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Who: Mikleo, OTA
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Huntress, Iskaulit
When: Now-ish!

( video; )

[The communicator comes on with a shaking motion, revealing a captain-sized bedroom decorated with various nerdery; those who've been there will recognize it as Mikleo's. That fact is fully cemented when the camera zeros in on Sorey, asleep on the bed with the sheets half-kicked. The communicator is juggled around, then back again, zooming in and out as if being played with by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. It's quiet for a long moment until at last a voice speaks up- young, maybe six or seven, sounding incredulous and very confused.]

How long... did I sleep...

[Sorey stirs then, and the voice yelps quietly and rolls off the bed, communicator turning off in the process.]

( action; huntress )

[There's a little boy wandering cautiously through the halls, poking into rooms if the door is unlocked, gawking at just about everything he sees. He'll be initially shy around strangers, especially any non-seraph and extra especially around humans, but he's a curious sort, so expect to be grilled for information once you prove to be harmless.]

( action; iskaulit )

[At some point he'll make his way over to the other ship, courtesy of one of his shipmates, and that's when the exploring really begins. He'll get into everything he possibly can in this place- every open and available room, every nook and cranny, even the accessible vents, here and there. He's in the library (oh, the library), the garden, the interfaith center, his water room. He's clearly not afraid to poke around unknown places, either.

Just like on the Huntress, the presence of others will make him wary, and humans (or those who carry some malevolence) will get double-caution out of him, but curiosity won't kill this cat. That's the idea, anyway.

Sorey's probably nearby, being the hovery-protective sort that he is, but that's mostly so any malevolence doesn't cause a problem. Mikleo's no longer protected through the sub lord pact, after all.

He may also be accompanied by a baby pengyon, toddling along behind him. Just because.]

((ooc: so yeah mikleo's de-aged for a while, thanks to an augment glitch! he's invisible on camera and his permissions for seeing him in person are here! by now he should be visible to his whole crew. ))
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Who: Allura and all the peoples! (Please?)
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: HS Marsiva
When: July 8th

[Network | The Hospitality Deck - July 8th]

[She awoke peacefully, for the first time since her awakening from cryo-stasis. She was slow to take in her new bedchamber, more concerned at her heart's reluctance to speed up over the foreign surroundings than the actual surroundings themselves. She wasn't alarmed - while uncertain where she'd landed herself, she was at least certain that the structures weren't Galran.

She was still clothed in her combat attire, which means they likely hadn't retired after their battle with Zarkon--and Hagaar. Before she allows her thoughts to drift too far she peers towards the hallway, where voices, though distant, can be heard.]

Pidge? Hunk? [She rises to her feet and makes her way into the hallway. As she wanders, she approaches the entrance to what appears to be...a resort?]

What on...[She mumbles to herself as she walks to the full-panel windows, gazing out into the star-filled spanse. She'll find the others in a moment - this isn't her first time being separated from them, she's certain they'll wander together in a matter of time. She looks down to her communicator and sees the option to query the network.]

Excuse me, [She offers a disarming smile, which always seemed to serve her well in her diplomacy missions, so hopefully it won't fail her now.]--ahem. I mean--[Eh-heh...] Well met, everyone. I am Princess Allura of the Altean race, ally and refuge for the Paladins of Voltron. I look forward to meeting with you all and offer my services in whatever capacity you may wish to utilize them.

[Well done, Allura! Off to a smooth start!]


Jun. 8th, 2017 09:54 pm
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Who: Alisha and your character
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva
When: 6/8


[ Alisha's seen a lot of things she thought might have just been impossible or nonexistent, but this definitely takes the cake. What she sees around her when she awakens is techonology that is completely and totally alien to her. It takes a while to relax a little after she wakes up, finally taking the time to address others when she's more aware of the situation.

When the device does turn on, it's quite close to her face - she looks to it for a moment or so before backing away, her voice quiet. ]
--It's on? I thank you for your help. [ She says quietly before blinking upwards at the person in front of her. ] It's close? I-- thank you. [ Her face flushes a light shade of pink before she places it at where it's farther from her. ]

... My apologies. [ She's not exactly used to the situation here. ]

Good afternoon.

I've been told about the situation here, and that others have been made captive to be in this "show" as well as myself. I may not be familiar with the technology here, but I want to offer whatever assistance I can to those here. Please, I'd like to know more about anything I can. ... What exactly do they mean by show? And have our captors showed themselves?

[ No one seems to know or want to tell her about them... It's cowardly for them to do something like this, only to hide themselves. ]

I thank you all for any information in advance.


