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Who: Windrose crew and the people who stalk them
Broadcast: Probably not!
Action: Windrose
When: November

[It's been a month of loss for the Windrose. We've lost Ordis, Tenno, and now our captain The Vision. We could probably use some visitors and ship togetherness.]
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Who: Kurt Darkholme
Broadcast: None
Action: Fleet-wide
When: Nov. 11th, afternoon onward

On the afternoon of his 31st birthday, Kurt Darkholme opens his eyes just as he has any other day. The similarities to the days before it end there; instead of a battle-worn 30 year old, the person that sits bolt upright appears for all the world to be a teenage boy. Though still covered in blue fur and possessing the unique physical make-up of the elder Kurt Darkholme, the glaring red mark that covers a good portion of his face is just as conspicuously missing. In addition, the boy looks terrified at waking in a strange place.

"Eri--" His voice squeaks before Kurt shuts his jaw with an audible click, grimacing at his own stupidity. Magneto would have his hide for making noise in enemy territory. Still cringing at the thought, Kurt throws the covers off and goes about the business of searching the room he's woken up in.

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Who: Katie and you.
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Planetside, deep forest.
When: before the birthday announcements

[It's been a great month for Katie.  She spent most of it as a cat out of sheer self-defence given she wasn't entirely sure when the whole truth compulsion would wear off, and truth be told (oh haha) she's felt pretty horrible ever since.  The whole idea of an amazing adventure through space and how amazing that might be?  It's starting to wear a little thin.  Especially if she's going to get stuck in a place with random glitches that try their best to kill her, and a threat fleetwide that nobody seems to be taking seriously.  Kids just wanna have fun, y'know? 

So the planet with its forests is a godsend, and she knew it from the moment that first weird wave hit and she felt all the power, there and gone again.  It's a place to put distance between herself and others and explore and-- after a few hours of delighted discovery-- recharge.  There's magic soaked into everything out here.  For once, regaining glamour really is just as easy as sleeping in a sunbeam.  She is vaguely aware that too much can be a bad thing.  She remembers forced addictions in Adstringendum, hers to glamour and Sam's to blood (and Mihawk's to her blood, she didn't hit him hard enough--) how crazy that made people.  But she's not taking it from anyone, not draining it off wholesale, so it's completely different, right?  It just.  Takes longer.  It's more subtle.  And she forgets to be careful.  There's a shifting of balance deep within, and when the onset of bedlam finally arrives it goes mostly unnoticed. 

Her comm gets left behind under a tree purely because she gets too distracted to pick it up again.  Katie goes deep into the forest, pursuing something only she can hear, distracted by lights flitting through trees in the distance.  It won't be so bad.  Once she realises what's happened she'll head for home where she can get her head straightened out.  But until then...

To meet her might be an awfully big adventure, depending on who you are. 

Please someone make sure she gets home safely.]
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Who: Bigby and anyone listening
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: On the Bloodsport
When: Now

[Having been unconscious for two weeks, when Bigby woke up he had promptly decided to take a couple of days to sleep it off. It's only now, after a shower and some food that he bothers to take to the comm.

He's in the shuttle bay, where his massive bulk fits best.]

I was thinking about starting some kind of immortals evening. Get together. Bitch about how things have changed over the last couple of centuries. Commiserate with others who get the whole 'living for fucking ages' thing, if that's what floats your boat.

Just finding it weird, being surrounded by so many mortals. Fables keep themselves to themselves. No point making friends with mortals for us. Anyone interested?

05 - video

Oct. 4th, 2016 11:14 am
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Who: Winn and you
Broadcast: yes!
Action: Tourist!
When: now?

[ today, winn is coming to you live from the tourist's cargo hold. clearing his throat, he offers the camera a little smile ]

Sup, Fleeters, Winn Schott here, hope space is treating you well today. I got three things to run by you today, I'll try to be quick.

So one, I got - [ he moves the camera away from his face to focus on a box of 10 bears, on the large side. they have been dyed, and colorful patches have been sewn decoratively all over their torsos and arms. when he got them, they were covered by straightjackets, so this is his fix ] these. If anyone wants one, you're welcome to them. [ unless you're a tourist crew member. they will have magically run out if one of you tries to get one. he doesn't care if you can see them, they're not staying on this goddamn ship, ok. ] If any are left over I'm gonna leave them in Discovery One on the Iskaulit for public use in case anyone turns tiny.

