Apr. 14th, 2017 10:55 pm
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Who: Sokka, maybe some Maglor, and you!!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Iskaulit
When: Backdated a couple days ago - before the new planet mingle

[The feed opens up to one of the larger, empty rooms in the Iskaulit. There's a few boxes stacked around, but otherwise the room is starkly empty. Sokka grins, raising his arms in the middle of the room. In the background, Maglor seems to be moving stuff out of boxes.]

So, hey guys! Me and Maglor have decided it'd be a great idea to build a forge on the Iskaulit. So many people don't have a clue what they're doing with guns, we figured giving them a chance to have weapons more suited to their time period might help them out a little.

Plus, you know, Atroma can suck it with taking our weapons away from us. We'll just make new ones.

ANYhoo, it's obviously gonna be a while before it gets set up, but anyone willing to come help build it, or gather materials, that kind of thing would be really appreciated. We'll put your names on a little plaque or something. Hopefully, we'll get something awesome out of this.
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Who: Riona, a crate of blow up sex dolls, and you
Broadcast: Yep
Action: On the Blue Fish (any visitors keep in mind, the locks are in place again so someone would need to let them on the ship)
When: Tonight

[The video flickers on, panning to one very, very annoyed queen. Behind her and off to the side is a large crate. It's been opened, and if one looks carefully, they might see what looks like arms and legs flopped over the side. Riona begins opening a letter, her movements jerky.]

Lucky me, it's been so long since I've gotten one of these. They appear to be plastic... dolls, I suppose. You're supposed to fill them with air and they take shape. I highly doubt they sent all of these for me, and thus this broadcast. What their purpose is, though, I do not know. They seem a little large to be for children. This note should be enlightening, I think.

[Riona holds it up and begins reading:]

"For Riona and the other sorrowfully separated or single persons in the fleet-" It's going to be one of those kinds of drops, I see. "We sympathize with your frustration and separation. Have some of our top quality models, free of charge, for those nights where the loneliness just gets to be too much. And for you, Riona - after we saw your awakening from your coma and learned of your heartbreaking situation, we were moved. We created a special model, just for you. We think you'll find the likeness striking. We already blew it up for you, and it's ready for immediate... use..."

You - Maker's breath, are these for what I think they're for? [Riona shakes her head in disbelief.] And what did they mean by-

[Frowning, Riona drops the note and walks over to the crate. Rifling through it for a moment, she eventually goes "Ah, found it, I think". She seems to wrestle with something for a moment until, after a hard pull, she wrenches it free. Out comes a fully blown up doll, well within view of the camera. Those from Thedas might recognize a certain Fereldan king that Riona just so happens to be married to.

Riona's shock quickly turns to red-faced anger as she slams the doll back down into the crate. Her jaw tightens as she turns and heads to the device.]

Whoever helps me push this blighted thing out the airlock gets a free drink on me. [As soon as she tosses out her offer, she shuts the feed off.]


Apr. 2nd, 2017 06:38 pm
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Who: Doudanuki Masakuni
Broadcast: Video, Fleetwide
Action: Caprine, if interested
When: Now!

[Welcome to Doudanuki's Very Important PSA. He turns on the video and stands back, dressed in the Fleet provided beige jumpsuit. He has his sword sheathed in one hand and clears his throat.]

Alright, since I've had to explain this rusts know how many times just on the last planet, I figured I'd just show you all at once.

My name's Doudanuki Masakuni. I'm a war sword, and yes, I mean that literally. This body? [He points to the human form.] Is a manifestation. This body? [He holds the sword out in front of him.] Is my real body.

I'm a tsukumogami. I live in a sword. I have a human body 'cause my saniwa, my current master, used their powers to give me one. And in case you keep doubtin' me?

[He tosses his sword on his bunk behind him. Then he suddenly disappears in a flash of light just as the sword hits the bed.

A moment later he reappears in a flash of light and a shower of cherry blossom petals, dressed in his usual armor and black clothing. He's now holding his sword across his lap as he sits cross-legged on the bed. For a moment he looks disoriented, then he shakes his head, dislodging a few cherry blossoms, and looks at the camera again.

