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Who: Sorey & y'all
Broadcast: Huntress & fleetwide
Action: n/a
When: Jan 3rd

[ Broadcast: Huntress only ]

Hey everybody, this is Sorey. I'm just checking in, seeing if everything's okay. Oh, and paperwork for new upgrades will be coming in soon, so if there's anything anybody would like to see upgraded, cast your votes now!

Oh also, we don't have any lab support personnel. I know Mikleo's been doing some stuff but if you know anybody looking to transfer who'd like the use of the lab, could you let 'em know? I'll include a call out in my public broadcast in a sec.

Okey dokey, that's all for now! If anything comes up, don't hesitate to contact me or Mikleo!

[ Broadcast: all ]

I'm kind of curious; so there are a lot of different kinds of forces or energies here that are a lot like the ones back on my planet, but they don't seem to behave the same way here. Like the rules are different. Is anybody else running against that?

And as an aside, if there's any potential lab personnel looking for a place, the Huntress has an unoccupied lab, for now.
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Who: Anyone traveling to the derelict ship(s)
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: At the Derelict Ship on the Planet
When: 10/13 onward

[After several days of traveling, the passengers are able to reach the ruins of the ship. Explore the ruins, try to find a distress single scavenge, play your hand at Harvest moon and grab some pumpkins- come on in, it's a mingle!

>> Plot Information ]
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Who: SS Hot Mess and visitors!
Broadcast: n/a
Action: SS Huntress
When: can't stop won't stop (until another mingle goes up)

[[ To note, the emergency alarms HAVE BEEN REPAIRED. Yay, no suffocating in the cold void of space without at least being warned about it first! ]]
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Who: Mikleo & Visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Huntress
When: 9/25 (and on)

some introspective )

( action; locked to sorey )

[Hours later he wakes again; he doesn't even remember falling asleep. His eyes are still puffy and damp, and somehow he feels more tired, not less, but that doesn't stop him from realizing that he's not on the Marsiva anymore, but rather in his own bed on the Huntress. He casts his gaze wearily around the room at his limited belongings: the elegantly crafted staff hanging on the wall, little pieces of artwork he'd collected from their previous stops, a lovingly packed bookshelf, the half-finished embroidery he'd stored in the corner of the room by the desk. It's been too long and his memories are still too muddled- he can't tell if anything is different, but it smells... lived in, somehow, despite his absence. He's uncertain of that's a good sign or a bad one. He knows Sorey's been here; the project he'd been working on is missing, now that he knows to look for it. The sheets smell like him.

He glances down at his comm, and a flood of memories greets him; the messages people had left for him, some expecting him to come back, hoping he'd come back. Hearing that everyone else is okay. Hearing Lailah's voice, Lailah, who hadn't been here before they changed, who must have shown up in the middle of all of this horrible mess, who severed the pact to save them all, who's been taking care of Sorey in his absence and still trusts him to be the Shepherd despite everything. Dezel, who must understand what he's feeling right now, whose words echo the ache in his heart. And Sorey--


...I need to...

He tries to get out of bed, but his knees are shaky and too weak to move himself on his own; he barely makes it two steps before they buckle beneath him and he collapses in a heap on the floor. Cursing under his breath, he pulls his body up to the door, but even doing that much saps his strength and leaves him trembling. He can't even stand up enough to open it.

Frustrated and desperate, too woozy to force himself any further, the best he can manage to do is slump against the wall beside the exit, his hand on the floor, periodically rapping his knuckles against the bottom of the door. The sound is quiet but steady; all he can hope is that the noise echoes in the hall enough to be heard. He'd left his comm on the bed and out of reach, and with the sub lord pact broken, he can't connect with the Shepherd or the other seraphim at all. The best he can do is wait, and pray, that he's noticed before too long. He can't bear another minute alone like this, but he'll do this for hours if that's what it takes.

Someone- anyone. Please... I need...


...I'm here.

I'm right here.

Come back.


( ota; days in the aftermath )

[After he's been found and properly looked after, Mikleo will be in his room, laid out or sitting up in bed, still exhausted but available for visitors over the next week or so. Maybe the news of his return spreads around, or perhaps a Huntress resident/visitor just stumbles upon him- either way, his door is unlocked, although he can't promise to be particularly good company. Sorey is likely with him or hovering nearby, unless visitors or Mikleo can nudge him off to take a break (which he will sorely need on occasion) but he won't really interfere with the company Mikleo gets. He might just be sleeping.

