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[ On the night of the 16th, the feeling of tension and horrid anticipation comes to a head. Everything stops when the sun goes down-- even the ever-present music in the hoppingest part of the city center. One by one, everyone turns their eyes to the skies. The young and old alike pour out of their houses, some in bare feet, and they point to the velvety blanket of stars.

It takes a second to find it, especially if one is unaccustomed to the starscape. But even a casual observer can see it.

A brightly-shining star, larger than the others, and growing larger.

An announcement cuts across all communication channels that encourages people to evacuate to the space station, but it’s clear that these are just people and they’ll need some help. Supplies, equipment, organization, there’s something for everyone to do.

Civilization is disrupted by a panicked stampede of people vying for limited seats aboard spacefaring craft. Within hours, there will be crushed glass, looting, and chaos.

The clock is ticking. Will you help? Or would you rather watch the dying gasps of a Singing Planet from a safe distance? ]

[OOC: Please see this post for plot details. Phase two has begun! Feel free to use this post as a reaction post, mingle, etc. or make your own!]
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: If you like!
Action: The planet Lyuku, the Iskaulit, and anywhere else you want
When: Sept 1 to Sept 28

[After a rather short time adrift, the fleet is finally in range of another planet. Small, peaceful, and colorful, there is plenty to do and explore.

Maybe it's enough to forget that vague feeling of unease.

Or not.

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 Who: Noctis, Luna, and YOU
Broadcast: N/A
Action: On the planet, on the beach
When: September 4th!

It's just been a few days since his own birthday and barely a month since the wedding but here they were already at Luna's birthday. Noctis wants to do a great job to give his wife the best birthday ever. Being in the empire for twelve years means she hasn't had a birthday party since they were kids. So he's enlisted the help of some special guests to help him give her a great party this year. This includes you, of course, since you were invited to this party by a very special dog.

Do you remember Umbra? Well he delivered invitations to Noctis and Luna's wedding last month as an adorable courier and he has done it again! But this time it's a birthday party invitation down at the beach.

When guests arrive there are poles, blankets, pillows and paper lanterns spread out on the sand. There are plenty of food and drinks and also a cake. And also a blanket that has a collection of wrapped gifts on it. There's also sunscreen available in case you forgot... There is beach volleyball, a sandcastle building competition, and later in the evening a bonfire to roast things like smores and hot apple waffles. Just make sure to wish the birthday girl a good day.

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Who: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret; closed
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Si.
When: August 30th, Noct's birthday!

Luna, Prompto, and Ignis have been very busy all day. They've each had their part in keeping Noctis busy, taking turns setting up a surprise party for the birthday boy. It's a glow in the dark one, too, how cool is that? They are in space, they wanted to have a stellar party for him. So what better way to make things glow for their birthday king? But a party can't be complete without a few alcoholic beverages. Ignis even whipped up an appropriately decorated a cake to go along with the glow-in-the-dark theme they've got. She is glad that they had the foresight to buy these things before they left the planet, all of the ingredients for the cake, the party decorations... everything.

She's made up a lie about 'training' in order to drag poor Noctis down to the cargo hold of all places. But the space is large enough for what they're using it for, and right now it's quiet. When she leads her confused husband down the stairs, it's then that the little party can be properly revealed to him. It may be small, but the trio has put a lot of thought into it. "Surprise, Noctis... happy birthday~!"
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Who: First Breath Crew and Visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: First Breath
When: Mingle for August

[What's going on with all of you First Breath-ers? Has it been a good month? A terrible month? Or perhaps you're visiting a First Breath-er. Either way, here is a First Breath mingle post for all your First Breath mingle needs!]
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Who: Everyone
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Kayanni System, the city
When: NOW

There is a wedding on the planet. You may know this because you were invited to this wedding by this little guy and it's a lovely ceremony! You can watch the couple get married, wether you know them or not, the whole fleet was invited.Even if they don't know you either. 

Noctis was in all black and he was beside himself, the time had finally come and after seeing his beautiful bride he couldn't look away. The music was soft yet appropriate. Luna was beaming, holding onto Shiro's arm down the aisle until they were together and holding hands. The vows went on as if in another room. Noctis couldn't quite focus on them, he was fighting getting sucked into Luna's orbit and just kissing her prematurely. Distantly he heard his cue to repeat after the offician and he recited his vows word for word. Umbra had their rings ready for them. When he put Luna's on her finger he felt a tear spill down his cheek. He couldn't stop smiling. The officiant led Luna then and Noctis hung on every word. Her voice was melodic and soft. Then he had a ring on his finger and he felt himself crying again. He just looked at her, he officiant left them through the end, announcing it was over, they were married.

Noctis didn't wait for any cue, he pulled Luna in close and dipped her as they kissed.