If you got questions, I'll answer them today and today only. After that, don't tell me I can't be a sword or I'll punch you.
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Who: Sora and YOU
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Huntress
When: Today!

[Sora seems to be in a pretty good mood when he turns on the video]

That planet was something else, wasn't it? I'm used to swimming, but I don't think I ever swam around that much before! It was fun, but pretty tiring. But I'm glad we could help those people!

Anyway, I got so busy that I kinda forgot that my one year anniversary was a few weeks ago. So...that's a thing! Does anyone know what you're supposed to do for that? I feel like something should be done.

Oh- and one last thing! Sorey! I got this strange message this morning. It says that you're my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. How about that, huh?
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Who: Ardyn Izunia and YOU
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Red Fish and Fleet Wide
When: Now

SS Red Fish:

Hello there, friends! Ardyn Izunia here to honour you all with his presence. How is everyone adapting to their new ships and prisons, hm? The food is quite distasteful I have found. A pity our charming hosts couldn't have used their imagination a little more to whip up something more....delectable.

[Please feel free to ignore this guy's rambling over the network. He loves to talk. As for those already on the SS RED'll know this guy by now.]

Now, down to more serious matters. I address you fine people on this network to ask some rather important questions.

[He adjusted his fedora and composed himself slightly.]

During my last scuffle with another crew member I realised that my powers were limited somewhat. In fact, I could not use them to my full potential at all. Also, I bled for the first time in years. This is not supposed to happen. At all.

Tell me, does anyone else have magical powers and if so, have yours been handicapped in anyway now that you're here aboard these ships? I am certain that or hosts are capping our powers so that we do not destroy each other or their fleet. If someone will enlighten me on this I will be very grateful. I may even reward you.

[Don't take too much notice of that. This guy is a liar and a good one at that.]

Another question and this is to our captors, our alien friends, or captains or whomever they might be.

What technology is being used to power these ships and how are new ships just created to quickly to accommodate new crew members? I find it astounding that such feats of engineering can be accomplished in such a short length of time. It's almost impossible.

I, myself, use a technology back home known as Magitek. Some of you out there might know what I am referring to.

[As in Luna, Noct and Ignis. You hate his Magitek soldiers, don't you?]


[Those who might be wandering around on the SS RED FISH might find themselves in the kitchen area, where Ardyn is currently tasting all the different gels. His faces are dictating which he likes more and which he downright hates. Feel free to come and pester him at your will.]

Disgusting. I wouldn't feed this one to my dog. If I had one.

[Umbra. How could he forget?]

Engine Room:

[Now, this is a room that the Chancellor is interested in a lot. The engines. The power of the ship. The heart of the beast. Ardyn slid his hand along one of the humming walls and smiled. He could almost taste it's power. He was curious as to what drove the engines.]

Such technology. Who designed you, hm? I wonder how you'd fare up against my Magitek engines back home.

[Picking up a tool from the ground, he rolled it over in his hand a few times just thinking. If you happen upon him in the engine room he'd be in deep thought.]

Med/Science Lab:

Well now, what do we have here?

[Ardyn was enjoying his self-guided tour aboard the SS RED FISH and was now in the medical bay it seemed. This is where all the science and first aid happened. He sat on one of the beds and placed his arms behind his head, relaxing somewhat. If anyone walked in right now they'd find him sprawled out on one of the med beds like a king. How fitting...]
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Who: Crew and Visitors of the SS Blue Fish
Broadcast: n/a unless people make their own threads I guess
Action: what it says on the tin
When: throughout the month of March

[Swimsuit not required]
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Who: Everyone
Broadcast: Open
Action: Tourist, or find her later on the Twin Roses or Iskaulit
When: March 2

[Kitty's morning on the Tourist did not go as planned. It's another hour or so before she makes this announcement. She doesn't even know what happened to the minutes in between. But she's all business when she looks into the communicator. No hiding behind text.]

Winn Schott is in a coma. [Blunt. Direct. Maybe she should have called a few people individually first like Kara, but she wasn't going to make it through this if she did that.] He always has projects going, so they're going to be late. If something is important let me know and I'll see if it's something I can work on in his place.

