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Who: moana and you
Broadcast: yes
Action: paisley
When: post shuffle!


[after nearly a week spent on the marsiva, the transition to the paisley's deck is disorienting and sudden. with a shake of her head to clear away any remaining dizziness, she runs a hand over her hair quickly to clear it of any lingering confetti. once that's done, she looks down at the pudding with a frown, and that's when she notices someone. whether it's footsteps coming her way, seeing something out of the corner of her eyes, or hearing a voice calling out to her, her reaction is basically the same. still startled and tense from the sudden change of scenery, she instinctively whirls towards the noise and raises the pudding cup as if she's going to throw it - only to stop when she sees it's just another person. after a moment of pause:]

Um, hey there! I wasn't going to throw it at you, I was just—

[this is fine.]


If the green light means it's on... Ha! Got it.

[at some point, after someone shows her the basic function of the communicator, these are the first words to come out of her mouth as she stares down at the camera.]

I was told to talk into this. Can anyone really hear me? [A pause.] If there is anyone listening, I think I understand what's going on, but if anyone can give me the whole explanation - please?

And, if anyone from Motunui can see this - Mom, Dad, Grandma... I'm looking for you! I obviously haven't found you yet, but hopefully that'll change soon.
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Who: Rip Hunter and you?
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Marvisa
When: Apr 14; midday-ish

[No doubt it's a story that's been heard before: boy meets timeship, boy takes over protecting history after blowing up the people who used to do it, boy gets brainwashed (twice), boy gets rescued, boy is left to try and figure out who he even bloody is anymore. Yet for all the things that have not hold steadfast in Rip's life as of late, certain rules remain seemingly unbreakable. Chief among them (and most relevant, in this instance), is that nothing will ever go according to Rip Hunter's plan. It's rather unfair, really. He hasn't even decided what he intends to do, and now here he is, waking up in the middle of God-knows-where that's neither his jumpship nor the Waverider.

Bloody hell.

So he does as anyone might when they've apparently been kidnapped: goes for his gun. Of course it's not there, shock and surprise, leaving Rip patting his pockets and trying to figure out what, beyond an empty holster, he's been left with. Some personal items, what he had on him that he can last remember, but nothing resembling the weapons he suspects would be so terribly useful in this situation. Yet despite every indication that he's been stolen away against his will, Rip has also been granted a surprising amount of freedom. He doesn't seem to be locked within any one room, and the accommodations are cozier than most other brigs he's seen.

Not that it gives him any greater desire to stay there, mind. It's just worth noting. And now that he has noted it, Rip gets to work. Finding a communication panel is rather easy—perhaps distressingly so, if he thinks about it, so instead Rip sets about to trying to find a way to hail the Waverider, to figure out where he is, or when he is, or anything else at all that might be useful.

It goes about as well as can be expected—although he can send out a message, it's not going to go anyplace he wants it to. The transmission starts right about the time his shoulders sag with this realization, his eyes not focused on the camera but instead on whatever display is giving him the bad news. In the meantime, enjoy the view of a frustrated British guy wearing a long duster?]

…Bollocks [Oh, right, broadcasting. Rip finally looks towards the screen—towards whomever might be viewing this, trying to decide if it's even worth saying anything. He's got one hand braced against the wall, his finger tapping the surface impatiently before he decides that really, there's not much left to lose at this point anyway. It's not like the persons responsible don't already know he's there.]

Right, yes. And--hello, I suppose. [It's about as unhappy a greeting as one might expect, given the circumstances.] I'd apologize for being a bother, but since I've somehow been brought to this place entirely against my will, whoever's responsible just brought it upon themselves, haven't they?

I'll keep it short then. My name is Rip Hunter, and I would really. really, like to have a word with those in charge of—whatever this is. [No small operation, given the scale of it. Not only is the room itself impressively sized, but the technology is noteworthy. Automated, from a time seemingly closer to Rip's own than most he's been in lately. He rests a hand against the wall, leaning into his arm as he taps his fingers against the hard surface. If he's in a facility seemingly made to house so many—

Then perhaps he's not the only one to have found himself someplace new without explanation.]
Or anyone else who might be able to offer answers, assuming there are others out there. Either way, you can probably guess what I want to know.