[ he turns the camera back to him ]

Two - for those of you who don't know, Cisco and I have been running lectures, concerts, and whatever else people have been willing to volunteer their time for on the Iskaulit, and we're running low now. If you've lectured before and you wanna go again - you're more than welcome to, if you're a newcomer - likewise. Just drop me or Cisco a line with your name, topic, title if you have one, and availability if you actually have a schedule to keep - and we'll add you to the roster.

Three - Hank - don't let it be said I don't pay my debts.

[ turning on the karaoke machine he built with cisco, he proceeds to offer the network his rendition of the dire strait's walk of life. once he's done singing, a little flushed and embarrassed because last time he did this it was with cisco this is so much more terrifying on his own!! he gives the camera a little nod and signs off. ]
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Who: Bridge Carson and whoever!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Bloodsport
When: Yesterday/today/tomorrowish


[The face on the communicator is of a young man dressed in a strange uniform with blue accents. The camera isn’t facing down or upside-down or anything, so it’s almost like he might know what he’s doing.

Bridge waves at the camera with a smile.]

Hello! My name is Bridge Carson, cadet of S.P.D. Earth and first I was on this big ship that was really kind’ve small because there wasn’t much to the part I was in, but it was also kind’ve big again because it was mostly empty. But now I’m on one of the smaller ships, the Bloodsport that I think about it, that’s not a very good name for a ship; who wants to be on a ship called ‘Bloodsport?’ Sounds...well...bloody.

[Huh. Oh well]

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and meet some of you since it seems like we’re gonna have some time to get to know each other. Although, I get the feeling I might have missed a step or...three.

[Based on the movement of the camera, those watching might notice that Bridge has walked part way back the way he came as though he might be able to pick up those missed steps. He shakes his head as he dismisses the idea and another one occurs to him.]

Oh, and if anyone else is from S.P.D. just raise your hand. Well, with the video on.


For anyone on the Bloodsport, they can find their new engineer just about anywhere on the ship as he explores every nook and cranny, even the ones he probably has no business poking into. However, he spends a lot of time of his first couple days, predictably, in the engine room..

Anyone who stumbles into the engine room, however, might want to watch their step as the floor is littered with metal and wires and debris. Bridge himself is half under a consol. Don’t worry, he has everything under control.
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Who: Kitty Pryde, Winn Schott, and all you voyeurs!
Broadcast: Accidental video
Action: Tourist
When: Now or nowish

[What's the most surprising part of the picture before you, fleet? Is it that Winn is actually sleeping for once or is it that the bare-chested brunette snuggling up against him is a guy instead of Kitty?

It would be kind of boring for the accidental video function to go off like this if nothing was going to happen so it's a good thing the mystery man is stirring and idly nuzzling Winn's throat for your entertainment.]

[ instinctively responding to the nuzzling, winn pulls his bedmate closer, his already waking mind (because really, what doesn't wake him these days?) registering something that doesn't quite add up in the gesture, but he can't quite put his finger on what that is. humming in contentment, his fingers move to tangle in kitty's hair and - that ends way too soon. one eye peeks open - followed by the other - and you're treated to a high pitched scream that's more surprised than frightened and a quick view of winn's newly formed abs as, tangled up in the blanket, he falls out of the frame and off the bed in an instinctive attempt to get away.

his head popping back in the picture - sporting a very messy bed hair and bloodshot exhausted eyes open wide in surprise and alarm - he whispers almost hopefully ]

Kitty? [ please don't let it be some weird dude who just sneaked into their bed while she's gone to the bathroom. or...let it be some weird dude who just sneaked into their bed while she's gone to the bathroom? cuz n that case, kitty will be right back to kick his ass - ]

[She jerks up in alarm at all the sudden drama.] Winn! [As soon as the word is out she knows it's not her voice and she looks down at her masculine body in surprise.] Oh boy.

(OOC: Sex flip augment glitch for Kitty for a few days, maybe a week, whenever I get bored of it? You will get responses from Winn and Kitty.
CW: There is sexual content in the thread with Winn and Kitty. Actual scenes are either skipped or glazed over, but events are strongly indicated.)
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Who: Monty Navarro
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Heron
When: September 16th

[Monty isn't a complete stranger to being one place and then suddenly being another. This typically has some element of delusion or other magic involved, though. Suddenly finding himself aboard a random ship in the fleet is disconcerting. But Renart's given him a basic rundown of what's going on, and he's glanced through this latest communications network. There's far too much to take in. But there is one matter he's been wondering about.]