I already fed his slug today, but someone on the Tourist should take care of that until lazy wakes up. [The mild insult to cover feelings is so classic Kitty, circa home it may not even fit with what people of the fleet know of her. That Kitty had walls around her walls, but those are gone now.]

He's always checking on ship systems on the Twin Roses since we managed to merge and still not get an engineer out of the deal, so if anyone else can help us out with that in the meantime let me know. I'll also be working on the new dance studio later today if anyone wants to help. [Because this mission is almost complete and she needs another one so she can hold it together. Can't fall apart if she's sanding down floors.]

06 - video

Feb. 23rd, 2017 05:34 pm
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Who: Winn Schott and you
Broadcast: Video
Action: Tourist
When: Friday

[ there's something off about winn when the feed turns on. something different from all his other broadcasts. it may take a second to spot it but once you realize what it is it becomes glaringly obvious: there's not a hint of happiness anywhere on his face. his eyes, his lips, his nose, it looks like every last bit of joy has been drained from his features, so even when his lips do stretch lightly upwards, despite his dry eyes it feels more like watching him sob than seeing him smile. ]

Margaery's gone home. [ he has no way of knowing that. she could have been kidnapped to another world, one where she would have no protective big brother to introduce her to superheroes and feminism, to embroider with her and teach her science. but he chooses to hang onto that thought, to believe that she's gone back to the family he knows she so desperately missed despite never letting her pain show. he clears his throat. ] If any of her friends wanna come by for a toast and some stories, I'll be on the Tourist all day.

[ he has been on the tourist since he realized she disappeared, curled up in his bed, shut down. this is the most he's said since, and it feels almost like an outer body experience. he clears his throat again, and nods at the camera before killing the feed. ]
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Who: Cersei Lannister
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bishop
When: February [Glitches will pop up at SOME point I'm sure...If you don't want one, let me know]

A. A Shiny Promotion | Video
[She's in her cabin and, despite the small size of everything in here—truly, who could live like this—Cersei actually looks slightly pleased. For those who know her, a genuine smile is rare for her. Perhaps it's because of what's in her hand; perhaps it's because she doesn't quite know she's being video taped right now.

For all the knowledge she's been given to help her assimilate, she's still fumbling a bit with the technology itself. Besides, the girl who has never even heard of the electric light is now flying through space. Anyone would have a bit of a culture shock.]


[The word is said like a whisper. There's nothing to be lost in translation here whatsoever. She knows it's a title and a position of power to be sure. But what's all the more amazing is that it was bestowed upon her. A woman.]

If only Father could see this.

[The smile that graces her face is not quite cruel but the genuine tinge has left it. It's not that she'll be going crazy (yet) or anything quite so sinister as that. But more the fact that she wishes he were still alive—if only so he could see her rise to such a position of prominence. Thirty years in Westeros and she couldn't accomplish such a feat under his thumb. Maybe the future isn't so bad after all.]

B. Moving Day! | Action on board
[She wasn't so vain as to hope that her recent promotion would come with better living arrangements... well, she's exactly that vain. She looked. And she found the door labeled 'Captain' and she is most certainly moving.

It isn't that she has gathered a lot of possessions here in her short time aboard, but there are still things to move and, well, who does that whole heavy lifting thing?
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Who: Jaime Lannister and YOU
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: Siourew
When: during The Glitchening

A. Insomnia: It's What's For Breakfast | Video | in the Bloodsport's kitchen

[ He has no idea he's being recorded. He has no idea why he's here either. Here, in the larger sense of on this ship, in the fleet, floating through space or here in the simpler sense of in this bloody kitchen. Prior to his arrival here, he'd hardly set foot in a kitchen, and it certainly hadn't been to cook.

He has to assume that assigning him to such duty here was someone's idea of a joke. And not a very funny one, in his opinion.

Even with the technical knowledge of how to do the job right there, strangely, in his mind, he's not very good at it. Knowing how to do something and actually being able to do it well are totally different things. And cooking, like everything else, is made all the more difficult by having only one hand.

Still, he's never been one to concede defeat easily. So when he finds himself tossing and turning, unable to sleep, too restless even to sit still, all but aching with the need to do something, he ventures into the kitchen. It may be hours yet before anyone else is awake, but they'll be wanting breakfast, right?