[What anyone would like to know when they've been taken prisoner, most likely. Rip gives the camera a final look, then ends the transmission.

Well. He did say he was going to keep it short.]
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Who: Eithan and YOU!
Broadcast: YES! Fleetwide
Action: Blue Fish cargo bay, if you want.
When: RIGHT NOW. (4/7)

[ Hey, another Eithan broadcast! Selfie-style again~ Why not. He's in the cargo area on the Blue Fish, and there's a box next to him. Uh oh, looks like someone got a sponsor drop. ]

So... I got a box. [ He jerks his head toward it, as if it needs pointing out. ] And I don't know why, and I don't know what's in it. And hell, I'm bored enough, probably don't really have that much to lose, so! What the hell - why not open it on camera? Let's see what the hell's in this thing.

[ He nods at the camera on his device, before setting it down and angling it so that he can properly show off this thing's contents when its open. Which just so happens to be... a bunch of coffee mugs! ]

... Huh. Well, that's cool, I mean, I do kinda live off coffee most of the time, so sure.

[ He picks one up, and his eyebrows immediately raise when he reads what's on the side. ]

'Number One Sire'...? What the f--...

[ He trails off as he picks up the note sitting beside the box full of mugs, reads it... and then, he prompltly bursts into laughter. He holds the note up to the camera, for all the world to see: "Eithan is Stefan's sire!"

He drops the note, now that he's pretty much doubled over laughing. But he eventually collects himself long enough to address the camera again, red eyes practically shining with mischief and a fiendish smirk on his face. Oh, he's gonna have fun with this one. ]

Hey, Stefan... looks like someone thinks I bit you at some point.

[ He grins, clearly far too amused by this. Of course, having literally just pointed out the whole vampire thing himself, those fangs of his are probably all the more noticeable. ]
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Who: Starstruck crew and guests!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the Starstruck
When: All of April

[ oi, crew! we've got some upgraded bathrooms this time 'round, so enjoy your extra hot water! and a comfier tub! and some privacy curtains in the changing area, thank goodness. everyone please remind max to actually use the curtains, of course. (right after you remind him to shower!)

mingle away, starstruckers! don't forget you can still toy around with some of the rumours! ]


Apr. 6th, 2017 12:37 pm
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Who: Allen Walker
Broadcast: Voice and Text;
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[For anyone who hasn't heard from Allen in a couple months, his voice sounds different- older and slightly deeper. Someone's been using those aging upgrades okay.]

Excuse me, but I'm looking for someone who is skilled with repairing swords. I received a sword from that last world that has a lot of sentimental value to me, but for some reason it was sent in pieces. [Yeah, that sure is annoyance in his voice]

I'd be happy to pay well for the repair. Thank you.

[The broadcast ends there, but sure enough, some text rumors appear at the end of the message, unbeknownst to Allen, who had not paid attention to the post when he submitted it.]

Allen Walker dyes his hair white to be edgy.
Allen and Clay are kinky in the bedroom.
Walker really is Texan, the British accent is an act for a secret ranger mission.
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Who: Eugene Woods ([personal profile] survivalistcookbook) and Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] stefanged)
Broadcast: n/a
Action: the Wonderduck
When: Now

Points for creativity? )
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Who: Beverly Crusher, Ezri Dax, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Pavel Chekov - and you, should you like to stop by!
Broadcast: video
Action: Málum
When: April 5

[So Beverly may or may not have taken a few tequila shots. And she may or may not be quite drunk and affectionately effusive about... everything. Thus she has something Very Important to tell the Fleet, which she does from inside Málum with some of her Starfleet companions around. Thankfully, one of them is holding the camera or this feed would be a lot more intolerably shaky.

