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Who: The Blue Fish crew and any visitors
Broadcast: possibly?
Action: Definitely
When: Throughout the month of September

[Four new crew members and three long timers now occupy the Blue Fish. Whether you wanna introduce yourself or casually stroll in to see how the ship's faring, here's the mingle to do it.]
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Who: Billy Kaplan + OTA
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Blue Fish
When: Now!

( blue fish )

[...con... fetti? alright, that sure is a thing that just happened. Billy's used to teleporting, but it's never felt quite like this. so weird. everything about this is weird, weird, weird, and coming from him that's saying something.

Reaching around the back of his head, he pats awkwardly at where the augment rests, disturbed, and starts wandering through the halls of the ship. Might as well get acquainted, and maybe make sure he's not just super crazy right now. You never know, where he's from.]

( private; text to kate )

So are my powers busted or are you the only one here?

[Location spell went kinda haywire, whoops.]

( video; fleetwide )

Okay, so, ignoring that this is kind of awful and I hate that I apparently can't teleport myself home...

Any advice for first-timers? Can't say I've watched much reality TV back home. Um, barring that... what's some good places to visit off-ship if you've got like five cents to your name?

It's very, uh. Colourful here.
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Who: Shiro and you!
Broadcast: Nope, but you can still reach him through the communicator if you want.
Action: On the planet + the asteroid field.
When: First two weeks of the month, before metaplot hits us.
This got longer than I expected, sorry for all the cuts!

A. The fortune tellers

Please help him before he snaps... )

B. Exploring + zip-lining

Does this guy never get tired? )

C. Job: bodyguard (bar area)

Hope you have a multipass! )

D. Astronomy


E. Asteroid field

Look, Keith isn't the only daredevil, alright, he's just better at hiding it. )

F. Stargazing - closed to Kate

This is NOT a date, shut up, Lance )
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Who: Riona and you
Broadcast: Yup
Action: On the Blue Fish if desired
When: September 2nd

[These past weeks have been rough, to say the least. Today has been harder than normal, though she knows why. Ultimately it shouldn't matter, she tells herself. It's just another day, nothing's different-

No, that's a load of crock and she knows it. Birthdays aren't meant to be spent alone.

Ordinarily she'd just take to going to one of the Iskaulit's bars to help her ignore her troubles. Or maybe, since they've landed now, she can try and find a place planetside. Alcohol makes everything better, right? (No, it doesn't.) Yet she finds herself hoping to find another way to spend her birthday, rather than just doing what she's been doing for weeks: get drunk until she stumbles back to her bed and wakes up with a hangover. Logically she knows if she says something about it, her friends will reach out to her. But something holds her back, some combination of not wanting to seem needy and looking like she's throwing a pity party for herself. Besides, she's never been one to broadcast - figuratively or literally - her problems. Why start now?

Even still, it's harder to plug her ears and pretend everything's going okay today. It'd be nice to just... do something for once. Go out, have fun. Maybe even smile. But she feels more or less glued to her bed, and no matter what she tells herself, she finds it hard to work up the desire to get up.

...okay, maybe she should. Ask for help. Subtly. Luckily, her communicator is nearby.]

Lovely little place we've come to, isn't it? [From what little she's seen of it through the windows.] Though, given the recent rash of nightmares and how this planet "sings" like some of the other ones did, I suspect there's something underneath the idyllic facade this place presents. Or maybe I've just grown cynical. [Or wised up to Atroma's patterns.] Maybe it's nothing, but... be careful down there, everyone.