To All Souls Present,

My name is Lord Montague D'Ysquith Navarro, most recently of the Fortress Between. I should extend my apologies if this is a query that has been answered before, but is there, perhaps, a list of persons who once were held within the confines of this fleet who have since departed? And is it known where these disappeared persons might go?


ACTION - SS Heron )
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Who: Kara & U
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: The Iskaulit!
When: Now!

[ Kara is in the lecture hall on the Iskaulit, with materials strewn about. There's ribbon and fabric and pompoms and paper and, of course, GLITTER. She probably has some glitter on her cheek. She looks cheery and waves at the camera ]

Hi, Fleet! Fleeters. Have we come up with a demonym? Or a collective noun? "A floot of fleeters". Eh, needs work.

Anyway, I set up some arts & crafts in the lecture hall on the Iskaulit because it's been very hectic and stressful lately and I thought we could use some creative outlets! Consider this my contribution to the Fleet as someone with a personnel augment. Craft therapy!

So come on by, spread glitter around, and maybe even meet new people! I'll be here for awhile—my room could really use some sprucing up.

[ she waves again and cuts the feed, though she's more than happy to chat with people over the videolink. All are invited to the craft party though! ]
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Who: Bloodsport crew and visitors!
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Bloodsport
When: It's a mingle!

[New crew!  Old crew!   Something something dark side of the force.  (Sue me, your captain's tired.)]

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Who: everyone
Broadcast: no
Action: all around! it's a mingle!
When: idk the 5th?

Is there something in the water? Something going wrong with the augments?

For some reason, wherever you go today, whatever you're doing-- you suddenly feel compelled to tell the truth.

Was this planned by the Atroma for ratings? Or perhaps it was planned by one of the three factions, sick of everyone sneaking around where they don't belong? No one knows! Have fun trying not to get caught or spill your secrets, friends!

[Notes: this is completely opt-in! Players can decide whether or not they want their character to be affected by this, to what extent, and how long they can resist...]
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To The Fleet

[Tyrion is looking a little ... frazzled today. He's as neat as always, but his expression sort of has the range of 'shit shit shit shit shit' on it. Still, he kept a very straight face and a pleasant tone as he speaks.] Just to let everyone know, Captain Furiosa appears to be ... missing. Altogether. I will be stepping up as First Mate with Captain duties until she returns.

[Please, please let her return soon. Tyrion was always leery of leadership positions. He preferred to be the voice behind the throne.]

So, any questions, problems, captain meetings that should be attended? Let me know.

[And end feed...]

Private to SS First Breath

Well. All right. I'm in charge. So ... keep doing what you were doing before. all right?

[He smiled tightly.] And we'll just keep on as always until she returns. Good. Status, ah, reports?
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Who: Beverly Crusher and you
Broadcast: Network - Video
Action: Blue Fish
When: September 1

[There's a strangely familiar cold that has settled in her bones, a dreadful chill that disorients her in the first few moments that she's awake. Her first thought is that something went wrong - very wrong - as they passed through the temporal distortion, but then... as she sits up and takes in her surroundings, the memories all come back in a flood. Atroma has brought Beverly back, a little older, a little blonder, and with a new Starfleet uniform.

Or maybe I never left, she thinks. This is not the Marsiva, these are her quarters aboard the Blue Fish, and none of her things look as if they've been moved. Though admittedly, her memories of Drift Fleet seem distant. By her reckoning, it's been three years since she's seen this room.

Not that "time" really means much, considering what's happened in the past few days.

The communicator rests where she left it on the bedside table. When she picks it up, she finds it's full of unread messages, crewmates and friends wondering where she is, each message sounding more alarmed than the last. With a sinking feeling in her stomach, she checks today's date: September first.]


[Immediately, she sends a message to the network, via video:]

This is Dr. Crusher of the... SS Blue Fish. It seems our gracious captors sent me home for a while. I'm back now, and I'm safe, and I'm sorry to everyone who was trying to contact me this month. I'll be on the Blue Fish if you need me.

[There's a pause, as if she's about to say something else, but then she simply gives them a small smile, one that doesn't quite reach her eyes.]

Thank you.

[The feed cuts off and after a moment, she decides to head for the kitchen. Not that she's particularly hungry but - there's a good chance that's where she'll find at least a few of her crewmates.]
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Who: Bigby
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit
When: Now ish?

[For a while, he ponders the validity of just going hungry and thirsty rather than admit the trouble he seems to have wound up in.