Anyone watching will see a one-handed man fumbling around the kitchen, dropping things, cursing a lot, and probably making one hell of a mess. If you're lucky, you might even get to see him throw a spatula or punch a microwave. Whatever the case, it's bound to be entertaining. ]

B. Let's Go For A Walk (Around the Planet) | Action | Siourew Wilderness

[ He's bored. He's walked every inch of the ship, explored its every nook and cranny, practiced his way through the entire menu of available foodstuffs (not that it's done any good, mind), tossed and turned and touched himself. Hell, he even resorted to reading - briefly, before he got bored with that too.

The opportunity to explore a new world is more than welcome. And when he learns how much of it is vast, open wilderness, it's even better. He can't help but smile at the sight of trees and rocks and water. Real trees too. Maybe this is what he's been missing. Maybe this is what he needs.

He can't relax, though. Even hours later, when the muscles in his legs are screaming, he can't bring himself to stop. He has to keep going. And going and going and going. He only pauses when he finds himself atop a cliff, looking out over the... is it an ocean? a lake? Who cares? It's a beautiful, pristine, shimmering body of water, and suddenly he feels compelled to jump in. From right here. Maybe take a running leap...

Depending on your timing, you may encounter Jaime hiking feverishly through the mountains, compulsively picking wildflowers and chasing native animals across the fields, or contemplating quite literally taking a flying leap. ]

C. Haunted | Video | Bloodsport

[ He's not very good with this thing, so the video's slightly out of focus and he's slightly out of frame, and for a long moment, he just sits there, unsure where to begin. Addressing a large number of people while actually sitting alone, talking to a small box is a very odd concept, even knowing - intellectually - how it works. ]

I just think you all should know that there is someone very dangerous on board this ship. Someone who may want us all dead.

[ Someone who doesn't seem to like him making this broadcast...

The last thing the video shows is Jaime's stony expression as he looks at something just beyond the camera and slowly stands, reaching for something... ]
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Who: Catelyn Stark
Broadcast: no
Action: a nice dose of hallucinations, for the most part
When: now

A. Hallucinations, OTA

[ At first they were faint, such that she wasn't even certain that she heard them. But a mother knew her children's cries. They were distinct to her, even when they were only small babies. And though she knew in her heart that none of her children would sound like infants, still she heard them. And as time wore on they only got louder and louder, and the compulsion to find them grew more and more urgent. So in earlier stages, she'll simply stop at seemingly random points, listening intently. Later, she will find herself doing things like ripping up the deck plates, or trying to, growing more and more frantic. She may not recognize people that she should. And these moods are chaotic and come out of seemingly nowhere, so you might find her to be perfectly lucid as well. ]

I will find you, my sweetlings. Nothing will hurt you now.

B. Closed to Robb, in the Iskaulit gardens

[The voices did not follow her here to the gardens. And though she was not given to praying in the godswood at home, preferring the ritual of the sept and voices raised in song, she felt compelled to seek the green space and it's quiet here and now. She has closed her eyes and is singing in her heart, seeking a calm she struggles to feel in any other way. And even here it is fleeting. Though it is ship's night and she should be sleeping, she cannot. ]
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Who: You!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: The Rew System
When: Month of February

[ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

In other words, it's a mingle!

> Rew System Information ]


Feb. 5th, 2017 08:26 pm
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Who: Sokka and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Sunday 5th

[Sokka keeps tabs on his crew a lot, but there's a few scant people outside of the Blue Fish he absolutely tried to check up on as and when he can. After the...weird hyperactivity effects he'd experienced wore off, he made to check up on exactly one of those people. And his search came up empty.

So, he turns on the video, stepping out of one of the shuttles and heading through the hallways of the Blue Fish, heading to the bridge

I'm not sure who she knew all that much, so I'm making this public in case anyone's missed it and gets worried about her.

[He flops down into his captain's chair with a heavy sigh. This sucks.]

Korra's gone. Home, hopefully. Which is probably a better thing for her. Important Avatar business and all that.

