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Who: Pinkie Pie and You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Caprine
When: Hearth's Warming Morning

[Friends of a certain tiny pink pony has been quiet this month. For the most part she's been staying either on the Caprine or the icy planet, only visiting the hotel to buy baking supplies in an act of defiance against the Atroma. She HAS been busy with something, though, and after a month of labor her project is finally ready to be unveiled. One morning, everyone on the Caprine, as well as all of Pinkie's friends on the other ships (and even Sokka), will wake up to a tiny little package placed at the door to their rooms: tiny dolls in the likeness of the recipient and... carved out of solid rock? Hopefully this broadcast sheds some light on things.]

Morning, everybody, and Happy Hearth's Warming, and all the other holidays you guys have this year! Allen mentioned it earlier this month, but Hearth's Warming is a holiday back in Equestria where Cheesy and I are from. It's to celebrate how the three pony tribes stopped fighting with each other and used friendship to stop Windigos from freezing everything solid!

[Yeeup, pony history can be horrifying if you think about it too long.]

One of our traditions is putting dolls over the hearth, so here you guys go: one Pie Family-style Hearth's Warming doll! I know the ships don't really have fireplaces, somewhere high up and warm should work too! Love you guys tons, and Happy Hearth's Warming!

[And with that the video ends. Feel free to call or visit her back to share the holiday spirit!]
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Who: Sora Niniji
Broadcast: Video
Action: Somewhere on the Iskaulit
When: Today

[From the video feed, it looks like Sora's stowed himself somewhere on the Iskaulit away from people. ]

Hey, um... [He rubs the back of his neck, trying to figure out how to say this]

Listen, I know lots of people have been having problems. You know, like trouble with the gravity or powers switching or water splashing, or...other stuff. People are saying it's the augments, but...

[He swallows] Truth is, it's me.

Something's up with my powers and they're setting off on their own. I'm working on getting them to stop, and I know anything that happens will probably wear off after awhile. I mean, it usually does! Not that it fixes anything or excuses it, but-

[He stops himself with a sigh. This is not what he wanted to say. He clears his throat and tries again]

I'm sorry. That's all what I wanted to say. I'm sorry. For all of it.


[And with that, he reaches over and turns off the feed

OOC: Augment glitch continues! Feel free to have your character affected either on the mingle or their own posts!]
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Who: Kaylee Frye and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A
When: November 25th

so is it normal for a bunch of people to just leave in a few weeks of each other??

seems like my ship can't keep anybody and it's bumming me out a little :(

don't make any sense to me to bring people here then just send them home

- ♥ Kaylee ♥
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Who: Vash and you!
Broadcast: Open to all
Action: The gardens of the Iskaulit
When: During the afternoon

[Those communicators are such tricky things sometimes! Vash is visiting one of his favorite spots on the Iskaulit: the gardens. He can often be found here and today he's just feeling happy. No reason. It just happens sometimes.

Just like how communicators sometimes turn on. Like when they fall out of your pocket while you're sitting down. Enjoying the view. So the enjoy the view from the communicator as it looks up on a peaceful Vash who starts to sing softly. Not loud enough to bother anyone who may also be visiting the gardens, but loud enough for the communicator to pick up. It's a song that's also available from the media selection for anyone who's listened to it.

To Vash's credit. He's not a bad singer.]

Soooo. On the first celestial evening a pebble. From somewhere out of nowhere drops upon the dreaming world. Soooo. On the second celestial evening. All the children of their pebbles joined hands and composed a waltz.

[Feel free to interrupt at any time or just listen.]
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Who: Pinkie Pie and anyone else at various levels of DONE with the Atroma.
Broadcast: Heck yes! Spread ALL the salt!
Action: Iskaulit
When: Post-shuffle

[This is the fourth time in the last five shuffles that Pinkie's lost crew mates. Qing, Robin, Poe, and now Finn were gone home, and there was no way to tell if they'd ever come back or if they'd keep any memory of this place and the people they'd met, the friendships and relationships they've made, the adventures they've had. Whether they'd remember her ever again. Whether she'd forget all this too when she went back home.