When he went to sleep, sprawled across the floor in a hall in the Iskaulit, he hadn't paid much attention to the fact that there was a grating which shifted under him when he rolled.

When he wakes up, he's horribly, vividly aware of it, because he's stuck down the bottom of the vent and can't jump with enough force to push it open. Puppy legs just aren't strong enough to jump from smooth metal like that and whilst he considers just starving until whatever horror this is wears off, he quickly finds his soft little paw pads are getting irritated by the cold metal.

He tries to message Sascha directly with the communicator, conveniently down there with him. When then fails, he just shoves his nose against it until something turns on it blinks that light that means broadcasting.]

I need help. I'm... stuck. In a vent. On the Iskaulit.

[His voice is child soft and light.

And then he shivers, because the cold is coming up through his paws.]

((OOC: Bigby is glitching for a week or so. Bigby is glitching into an adorable pup.))


[Bigby can be found mostly on the Iskaulit and Bloodsport, because while he'd love to hide away in his room, he can't actually get out of it on his own. So you can find the tiny pup wandering around on his own (possibly being stalked by a squealing not-vampire), terrorising the fox park like only a tiny pup can and sometimes falling asleep in random spots because he's just worn himself otu and abby bodies need sleep.]
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Who: You! Us! Everyone!
Broadcast: ???
Action: All over! It's a planet/moon mingle!
When: 8/15-9/12, or until captcha kills us all

Show some spirit! It's a new system, and that means new people, new shenanigans, new adventures, savvy? You'd better have enough moxie to thrive in this one...

Or maybe you're just here for the food.
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Who: Sascha & you
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Iskaulit: Discovery One

[ So by now at least some people should be aware that Sascha isn't...him. Sam's made sure of that. But luckily it actually wasn't too hard to round him up? Really all that happened was Kara asking and him agreeing to "stay put" until it either wore off or they figured something out. It's not like he has any plans to be anywhere, and worst case scenario? He can just outlive them all if worse comes to worst.

Being under house arrest in a lecture hall isn't really that bad. He gets to keep the lights off at all times, every now and again they have someone bring meat in... It's actually rather peaceful. Dull, mind you--but very peaceful.

He's the perfect model prisoner! So the question you dare visit? ]

[ ooc; this is the last post for Sascha's glitch! After this he'll be returning to his herp-derp self, but if you'd like to visit him in superjail, come on by! and as always you can hit me up on plurk if you have any questions @ owlits ♥ ]


Aug. 11th, 2016 07:01 pm
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Who: Sam and you
Broadcast: Voice
Action: N/A (unless plotted)
When: After this shit. Vague time is vague for plot convenience, shh.

[Sam feels like puking, thanks.

See, his friend had called him because of a suspiciously bitey vampire, and he had conversed with this vampire to find - well, he's not a fucking vampire. And of course, him trying to get the guy on lock-down did not... go that well. His brother and a certain little fae child got him back on his feet, uh. Relatively, but he still feels like he's been on the same Disney teacups a few too many times.

Regardless, he's gotta put up some serious alarm bells. You learn your lesson after Bucky's augment glitch. He sounds a bit groggy, a bit like he's got some vertigo going on, but he's also got an air of grim alert to it. This is a warning, y'all.]

There's someone going around who people may know as Sascha — something's seriously wrong with him; I'm thinking an augment glitch. That seems to be the norm from the Atroma lately, so... figures, if it is. His personality is completely off from what I'd seen before, and I was alerted to the fact that he had... bitten one of his crewmates. I tracked him down but he didn't exactly appreciate a hunter telling him he had to be put under surveillance.

[There's a dry air about that last bit; sick-feeling or not, he's a cheeky bastard sometimes, sue him. After a moment, he continues:]

He's not a vampire, though. Or at least acted like it was news to him. He says he's a Sheol - I'm unfamiliar with this race of creature, so I can't really help, but. Uh. His bites are toxic and cause numbness, sickness, and immobility. That's how he disables his prey. He got me, too, but I got lucky there.

I don't know where he is now, but please be careful. Keep a look-out. Any information you have on his abilities or any reports of attacks from him would be appreciated. He may be calm and he doesn't seem to be bloodthirsty. Yet, or otherwise. But he's detached and clearly capable of hurting others.

... Stay safe.

[As he closes the feed, you can hear him grumble exasperatedly - ]

... He licked me...


Aug. 9th, 2016 07:17 am
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Who: YOU! And Sascha...kind of.
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Various places
When: now!