[It's a struggle to keep her tone light, as if she's merely discussing what color she should paint her door.] Matters of cynicism or caution aside, I have a query for you all. How do you motivate yourself to... go do something? Not necessarily to be productive, but more just because you know you should be doing something, rather than letting yourself sink into a rut? There's not a lack of things to do, especially now that we've landed, but sometimes it's... difficult to find the motivation. [Okay that sounds mildly alarming and that's not her intention at all.] Just every now and then [More like nearly every day], but it's frustrating when it happens nonetheless, doubly so when there's a new planet to explore. Maybe it's just a matter of riding it out, but any advice would be appreciated.
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Who: Looma Red Wind and anyone who can still put up with her
Broadcast: Network
Action: Anyone actually awake on the Bishop
When: Early, early in the space-morning whenever that is

[While most people would be content to, you know, sleep once in a while, it seems like Looma's spending this Drift dealing with a remarkable lack of it. She looks the part too- one does not switch over to getting by on nothing but micro naps over the course of several days without exhausting themselves. Tetramands are apparently no different.

She's sitting in her chair aboard the Bishop, fighting back sleep as best she can while poring over any readout of the ship she can get her hands on. Less than half of it makes any sense to her, but it doesn't have to- she knows what everything should look like, she's just on alert for any suspicious changes.]

I have only been a part of this wretched show for less than one human year, so there is much about our shared enemy that I do not understand. I know that this last occasion was not the first time they have thrown us into one another's memories, but what has been happening recently feels... different.

[Yep, she's another one who wound up getting a strange dream. She's not a fan of it. For one thing, they're not supposed to happen while you're awake. To say it's put her on high alert would be an understatement- her only response was to assume an impending move by the Atroma or, even worse, a complete unknown.]

I have noticed several others have been having strange dreams. I was not asleep for mine.

I must know if the Atroma are responsible, or if there is some new presence toying with us. Have they been behind anything like this in the past? If they have not, I have two concerns.

One: They are plotting something, and changing how they plan to toy with us.

Two: We will soon be dealing with some new threat.

[She's...kind of forgotten where she was going with this, by this point. And for a moment it looks like she's going to nod off in the chair again, before her eyes snap wide again and she regains some measure of focus.]

...any insight would be appreciated. Especially from those of us who have been here long enough to know what to expect. I have been unable to find any satisfactory explanation on my own.
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Who: Keith, Huntress crew, Shiro, open text message
Broadcast: Text
Action: Huntress
When: The night of and morning after the visions/nightmares

Who Am I to Disagree? )
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Who: Wrath
Broadcast: Text to the fleet
Action: On the Heron
When: now!


[Wrath's sleep hours aren't the most regular, though she has a definite routine that she keeps to. This is a break in that routine. Weird hour, still in her fluffy pink pajamas, she's sitting in the dining area with a cup of some godawful, bright pink concoction steaming in her hand. She also looks exhausted.

Not drinking it. Alternating between staring in the middle distance and sketching something on a small tablet.

Officer Snuggles is at her feet, and as much as a fox can look worried, he does.]


hey everyone so

what does it mean when you can remember a dream i never remember my dreams but i kind of had one i did

are dreams always weird and bad

and waking up feeling like you've been screaming is normal right cause that happens a lot but i never remembered why til now

do you dream about places you've never been or seen or stuff like that how does it work

thank you for your answers
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Who: Peebee and You!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Caprine
When: Today

[Peebee starts the feed even though she doesn't quite have it lined up yet, so you get a closeup of her as she tries to prop the device up. Finally satisfied, she stands back. There's the growing husk of some mechanical pod beast thing behind her, various cables and wires bound off and in varying stages of installation. Peebee herself has a spanner in hand, splotched here and there with grease. She's in the lab on the Caprine and it looks like a bit of organized chaos ... heavy on the choas.]

Hey, Fleet! Lab and Engineers; represent! I got a little project going on and I would love to pick your brains. I'm basing this beauty off of tech I found from our own world, but of course I haven't found anything like it here. Anyone else tinker? What do you use, whats your process?

Drop on by or hit me up here.

Also, I got treats and drinks. Makers party on the Cap!
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Who: Vash the birthday boy
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Twin Roses
When: August 18th

[The crew of the Twin Roses may wonder why one of their captains has been sitting in the cargo area for the last day with a fire extinguisher nearby.

Unless they heard about what happened on the Three Twins last year. Then they might understand why.

Vash waited. Just in case. Ready.

