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Who: Peebee and You!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Caprine
When: Today

[Peebee starts the feed even though she doesn't quite have it lined up yet, so you get a closeup of her as she tries to prop the device up. Finally satisfied, she stands back. There's the growing husk of some mechanical pod beast thing behind her, various cables and wires bound off and in varying stages of installation. Peebee herself has a spanner in hand, splotched here and there with grease. She's in the lab on the Caprine and it looks like a bit of organized chaos ... heavy on the choas.]

Hey, Fleet! Lab and Engineers; represent! I got a little project going on and I would love to pick your brains. I'm basing this beauty off of tech I found from our own world, but of course I haven't found anything like it here. Anyone else tinker? What do you use, whats your process?

Drop on by or hit me up here.

Also, I got treats and drinks. Makers party on the Cap!
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Who: Worf and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Vanquish
When: Now

SS Vanquish:


[Worf can be found studying the armour and weapons within the confines of the room. A keen weapon specialist, this Klingon is picking up one of the rifles and studying it closely. Not bad. Yet, it could not outmatch a bladed weapon in his view.]

These weapons are unfamiliar to me yet, they possess strength and the build is well made. Are there any bladed weapons we can use?

[This time he wondered if there was anywhere he could get back his Mek'leth knives.]


Is there anything to eat within the confines of this prison?

[One annoyed Klingon here. Worf found the space gel and wasn't even going to attempt to get any from the dispensers. It was disgusting. How were the crew suppose to survive? There had to be a cook aboard, surely? What about drink? Any prune juice? He doubted it.]

This was not what I expected when I was forced aboard this ship. Any meat?

[He searched in containers and found no animal. Damn this.]

Cargo Hold:

[Now, this was more Worf's style. A gym. Good. He could work out here and practice his martial arts. A Klingon needed to be battle ready at all times and this recreation room was near enough to a Holosuite as he was going to get. He walked around for a few moments, taking in the equipment and layout before noticing the punch bag.

He gave it a few hard punches, before moving onto the weights. Lifting the heaviest he could find, he grunted a little with effort but was soon lifting them easily from the tops of his thighs to his shoulders. Good. At least he still had his strength. Yet, he wanted a battle simulator. Did they have one? He put the weights down and frowned.]

Is there anywhere a man can practice a battle? I need weapons.


I have many questions since being made prisoner aboard this ship.

[A view of a Klingon could be seen through the feed's screen. His hair was tied up in typical warrior fashion in a pony tail at the back, while he still wore the uniform from Deep Space Nine. Starfleet issue.]

My Mek'leth knives were stolen from me on arrival by the Atroma. Is there anyway I can replicate some more? A smith even? I feel naked without my weapons and somewhere to practice with them would be helpful too. A Klingon's right should be that he can practice battling with enemies.

[He just feels useless after all. No way was he here for some "show."]

If anyone can help me it would be appreciated. One other thing....prune juice and Gagh. I wish to have these two items also. The food aboard this ship is...less than satisfactory for a Klingon's needs.

[Totally not fussy. At all.]
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Who: Caprine Residents and Caprine Visitors!
Broadcast: n/a unless otherwise noted
Action: on the Caprine
When: Month of July

[Here for your Mingle needs; whether you are a resident of the Caprine or simply a visitor. Enjoy your time here!]

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