It's also one of the rare times you'll find her in her Starfleet Uniform.]

Today! [Beverly claps her hands together.] Today is an important holiday back home - First Contact Day! It marks the time when humans finally launched the first spaceship powered by warp drive and that was also the same day we met the Vulcans. [She frowns, her thoughts coming more slowly than is usual.] I don't think we've had any Vulcans here in the fleet, unless it was a long time ago before I came. Which is really weird when you stop to think about it, that there's been Humans and Cardassians and Trill but no Vulcans. Or anybody else really. Vulcans kind of look like elves so I've often wondered if maybe they are but just so many universes removed that it's not quite the same.

[Clearly someone is giving her A Look from behind the camera and she points an admonishing finger at them.]

I'm getting there! [She straightens up and pats her hair, getting back into "lecture" mode.] What probably many of you don't know, is that I saw all of this, first hand, the last time I went home. You see there were the Borg - only we're not going to go into them because this is supposed to be a celebration - and they were trying to go back in time to ruin the warp ship so the Vulcans wouldn't come down to see us so of course we had to go stop them even though we're not supposed to time travel - and for good reason too, it's a pain in the ass. One time Mark Twain followed us onto the Enterprise and it was this whole thing though I guess it worked out all right in the end because then he wrote A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court so that's good. And he really was very nice and understanding of why he couldn't tell anyone what he saw.

[Another pause as she tries to figure out why she started talking about Mark Twain. Ah! Right!]

So anyway we had to go back in time to stop the Borg and so we met Zefram Cochrane who invented the warp drive and he was completely not like any of us expected and you know, sometimes they say you shouldn't meet your heroes? We'd all been taught about what a great genius he was, and that's true, but I guess they didn't really want to mention in the history books that he really liked to party and building the ship wasn't some noble, selfless endeavor to advance science - it was a difficult time in human history, and he needed the money. But that's the beautiful thing isn't it? People are complicated and may not always be what you expect but they still can do great things. And that's really what First Contact Day is about, celebrating the amazing things we've already done and the things we'll do in the future too. Together.

[This nerd, y'all. You should come party with her.]
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Who: opal and you!
Broadcast: text
Action: goldstone if you so desire
When: some ungodly hour of the night

guess who's super bored again??? it's me and i'm ignoring 100% of these stupid rumors so whateverrrr

which means it's time for truth or dare, so hit me with whichever you want and i'll give you something and then vice versa or whatever i guess

if you choose dare you're legally required to use the video function to prove it though

[ooc: unbeknownst to her (for the moment), opal is under a compulsive honesty augment glitch! so if she seems much more truthful than normal, that's probably why.]
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Who: Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] stefanged), Kitty Pryde ([personal profile] passingthrough), Sokka ([personal profile] alwayscomesback), Jennifer Keller ([personal profile] forsometimenow), Charles Xavier ([personal profile] axiomed), Beverly Crusher ([personal profile] dancingmd), Clay Terran ([personal profile] geonomy)
Broadcast: closed to those listed above
Action: n/a
When: right now

[aizawa's got the 7AM homeroom lecture voice on lock] All right, I've included everybody who expressed interest in teaching at this proposed school on Uraraka Ochako's vlog post...or whatever she's calling it.

Please feel free to discuss and ask questions of each other here, I am by no means in charge of literally anything. [that was ochako's fault, the little shit.] I thought it might be a good idea to organize so this isn't a shitshow. [and so the kids aren't expected to do everything.]

There're some questions down below that I think we could stand to answer so we can get a good idea of each other's experience and areas of expertise, as well as get to know each other as people. While this obviously isn't going to be a conventional school setup, I don't think we should avoid taking this at least a little seriously; some volunteer students will undoubtedly be attending in an effort to regain a sense of normalcy. Think of it as lowkey counseling services.

...that's all from me.