[ For anyone who wants to run into her on the Marsiva, they'll find Alisha exploring what she can and taking in everything around her. Feel free to have your character bump into her! She'll likely look fairly lost, all things considering: but her goal is to find the armory. ]


Jun. 4th, 2017 01:09 am
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Who: Sorey || OTA
Broadcast: Video
Action: Iskaulit - Interfaith Center
When: after leaving the system

Quite a few of us have lost friends recently, even people we've considered family. Stefan Salvatore was one of those people. Some of you might know him as the familiar face of the Interfaith Center, always ready with a kind word or a helping hand for those in need.

He left the Center to Mikleo and I, and we'd like to carry on the tradition. I'm not as knowledgeable about religions as he is, but I'd like to help if there's anybody who'd like to use the Center to practice. If you don't have a faith, that's totally fine too; think of it more like a place where you can have some peace and quiet for your thoughts.

Oh yeah, and if you take your tea a certain way, please let me know. I'll do my best to have some ready when you come.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 06:09 pm
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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Heron
When: Now!

[One of the newest passengers of the fleet jerks out of the bed he'd woken on and slams back against the cold steel. On second glance, ignoring the quiet gasps for breath, one can see delicately pointed ears peeking through silver hair, along with wide grey eyes before the elf- yes, another one- holds his breath, then slowly exhales a shaky breath as he forces some meager semblance of calm. He frowns, gaze falling to the red light blinking at him, and places a hand over the screen, effectively ending the transmission.

Not that it lasts long, as just as Daeron regains some sense of self and begins to absorb some of the new knowledge running through his head, he's transferred to another ship! He shakes his head slightly, hands clenching as he finds himself staring at a room- the bridge- with another screen watching him. Judging him. Pain and grief touch his gaze before flowing away like water.

He steels his nerve after casting a glance over his shoulder towards the stars, and stares back at the screen with feigned calm, brittle enough that even a breath could shatter it.]

A minstrel among the stars has a certain ring to it. Is it a reward or a punishment, to be separated from worlds of green and living water and air?
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Who: John Laurens
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit, specifically Space Bar
When: Right the heck now.

[John can be found, as usual, in the place where alcohol is served. He's all about that. Today he's also all about something else -- specifically, drawing. He picked up a notebook planetside, and he's idly doodling things from home. Some pages are torn out and sitting beside him -- a Southern plantation house, a picture of a young dark-haired man in a Continental army uniform, flowers, turtles, all sorts of things. He looks a little wistful as he picks up the nearby drink and takes a sip.]

Yo. So maybe it's cause I'm feelin' a little homesick, an' I figured some of y'all might be too. If anyone's around, come an' tell me about your homes! Or do it here, too, I ain't all that picky. What you miss, who you miss, all that. I feel like I should get t' know more people.

[There's a beat.] Oh yeah, an' since I didn't really introduce myself when I first got here--name's John Laurens, lately of South Carolina. Pleased to meet all of ya.
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Who: Dezel and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Malum only.
When: Evening.


[The voice that graces the communicators isn't a frequent one. It's low and rough, belonging to a man who has lost something dear to him yet again. Even so, the consonants are clinical. He doesn't sound like the sort of guy who wastes time.]

For those who knew him, Sora's gone.

[He's checked every asteroid, the party, god, even some other ships. He came up empty. He runs his thumb invisibly over the wayfinder Sora made for him way back when-- a good luck charm for the seraph with incredibly bad luck.

There's never enough time.]

Maybe he'll be happy at home. Who knows.

[He doesn't know what else to add, so he just shuts off the feed and goes to work.]

[action at the Malum] )
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Who: Anyone attending the Ball!
Broadcast: If you’d like.
Action: Orfwyn Dreadhorse’s personal asteroid
When: May 12th - 13th …. 14th if you really like to party.

Welcome to the biggest party of the season! Grab a date, dress up to the nines, and get ready to party the night away! In other words, it’s a mingle! Feel free to make a top level with any prompts or styles you prefer.

Get the Details! )
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Who: Edna and You
Broadcast: Oh yes
Action: on the Marsiva
When: today


[Being warm and comfortable is nice for half a second, but Edna has never needed to sleep in her life. Sure, resting is great and all, especially after a long and hard fight, but still not necessary. And waking up has never been difficult for her. Until now.

She rolls over and stretches, a booted foot sticking out of the blankets as her gloved hand covers a yawn that would put a man five times her size to shame. One blue eye cracks open before the other and she slowly rotates her head over.

And sees a black sky sprinkled with stars. Too many stars. That's when she sits up and looks around, frowning as she sees the sterile metal....things everywhere.]

Where's my mountain?

[Her hands pat around her, looking for her umbrella, and come up empty. Her voice and face definitely let anyone who can see her over the comm know that she is Not Happy. Sadly all that comes through is her voice, and the movements she makes on the bed. So, beware of ghosts.]

Alright, Meebo, you can give my umbrella back. You have five seconds.


