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Who: Goldstone crew and visitors!
Broadcast: A short locked to and for the crew. :'|
Action: SS Goldstone Mingle
When: July 9th - 31st!

Takeshi will address the crew promptly when they return to the ship — it's up to him as captain to make sure everyone knows what's going on, right? So with a subdued tone, he says over the loudspeakers: "Captain, um, Takeshi here. Miss Opal and Miss Maggie have gone home... I know we're gonna miss them a lot, but let's hope they've got really nice people to go home to... Friends and families and things they had to do. Umm... Take care of each other, and remember that some of us don't seem t'stay still for long, so be nice and remind them how much you care 'bout them, just in case, okay...?"

A pause.

"They wouldn't want us to stay too sad, so... keep your chins up and let's do good things moving forward, so they'll be real proud of us."
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Who: starstruck crew & visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: aboard the ship
When: june

[ another month; another mingle. but there are changes in the air! the starstruck has some fresh crew to boast of, as well as a spiffing new lounge. things have been difficult, lately -- the common area might make for a great place to decompress and socialize with your fellow starstruckers.

after all, it seems the captain's gone and requisitioned max's record player. for the first week in june, it'll be returned again and again to the new lounge. good luck hiding it from her, rockatanksy.

ready steady go! ]
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Who: Anyone attending the Ball!
Broadcast: If you’d like.
Action: Orfwyn Dreadhorse’s personal asteroid
When: May 12th - 13th …. 14th if you really like to party.

Welcome to the biggest party of the season! Grab a date, dress up to the nines, and get ready to party the night away! In other words, it’s a mingle! Feel free to make a top level with any prompts or styles you prefer.

Get the Details! )


May. 11th, 2017 05:46 pm
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Who: Aizawa & you
Broadcast: text
Action: Starstruck, if so desired!
When: late at night, before the ball

Since we seem to have a fair amount of people from worlds where 'super powers' exist, let me ask something for the sake of sating curiosity: power use regulation by government. Thoughts?

Go ahead and respond to this anonymously if you like, I'm just looking for opinions.

[ Action ]

[aizawa is almost always in the med bay these days, organizing and reorganizing, writing down what looks like curriculum and schedules and trying to brush up on his mathematics.

on the rare occasion that he's not on the starstruck, he can be found on any of the asteroids with shops, looking for...a tuxedo. or an approximation of one, anyway. he doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it, but it's hard to find something in a humanoid shape that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.]
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Who: Barry Allen + You
Broadcast: Video, Fleetwide
Action: The Marsiva
When: May 8, 2017

[Passengers on the may have gotten brushed past by a burst of wind and a flash of red and gold lightning earlier in the day, but Barry isn’t stopping for anyone, unfortunately. As wide and expansive as the ship is, there isn’t really enough room for him to build up enough speed to do anything, and he doesn’t know what it is that Savitar did, but he can’t be stuck here. Not with what’s coming. Not with what he just saw.

But eventually in futility comes acceptance, and he decides that if he’s going to be stuck here, he might as well play along. The young man that appears on the screen looks flustered and disoriented from the get go, a clear expression of confusion and needing to be anywhere but here, larger problems weighing on his shoulders than there should be. He certainly doesn’t look happy to be here, but he’s trying to pull it together, if for no other reason than it’s clear he’s being watched.]

So, hey everybody. I’m Barry. I’m … new, I guess. I’m from Central City, if that means anything to anyone, and at home, I work – or worked – for the CCPD as a CSI.

[There’s a moment as he tries to figure out what to say next, before his eyes close and he loses it. To be fair, he lasted at least two minutes longer than he thought he would.]

Okay, wait, I can’t do this. Seriously? We’re stuck on some kind of space reality TV show and I’m just supposed to play nice and do whatever? No, I’m sorry, that’s a load of … crap.

[The frustrated way the word is forced out indicates that there’s another thing he really wanted to say there, but, you know, he’s on TV. And he doesn’t use those words. Usually.]

I never agreed to be a part of this, I didn’t sign a release or a contract or anything like that, so I want to go home. Now. Or I’ll force my way out.