1. Name:
2. Age: (as relevant to species)
3. Subjects to teach:
3a. Level of Mastery
3b. Relevance to life on the Fleet
4. Prior Teaching Experience: (if any; tutoring counts, helping your kid brother with homework counts)
5. Comfort level when dealing with children: (age group most comfortable with, etc. looks like we have a variety of interest)
6. Anything I'm forgetting: (probably a lot)

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Who: Elena Gilbert
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Yes (on the hospitality deck of the Marsiva)
When: Now

[ Elena wakes with a start, her first thought being that she'd fallen asleep in one of the unused patient rooms. She rubs her arms with her hands, an attempt to chase away the chill and gives the room a good look. This isn't any room in the hospital. She puts her feet on the ground and stands. She's still dressed in the long-sleeved thermal top and blue scrubs she wears at work. She tucks a strand of her dark hair behind one ear.

Once she orients herself and does a little bit of exploring, she heads to one of the screens to browse the network and get a better grasp of this place. After that's done, she makes her own broadcast, giving the video screen a sheepish smile. ]

Hi, I'm Elena Gilbert. I just arrived and I've got no idea what to say here. Am I supposed to tell the class all about myself? I think I used to be good at this. [ She takes a deep breath then releases it. ] Whatever this is. I can honestly say this is my first time on a reality show though.

[ video ]

Apr. 4th, 2017 08:53 am
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Who: Kubo + You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Starstruck
When: Now

[ The video opens up to a boy kneeling on a mat, his shamisen on his lap. There are a few origami figures settled next to him. ]

So, I know that the Fleet gives us money and there's no reason for me to really work the way I used to. But I also don't want my skills to go to waste. Perhaps you would be willing to share me your story? A part of it, happy or sad, good or evil. You can change it or even make it up as you go.

Or maybe you could tell me what kind of stories you'd like to hear about? What makes your heart soar?

[ He strums on the shamisen lightly. ]

Help our stories grow.
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Who: Peggy Carter, some rumours, and you!
Broadcast: text, then video.
Action: y, aboard the starstruck.
When: today!

[ a message materializes on the network around midday: ]

Peggy Carter's got a veritable guy-pile of suitors: Edwin Jarvis, Max Rockatansky, Jason Wilkes, Jack Thompson, Howard Stark, Stefan Salvatore, Steve Rogers, Sam Winchester, James Barnes, Clint Barton, Daniel Sousa, and counting! How many more can you name?

[ and not long after (in a state of utter pique and dismay), that same network registers a rather heartfelt reaction -- but this time with accompanying wide-eyed video. ] Jack -- Jack Thompson? Un-bloody-likely. The only thing he's ever got his eyes on is the next greasy rung on the ladder. [ peggy scoffs, disgusted. ] As pranks go, this one's been truly shambolic. The first of April was days ago.

[ in a few hours, she'll enjoy her meltdown all over again when she finds a box of sponsor gifts in the cargo bay filled with stickers, each with a different so-called suitor's name scribbled into the blank space. all of them are filled in except for an ominous pile with an attached note: in case there's so many you start to forget their names. blanks included for any others that we might have missed. ]
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Who: Edwin Jarvis (fully grown up)
Broadcast: Video Fleetwide
Action: Starstruck, then Tourist
When: April 1st

[Action. SS Starstruck and then SS Tourist]

[Edwin of eight-and-three-quarters-years-old went to sleep on the 31st of March -- and when he woke up on the 1st, he was simply Mister Jarvis once more. He peeled his eyes open, looked around the room in a bit of a sleepy daze, and tried to remember what had happened the night before. It was a bit of a blur, but he remembers being rather short, and the longer he sits there the longer he pieces memories together.

... Oh dear, the clothes he had before don't fit.

.... Oh dear, he has no clothing.

He ties the bed sheet around his waist and considers how to escape the SS Starstruck without entirely embarrassing himself. This is the worst morning ever. And even worse... It's April 1st. Oh god above, one of the absolute worst days of the year.

Much later, when he is dressed, thank you very much, he will be on the Tourist making breakfast.