They were laughing and crying and holding each other tight. They were in their own world for the time being. But the RECEPTION starts now. And that's what everyone really came for. There's alcohol, food in a buffet, and cake
 . Those of you at the cake tasting with them may notice the flavor you recommended is available as a donut! All of the suggested flavors are availalble, it was hard to decide who didn't get their favorite and what ONE flavor to make an entire cake out of. It didn't sit well with either of them. 

Also sparklers
  There is a table with a few gifts on it, but it contains a large display of long sparklers with matches and a bucket of water saying "Please light up our night!" 

SO Have at the reception everybody!

There is a: Dance floor with music booming, a buffet with delicious food and CAKE, There is BOOZE of all types and it's just flowing with no signs of stopping, and sparklers! Also dancing with the bride..... or getting a photo with the couple!




Aug. 8th, 2017 06:11 pm
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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Heron
When: Evening 8/8

Would anyone be interested in learning to play an instrument? Or, perhaps, to sing, if not increase your existing skill. I am most familiar with harps and flutes. An exchange of learning would be just as welcome.

[Anything at all to help keep busy! He's in desperate need of distraction. Something to focus on besides certain Feanorians and their strange concern and care over his well-being.

At least the elf seems somewhat calm at the moment, which isn't exactly the norm since his arrival. Though that might have something to do with the lap harp whose strings he's softly plucking an old tune away on.]
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Who: Ardyn Izunia and YOU!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Red Fish
When: Today


Such a curious sensation indeed. Oh yes.

[You will switch on to see Ardyn sat in his cabin clutching his head with his eyes closed, whilst sat on the end of his bed. A glass of something, which looked like space wine, was close by to hand. He had his eyes closed in deep concentration, as he frowned deeply, sighing almost in pleasure.]

Yes, yes.....ah, now I can see more into your minds. Oh, is that....Lady Lunafreya? Prompto? Noctis? Dear Ignis even. If only I could project my thoughts deeper through space. Yet, the power isn't strong enough, not yet. But hopefully it will be soon.

[That's right; he's using his new Telepathic powers to try and project images of himself into the minds of certain people. His friends from Eos mainly, but he might even project his mind onto other crew members on other ships by mistake. Sorry, guys. This man is slightly unhinged to say the least. Arrogant, cocky and just a bastard.]

The Red Fish:

Cargo Hold:

I don't think fiend!

[A bright flash and a crackling noise, as Ardyn launched a fireball at the nearest punch bag. That's right; he's practicing his magic and accuracy towards the punch bag within the gym area. They make good targets it seems.]

Your Majesty, how rude of you to deny me such pleasure in ending your life.

[He muttered under his breath, as he launched an icicle sharp as daggers towards the punch bag this time. It rocked and was already pitted from the fireball. Yet, surprisingly it was still in one piece.]

We could have ended it all together but no. So selfish.

[The man almost growled, as he raised a hand up to freeze the bag solid, then unsheathed his sword, slicing the stiff bag in half. The bottom half of the bag crashing to the floor into tiny pieces.]
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Who: Lunafreya and YOU~
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: If you are aboard the First Breath! And a little somethin' somethin' for Noctis....

[ As the feed clicks on, the first thing the view can see is the face of one Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, seated upon her bed which has been neatly made. As a matter of fact, everything in the small space she calls a bedroom looks clean and tidy, as if no one has been sleeping or living in it. There is a very distinguishable lump under the sheets, though -- if one looks hard enough, they may see a tuft or two of midnight black fur. A certain pup has taken residence in her bed, it would seem. But that isn't the point of this broadcast. She flashes a tired smile. ]

Good evening, everyone. I wanted to issue out a formal apology for those of you whom may have seen some things a few days ago. [ Oh, you remember. During calibrations. ] I pray that you will forgive me for any trouble being stuck with me may have caused, or the visions you may have seen.

[ With that said, she offers a tiny, apologetic bow. She knows not all of the visions -- memories, whatever they were -- were not the most pleasant, and she truly does regret that people had to see any of them at all. But she straightens soon enough, hands folding in her lap once more. ]

Even with the chaos, I managed to meet some wonderful new people, and I must say I feel extremely blessed to have made such wonderful friends within the fleet. [ Ya'll know who she's talking about. ] There are even more people here now, and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. I especially look forward to meeting and getting to know all of my new crew mates. Bless you all.

[ Just before the feed cuts, Luna can be seen offering one more polite bow. For those aboard the the First Breath, feel free to come hang out with her. Meet Umbra! Just say hello! ]
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Who: Ardyn and YOU!
Broadcast: Open Broadcast
Action: Kitchens of Marsiva
When: July 4th

How long will it be until we can return, or rather, be returned to our ships I wonder? Such odd occurrences have happened aboard this ship over the last month or so. These rooms involving our pasts and memories of others, quite unnerving I have to say.