His wait paid off! As suddenly there is a sponsor drop of 135 donut shaped balloons that all read in big, bright, and colourful letters HAPPY 135TH BIRTHDAY!

They gently float and bob happily around as they attempt to escape onto the rest of the ship.]

Oh NO you don't! [This is of course when Vash communicator decides to turn itself on. Silly malfunctioning thing! It shows nothing but a sea of balloons and the occasional POP! as Vash uses the knife hidden in his boot to pop them all one by one.

Hopefully no one opens the cargo bay door to unleash the sea into the rest of the ship!

Also in the crate is a "gift" 135 small packages of colourful sand art kits. Because what man who spent over 130 years on a desert would want more then brightly coloured sand?]

Anyone want some free dirt? [Will be the offer he makes after the balloons were all destroyed and the evidence tossed.]


Aug. 11th, 2017 12:04 am
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Who: Jon Snow & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A
When: 8/11

[The shouts of the Northern men was still ringing in his ears as he opened his eyes, the quiet of the ship piercing through him. The familiar stones of Wintefell were replaced by steel and machinery he didn't recognize but for some reason least in passing. Space, ships and other information he had never considered before were fresh in his mind. The darkness beyond the windows was not so mysterious or strange, though it still filled him with the same awe he felt when he stood atop the Wall for the first time.

It took time for his current imprisonment and state to at least hit him, the shock slowly wearing off the longer he sat in silence. After a few hours, he felt ready to turn to the network for the answers he wouldn't find on the Marsiva.]

My name is Jon Snow.

[There seemed little reason to ask about escape, as it seemed there were so many still here. If they could leave by their own will, they would have by now.]

Who are the men that have captured us? Are they taking us somewhere in particular or is this holding cell meant to travel without destination?
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Who: Princess Looma Red Wind and YOU
Broadcast: Video, sent to all her fellow flooters
Action: Planetside (closed to Sayid)
When: Varies (first broadcast in the afternoon, second and third at night)

[A: Fair Warning]

[This is definitely an unusual broadcast from Looma, given she's currently looking a bit uncomfortable inside a darkened...container of some sort. She's seated on the floor, as comfortably as she can be, even if she can't quite stretch her legs without immediately hitting the wall opposite her. Also, it's dark, and the only lighting is from a small light stick rolling around on the floor of wherever the hell she is.]

Consider this broadcast a warning. I do not know if anyone in the Fleet is involved, but I thought only fair to warn any who were. If you happen to be employed anywhere on this planet, and your given task is to steal a shipment of contraband- don't.

[The glare she's giving the camera right now should provide aaaaaall the information anyone could possibly want about just why it's unwise. She also has the big metal spear she picked up back on the water planet with her, which can't possibly bode well. Looma with weaponry rarely does.]

This will be your only warning.

[That seems to be the only thing her conscience requires, so she'll reach over and shut off her comm device. Though as she has no idea how long it'll take for this trap to be sprung, she'll at least be good about answering.]

[B: Way Worse Than A Mimic]
Cut for length and also some violence/maiming )

[C: Some time later, locked to Sayid]

[Have an annoyed looking Looma on your screen, Sayid. Sure it's late, but she's your captain darn it and it's not like she hands out work often.]

I require your assistance. I do not expect it to take long.

[There's no "please" there, which shouldn't surprise him. Or anyone, for that matter. But at least she's not actually shouting orders at him, right?]
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Who: Hunk and EVERYONE~
Broadcast: Open, Fleet wide
Action: SS Heron
When: Today

[A - Network/Video]

[Oh man, not again. Being kidnapped by some unknown alien force really needed to stop happening. What are even the odds of that? Is there a card you can get stamped? And just in case waking up alone in this very stark room wasn't bad enough, his head was killing him. Probably from the alien lo-jack that he felt behind his ear. Or... that's what he assuming the bump was. But he could worry about that later. He needed to find the others.

Shaking off the headache he slipped off the bed to head for the door. It was eerily quiet as he entered the Hospitably Deck and he paused. The place looked abandoned. Oooookay. This isn't creepy at all. He scanned the area, searching for anything that remotely looked like control panel and made a b-line for it.