[And then there was one. Again.]
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Who: Jeyne and YOU!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: S.S. Blue Fish
When: Feb 5th


With the newly upgraded kitchen, it became important to Jeyne to improve her cooking and make an effort to create dishes that the rest of the crew could enjoy. While she was still struggling with meats, she had learned to bake without actually burning or under cooking her creations. Perhaps for the first time in all of her attempts, the kitchen was filled with the delicious smell of cookies. She grinned down at her work, nearly bursting with pride.

At the sight of a figure lingering in the doorway, she smiled up at them. "Would you like one?"

[Closed to Beverly]

After having seen to her chores and provided lunch for the crew, Jeyne finally acted on her impulse and made her way to the med bay. Beverly had promised long ago to help her and provide her answers that she needed. Fear had kept her away, not wishing to learn how cruel her mother could be, even to her own blood. Or frustration that, even though she had hope, she was wrong in her belief and truly was barren.

She forced away all thoughts as she found Beverly, wringing her hands nervously. "My lady?" She asked hesitantly, her heart racing in her chest. "Is this a poor time to ask a favor?"

[Closed to Robb]

Later in the afternoon, all of her work and spent attention had left her exhausted. Having retreated to the room she shared with Robb, Jeyne stretched out on the bed to nap. Her sleep was restless, filled with dreams and memories that always seemed to appear when Robb wasn't in bed beside her. The others had gone off to the system, stocking up on supplies and other things, but she found little need to leave the ship. All she needed, she had already.

Robb had been among those disembarking. By the time she woke, she hoped that she would see him in the room again, perhaps with something sweet for them to share.

She stirred as she heard the door shut. Sitting up in bed, Jeyne rubbed her eyes, surprised to see her husband with a sour look on his face. "Robb?"
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: On Solace
When: Second half of January

[Start your own headers, fix ships, buy stuff, get on those hoverboards, whatever!]
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: Fleetwide
When: A catch all that can be any time after the big battle.

Just a catch-all for anyone that needs more space for aftermath -- everything's in disarray and nothing's gonna be fixed up overnight! This can take place as the fleet ships as people heal, make repairs, and try to keep each other's spirits up after a pretty gnarly raid. Put your augments and personal skillsets to good use to get us all working and moving forward. Some people included aftermaths on the original post and that's kosher, too!! Just a quick entry for farther-reaching threads if wanted, or things that didn't quite make your original thread starter.

NOTE: there's a new system soon as well, so don't forward date it too far until it's introduced. :)
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Who: Jeyne and YOU!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: S.S. Blue Fish, S.S. Iskaulit, Anywhere
When: Jan 6th


[Since hearing of it from Beverly, Jeyne visited the gardens at least twice in a week. With her lessons in medicine increasing, it seemed a wise idea to test the various plants and determine what sort of use they might have. With small samples, she is able to experiment and test, all mainly with herself (as she wouldn't want to subject anyone else to this.) Some plants are recognizable or close to what she knew in her world. For the rest? It's a guessing game.

Her latest project is a sweet smelling salve. When not attempting to mix it with other plants, she rubs it gently on her wrists, smelling the aroma with a small smile.]

Blue Fish

[From one type of experimenting to another. With very few patients to treat, Jeyne has begun to occupy herself with different skills, determined to learn them and no longer be a wastrel. She practices her cooking when able, sometimes not burning the meal and slowly making something that looks nearly appetizing. She continues her lessons with Beverly in medicine, dutifully taking notes. When not with Beverly, she reads over all the information she compiled, committing it to memory and practicing in her head. There are times when she wanders to the cargo deck, toying with her bow (sans arrows), muttering to herself as she works at her aiming.

It's a bit difficult without a target or arrows, but she doesn't intend to injure anyone...even if it would help improve her medical training.]

004; video

Jan. 1st, 2017 12:07 am
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Who: Theon Greyjoy
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Paisley
When: January 1. Happy New Year?

[ The man who appears on the screen is a pitiful sight indeed. He’s has a gaunt, tired face, framed by brittle white hair, and looks as if he hasn’t eaten a good meal in months.

This is clearly a man with one foot in the grave, and is altogether unfamiliar—until he speaks.