Clearly nothing happened and everything is back to normal! Hi guys have some scrambled eggs or protein-based pancakes. And goodness, let him just... sweep this floor... Have we been doing the laundry? How's the dusting gone? Is the dishes all washed?]


[Also, let him just remind everyone he's totally back to normal.]

I've returned from a rather... unwanted vacation. Thank you to everyone who endured my younger self and treated me kindly. And I apologize for any work I may have missed at The Space Bar, but rest assured, I'm very excited to be tall and capable of making my own meals that don't end in burnt crusts and tears. Still... it was... strange to remember oneself from thirty years ago so clearly now. I admit, there are things coming back to me I was sure I had lost in the haze of aging.

... Utterly bizarre. It's... actually nice to remember faces from then with such clarity.

I shall not regret it.

[Ehem. Anyway.]

To the point. If any practical jokes are played today at my expense for the holidays...

I'll have you know a butler is very good at finding divine retribution.

[This smile says he can do terrible things despite his kind and polite personality.

It's a little frightening.

Also, his room now has a cute little teddy named Mr. Tottles. He shall never throw him out.]

... And all rumors you here are hearsay and complete lies.

[... Feel free to have heard whatever odd rumor from the event regarding Jarvis.]
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Who: Sora and YOU
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Huntress
When: Today!

[Sora seems to be in a pretty good mood when he turns on the video]

That planet was something else, wasn't it? I'm used to swimming, but I don't think I ever swam around that much before! It was fun, but pretty tiring. But I'm glad we could help those people!

Anyway, I got so busy that I kinda forgot that my one year anniversary was a few weeks ago. So...that's a thing! Does anyone know what you're supposed to do for that? I feel like something should be done.

Oh- and one last thing! Sorey! I got this strange message this morning. It says that you're my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. How about that, huh?
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Who: Kate Bishop and YOU.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Aboard the Blameless, as well as in Málum aboard the Iskaulit.
When: Today.

So I know I'm not the only one here who can boast both some experience and frustration with alternate worlds, dimensions, timelines, so on and futzing so forth. [ kate hits the network like she hits the ground: running. no hello, no hi, no how-do-you-do. ]

But, uh, I figured it might be good to gather some intel from people outside my little social circle. Personally, I've counted no fewer than six different versions of home. Including mine, but not including any other generally Earth-based worlds. I'm talking we had mutual acquaintances in common, but details were...different. Shout out to anyone who can identify me a seventh. It's like Pokemon at this point: gotta learn'em all.

What about the rest of you? Are other worlds a thing where you're from? A fact of life? Or are they pretty much the stuff of sci-fi -- culty, but soon to be a blockbuster reboot on a big screen near you?

Hawkeye, out.

[ -- and with that, she kicks back and waits to discuss the existential can-o-worms she just opened. part of it is almost masochistic, because she knows how little she doesn't want to learn about yet another world where the avengers exist, but she doesn't.

to take her mind off things, kate heads for her shift at málum over on the iskaulit. but something', tonight. usually a paragon of coordination and balance, she's been breaking a lot of glasses tonight. futz, that's gonna come out of her pay. it puts her in a foul mood, so patrons can expect a bit of petulant surliness with their drinks. ]
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Who: Crew and Guests of the Paisley
Broadcast: no
Action: SS Paisley
When: throughout the rest of March

[Time for a mingle, Paisleys!]


Mar. 3rd, 2017 03:57 pm
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[The audio feed rattles to life with a blare of feedback, and the voice that comes through is bright, cherry, and possibly familiar to a few.]

Gooood morning, outer space! I'm pleased to announce that I've just taken over your fleet. You can call me Your Majesty, or Supreme Overlord, or Beyoncé. One of the three. Mom jeans and aerobic dance are officially outlawed, and nothing is allowed to start before noon.

Kay, thanks. Beyoncé out.
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Who: Tina Belcher and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Paisley
When: March 2nd

[Tina is humming a small tune to herself when she turns on the broadcast; there's a crate on the floor of the Paisley's cargo bay labeled "TINA BELCHER" on the floor, which she displays before turning the camera on herself.]