The feed flicked on to reveal the image of a young man wearing quite the colorful space suit. His expression brightened seeing that the video was going through.

There we go.... Hello? Lance? Guys? Is anyone picking up this transmission? This is Hunk, Yellow Paladin of Voltron and I have no idea where I am. I thought I saw a sign that said 'Hospitality Deck' but there doesn't seem to be anyone here. I'd at least expect cupcakes.

Except there is some smooth jazz playing in the distance somewhere? Which just makes me being alone even creepier.

If anyone is getting this, please respond.

[B - SS Heron Bridge]

[There was a sudden new surprise for the crew of the SS Heron. With a flash of confetti and the fanfare of tiny trumpets, a very confused looking Hunk was now standing in the middle of their bridge. He barely had time to send a broadcast let alone explore the previous ship he was on before he was whisked away again. Man, today just keep getting weirder.]

Hello? Anyone here?

[He picked the confetti from his hair as he scanned the room. Defiantly not on the Castle, but hey, its not galra either so... glass half full? And wait a second. Does his eyes deceive him? Was that a plate of chocolate pudding? It was that moment his stomach decided to make it's presence known. When was the last time he ate? Honestly, he couldn't remember which means it was too long. You know, you can't think when your tank is empty.

Sliding on over to the plate, Hunk picked up one of the small cups and was instantly filled with regret the moment its contents touched his lips. Blech! That wasn't chocolate! It was just paste to taste like chocolate which is just an insult to real chocolate! A wave of betrayal washed over his face as he stared down at the cup in his hands.

Great.... I'm missing food goo already.
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Who: Blue Fish crew and visitors
Broadcast: Possible
Action: Yep
When: Throughout the month

Iiiiit's a mingle!
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Who: Shay and you
Broadcast: Unfiltered, open to everyone!
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[A - Network]

Um, hello? [Just because she has the augment doesn't mean Shay trusts it completely, and she peers curiously at the video. A smile spreads across her face as she realizes it's working.] Ah! Hello! I am Shay, of Balmera. There are so many here from different worlds! I would be most interested to hear of your homes. I know little of worlds beyond my own and this seems a perfect chance to learn!

[She pauses, her smile fading in thought. She is a little lonely.] I heard rumor of Voltron... I would be most pleased to see you again.

[B - Action aboard the SS Blue Fish.]

[The newest passenger of the Blue Fish is happy to be here, too happy with admiring the stars to think about how far away from home she is. She's perched by a window, long legs drawn to her chest as she looks outside to admire the view. Every now and then, a long fingered hand reaches out to try to catch a passing comet or meteor. She's never seen them so close before, never been this close to space, and she's loving the opportunity.]
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Who: Eithan Paine and YOU!
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: the SS Blue Fish - proceed with caution
When: After the latest shuffle

( video - fleetwide )
[ He wants to stick to text. He's been crying, sobbing okay he'll admit it, since he found out. but... they deserve better than text. So Eithan sucks it up, collects himself long enough to turn on the video feed, and addresses the fleet. His eyes are typically red because of the whole demon thing, but well, now they're a completely different kind of red in addition. ]

For those of you who knew 'em... Belthazar Spellscry and Allen Walker are gone now. Looks like Atroma sent 'em back.

[ He looks like he wants to say more, but... He doesn't know what. Aside from: ]

... Miss 'em already, honestly.

[ Okay. That's probably enough. He turns off his camera, but leaves communication open, just in case anyone has anything to say. ]

( action - ss blue fish )
[ Eithan is very, very, very far from okay. First they take his best friend, then his other friends, then his crew and his boyfriend? Goddess...

Anyone who manages to find him near his room will get to see him moping, for very obvious reasons. He keeps picking up his guitar like he's gonna play something, anything, to take his mind off it, but he never manages to play anything for long. And with frustrated cursing, he'll just put the thing down and curl up on his bed instead - or pace through the hallways.