Mikleo will also be responding to any messages via comm, for those less inclined to visit in person. He's too weak to do much else right now, unfortunately.]
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Who: The Huntress Crew and Visitors
Broadcast: Maybe!!
Action: SS Huntress!
When: From now until end of the system!

[There's been an elf invasion! And an Ellen Page invasion! Also there's a star system! Come in Huntress, it's been awhile, so it's time for a mingle! ]
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Who: Vash and you. Yes you!
Broadcast: Open to all
Action: Three Twins
When: August 18th

[And yet another birthday. Vash ticks it off mentally. He's never had a real problem with his birthday, but he never felt the need to make a big deal out of it either. Sometimes he'd have a nice meal or something, but this year he doesn't feel much need. There was all these exciting new places to check out!

He was in the cargo area. Putting away some spare ammo he had just picked up for the revolver he had. Finished he decided what he likes more than anything is being around people so making a broadcast would be a fun thing to do, right?]

Wow! Isn't being around all this life, wonderful? The people around here are really passionate! Has anyone been into any of the libraries around here? There are a couple books I'd like to look at but it seems a bit selective in who they want looking at them. Anyone have any luck at getting to some of the more... what's that sound?

[As Vash was talking a quiet chripping noise that sounds a lot like "happy birthday" has started to play.]

And what smells like burn-WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! [The camera will get a very quick glimpse of a cake in the shape of a donut. Or at least that's what it looks like it could be underneath all those candles. One of the blaring out happy birthday. Just one out of the over one hundred and thirty candles crammed for room together.]

Crap, crap, crap, crap, oh crap!!! How do I put this- BEEP! BEEP! FIRE! FIRE! BEEP! BEEP! FIRE! [Vash drops the communicator as he dances around. Trying to blow the candles out, but there's just too many! Doesn't help that they're the trick candles that keep relighting themselves.

But it's okay! The ship's sprinklers finally turns on and out goes the candles! And... any dry spot on the ship. Hope everyone visiting the Three Twins wanted a sudden and unexpected shower.]

Uh...oh... how do I get those off?
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Who: You! Us! Everyone!
Broadcast: ???
Action: All over! It's a planet/moon mingle!
When: 8/15-9/12, or until captcha kills us all

Show some spirit! It's a new system, and that means new people, new shenanigans, new adventures, savvy? You'd better have enough moxie to thrive in this one...

Or maybe you're just here for the food.
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Who: Anders, Vash, and their victims
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Blue Fish, Tourist, Caprine, Three Twins
When: Backdated to the end of July

For Vash
[The plan was all too simple and even simpler to enact. Slip aboard the targeted ships, tinker with the food paste's mechanisims and lay a simple spell on them, then wait and watch for their victims. People wouldn't suspect a thing until it was too late, considering visitors were normal on the ships, it was flawless.

They'd start with the Caprine and end on their own ship, because what was 'home' without a little fun?

Anders grinned over at his partner in crime.]

I can't wait to see their faces.

For the prank victims
[OOC: Completely voluntary, if you'd like your character to get splattered with food paste, then reply away and maybe you'll even catch one of the guys.]

It would seem like a simple malfunction, if it wasn't for the magic used to cause it. A shimmer in the air and a little burst of light blue light was all the pomp and circumstance given before a burst of sticky and wet food paste burst from it's container and onto the unsuspecting victim caught in it's spray.

Have fun picking that out of your hair.

A sharp eye might be able to pick out the culprits hidden away and snickering to each other like school boys who thought they were overly clever.]

((OOC: Also feel free to have threads that don't involve Vash or Anders, if the inspiration strikes!))
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Who: Sansa Stark, and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide; Anonymous
Action: Blue Fish, Iskaulit
When: Afternoon to late evening

What should you do if someone you have never met -- never in your life -- hates you? What should you do if they are rude and horrible and ill-mannered and they won't tell you why?

I have done bad things. I know I have. But nothing to deserve this.