After this fourth stab in the heart, though, there was less raw pain and more anger. WAY more anger. Mostly at the stupid Atroma and their stupid fake-smiley-ness and their not letting people remember things or even say GOODBYE! So it's time for some revenge, Pinkie Pie Style.]

I'm throwing a party for anybody that's lost somebody in these shuffle things, even if they've been gone for a while. Or anybody who doesn't like the Atroma. Or just needs a good time. It's on the Iskaulit, FAR AWAY from the Marsiva's party room. I'm a little low on actual not-gel snacks at the moment, but I've got plenty of salt, and you can bring your own snacks and stuff if you want.

[It won't be Pinkie's usual extravaganzas, but there's some out-of-the-way music, card-making supplies, and some candles to set up a memorial alter. There's also a line of snack tables, with lots of room for contributions. Pinkie's own fare is honor of her absent crew mates: veggie pot stickers for Qing, coffee for Robin, nachos slathered with a BURNING hot sauce for Poe, and bright blue melon-flavored milkshakes for Finn. And yes, there's actually salt formed into a huge block, as well as shakers for adding salt to your drink. Because ponies.]
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Who: All Visitors and Crew aboard the Caprine
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Yeah!
When: Now

[Monthly mingle for the SS Caprine, get.]
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Who: Nami and Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit
When: After the shuffle.

[After long and ridiculous and exhaustive hours of game playing on the Marsiva, Nami finally wins enough points for the prize she was aiming for:  her own weapon, climatact piece number two.  It's an interesting mix of smug triumph and really pissy irritation she feels-- it's hers in the first place, you assholes-- but it's done.  She can ditch this place.  Maybe call Robin and they can go out and drink and unwind and Robin will just sit there and smile while Nami vents like a spitting cat, because that's happened a bunch of times before.

But she checks the roster first, because the shuffle has just been and gone.  She missed it last week, and missed Dean vanishing from the Fleet.  Let's not do that again.  And...

Welp.  She isn't actually all that surprised.]


Does anyone else in this place feel cursed?

[She doesn't bother to say Robin's gone.  Hardly anyone knew her, the Caprine crew will already know.  At least Robin stayed a lot longer than Luffy did.  Hell, she'd even take Mihawk back at this point. 

She's on the Iskaulit in one of the less public areas, running through some small tests now she has two out of three pieces.  So... don't be too surprised if you turn a corner and find a redhead staring flatly at the world's tiniest raincloud.]

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Who: Pinkie Pie, Cheese Sandwich, and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Iskaulit
When: October 23

[Frankly, this last shuffle could go to Tartarus in a wicker basket and a card reading "Dear Tirek: Dig In." But if there's one thing that could bring some joy back to Pinkie after losing a friend, it was making others happy. Especially by throwing a birthday party she'd been planning for months, and doubly especially for the love of her life, and someone who lifted her up after the hard weekend. So early-ish in the morning, those who Pinkie knew to be Cheese's close friends would get a video message.]

Morning, everybody~! Pinkie Pie here, and I've got a super DUPER special birthday I need help celebrating today! My super duper co-party planner and even super-duper-er special somepony Cheesy turns another year older today, so come by the Iskaulit for lots of cake and punch and games! See you there~

[Indeed, Pinkie pulled out as many stops as she could for this one. There's a vast and varied snack bar (vegetarian of course) featuring fondue and chips and dip and pizzas, a literal rainbow of punchbowls, and as many non-dice party games as you can shake a tail at. And the centerpiece is a pretty dang big chocolate cake with a frosting in the image of Cheese's Party Howitzer, Boneless 2 riding on top like a proud general. (She wanted it to be colossal but flour's been at a premium and the last of it went into this beauty.) Come on in, guys, and give the Fleet's first party pony some love back.]
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Who: Daenerys Targaryen
Broadcast: yes!
Action: optional aboard the Caprine
When: Now!