[The calibrations. How could you not notice when your life was like an open book for anyone to wander in at will. Ardyn didn't like it, not one bit.]

I seem to have been granted a few little presents from our esteemed masters though....

[He offered a small chuckle in amusement, as he moved to fill up a glass of something, since he was in the kitchen of the Marsiva.]

....upgrades they call them. Augment adjustments to these strange little chips in our heads. Has anyone else had one and found themselves gifted with power they never had before? Telepathy is such a useful gift to have, since those Atroma robbed me of my abilities when they dumped me aboard this space prison.

[He took a sip of the liquid and smiled slowly. Wine? Possibly.]
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[ Calibration Rooms ]
( for N-Z characters )

Before you post your toplevel comment, please:
1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. N-Z names comment here, and A-M names go to the other post.
2. Make a note in your comment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
4. Post your comment! It's fine if everyone's Calibrations end up looking and reading very different from one another. As long as you're having fun and following our guidelines, you're good to go. :)
5. If you have any questions or concerns during Calibrations, you are welcome to send them towards the mod team at any time, as always.

N - P

  • Nami
  • Natalie Goodman
  • Natasha Romanoff
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Nono
  • Okita Souji
  • Otono-Tachibana Makie
  • Pavel Chekov
  • Prompto
  • Q - S

  • Riona Cousland Theirin
  • Rip Hunter
  • Sam Winchester
  • Seymour Krelborn
  • Shinji Ikari
  • Shouta Aizawa
  • Signy Mallory
  • Sokka
  • Sorey
  • Steve Rogers
  • T - V

  • Takashi Shirogane
  • Takeshi
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Uraraka Ochako
  • Vash the Stampede
  • Velvet Crowe
  • Victor Nikiforov
  • W - Z

  • Yuan Ka-Fai
  • Zaveid
  • Zelda
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    [ Calibration Rooms ]
    ( for A-M characters )

    Before you post your toplevel comment, please:
    1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. A-M names comment here, and N-Z names go to the other post.
    2. Make a note in your comment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
    3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
    4. Post your comment! It's fine if everyone's Calibrations end up looking and reading very different from one another. As long as you're having fun and following our guidelines, you're good to go. :)
    5. If you have any questions or concerns during Calibrations, you are welcome to send them towards the mod team at any time, as always.

    A - C

  • Aurae "Tempest" Le Paulmier
  • Arthur Kirkland
  • Asuka Shikinami Langley
  • Barry Allen
  • Belthazar Spellscry
  • Billy Cranston
  • Carl Grimes
  • Chloe Price
  • Clay Terran
  • Cloud Strife
  • Cogsworth
  • D - F

  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Daeron
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Dezel
  • Doudanuki Masakuni
  • Edna
  • Edwin Jarvis
  • Eithan Paine
  • Eizen
  • Eleanor Hume
  • Ezri Dax
  • Fingon
  • Felix Gaeta
  • Felix Harrowgate
  • Fenris
  • Furiosa
  • G - I

  • Gil Brodie
  • Ginko
  • Hermione Granger
  • Ignis Scientia
  • J - M

  • Jack Sparrow
  • James "Bucky" Barnes
  • Jayden Price
  • Jim Kirk
  • Kaiden Alenko
  • Kai Gracen
  • Katie McCoy
  • Kaworu Nagisa
  • Keith
  • Khadgar
  • Kirito
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Kurt Darkholme
  • Lance
  • Looma Red Wind
  • Lumiére
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
  • Peggy Carter
  • Maglor
  • Max Rockatansky
  • Merlan Margaret O'Keefe
  • Mikleo
  • Mon-El

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    [ Not long after the shuffle, there's a ripple of static over the network - loud, sudden, and seemingly with no origin. It's puzzling, but there's no indication that it's going to happen again...

    Until a minute later. Another surge of static comes in over the speakers, and then a voice - one some may find familiar, though not necessarily welcome, after all of this time... It's Diamond. Long time no speak, hmm?

    Clearly, not all is well. She sounds very far away, for one. For another, she sounds... skeptical, almost alarmed. There may actually be real concern in her voice. ]

    Again? Twice in one c--

    [ Her sentence is cut short with a strangled gasp, followed by a moment of silence. What follows may be the sound of metal dragged across metal, but it's hard to place. When she speaks again, it's uncharacteristically monotonous. ]

    ... Bring them in.

    [ A blip of lost time passes right after those words, before every passenger mysteriously wakes alone in their own unfamiliar room. The style of decor resembles that of the Marsiva's Hospitality Deck, if any passengers should remember what that's like. It sounds and smells the same as the host ship as well, all clean and chrome, but this set of rooms has only been used once, and for the very same purpose that befalls the fleet contestants now.

    As for their hosts, there is no immediate sign of them, though some may recall a series of hideous, half-electronic screams before their memories begin to blur upon arrival...