[For those with high spiritual resonance, they will see a tiny girl who is stomping around the Marsiva, looking as if she can murder anything or one who gets in her way. Her footsteps are much heavier than someone of her size should be able to generate, but that's not stopping her.]
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Who: Sorey, Mikleo, & visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: On the Huntress, elsewhere as needed
When: today!

The SS Hotmess has been sans a captain or first mate for a few weeks now, and they've had some fascinating dreams of home. Suffice to say, it's reunion time.
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Who: Sora and YOU
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Huntress
When: Today!

[Sora seems to be in a pretty good mood when he turns on the video]

That planet was something else, wasn't it? I'm used to swimming, but I don't think I ever swam around that much before! It was fun, but pretty tiring. But I'm glad we could help those people!

Anyway, I got so busy that I kinda forgot that my one year anniversary was a few weeks ago. So...that's a thing! Does anyone know what you're supposed to do for that? I feel like something should be done.

Oh- and one last thing! Sorey! I got this strange message this morning. It says that you're my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. How about that, huh?
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Who: Mikleo, Sorey, & Zaveid
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Huntress
When: The day of Eizen's arrival

[Mikleo had really been hoping to avoid telling Sorey what that this conversation is almost certainly going to reveal, at least until it feels like he's more prepared for it, but as usual fate has other ideas about what ought to happen. With Eizen's arrival and subsequent outbursts about Sorey, the Shepherd mythos, and Edna's involvement, there's no feigning ignorance anymore. Eizen's reaction and accusations will surely result in too many unanswered questions for Sorey to keep quiet about it.

He has no intention of lying, but at the core of the matter is the fact that it isn't he who has any right to explain things to Sorey. It's Zaveid's, and he hasn't been responding to anything openly- not to Eizen's arrival, and not to any messages Mikleo's tried to send him, either. His room was locked and silent. They're going to have to tackle this as a team. That's why he's waiting for Sorey's return from the Iskaulit in the docking bay area, seated on a cargo box, fingers tapping idly against the metal to distract himself from the worry threatening to overwhelm him.

Will Sorey be okay? Will Zaveid? How the hell are they going to deal with this without someone falling apart in the process?]
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Who: Sansa Stark and you!
Broadcast: Text, fleetwide.
Action: Blue Fish and Iskaulit
When: Today

Even the Fleet can be a harrowing and disquieting place at times, despite how fond we might become of our ships and our associates. I find I cannot escape the frayed nerves I felt during the raid last month. [ margaery might be gone, but even now sansa is taking cues from her braver friend. she writes in months, now, and not in moons. just as marge had done. ]

In times of trouble, what helps you feel most safe? Secure? I meditate -- but it's been helping little and less. [ ... ] Is it shameful and craven that I should rely upon my family and my fellow crew so much and so often? I fear that without them I would be all at sea.

Will a familiar face accompany me to the Iskaulit, today? I haven't been in ages and I miss the gardens.

[ today is one of sansa's better days. she's sitting in a common area with a bit of busywork stretched across her lap. ser allen had asked for some alterations to be made of his wardrobe, and she's found solace in this distraction. while she sews, she hums: old hymns from home. sansa hasn't done much singing in the more-than-a-year since her arrival, but it turns out her voice is sweet and accomplished.

she greets the crew when they pass by. heavens help us all, she smiles when they pass. ]

[ after a comfortable reconnaissance with an able escort, sansa returns to the iskaulit in the evening -- or for whatever passes as evening when you're sailing through the stars. she goes cloaked and with her heart set upon a more solitary visit to the gardens now that she's proven to herself she can step foot upon it again. but her communications device is gripped tightly in hand should she witnesses any lions while she prays -- kneeling in the narrow aisle of a garden that's more pragmatic than anything else. even so, it'll have to do.

and when she's done she steals her way through the quieter corridors on the iskaulit. she's such a rare sight in these halls that it wouldn't be unusual to mistake her for a newer member of the fleet. ]
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Who: Velvet Crowe and You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: aboard the SS Red Fish
When: right after the Shuffle

[Velvet had woken up in one strange tin can and had only just started to get her bearings when she was suddenly transported to another strange tin can. This isn't how she was expecting today to go.

She stumbles a little but manages to catch herself, oblivious to the fanfare that signals her arrival.]


[She takes a moment to steady herself, shaking her head to clear it. She blinks, focusing on her surroundings, trying to make sense of things.]

...Is that pudding?

[Where does pudding fit into all this? And that's not even mentioning the confetti. Actually she hasn't even noticed that yet, or the fact that a lot of it has fluttered into her hair. She looks pretty festive for someone so cranky.]
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Who: Eizen & You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide video.
Action: Aboard the Marsiva.
When: Right now boi.