[Barry … don’t do that. Please don’t be that dumb. And with that the transmission will just end because that is enough of that.]
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Who: A ~mysterious anonymous text post~ and you!
Broadcast: Anonymous text
Action: The Vanquish, if you can figure her out.
When: Now!

[Caster's bored, and she hasn't started a war in a while, so at some point when no one's looking too hard, an anonymous text post appears on the network:]

Which are cuter, cats or dogs?
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Who: Furiosa and Tyrion, Feris, Kaidan, Max, and maybe you?
Broadcast: Video
Action: First Breath hangar
When: April 17

[New system, new rules, new opportunities. Furiosa does her exploring and gets a lead to a mining job that pays a little more than some of the others - partly because it's on one of the farther asteroids and through some treacherous pirate territory.]

[Which Furiosa didn't think she'd have any trouble with, especially if she could flesh out a crew of like-minded individuals.]

Fleet. Furiosa here. I've got a bite on a mining job out past the main cluster. Needs a few more bodies; I'll be leaving [insert reasonable time here] so meet me in the First Breath hangar before hand and you're in. Good pay.

[She'll be in the hangar bay doing general maintenance on the shuttle for the extended trip.]

[[ooc: for this plot]]
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Who: Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] stefanged), Kitty Pryde ([personal profile] passingthrough), Sokka ([personal profile] alwayscomesback), Jennifer Keller ([personal profile] forsometimenow), Charles Xavier ([personal profile] axiomed), Beverly Crusher ([personal profile] dancingmd), Clay Terran ([personal profile] geonomy)
Broadcast: closed to those listed above
Action: n/a
When: right now

[aizawa's got the 7AM homeroom lecture voice on lock] All right, I've included everybody who expressed interest in teaching at this proposed school on Uraraka Ochako's vlog post...or whatever she's calling it.

Please feel free to discuss and ask questions of each other here, I am by no means in charge of literally anything. [that was ochako's fault, the little shit.] I thought it might be a good idea to organize so this isn't a shitshow. [and so the kids aren't expected to do everything.]

There're some questions down below that I think we could stand to answer so we can get a good idea of each other's experience and areas of expertise, as well as get to know each other as people. While this obviously isn't going to be a conventional school setup, I don't think we should avoid taking this at least a little seriously; some volunteer students will undoubtedly be attending in an effort to regain a sense of normalcy. Think of it as lowkey counseling services.

...that's all from me.


1. Name:
2. Age: (as relevant to species)
3. Subjects to teach:
3a. Level of Mastery
3b. Relevance to life on the Fleet
4. Prior Teaching Experience: (if any; tutoring counts, helping your kid brother with homework counts)
5. Comfort level when dealing with children: (age group most comfortable with, etc. looks like we have a variety of interest)
6. Anything I'm forgetting: (probably a lot)

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Who: Uraraka Ochako | OTA
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Starstruck, Iskaulit
When: Today, after the fleet leaves the system

[Cue Ochako setting the communicator up and bouncing back, waving like it's some kind of peppy vlog. Cheers, everyone!]

Back to space we go! I don't know about everybody else, but I'll be glad that I don't have to keep wringing my clothes out all the time.

Anyway! That's not the point of this! While we're here, I was thinking... we've got a lot of kids with special abilities around here now, don't we? Or even just kids who wanna get stronger. The fleet is mostly safe, but sometimes things happen, and... well! Everyone benefits when we know what we're doing, right? Right!

Okay, so for everybody who doesn't know him, my teacher, Aizawa-sensei, is here! He's kind of a recluse so you probably wouldn't think it but he's really strong, and his teaching skills are top-notch! Back home, he's my homeroom teacher at the best heroics school in the world! He knows what's what. I bet he could teach anyone.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a school here? Not just for superpowers, though I think that sort of thing is important... but I've never been out of school this long in my life. I feel like I'm getting dumber by the day. And it could be fun! We could make a classroom on the Iskaulit, we could get books and put together a real class and- oh, uniforms! We could get uniforms if we wanted!

Anyone interested!?