[ when she isn't indulging in her very self-centered sort of misery, sansa is aboard the blue fish. she has finally decided to make a brave attempt to decorate the door to her room, and so far has only managed to paint the bone-white bark of what will eventually be a tree.

and then -- well after the hour when she ought to have been in bed -- sansa does something unanticipated. unexpected. she takes a shuttle all by herself! and she lets it pilot her back to the iskaulit, where she walks the halls with slow and careful purpose until she arrives at the garden. she makes a seat for herself far from the door, and she breathes in the smell of soil and plant-life. already, and despite its bewitching magicks, she misses the well-wooded planet so recently departed. ]
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Who: Korra and YOU
Broadcast: No!
Action: Planet shenanigans
When: NOW

Wandering about

[Anyone roaming the planet might be able to find Korra easily. She was playing with the local children, showing them bending and also introducing them to Naga. The pup was a lot smaller than Naga was the last time she saw her but that didn't matter. Korra was happy as could be now that she had at least one familiar face. That is until she started to get hungry and was trying to grab food from one of the vendors.]

Ah- Naga no! Girl, sit!

[The pup wasn't quite as ready to be obedient yet. Korra managed to smooth things over by giving them some of the acorns she'd gotten for her performances in air bending from some of the locals and for doing various chores.]

Naga, you can't just take people's food... it's not nice.

[Someone could probably stand to help her out a bit in reigning her hungry friend in.]

SS Wonderduck

[After spending the day running around the planet in an attempt to tire out Naga, Korra manages to drag her back to the ship to give her somewhere to rest. Still she worries the rest of the crew won't like having their new companion and so if anyone notices her being a bit antsy - well they are free to ask questions.]

Hmm... I wonder if there's some fish around here...

[She can be found rummaging through he kitchen trying to find some food for Naga who Korra would later come to find had broken out of her room and was exploring the ship. Feel free to run into Korra or Naga? 8)]


Jul. 8th, 2016 10:32 pm
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Who: Shirley and all!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva
When: Now

[There's a teenage girl broadcasting, with a polite smile and an air of formal pleasantness about her.]

Hello, everybody. This is Shirley of the...formerly of the SS Huntress? I'm on the Marsiva again, so the Atroma must have done something. I know people have fallen asleep for a long time before, but I remember Varric...

[Shirley's smile fades, and some of the formality in her demeanor drops away as hesitation takes its place. She's still making an effort to stay positive, though!]

Could anybody please tell me what date it is? As best as we can, around here. I'd also appreciate if somebody could tell me more about what system we're in as well. And of course, if anyone who knows me is seeing this I'd like to hear from you. Has it been a while?

In any case, to everyone - thank you for hearing me now. Whatever's going on outside of the Marsiva right now, I hope you've found something to enjoy here.

[And for anybody else on the Marsiva, she'll just be exploring the ship until it's time for ship assignments and more confetti probably. Shirley barely saw the Marsiva before getting whisked away the first time, so she may as well take advantage of the opportunity now.

And besides, she's been wanting to look for something here. Time to check in all those nooks and crannies...]
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Who: visitors and crew of the Huntress
Action: S.S. Huntress

[make some top levels, visit ya bros, come see (??) the invisible captain, cause mischief*

*please note that all emergency alarms aboard the Huntress are currently DISABLED]
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Who: Varric and open
Broadcast: Video, and open!
Action: The Marsiva.
When: Thursday afternoon


[The feed opens with a glorious shot of a gold-embroidered scarlet tunic-- a nice, slow pan across the gently furred planes of a man's chest, the brassy necklace resting across his collarbone, the dip of his throat--

-- and then he punches the camera upward.]

Ha ha, all right, you've had your fill. Stubborn metal piece of shit. [Varric looks none-too-amused.] Just tell me who took all my wine and maybe, maybe I won't tear the walls down.

[He leans back and rubs at his face. While he's usually pretty sharp and charismatic, right now there's a glimpse of how tired he is.]

Something tells me I'm gonna need it after you all tell me what happened while I was--

[A pause. He glances offscreen, takes in the sight of the stars and the hospitality deck of the Marsiva. Kidnapped three times? Really? What the hell is his life?]

-- somewhere else.


Aug. 29th, 2015 03:46 pm
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Who: cassandra + you
Broadcast: video
Action: not unless you really wanna??
When: rite meow!!!