[ There is very little worse than waking in an unfamiliar place, disorientated, confused, and incredibly disgruntled. Still that he can't remember ever going to sleep, he doesn't need sleep so why did he... Eizen shifts groggily attempting to get out of the bed he found himself in - only to come crashing down on the cold hard floor.

With his elbow landing on the device the feed flicks on just in time to see and hear the blond hair man curse loudly, sharp jarring pain shooting up his arm. Growling he pushes himself up to sit leaning against the side of the bed, hand reaching up to holding his still swimming head. ]

Where the hell...? Zaveid?

[ He can remember that the idiot had been with him, that they spent the evening drinking and talking as the world continued on around them unaware. ]

If this is some kind of joke I'm not laughing.

( ooc: !!!PLEASE NOTE!!! Eizen will not show up over the network, however you'll still be able to hear his voice!! Please enjoy the riveiting imagery of the Marsiva's walls and maybe part of a bed. Also please make sure to head over here and fill out this for me as well! Thanks friends! )
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: Anywhere on Mafik
When: The month of March

[Welcome to Mafik, the water world! Hope you brought your best swimming gear and don't have a paralyzing fear of water, because that's all that's here! So get out those wet suits and enjoy life under the sea!

In other words, it's a mingle! ]

> System Information


Feb. 23rd, 2017 09:46 pm
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Who: Rey
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A, though if you really want to, she's on the Bloodsport.
When: Thursday night.

What's your experience with relationships? Do you take them seriously or are they just for fun? What about sexintimacy?

I've never really had anyone to talk to about these things. I'm nineteen and I feel like I should know more than I do.

[Why can't she make this private? Her face is burning and she rolls onto her side to hide her face against her pillows for a moment.]

I don't think watching desert animals courting and mating prepares me for anything.

[And she really doesn't like being ill-informed.]

06 - video

Feb. 23rd, 2017 05:34 pm
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Who: Winn Schott and you
Broadcast: Video
Action: Tourist
When: Friday

[ there's something off about winn when the feed turns on. something different from all his other broadcasts. it may take a second to spot it but once you realize what it is it becomes glaringly obvious: there's not a hint of happiness anywhere on his face. his eyes, his lips, his nose, it looks like every last bit of joy has been drained from his features, so even when his lips do stretch lightly upwards, despite his dry eyes it feels more like watching him sob than seeing him smile. ]

Margaery's gone home. [ he has no way of knowing that. she could have been kidnapped to another world, one where she would have no protective big brother to introduce her to superheroes and feminism, to embroider with her and teach her science. but he chooses to hang onto that thought, to believe that she's gone back to the family he knows she so desperately missed despite never letting her pain show. he clears his throat. ] If any of her friends wanna come by for a toast and some stories, I'll be on the Tourist all day.

[ he has been on the tourist since he realized she disappeared, curled up in his bed, shut down. this is the most he's said since, and it feels almost like an outer body experience. he clears his throat again, and nods at the camera before killing the feed. ]
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Who: Leliana
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: Planetside
When: Now

[Leliana decided to make this with a purpose and an idea in mind. When the feed turns on, she can be found wearing some light armor and gloves, holding a bow in her hands.]

It has come to my attention that perhaps my expertise with a bow and other weapons might be useful, should the need to defend ourselves ever arise again. I reside aboard the Blue Fish as one of her security officers and I believe, by extension, it is my duty to not only defend the ship, but to make sure her inhabitants and those of other ships can defend themselves properly.

Should anyone with inexperience with knives or bows wish it, I am willing to lend my services. I extend this particularly to the women aboard the fleet, purely because it has come to my attention there are some who do not find base means of defense accessible to them.

[Lookin' at you, Robb Stark.]

I do have some experience with a sword and shield, but I find myself willing to leave that in Riona Cousland's expert hands and I am sure she would be more than happy to lend tutelage in that realm of expertise should anyone ask her of it directly.

[She clears her throat a bit.]

There is a small matter of where I might find a suitable place to teach, but I will come to that when a decent interest is shown. Thank you, for your time, and I do hope others who feel eager to learn will come forward soon.
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Who: Maglor and YOU! Also Maedhros is likely around somewhere
Broadcast: Video from one of the planet Mine sites
Action: Forges!
When: Anytime during this stop

I must say the good folk of this stop are very kind - they have allowed my brother and I use of the mines and forges here in exchange for some trading. My brother and I are going to be working on some proper swords - if anyone else is inclined to a bladed weapon, we are happy to make you one as well.

Grandfather, Fingon, you needn't ask, but your help in the forges would be invaluable - Maedhros and I manage, of course, but neither of us are... what we were. And we have neither Father, nor Curvo, nor Tylepe here to point out everything we are doing wrong!

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