( Wandering )

[Ochako starts off on the Starstruck, taking care of her various chores while she covers responses, but at some point she'll venture over to the Iskaulit, poking around some of the rooms - both existing and unclaimed - to scout out what space is free in the vicinity of the library. She's humming to herself some upbeat song, visibly and very obviously in a good mood.]

✮ video.

Mar. 12th, 2017 07:11 pm
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Who: Steve Rogers + you.
Broadcast: yep.
Action: on the starstruck, if you're inclined!
When: current.

[ It has been a long time since Steve Rogers has done one of these little network announcements, seven months, if you want to be specific about it. Some things have changed, others haven't. He still looks awkward about addressing a whole lot of people at once for something that isn't an emergency. The uniform is gone, however, replaced by a simple blue t-shirt and jeans and the shield is nowhere in sight.

He seems to have spread many sheets of paper all over the Starstruck's kitchen. Some feature tables of dates - undoubtedly a calendar in the making and others feature, well, drawings; each sheet contains one scenery. They would strike some people as rather familiar, a hand-holding tree, a sandy beach, the market of the tri-fraction system with people wearing clothes in various colors, the woods of the Lagan system, the Nebula lights and lastly, the mountains of Siourew and the Co’kal. ]

I meant to finish a few calendars by New Year's Eve but it seems I'm behind on my deadline.

[ To say the very least. He rubs his chin, there's a beginning of a stubble there. How many days has he devoted to this as of late? it's hard to tell. ]

I'm not going to write years on 'em, since it's different for all of us but I thought it might be a nice way to keep up with dates and holidays.

[ He frowns and confesses, ]

I feel like I've left some things out - and some of you have seen planets I haven't been around to see for myself. I figured I'd ask - if you have the time, you can describe some of them to me and I'll add them to the calendar. It can be anything you liked on any of the planets we've been to.

[ and, okay, fine - ]

I could use a description of where we're currently docked, too.

[ How can a person so big can seem so awkward? ]

Thanks you.
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Who: Nami
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Bloodsport.  Or the planet's surface, I guess.
When: Now

[So Nami had been intending to grow her hair out again, but recent events have proven it's gonna take a little more time.  As of a week ago, her hair has been carved back to its short status for reasons she hasn't bothered sharing, and she's been in a terrible mood for the entire time.  Which has much less to do with her hair and more to do with her two temple runs and the treasure (or not) that she found.

On the other hand, this sponsor delivery she's just found in the Bloodsport's cargo bay really just rounds off the feeling she's being picked on.] 

...cute.  At best, you're late.

[Sup, Flooters.  This is Nami kicking a crate-sized box over, sending glittery, silky hair ties and ribbons and combs and assorted accessories bouncing across the floor, her voice that cheerful sickly sweet that will rise the hackles of anyone who's spent too much time in close proximity with her.]

Free to a good home!  It's in the Bloodsport cargo bay, come and take it by all means.  [Be warned, though, this pile of hair accessories are the kind you'd expect to find in a kiddie aisle that's been painted obnoxiously pink.]  I'm not gonna be here.  I hope they're all gone by the time I come back.

On that note, I'm going up to the surface.  I doubt anyone else is heading up that way, but I'm going up to test some stuff and that'll make the area hazardous to suddenly turn up in, so.  Fair warning, just avoid the area around these coordinates.  [Coordinates given.  It's a freaking planet of water, there's plenty of surface area, but her luck is inconvenient at best so let's avoid anyone haplessly surfacing in the middle of a lightning field, yeah?]

I hope everyone else is having a better week.

[Now excuse her, she's off to vent her frustration with a waver and a glorified storm stick.]
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: Anywhere on Mafik
When: The month of March

[Welcome to Mafik, the water world! Hope you brought your best swimming gear and don't have a paralyzing fear of water, because that's all that's here! So get out those wet suits and enjoy life under the sea!

In other words, it's a mingle! ]

> System Information

two ◘

Mar. 3rd, 2017 12:17 pm
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Who: Jayden and YOU!
Broadcast: Yes - fleetwide
Action: If you want? - SS Goldstone
When: not too long after the latest shuffle

[ Oh, look. Another week, another round of people coming and going. She happens to be looking through posts and information on her device (out of sheer boredom) when she notices something in the rosters change... Curiosity gets the better of her, and she reads through the list, noting anything different. She especially notes the absence of a certain name. And she really, really especially notices that it's now impossible to contact her. ... Damn.