My name is Theon. Theon Greyjoy.

[ You have to remember your name, he thinks as he chuckles dryly, a ghastly smile breaking across his face. His teeth are showing his teeth to be a painful, splintered mess; a far cry from the charming grin that’s become Theon Greyjoy’s trademark. He’s skin and bones and appears as if he’s aged ten years, though no more than a single year has passed for him. ]

You won’t recognize me, but I’ll recognize all of you. I will.

[ He still sees their faces clearly; those from his own world, his crewmates, and those he’s met from other ships. He remembers how this works. He may be addled, driven half mad by the horrific things he’s gone through, but his mind and memory both still work. His voice is hoarse, less commanding than it once was, and he seems to be teetering somewhere between laughter and tears with each word, but he’s holding it together none the less. It could be worse; it could always be worse. ]

Perhaps Atroma should have reconsidered bringing me back.

[ He chortles, gesturing to his skeletal appearance. He looks awful, nothing like the handsome young man he once was, but at least he can joke about it, right? What can he do to change it now? ]

They’ll only lose their audience when they see me. Do you regret it now, Atroma? I was of use to you before. [ Another laugh, something closer to a giggle. ] You’ve only harmed yourself, but not me. There’s little left that you can do to harm me.


[ And for all crew and visitors on the Paisley, this new Theon can be found in the armory. It’s silent, free from the sounds of what used to be his near-daily target practice. He isn’t even looking at the weaponry. Instead, he’s seated himself at the desk, staring at his hands. A quick glance will show that they’ve been mangled just as badly as his teeth. Three fingers have been removed, one from the left and two from the right, leaving nothing but nubs.

He knows he’ll never be able to pull a bowstring again.
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: Broadcast — Earlier than now for planning
Action: Hotel Corona — Winn's birthday / NYE party!
When: Action — Dec. 31 / New Year's Eve

[Broadcast (open to everyone but Winn)]
At the risk for earning a reputation as a party planner, I have a thing for everyone to attend again. Don't worry, lots of other people are helping pull it together. It's going to be on New Year's Eve, but the real event is the countdown to Winn's birthday which is also on the first. It's going to be in a club we rented out for this in the red shift district. Starts around seven-ish. Ends when you pass out?

It's kind of a surprise maybe? At least the part where it's for his birthday. And if you don't know Winn but you still want to come that's fine too. You can trade a gift for Winn for a free drink at the bar. Otherwise, bring some money. Cake's on us though.

[Birthday/New Year's Party]
[The space is well decorated and so glittered you can probably tell Wrath was part of the team putting this together. Lots of Winn's friends came out to help whether it was getting decorations up, managing food, music, or chipping in to buy out the space and a drink for anyone bringing a gift. Not to mention drinks for the birthday boy all night.

There's a table for presents and another one with a spread of openly available food though the bar has appetizers you can buy too. There's a big cake at one end because of course there is and some punch that didn't start the night spiked at least. There's space for dancing and a karaoke machine set up on a small raised platform for those who want to try their hand at entertainment.

The night really kicks off when Winn walks in and instead of a balloon drop there's a fluffy blue stuffed bear drop. Feel free to take one of those home. There are a lot.

When midnight comes closer some people will file out to one of the observation areas to get a good view of the nebula for the big countdown. Bring your own person to kiss!
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Who: The Fleet!
Broadcast: If you want
Action: Hotel Corona or Planet Ikke
When: December 7th onward

a wheel-shaped space station

[After the mystery and isolation of their last destination, the Marsiva seems determined to head to brighter, busier territory. After a long journey through remote, nebula-painted space, speeding along at a brisk pace for the Host ship, the Marsiva brings her Fleet to a sudden and prominent point of traffic.

It seems that the Fleet has happened upon some sort of vacation destination! Maybe Atroma thinks that the passengers deserve some rest and relaxation... or just wants to distract them with something huge and shiny.

Welcome to Hotel Corona! Feel free to enjoy yourselves and enjoy the sites! If a hotel resort isn't your thing, you can head on over to the nearby planet and explore it's icy wonders.

In order words: it's a mingle!! Everyone get in! ]

[>> Plot Post]

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