He stops by Belthazar's former room quite often. And he'll stare at the closed door, for longer than he really should, before he can bring himself to look away - usually with tears in his eyes all over again.

And for those who catch him in the cargo bay, he's currently got a bottle of rum, and he's sitting on the floor with his back against the ship wall, drinking straight from the bottle. There's a pack of cigarettes at his feet - for later. And he'll share, if anyone wants - booze or smokes. Or just company. ... Fuck, company would be great right now. .... Fuck. ]
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Who: Lance, you, and his buddies!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Planetside, closed to CR
When: July 28th

[A - Broadcast]

[Have a beaming, excited Lance. He isn't in his usual clothes; instead, he's rocking a blue otter onesie. And looks absolutely ecstatic to be wearing it. There's a box near him with what looks to be a whole bunch of skincare and hair care products as well.]

Okay, this sponsor drop thing? Awesome. I knew the audience was gonna like me. I guess they saw me discussing that my birthday was today, cause I wake up and bam, here's this box of stuff! And not useless stuff, either! This is actually the good stuff.

[Yay for stuff.]

A great to start to a great day.

[B - Action - Laser Tag]

[This was bound to be a fun activity, and Lance knows he's going to kick butt at it. After all, he's a sharpshooter. What better way for him to show off then a good ol' fashioned game of laser tag? Plus, there's a certain red paladin he needs to show up.

There are some assigned teams at first, mostly as to give him the aforementioned opportunity and to make sure not every game is stacked by having Lance and Kate on the same team. Later games have the teams randomized, however.

Have fun!]

[C - Action - Dinner]

[The games of laser tag are followed by an all you can eat buffet dinner. You can bet that Lance is going to try to eat his own weight in meat, even if his stomach is going to regret it later. It's also time for presents and cake!

Eat up. After the dinner, feel free to chill out in the restaurant or outside. It's a nice night out.]

[D - Action - Wildcard]

[Anything goes throughout the day!]
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Who: Vash and you
Broadcast: The type you regret in the morning!
Action: On the planet, Twin Roses, or The Space Bar
When: Backdated to July 21st

[When the fleet first arrives to the planet Vash for once doesn't look overly excited by finally reaching a populated area. Usually he's so excited to meet the locals and take in the sights. Those who spend a lot of time with Vash regularly may have noticed that his smile doesn't seem to reach as far or seem as genuine over the last few days.

It drops completely when the twinkling lights of the city come into view. It should be breath taking and beautiful, but they had to show up to a large city on that anniversary. Those who sampled the chocolate donut with sprinkles during Vash's calibration room may know that this is the anniversary of Lost July. The day Vash destroyed a city of millions.

Going to one of the food courts in a busy shopping center was a mistake. He thought being around a lot of people would help ease the nightmares of the destroyed city and the terrible silence that followed the destruction, but no, it only made it worse. Which may explain why Vash is sitting with an untouched hamburger in front of him as he grips his right arm tightly. He's not making a scene, but his eyes are starting to fill with tears and his mind has gone for a wander. He probably won't notice if someone walked up close to him right away.

As he is having literal nightmares at night. Luckily he doesn't wake up screaming, but the crew of the Twin Roses with good hearing may pick up that he has been waking up at different points at night with a loud gasp or shouts of STOP! or NO! in his room. He can only do so much to try to hide the tired eyes he has during the day. Or maybe Vash has accidentally fallen asleep in a common area and has suddenly sat bolt upright once someone walks into the room with him.

To try to distract his mind Vash will try to take up extra shifts at The Space Bar. Or if he's really not wanted in the kitchen he'll hang out and have a few drinks. He'll also take his drinking home to the Twin Roses as he feels like the drinking helps him sleep. To his credit he never drinks to the point of being obnoxious, but it will likely be noticeable he's drinking a bit more. Stupid rapid healing making it hard to stay buzzed.

Or at least most of the time he doesn't get completely drunk. There is the one time he drinks a bit too much and opens his communicator.]