So, she sends out a text to the network as a whole instead. ]

if anyone's looking for Betamax-8, Exo Warlock, used to be on the bishop - name's stricken from roster. so she's gone.

[ She wants to say "gone home" but she's not sure she believes that. Jesus, now that she's actually confronted personally with people she knows coming-and-going, she has to think about it, and it's all... off-putting. How about that. ]
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Who: Agent Carter + YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Aboard the Starstruck or the Iskaulit.
When: Today!

[ not too long ago, peggy pitched the fleet a diversionary puzzle. with all this talk of encryption and subterfuge, she's reminded how the puzzles were meant to be part of a series (of sorts) and so she gets out her notepad and pencils. after a few scrapped ideas (too long or too advanced or too dull), she settles on a code that's only a half-step up from her last one. ]

Last time we talked ciphers, we did a simple substitution. [ peggy addresses the network directly, and with little else in the way of a greeting. ] This time 'round, I've got something only a teensy bit tougher. Frankly, it can be just as handily brute forced as the other one -- but I'm more interested to know if anyone can figure out the math behind this one. Brute force only brings you so far in this hobby and I'm already working on something for next month that will require a lighter touch.

Extra credit, as ever, to those who can identify the source. Or express the cipher in modular arithmetic. And apologies for those in the Fleet who cannot speak English. Despite our augments, code seems to defy translation.

[ she'll field questions and answers for a little while from aboard the starstruck, but then it's off to the iskaulit where she passes an hour in the library -- in search of new source material, perhaps. for those players whose characters should be able to decode it but who don't want to try decoding it themselves, here is the quotation. ]
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Who: Max (potentially featuring an injured and less-lucid Maggie) and you...!
Broadcast: Fleetwide | Voice
Action: N/A (Unless you're coming to pick up! We'll see based on threads. Or if you find him on the Starstruck after all this.)
When: Sometime now, whatevs. After this very intense encounter.

[Max has elected to put it to voice; easier to talk when one arm is currently giving blood, but not video to alarm anyone of this very scene. Maggie's lost a lot of blood, but Max is hoping to rectify that a little bit until they can get some help. Speaking of help — time to get some of that. His voice is gruff and calm, but there's an underlying urgency to his words.]

Need pick up, got someone down here on the ring who's hurt pretty bad. Her name's Maggie.

Don't know which ship she's from, but she's got a neck injury from a knife, near the back. Lost a lot of blood... Got it closed up and she's not critical. [Yet. He's pretty sure. She's drowsy as hell and she'll be weak for a while, but she should pull through.] Need a ship to pick us up, though. I can't move her like this on my own through the forest and she shouldn't go long without a real medical bay.

[A thoughtful pause.]

... I didn't do it, by the way.

[Look, he knows he's caused some shit before, but he has been so good. Seriously.

He'll do her a favor and try not to mention she did it to herself yet. He's not sure if he will or not... Honesty is more his policy on injuries. But...]

[Action | Starstruck, optionally]

[Eventually, he'll probably end up back on the Starstruck after getting her somewhere safe and clean and medically sound, sighing a big grumbly sigh and crawling off into the shuttle to sleep off his stress for the day. Y'all are monsters, making him care like a real person. Monsters. He'll have to check on her later, in secret, where she will never know. Perfect plan.

Don't mind if he has blood on him, he'll go to the bathroom to wash it off. He's gonna be a bit woozy on his feet for a few days.

Better than having his neck cut into, though.]
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Who: You!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: The Rew System
When: Month of February

[ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

In other words, it's a mingle!

> Rew System Information ]

1 - video

Feb. 5th, 2017 08:19 pm
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Who: Asuna and anyone
Broadcast: Everyone ever
Action: If anyone's actually on the Marsiva
When: Sunday evening

[The video function turns on to the hesitantly smiling face of a young woman. Blue hair and pointed ears mark her as somewhat different— or they would if this wasn’t a space fleet carrying residents from all over the multi-verse. She waves at the camera, a slight tilt of her head the only immediate indication of any puzzlement, but concern is detectable.]