This is Daenerys Targaryen, Captain of the Caprine addressing the fleet. If anyone has been able to contact Qing-Yuan Zhu, please have him report to the Caprine. He has been missing for several days at most, not reporting to his post during that time. I do not want to believe he has befallen some ill situation, but should that be the cause I would like to find him if possible.

[The Caprine had lost other crewmates before, but this was hitting Daenerys hard. Qing had been her first mate, usually the first person she greeted in the mornings, and the one who worked the closest with her to keep their ship in order. He, Hawke, and herself had been together as far back as her arrival to the fleet and to know that he was gone was crushing her greatly. She normally preferred video, still not wholy used to things such as typing, and yet she could not find the composure in her to speak normally.

Should anyone come aboard the Caprine to seek her out, Dany could be found either wandering the halls akin to a ghost or hiding in her room with Drogon, clutching an unfinished, leather adorned, gown.


Oct. 13th, 2016 08:24 pm
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Who: Finn
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Caprine, if you feel like it
When: Some time this morning

[Hey there, Fleet! Your resident former Stormtrooper is looking bleary-eyed this morning, and his friends may have noticed he's been incommunicado for a while. Looks like it was another one of those long naps people are subject to. As usual, Finn jumps straight to business.]

So I guess we landed on a planet while I was out? What's there to do on this one besides get lost in the woods?

--And did I miss anything important?

[For anyone who wants to catch him in person, Finn is aboard the Caprine, making terrible Fleet coffee and trying to muster up the energy to do something more productive with himself. It might take a little while.]
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Who: Beverly Crusher and invited guests
Broadcast: No
Action: Planetside
When: October 13th, mid-morning

[Another year for the Drift Fleet, another birthday for Beverly. She’s given up on trying to determine exactly how old she is - fifty seems a good enough compromise - but that does not mean she’s not going to celebrate. She’s had people she loves unexpectedly returned to her and that alone is worth celebrating.

So, after a bit of flying around the forested planet, she finds the perfect location for a little birthday brunch picnic, right on the edge of a grassy mesa, with one of the enormous fungus-trees providing some cool shade. A large blanket is set out with the finest smorgasbord the Blue Fish can offer: smoked t-rex meat, fresh fruit from the garden, pastries, and of course, syntheholic mimosas. People are of course free bring their own food as well. There are also a couple of decks of cards and poker chips, should anyone fancy a game. All in all, a it’s a very relaxed, casual atmosphere, simply a nice meal with close friends.]

ooc: if you have any questions regarding invitations, feel free to send me a message
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[Wherever you are, passenger, whether on the surface of the planet, the way-station, or safe in your ship, all network terminals and personal communicators crackle to life. The Hosts have come calling, but there are a few differences, this time. Splashed across every screen in the Fleet, an eye-catching new image demands the attention of the passengers. And instead of the usual space-age jingle, your hosts see fit to interrupt the day with the sound of a much older song...

For the old-timers and archive-readers out there, this song has been heard once before. Much like last time, the familiar voice of Beau can be heard crooning pleasantly along in the background.

Unlike that other recording, however, Diamond's voice sparkles to the foreground before much time can pass. It would seem that the Drift Fleet's hosts are a little more on-top of things, this year.]

Hello, my darling passengers! We are here to wish you all an absolutely wonderful birthday. Sure, it's technically an anniversary, but we much prefer the idea of a birthday. It sounds better and the parties are so much more fun! You could even think of it as celebrating the beginning of a new life--two magnificent years spent under the stars...

[She sighs happily, and Beau pauses in his singing to chuckle fondly in her direction.]