I've noticed a lot of discussion lately on the ways in which we can re-purpose the Iskaulit, but I am wondering if any thought has been put into organization. The ideas people are sharing are good and I believe they should be pursued, [some more than others if you ask her,] but a mad dash for space and resources won't do anyone any good.

We may also wish to consider leaving some of the ship's space free. Things have been relatively quiet, but we may find ourselves in need in an emergency.


Aug. 21st, 2015 12:04 am
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Who: Shirley Fennes
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Huntress
When: August 21

Excuse me, everyone. With the Iskaulit now in our hands, there have been a few people suggesting ideas for what to do with the spaces inside. If I might add one more, I'd like to build a memorial for the Nunnilis who were on this ship until a few months ago. It doesn't have to be a central part of the ship, but given that they were the original inhabitants of the ship and would still be if not for what happened...I think they ought to be remembered. Would anybody else be willing to help with this project?

I also believe it would be helpful for those with ideas for the ship to meet and plan together, regardless. That way, everyone could coordinate and share resources in the process of setting up everything they need. One of the waystations could be used as a meeting location, if a neutral location is needed.
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Who: Jennifer Keller and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A
When: August 20th

Since it seems like the Iskaulit is going to be staying with us for a while, I'm kicking around the idea of converting a room or two into a medical clinic of sorts. Since not every ship has a medbay, it'd be useful for people on those ships to have another option, or for people who want a bit more privacy if they need a checkup or to get an injury looked at.

I know our medics are stretched pretty thin, though. Would this idea be feasible? I'm not sure, but I though it was worth bringing up anyway.
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Who: The crew of the Huntress and any visitors!
Broadcast: None
Action: The Huntress!
When: The last leg of July?

[Aside from hijinks on the beach planet, the crew has a few things to get used to. The departure of one captain, the abrupt promotion of another, plus new crew members. Let's see how things go...]

03 ❀

Jul. 19th, 2015 08:08 pm
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Who: Elize Lutus and... YOU, maybe?!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Huntress
When: 7/19

[ When Elize awakens from cryosleep is when the network decides to record her panic as she sits up with a jolt, like she'd just woke up from a nightmare. It felt like a dream, but she's certain it wasn't. Before she even acknowledges the fact that she's back on the fleet, away from Rieze Maxia, she's searching around her bed frantically, patting at the sheets for something that should be there. ]

Teepo... Teepo?

[ She clasps her hands near her chest where she would normally hold her doll. It's the almost exact behavior during her first days on the fleet. Although she knows the full truth about the toy now, old habits die hard.

As she sits in her bed, she looks around at the metal walls of her room on the Huntress, taking deep breaths to calm down. She reaches up, gently running her finger around the augment behind her ear and confirming where she is. The memories are beginning to sink back in. ]

It's this place again.

[ A pause. ]

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[For about a week, now, all ships in the Drift Fleet have had clearance to land on the Blue Planet whenever they'd like. The humanoid natives have all been very open and sociable, nothing short of grateful that the Iskaulit is no longer sending pods down to raid their towns and infect their insectoid brothers.

At first, the Nunnilis themselves stayed very quiet, hiding for safety... But as word of a stable cure spreads through the islands, more and more of them have been spotted out in the open. Now, it's not so unusual to spot a couple of them helping with repairs, and many have been assisting passengers in curing their sickly kin.

Have you been looking for a chance to talk to one? A lot of basic information has already been passed through the Fleet, but perhaps you're looking to ask your own questions about the situation, offer condolences, or just get to know a little more about the Nunnilis themselves. They seem perfectly friendly in their own strange, dozen-limbed way, so there's no time like the present!]

ooc: This is a post for anyone that wants to talk directly to one of the Nunnilis! Mention in your first comment if your character is talking to a particular bug or looking in a specific place (examples include: "someone helping with the cure", "a bug in the marketplace", "someone who looks like they might be in charge", "literally the first random bug they run into on the street"), and we'll go from there! Details on already-common knowledge and this mini-event can be found here (scroll down to "The Iskaulit Saga"). If you need a refresher on what they look like, check out this old info post. This post will be open and running all event, so it's never too late to tag in!

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