Hey. [A long pause.] Do you ever think about big events that happened back on your planet. Maybe it was world changing or- or maybe it just changed your world--

[He trails off for a moment. What was he talking about?] And think about how none of the places we visit have ever heard of it. Life, it just goes on. I suppose that's a good thing...

[He's not drunk. You're drunk.]

✧ 03

Jul. 23rd, 2017 11:17 am
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Who: Kaidan Alenko
Broadcast: Fleetwide video
Action: The Space Bar/Iskaulit
When: Today

[Kaidan's not in here to drink, which seems like an odd choice, but it makes for a decent quiet neutral place to settle down and sort out the thoughts that have been rattling around for quite some time. The calibrations merely encouraged the notion he's had for some time. Sitting in a booth near the back he pulls up his comm]

Before everyone gets lost exploring this new planet, I wanted to bring up something that I've been thinking over lately. Well, pretty much since I got here, if I'm honest, but especially lately.

There's been a lot of people gathering information on Atroma...I missed out on our last opportunity for that and I don't think it was a coincidence, but in any case...I think our efforts might be a bit too scattered. It might help if we put out heads together, all at once, and figured out exactly what questions we should be asking and what we know so far.

[He glances aside, as if Atroma wasn't aware of everything going on on the network anyway] I'd also like to do more than just ask questions. Testing the limits of our cage, I guess you could say.

That's about as much as I should say over the comms, but I'm just saying...we should think about getting together. It's like trying to move a boulder - a group of people working together can accomplish what the same amount of people acting alone could ever do. I'm not saying we have to do this right now...but if you want to talk it over I'll be here on the Iskaulit for awhile. Maybe later we can make use of something a little more official, like the lecture hall. For now I just want to see who's interested.
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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Video! And open to everyone. Everyone.
Action: Anyone on the Bishop I guess? If they want?
When: Backdated to the 10th

[After seeing to her new captain-y obligations, and figuring out who the new people on the ship are, Looma's got some important business to take care of. Very important business. She's set her comm down and everything, and look at that she's still got her nicely wrapped little gift basket in one hand! Though it doesn't look like she's so much as opened it yet.]

It has not escaped my notice that our new hosts have provided us with gifts. And, as I know they are watching us, I believe it is only appropriate I express my gratitude as directly as possible.

[Which...involves opening an airlock for some reason. Okay. Oh, yep, she's just tossing her beautifully wrapped gift basket right on in there isn't she- and glaring so hard at the camera the entire time you'd swear she was trying to burn a hole in it. Once the door's sealed, it's just one angry button smash before the whole thing's just shot right out into space. Didn't even break eye contact, either.]

I trust that should suffice.
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Who: Allura and all the peoples! (Please?)
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: HS Marsiva
When: July 8th

[Network | The Hospitality Deck - July 8th]

[She awoke peacefully, for the first time since her awakening from cryo-stasis. She was slow to take in her new bedchamber, more concerned at her heart's reluctance to speed up over the foreign surroundings than the actual surroundings themselves. She wasn't alarmed - while uncertain where she'd landed herself, she was at least certain that the structures weren't Galran.

She was still clothed in her combat attire, which means they likely hadn't retired after their battle with Zarkon--and Hagaar. Before she allows her thoughts to drift too far she peers towards the hallway, where voices, though distant, can be heard.]

Pidge? Hunk? [She rises to her feet and makes her way into the hallway. As she wanders, she approaches the entrance to what appears to be...a resort?]

What on...[She mumbles to herself as she walks to the full-panel windows, gazing out into the star-filled spanse. She'll find the others in a moment - this isn't her first time being separated from them, she's certain they'll wander together in a matter of time. She looks down to her communicator and sees the option to query the network.]

Excuse me, [She offers a disarming smile, which always seemed to serve her well in her diplomacy missions, so hopefully it won't fail her now.]--ahem. I mean--[Eh-heh...] Well met, everyone. I am Princess Allura of the Altean race, ally and refuge for the Paladins of Voltron. I look forward to meeting with you all and offer my services in whatever capacity you may wish to utilize them.

[Well done, Allura! Off to a smooth start!]

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