And so, we have a very special present for all of you! We've been working very hard to make it a reality; it has taken quite a bit of time and effort... but we think that each and every one of you deserves it. I hope you all know how much you mean to us and to your adoring audience.

If you will look to the Marsiva, you'll notice that a special new hangar bay is open, waiting for you to arrive! That's right--we've opened up a special party room for all of you to go celebrate. We've provided games, food, and plenty of prizes. It has been hard to keep the secret quiet, but... oh, the looks on your faces when you see it will make it all worth it!

So, let's party! Relax, enjoy, and spend time with your friends... Your fans would be disappointed not to see all of their favorites there! The audience has been looking forward to this--so I'm sure it will be quite the ratings boost for everyone attending.

[Another pleased sigh, and she claps her hands!]

...But why wait? Let's start celebrating now! To kick off this special time of year, we have two questions from the audience: what would everyone like for their Drift Fleet birthdays, and if you could pick one vacation destination in all of the worlds, what would it be? Respond to this frequency with your answers, and who knows... wishes might just come true!

I am honored to have spent a second year with you wonderful people, and I can't wait to see what the next one has in store.

Enjoy your party, dear passengers! And, as always... the worlds are watching!

[The song finally comes to an end and the line remains open, presumably waiting for responses from the Fleet at large. And for those who head to the Marsiva to check it out, it turns out that Diamond's promises are true this time.

Happy second birthday, Drift Fleet!]
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Who: Sora Niniji
Broadcast: Video
Action: Planet, deep forest
When: Today in the afternoon!

[When the video turns on, at first it looks like a black screen. Like the video is broken. But the camera turns and if you look closely enough, you can see a dim light source coming from the background, that looks like a glowing blue lion cub if you squint. The light from that also gives a faint outline to someone with spikey hair.]

Uh....hey guys! How're ya doing?

I dunno how many have explored the forests yet, but thought you should know that if you get far enough? It gets pretty dark.

Really dark.

I mean, really, really dark.

[he is so lost right now]

So...wanted to let you know! Bring a flashlight probably! That's all! Bye!
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Who: You! Me! Everybody!
Broadcast: idk but we've sure got a pretty broad cast of folks eh, eh
When: 10/7 until plot update or recaptcha

It's a deep, deep forest filled to the brim with fungi, mysterious life forms, and pitch black darkness. Explore if you dare and discover all these things and more! Just don't get lost...
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Who: Crowley and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Pathstone
When: Today!

[There are some things that Crowley shouldn't be allowed to do, and getting bored is pretty much top of the list. When Crowley gets bored, things happen. As such, anyone waking up today to check out the network will find a new game sitting there, just waiting to be played.

Crowley even pops on to the network with a lazy wave and a smirk.

'Lo people. While we're drifting pointlessly through space, I decided to liven up your lives a little more with a new game to play. I got this one on the network in Paradisa once, and I reckon it's time it made a comeback.

Because I know all of you want to guide a robot unicorn through a canyon, capturing fairies with increasing speed - all to the painfully eighties sound of Erasure. I mean, who wouldn't?

[A crazy person. That's who.]

Incidentally, if you're ever of a mind, I have plenty of other games to keep you occupied while we wait until we hit a new Starsystem.

You're welcome.

05 - video

Oct. 4th, 2016 11:14 am
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Who: Winn and you
Broadcast: yes!
Action: Tourist!
When: now?

[ today, winn is coming to you live from the tourist's cargo hold. clearing his throat, he offers the camera a little smile ]

Sup, Fleeters, Winn Schott here, hope space is treating you well today. I got three things to run by you today, I'll try to be quick.

So one, I got - [ he moves the camera away from his face to focus on a box of 10 bears, on the large side. they have been dyed, and colorful patches have been sewn decoratively all over their torsos and arms. when he got them, they were covered by straightjackets, so this is his fix ] these. If anyone wants one, you're welcome to them. [ unless you're a tourist crew member. they will have magically run out if one of you tries to get one. he doesn't care if you can see them, they're not staying on this goddamn ship, ok. ] If any are left over I'm gonna leave them in Discovery One on the Iskaulit for public use in case anyone turns tiny.