    Welcome back to the Marsiva, dear passengers. It's time for round two of calibrations. ]

    [ This mingle will cover all non-calibration room interactions. Please continue to come back to it for the duration of the plot! You are, of course, free to post any other mingles/posts/etc. that you'd like. ]
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    Who: Prompto Argentum, Yuuri Katsuki
    Broadcast: No
    Action: Iskaulit
    When: May 26

    [Prompto has been desperate for space. Not outer space - room space. He needs to move. The Bishop is okay, but it's not ideal. And anyway, he hasn't made much effort to get to know his crewmates. He doesn't want to annoying them with his constant bouncing and shuffling. The treadmill in the cargo hold lasted all of three days before the boredom got to him.

    Which is how he finds himself on the Iskaulit. It's much bigger, and that's perfect.]


    [He picks an out of the way area to do a little warm-up stretching. It would be nice to run - and not because something was trying to kill him.]
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    Who: Looma Red Wind
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: Anyone unfortunate enough to be aboard the Bishop
    When: Evening of 5/21? Does space even have evenings? Space dinner time?

    [For the past few weeks, Looma had been in A Mood and pricklier than usual. All that came to a screeching halt though, once she took out some of that anger on the ship and discovered something wonderful. And of course she's sharing it! So there's a giant, multi-armed and armor-clad princess gracing the network for you flooters, and she's positively beaming from the cargo hold of the SS Bishop.]

    I have discovered the most exciting thing! This ship can repair itself!

    [While that wasn't technically true, that was totally the case from Looma's point of view. And she was more than willing to show everyone so that they might better appreciate the superiority of the floating collection of spare parts that she'd been forced to crew against her will okay. It was clearly a superior piece of junk.]


    [And with that she's just gonna turn around and punch the absolute hell out of the closest bulkhead. It's loud, the video quality takes a hit as the camera's jostled by the pressure wave and falls on its side, and those two fists of hers have caved in a section of the hull the size of a Winnebago. Also the instrument panel up on the bridge is probably lighting up like a Christmas tree but honestly that is so far from being her problem that it really doesn't matter, right?

    But as soon as she pulls her arms back, there's a loud creaking and groaning of metal as the wall just pops itself right back into place, good as new! And the novelty clearly hasn't worn off yet, because Looma's still as excited by this as ever as she turns around to set her communicator back upright.]

    Is every ship capable of this?! To think I had been worried I might break something- this is wonderful!

    [...okay, yep, she is going right back to beating the hell out of the ship again. And again. For the love of god someone stop her because at this rate she's liable to have everyone aboard convinced that the ship had found its way into an asteroid field or something. Just stop her for their sake, okay?]
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    Who: Anyone attending the Ball!
    Broadcast: If you’d like.
    Action: Orfwyn Dreadhorse’s personal asteroid
    When: May 12th - 13th …. 14th if you really like to party.

    Welcome to the biggest party of the season! Grab a date, dress up to the nines, and get ready to party the night away! In other words, it’s a mingle! Feel free to make a top level with any prompts or styles you prefer.

    Get the Details! )
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    Who: Red Savarin and special guest, you!
    Broadcast: Live, coast to coast
    Action: The grand entrance of a new cast member on the Marsiva
    When: Half past April 28th

    "Come onnn...!"

    Oddly-hurried footsteps followed the frustrated muttering on the video feed; those who glanced up as the sounds grew louder might have caught a moment of that bipedal canine- one fairly well dressed for piloting work, at that- jogging right through and past the frame before those sounds of movement hesitated.

    "There's gotta be-- ah, maybe...?"

    A soft, dull mechanical noise came through the speakers... followed by a wet, sopping plop. To those more familiarized ears, it sounded a bit like one of the food dispensers issuing out some of its--


    Oh yeah. It was a food dispenser. And soon, it was Red rushing past the camera once again, his expression looking all the more frustrated on the second pass.

    "Where're they keepin' the real food?!"
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    Who: Prompto and You
    Broadcast: Yes
    Action: Marsiva
    When: Currently

    [He thinks he’s still in Zegnautus Keep at first. The bunk feels more comfortable than he remembers, but a slab of rock would feel like a heavenly pillow after being strung up on some weird contraption. It’s only after he’s been staring at a ceiling and not the underside of the upper bunk that it starts to dawn on him. This isn’t one of the dormitories tucked away in the keep.

    He sits up, confusion making him slow. This could all be a dream. (Would he know it was a dream if it was a dream? Does that make it not a dream?)]

    Must have hit my head…

    [He reaches up to test the gash that had been sitting pretty near his temple. And finds nothing. Actually, he’s feeling pretty good all over right now, and isn’t that weird?

    His feet carry him to the to the viewing bay. If he’s dreaming, he’s got a killer imagination.]


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