Ah… hi there. I’ve gone through the information on the computers— or at least what looks like the basics, so I’m trying this now. [She stops, backtracking somewhat.] Obviously I’m new, I think. I just woke up an hour or so ago. I’m still trying to process this, if it’s not a really weird in-game event.

[Her expression sobers for a brief moment before she continues.] Because this isn’t what I normally look like, not really. So…

[And here she catches herself.] Oh, sorry! My name’s Asuna. If anyone has clarification, I’d love to hear it. Thank you.
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Who: Tina Belcher and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Paisley
When: February 5th

[When Tina turns the camera on, she's... quite chatty. And speaking a lot faster than she normally does.]

So is it normal to have a huge burst of energy come from nowhere because the last time this happened to me I was hooked on espresso but I haven't had a single drop of that magic liquid in years pretty much no thanks to my mom pawning the espresso machine but anyway I can't keep still and this really isn't like me is there some way to make it stop??

[She pauses to take a breath.]

... actually I don't want it to stop BYE.


[Sorry, Paisley shipmates, but your new cook is twitchy and running here to there, compulsively cleaning, when she's not experimenting with food in the new kitchen. Quite a change from her first week here, where she was very retiring and shy.]
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Who: Wanda Maximoff, friends, shipmates, and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Yes; Starstruck
When: Early this morning (last night) through the rest of today

A) Closed to Wanda's Christmas List

A very merry and belated Christmas )

B) Fleetwide Broadcast

[When Wanda turns on the broadcast, she looks noticeably... well, tired. It seems she did not get a lot of sleep last night for some reason. Hmmm. Odd. She tries to smile, friendly and cheerfully, though her eyes flutter a few times while she speaks. Girl's likely gonna take a long nap after this.]

I was, um, baking... a lot recently... and I, um... I made extra! So, if anyone would like some cookies or brownies, they are... They are on the Starstruck! ... in the kitchen... room... area...

[She covers her mouth with her hand, attempting (poorly) to cover a soft yawn.]

Help yourselves! I... um, everyone is welcome! First come, first serve though... sorry... I can make some more... later...

[The video feed cuts there, as Wanda falls back onto her bed for some much needed rest. Anybody who received a mysterious, belated Christmas gift this morning just got a big clue as to who it was that delivered them.]
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Who: Arthur and you!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Red Fish / on the Iskaulit
When: Now!

a ) video broadcast / action on the Red Fish

[Arthur's sitting at the kitchen table, dressed to the nines, his hair slicked back as usual. He smiles enthusiastically, his fingers tapping against the table as if he can barely control himself.]

Another year older, another year wiser. I'm 28 today. It's also been about a year since I first arrived here. So much has changed for me since then. I'm surprised how thankful I am for things. For my girlfriend, for my friends. That nothing worse than a shot through the hand happened during that battle.

It makes me wonder about the people back home. Do you think they know we're gone? Do they miss us?

[Probably not, he thinks. He aims the camera toward a newly iced cake, vanilla frosting on vanilla cake.]

I actually bought some ingredients for cake before we set off, if anyone wants any? Coffee is available, too. Just hop on over to the Red Fish.

[He grins again, his dimples standing out, unusually smiley today, and turns the camera off.]

b ) action in gym on Iskaulit

[Okay, so training with a punching bag is hard when one of your hands is injured. He's been punching at the bag for so long that his right hand is turning red, but he can barely stop himself. He has so much energy. He's not distressed by it, though. It's great. Everything's great. It's his birthday, and everything is kind of energizing.]

c ) action in meditation rooms on Iskaulit

[He's trying out this meditation thing again, thinking of what Misty told him way back then. He's even twitchier than usual, but he tries breathing in and out slowly, trying to clear his mind. Maybe he's just not good at this.]

[(ooc: Arthur (and Carl if that's still cool) activated the bugging device, so feel free to have your Red Fish characters have an augment glitch, or opt out. Arthur isn't aware of the connection between the device and the glitches, and he has mood boost and hyperactivity today.)]

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