient, what with her people's safety hanging in the balance.)
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Who: Anyone traveling to the derelict ship(s)
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: At the Derelict Ship on the Planet
When: 10/13 onward

[After several days of traveling, the passengers are able to reach the ruins of the ship. Explore the ruins, try to find a distress single scavenge, play your hand at Harvest moon and grab some pumpkins- come on in, it's a mingle!

>> Plot Information ]


Oct. 13th, 2016 08:24 pm
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Who: Finn
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Caprine, if you feel like it
When: Some time this morning

[Hey there, Fleet! Your resident former Stormtrooper is looking bleary-eyed this morning, and his friends may have noticed he's been incommunicado for a while. Looks like it was another one of those long naps people are subject to. As usual, Finn jumps straight to business.]

So I guess we landed on a planet while I was out? What's there to do on this one besides get lost in the woods?

--And did I miss anything important?

[For anyone who wants to catch him in person, Finn is aboard the Caprine, making terrible Fleet coffee and trying to muster up the energy to do something more productive with himself. It might take a little while.]
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Who: You! Me! Everybody!
Broadcast: idk but we've sure got a pretty broad cast of folks eh, eh
When: 10/7 until plot update or recaptcha

It's a deep, deep forest filled to the brim with fungi, mysterious life forms, and pitch black darkness. Explore if you dare and discover all these things and more! Just don't get lost...
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Who: Anyone who wants to hang on the Iskaulit
Broadcast: nah
Action: Iskaulit mingle, darlings
When: All day every day (at least for the month)

[We're drifting, so it's a perfect time to make use of the many fine establishments on our common ship.]


Sep. 18th, 2016 04:16 pm
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Who: Sorey
Broadcast: Huntress only!
Action: Iskaulit & Huntress
When: 9/16

Huntress crew, this is your first mate, Sorey. ...due to certain circumstances, we are currently without a Captain. I'm acting as Captain now to fill the role, but if there are any interested parties, please contact me at your soonest convenience.

In the meantime, if there's anything that requires tending to, please don't hesitate to let me know. Any supplies we're short on, any concerns you may have about the status of the ship...I know we're at full capacity now, so if we start taking on extra passengers again we'll have to double up. And I'm also the ship's engineer, so please bring any technical problems you have to me.

...thank you...to everyone who has been looking after the ship for the past couple weeks.

[Sorey can be found both in engineering on the Huntress and at the Interfaith center on the Iskaulit. If your character can sense spiritual power and has run into him before, they may notice him lacking his usual protective/cleansing domain.]


Sep. 16th, 2016 08:02 pm
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Who: Rey & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide!
Action: For Marsiva.
When: 9/16

[She is understandably confused, but after all she has experienced, she is taking this in careful strides. Unlike a certain member of the Dark Side.]

If anyone can see this transmission, my name is Rey and I was just - [Meeting a cloaked Jedi. No big deal.] It doesn't matter. I'm looking for the Millennium Falcon and a tall Wookiee named Chewbacca.

[Unless she has been kidnapped by the First Order again.]

This ship is called the Marsiva, isn't it? It...wouldn't happen to be owned by the First Order, would it?

[Please say no. She has noticed that she is missing the lightsaber and that leaves her with only one option if she is cornered. How does the Jedi Mind Trick even work?]
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Who: Poe Dameron
Broadcast: Everyone
Action: Caprine
When: 9/15


[Here’s your local hotshot flyboy, Poe Dameron. He’s got on an orange jumpsuit, probably picked it up at the last stop, because it’s his color. And he gives the camera an awkward smile.

BB-8, his droid, is with him.]

Hey everyone. So… a really wise man said I should tell my story. Tell people about where I’m from. And I was thinking he’s right. I haven’t said much just because I don’t normally have much to say, but… maybe a lot of us have more in common than we know.

My name’s Poe Dameron. Commander, if you want the rank. I’m an X-Wing pilot, designation Black Leader. That means I’m in charge of all the X-Wing squadrons for the Resistance.

[He pauses, organizing his thoughts.]

For this to make sense, I’ve got to give you some history. It’s a bit of a story. I appreciate you listening.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... (general spoilers for the The Force Awakens, Before the Awakening, and Bloodline. Also, this is really, really long.) )
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Who: Kylo Ren and... OTA
Broadcast: entire fleet
Action: Marsiva
When: today

Video Broadcast:

The cameras were undoubtedly broadcasting this dramatic arrival to the galaxy. In addition to the open network feed aboard the Marsiva, Kylo's personal communicator got switched on - offering a Blair Witch-style view of a ratings-boosting scuffle.

He was supposed to wake up on the hospitality deck. But Force have mercy, Kylo came to while the robotic assistants were patching up the injuries he sustained on Starkiller Base. Of course, that's when the fight began. Sparks flew. Weapons were improvised. Panicked screams of "what have you done to me?" echoed in the medbay. There was so much going on that words were hard to make out, but some likely heard "I will not be captured by the Resistance!" or "Give me back my lightsaber!" That alone was enough context for some to know exactly who had just arrived in the fleet.

Eventually, though, the robots won. Kylo Ren was sedated again. His injuries were repaired as quickly as possible (they would scar), and he was left to wake up - not in a comfortable bunk, but on the floor of a locked and heavily-barricaded supply closet.


If anyone is interested in wandering by in person, the closet has a window to the hallway. Be prepared to be greeted by sights and sounds of someone throwing a temper tantrum at the metal walls with whatever janitorial supplies the robots keep in there.

As a joke, there's also a sign hanging from the knob that says 'Don't Feed the Bears.'