Bloodsport )

Iskaulit + Other ships

[ There's an immense feeling of discord that comes from waking with the thoughts and memories of someone you've never been as though you were placed on top of an already considerably sizable amount. It's kind of like waking up one day and suddenly remembering hundreds upon hundreds of lives you've never actually lived even though it feels like you have. The creature that would be Sascha is experiencing that now: he knows the Fleet and doesn't. He's met the strange humans and mutants and others here, but hasn't. He can remember that each evening Sascha wakes he hops from ship to ship to check on certain individuals--a habit he breaks immediately when he heads to the Iskaulit instead after scoping out the Bloodsport.

It's irritating. Strange. He's not sure what he'd expected to happen once he had given into hunger and desperation and devoured himself all those years ago...but it certainly wasn't this. To remember who and what he is, why Sascha's never known any of that, and why he now chooses to keep more to himself than seek out his 'usuals.'

And of course by keeping to himself, I mean he's been straying downwind of the fox area, silently staring and stalking as he debates the point of hunting any of them when he knows it will do nothing to abate his hunger. The same goes for the others aboard the Iskaulit...they make for a much more tempting meal.

Heck, so does everyone else aboard the Atroma's fleet. So if your character happens to be unlucky enough to be wandering alone at this late hour they might just get the sense of being followed. Or hunted, depending on how good that sixth sense is.

Or you could just run into him on the Iskaulit being aloof and creepy. That works too. ]

[ ooc; for those not on my plurk SASCHA IS AUGMENT GLITCHING BACK THE MEMORIES AND PERSONALITY HE USED TO HAVE before he actually became "Sascha." Which means he's old and tired and he eats humans in his spare time so clearly this means you should come on by.

feel free to hit me up on plurk @ owlits/PM me if you wanna plot anything! ]
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[In the spirit of keeping a low profile and capitalizing on the fact that most of the people of her world haven't seen her face, Phasma decides to break the network silence with an anonymous text post in order to attempt to gather intel.]

To what extent would you sacrifice securities for freedom?


[Ever since her visit to the green planet before their departure, and her conversation with General Hux, she's been playing mute aboard her ship; observing, listening, using a minimalist pantomime where absolutely necessary. She doesn't trust her crew, she doesn't trust the ship, and she doesn't trust Atroma. The one person she does trust she's agreed not to contact unless in a guaranteed secure location, which isn't anywhere on the Fleet itself.]

[She keeps to herself, but if you're lucky you might catch her making a meal to take to her quarters (or the hanger, or wherever there is a quite, lonley spot). If she does happen to appear where there are people gathered, it's on the fringe, where she can quietly observe the conversation without feeling obligated to add to it.]
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Who: Kirito, OTA
Broadcast: Y
Action: SS Paisley
When: Today's fine!

( video )

[The view switches on to reveal Kirito in the Spriggan avatar, crouched low with the camera tilted up towards him. Looks like it's on the ground.]

Okay, I'm using the comm so I have a record of what this looks like. I tried to encrypt it to make it private, but that's not my augment, so who knows if it worked. Feel free to ignore!

[He finishes fidgeting with the comm, tilting it at just the right angle, then disappears behind it for a second before reappearing at a distance, one hand lifted above his head.]

Þeír hræða nótt dýpt, renn helvegr!*

[As he begins, the full spell materializes in front of him in gold text and rotates around his body; when each word is spoken, it flashes white and vanishes. Once the full incantation is done, his body is consumed by a tornado of dark smoke, obscuring him from view. There's a muffled roar, and a burst of fire immediately following, and suddenly the room rumbles, knocking the comm off-balance.

When the smoke is clear the only thing visible is the cargo bay ceiling. There's a moment of scuffling and an "ow, geez!" in the background before finally a thumping of footsteps, heavier than someone ought to have with Kirito's stature. Through the smoke, one might catch fleeting glances of curled horns, dark fur, and glowing red eyes.

When at last he speaks, his voice is oddly distorted, something off about it.]

Whoa, okay, uh- crap. ....Paisley crew? Maybe don't go to the cargo bay for a while...?

( paisley )

[Anyone who happens to feel like wandering into the cargo bay despite his warning will find a ten-foot-tall hellbeast hunched over in the corner trying (and failing) to look inconspiculous, chanting quietly and looking kind of pathetic, appearance aside.]

[*Kirito's spell is Norse. Meaning, "Frighten them, depth of the night, and chase them along the roads of Hell."]

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