Uhm, I found this on my ship this morning and I assume it's one of those sponsor gifts so I thought I'd do a little unboxing video since it's my first one. I wonder what's inside? Let's find out.

[She resumes humming as she opens up the crate. There's a stack of cans inside, which from the top look rather like cans of Spam.]

... did they really send me a bunch of Spam? I'm not sure I'm going to eat any of it, but okay... [Frowning, she picks up one of the cans, then lets out a horrified gasp, for the label reads-]

CANNED UNICORN MEAT?? Who would... why would...

[The groan that issues from her mouth before she cuts off the broadcast can probably be heard throughout the ship. Sorry, Paisley.

If she or any of the crew ends up actually opening the cans, some of them will have plush unicorns inside, like the linked product, while others will have Floot Brand Potted Meat Food. It's labeled as being halal, but does it contain actual unicorn? The world may never know~]

◉ Video

Feb. 27th, 2017 11:55 am
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Who: Clint Barton
Broadcast: Video from Clint's room aboard the First Breath.
When: Now.

[People of the First Breath, I hope you like Blur's Song 2, because in the last 48 hours Clint finally decided to pick at the the media files on the Atroma network. He's been listening to this song through the speakers on his communication device at what he believes is a respectable volume, and while it hasn't been playing on repeat, it has been playing multiple times an hour for the last little while.

So when he begins this broadcast it's to the sound of a disembodied voice singing Yeah Yeah. Ohhh yeah, and the dying final chord of that same song announces Clint's message like some sort of unorthadox fanfare.]

Where have I heard that song before? Blur, Song 2. It in a commercial or something?

Can't get it out of my head.

But I can get it in there. Which is - great. Got my hearing back a while ago. Pair of working hearing-aids courtesy of Cisco Ramon and Winn --... somebody. Winn and Cisco. Well, and Kate. Thanks, Kate and Winn and Cisco. I'm not trying to make some sort of announcement though - that's not what this is about. I'm just asking, you know that list of books and movies and things on the network? Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried going through it all in order but there are some wacko things in there. That list of Abominations? I dunno.

[He shakes his head and glances off-camera toward where his door would be, but the distraction is momentary.]

Maybe some day, but for now I was wondering if anyone else has read or watched or heard any of the stuff on there, and if you've got any suggestions.

Oh, and Atroma. If you're listening: just one episode of I Love Lucy? That's cold, even for you.
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Who: Sansa Stark and YOU
Broadcast: Y, fleetwide
Action: Blue Fish
When: Today

Dear friends. [ some lies are kindly told. like this one, wherein she counts only a few souls in the fleet as friends but it's only polite to address the whole lot with warmth and generosity. especially when she's asking for help. and especially when there are lions in the tall grass. ]

I need a recipe for baklava -- I do not think anyone eats it where I come from. But someone dear to me who has long since left the fleet used to bring baklava every week. And we would enjoy it together. I should like to have some again but the cook on this ship needs to know how it's made. Please -- I promise the information will go to good use, although some cooks must covet their kitchen's secrets.

[ sansa approaches her broadcast with steel in her spine: hands folded in her lap; hair brushed until it shines. if there are enemies recently shuffled onto ships, then she must let them know she is comfortable here. she is protected. after surviving the raid, she realizes her days of hiding must be numbered.

as an afterthought, she adds a bit of mercy. a gesture of peace for jeyne: ]
Or if there are other recipes you have and want to share, you may do so. My good-sister is new to her duties and I think it would be a kindness to provide her with fresh dishes.

[ ordinarily, in the evening, she would go to the garden on the iskaulit to 'pray' -- but with the news of recent arrivals, she's too skittish to leave the blue fish. instead, she stays on ship and prays in her quarters. sansa kneels on the floor and props her elbows on her mattress. as much as it's become an act (a performance!) she still feels compelled to go through the motions. it's like meditating. ]

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