[ he turns the camera back to him ]

Two - for those of you who don't know, Cisco and I have been running lectures, concerts, and whatever else people have been willing to volunteer their time for on the Iskaulit, and we're running low now. If you've lectured before and you wanna go again - you're more than welcome to, if you're a newcomer - likewise. Just drop me or Cisco a line with your name, topic, title if you have one, and availability if you actually have a schedule to keep - and we'll add you to the roster.

Three - Hank - don't let it be said I don't pay my debts.

[ turning on the karaoke machine he built with cisco, he proceeds to offer the network his rendition of the dire strait's walk of life. once he's done singing, a little flushed and embarrassed because last time he did this it was with cisco this is so much more terrifying on his own!! he gives the camera a little nod and signs off. ]
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Who: All Aboard the Caprine
Broadcast: optional but not required
Action: aboard the caprine
When: now

[Please see Pinkie for your complementary snacks and welcome basket. Try not to wake the dragon because sometimes he bites.]
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Who: Bridge Carson and whoever!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Bloodsport
When: Yesterday/today/tomorrowish


[The face on the communicator is of a young man dressed in a strange uniform with blue accents. The camera isn’t facing down or upside-down or anything, so it’s almost like he might know what he’s doing.

Bridge waves at the camera with a smile.]

Hello! My name is Bridge Carson, cadet of S.P.D. Earth and first I was on this big ship that was really kind’ve small because there wasn’t much to the part I was in, but it was also kind’ve big again because it was mostly empty. But now I’m on one of the smaller ships, the Bloodsport that I think about it, that’s not a very good name for a ship; who wants to be on a ship called ‘Bloodsport?’ Sounds...well...bloody.

[Huh. Oh well]

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and meet some of you since it seems like we’re gonna have some time to get to know each other. Although, I get the feeling I might have missed a step or...three.

[Based on the movement of the camera, those watching might notice that Bridge has walked part way back the way he came as though he might be able to pick up those missed steps. He shakes his head as he dismisses the idea and another one occurs to him.]

Oh, and if anyone else is from S.P.D. just raise your hand. Well, with the video on.


For anyone on the Bloodsport, they can find their new engineer just about anywhere on the ship as he explores every nook and cranny, even the ones he probably has no business poking into. However, he spends a lot of time of his first couple days, predictably, in the engine room..

Anyone who stumbles into the engine room, however, might want to watch their step as the floor is littered with metal and wires and debris. Bridge himself is half under a consol. Don’t worry, he has everything under control.
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Who: Kitty Pryde and YOU!
Broadcast: Video, open
Action: Iskaulit, feel free to run into her
When: Nowish!

[Kitty is on screen looking much more feminine than last time.]

Does anyone have any apples or honey or anything close to either from the last stop? I was...just thinking about it today. [Softer.] Not that I even know how to tell when sundown is in space.

[But she knows it's close to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, but nailing down a date would take calculating she can't do based on a moon that's not even here. She's not really a religious person and has some definite issues with god especially after everything she's been through back home, but the traditions remind her of better times when she was young with her family. She didn't think about it much in the last place because they didn't run off of a calendar she was familiar with, but here it brings back memories.]

Anyway, I'd trade for some if you do. We'll work something out.

Leshana tovah. [She's wishing people a good year in Hebrew, but she doesn't bother explaining the meaning.]
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Who: Juno and you
Broadcast: text, fleetwide
Action: maybe? The Huntress, if you want
When: Now

[ text, fleetwide ]

sooooo... is there a counselor around here? a responsible adult? someone with ears? im having a sad, and id like to expel it from my body. like a good fart.

[So charming, Juno.]

im also collecting edible powders of all kinds. no reason. just help a sistah out.

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