If you'd rather send Kylo Ren a message, his communicator is still on and broadcasting. As enraged as he is, he hasn't even noticed that it's there.
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Who: everyone
Broadcast: no
Action: all around! it's a mingle!
When: idk the 5th?

Is there something in the water? Something going wrong with the augments?

For some reason, wherever you go today, whatever you're doing-- you suddenly feel compelled to tell the truth.

Was this planned by the Atroma for ratings? Or perhaps it was planned by one of the three factions, sick of everyone sneaking around where they don't belong? No one knows! Have fun trying not to get caught or spill your secrets, friends!

[Notes: this is completely opt-in! Players can decide whether or not they want their character to be affected by this, to what extent, and how long they can resist...]
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Who: Padmé Amaidala & you
Broadcast: video
Action: on the Heron
When: September 4th - evening


[ Padmé’s been asleep for about a month, but she still seems a little tired. As usual, she’s sitting in her office when she broadcasts. ]

Good morning, everyone. [ She smiles kindly, though it doesn’t dispel the glimmer of melancholy in her eyes. ] For those who do not know me, my name is Padmé Amidala. Apparently I took a month-long nap-- I apologize for any inconvenience I’ve caused for my crew. I may need a little help catching up on current events.

[ She pauses, unsure. ] I do have a different sort of question. Has anyone experienced side-effects from our stay on Hea-Guaa?

[ Because her telepathy augment upgrade seems to have finally kicked in. ]


[ Padmé is idly walking through the Heron. Officially, she’s checking their supplies and making sure there aren’t any pressing issues to take care of. She rather hopes there’s some kind of pressing issue, if only to take her mind off of everything and bring her back to her everyday life on the Fleet. But she’s clearly restless and distracted. ]
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Who: Stefan Salvatore, Obi-Wan Kenobi, & Misty Day
Broadcast: Nah
Action: Lavandula
When: Backdated to earlier this week!

A retreat they shall have. )
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Who: The Huntress Crew and Visitors
Broadcast: Maybe!!
Action: SS Huntress!
When: From now until end of the system!

[There's been an elf invasion! And an Ellen Page invasion! Also there's a star system! Come in Huntress, it's been awhile, so it's time for a mingle! ]
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Who: Juno and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide video
Action: Cirrusa City (if you want), SS Huntress
When: Now!

[ Broadcast (Cirrusa City) ]

[The camera zeroes in something tentacle-y. And fried.]

So I'm obviously in the best place, where they fry everything. Like I think I dropped my watch and they fried that, too.

[The camera turns back to a teenage girl. She's wearing a number of odd-looking accessories, including some shiny clip-on earrings, a hat that stands straight up, some sunglasses. She looks like the most embarrassing tourist in the world.]

I'm in freaking space. This is amazing. I'm like a regular space cadet.

[She's taking this rather well.] Oh, hey. If Leah or Paulie's there, you should totally send me a message, dude.

[She pokes at the fried tentacle thing she ordered. Why did she order this.]

And what the heck's up with me being a security officer? Like what goober looked at all five-one-and-a-half feet o' this and was like 'Hell yeah, this girl is totally competent enough to take down like... monsters and shit!'?

[ Action (SS Huntress) ]

[At the end of the day, Juno walks in, lugging a small sack full of a lot of heavy... junk. Weird statues with googly eyes, a lamp with pink tassels, and tons of junk food. Yeah, she's spending all her money like whoa. The bag rips, and all her things come tumbling out.]

Aw, freakin' poop.
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Who: Nami and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Bloodsport/Iskaulit for you drinkers out there.
When: Now-ish

[Nami's been in a bad mood of late. Mostly it's to do with Sascha and trying to shove her own feelings down and trying to deal with it in a responsible way because some jackass luck of the draw happened to make her Captain. Hooray! The bite has healed enough it just looks ugly instead of actually hurting (it itches, thanks so much for that), so she still keeps a loose bandage over the top. No big deal. She'll get over it. There's not much choice.

She works off her grouchiness at the bar in bits and pieces. She was doing pretty well until a box turned up in her bedroom addressed to Captain Nami.]

One piece--

[No, that's not a pun I swear. The feed clicks on to Nami's furious face, tapping the screen with one section of blue metal piping that a handful of people might find familiar.]

Problems with shipping? Delays in processing? IT'S A MATCHED SET! Why would you even break this up!? If you've lost the other parts I'm going to--

[RANT USELESSLY AT EVERYONE APPARENTLY. She shuts her mouth with a snap, fingers wrapped around the climatact piece in a crushing grip, before she suddenly smiles sweetly.]

Thank you so much for finally processing my claim, Diamond. Or whoever. At this rate I'll only have to submit those forms another eight times!

Don't think I don't know you're doing this on purpose. [And finally she pulls back, tapping the piece in hand before pointing it in the vague direction of her closed door with a dark mutter.] I bet it doesn't even work r--


...that'd be the sudden howl of wind punching through the air much like this, only more powerful and far less gracefully, given Nami went flying in the other direction with a yelp. There's a long moment of silence, punctuated by the sound of several maps falling off the walls, and the broadcast picks up nothing but the visuals of a room that looks like a small tornado just went through it.


...needs calibration.



[You can also catch her at the Iskaulit.  Not on shift tonight, kthx.  She's just nursing a drink in the corner and glaring holes through the table.]
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Who: You! Us! Everyone!
Broadcast: ???
Action: All over! It's a planet/moon mingle!
When: 8/15-9/12, or until captcha kills us all

Show some spirit! It's a new system, and that means new people, new shenanigans, new adventures, savvy? You'd better have enough moxie to thrive in this one...

Or maybe you're just here for the food.

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