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    [ Calibration Rooms ]
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    Before you post your toplevel comment, please:
    1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. A-M names comment here, and N-Z names go to the other post.
    2. Make a note in your comment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
    3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
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    youdontneedapictureofme: (15)
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    Who: Maggie and YOU
    Broadcast: yes
    Action: aboard the Goldstone
    When: now?

    [Maggie had only been absent for what was a couple days, upon looking through prope channels to access such a thing. All the same she knows that physically she is both the same as when she left the fleet and different from when she was last home. When she addresses the network, she has one hand over her stomach, still feeling lost in the absence of the child she and Glenn had wanted. Clearly that wasn't to be any more.

    Clearing her throat, Maggie pushes her bangs out of her face before speaking. Her hair was long again and would need to be cut. Perhaps a project for Enid once again, or someone else. There were still so many thoughts in her head that hair was the last thing on her mind.

    I, uh, I got to experience that whole deep sleep thing I've heard about - where some people come back different than what they were or rememberin' things that they didn't know before. I just wanted to let folks know that I'm back - specifically my crew. I'll still answer questions but I think I'll just keep my Lab work to my room for now. I... I could use some time to process, I guess. Or wake up.

    [Because she still feels as if she's woken up into a nightmare, but at least she's a bit more at peace than if things had just happened. She's had time to grieve and to think her next steps through.]

    If anyone needs anything important, please let me know.

    Private Message: Enid

    Hey. I'm sorry about before. About not knowing you. I remember now. All of it, actually.

    [She takes a breath, trying to calm the flow of thoughts still circling about.]

    Could you cut my hair again? If that'd be alright by you.

    Private Message: Daryl


    [She takes a less steady breath than when she'd messaged Enid, feeling her eyes burn somewhat.]

    Daryl, can we please talk?

    [She was hoping he'd let her talk to him, so that the two of them could sort things out together.]

    Or maybe I could just come visit an' sit with you a while. I haven't been able to hear how you're settling in. Sorry, I- some things happened, thanks to the Atroma, but I'm alright.
    this_loser: (neutral looking up awe)
    [personal profile] this_loser
    Who: Prompto Argentum, Yuuri Katsuki
    Broadcast: No
    Action: Iskaulit
    When: May 26

    [Prompto has been desperate for space. Not outer space - room space. He needs to move. The Bishop is okay, but it's not ideal. And anyway, he hasn't made much effort to get to know his crewmates. He doesn't want to annoying them with his constant bouncing and shuffling. The treadmill in the cargo hold lasted all of three days before the boredom got to him.

    Which is how he finds himself on the Iskaulit. It's much bigger, and that's perfect.]


    [He picks an out of the way area to do a little warm-up stretching. It would be nice to run - and not because something was trying to kill him.]
    spacebro: (Amused - Warm)
    [personal profile] spacebro
    Who: Mon-El, Kara, and Takeshi
    Broadcast: N/A
    Action: Asteroid & Goldstone
    When: While still at the asteroid belt

    [Action: Closed to Kara - Asteroid]
    [Strolling along one of the nicer asteroids, pleasantly full from a meal large enough that it may have worried the restaurant owners. He is walking side by side with Kara and while it still doesn't seem real that Winn is just gone, he's having a pretty good day with the woman he loves. He's smiling at her when he notices a store with toys in the display window and stops.]

    Oh, let's go in there.

    [Action: Closed to Takeshi - Goldstone]
    [Knock, knock, Captain. There's a Daxamite at your door bearing gifts.]

    (OOC: If you want to call or run into Mon-El on one of the asteroids, the Goldstone, the Tourist, or the Iskaulit, please have at him! If you want a specific prompt just let me know!)


    May. 22nd, 2017 08:12 pm
    dirtyredneck: (Neutral Distant (5))
    [personal profile] dirtyredneck
    Who: Daryl Dixon
    Broadcast: Unfiltered Fleetwide
    Action: The Marsiva if anyone else is on it just yet (he's alone isn't he?)
    When: Today

    [The subject of this post obviously doesn't know he's being recorded. This is the Marsiva being all nice and broadcasting it's latest arrival's first steps in his new world for all the universe to see.

    He's first shown wearing nothing but a frumpy, sweatsuit that's seen many, many, many better days (even with the cleaning that had happened) marked with an "A" on the front. His hair is in his face, dirty and greasy and it looks like it hadn't been washed in weeks. It hides his identity for the time being as he shuffles around the medical bay, quietly exploring his surroundings. He's rubbing at his right side, just below the shoulder, on his chest.

    Every so often he reaches out to brush fingers lightly over a surface or an item as he moves out of the medical bay and into the main living quarters where he'll be for the week. Though he doesn't quite know that yet, of course. He keeps shuffling along until he reaches the bunks and lockers. He opens one to find clothing in his size.

    The camera doesn't pan away as he shucks his sweatsuit - under which he's wearing nothing - and the scars littering his back are visible for all to see. A mess of parallel lines scattered across every inch of skin and interrupting the tattoo on the right half (a pair of what could be angels or could be demons, hard to tell). It's not visible for long, because he's quick to pulls on the offered briefs and undershirt. The jumpsuit comes next and it being sleeveless is a blessing to him because he prefers the sleeveless life. But in terms of viewership, it allows his nicely muscled arms to remain seen. Once more his fingers stray to his right side, just below his shoulder, on his chest. Like he expects something to be there that isn't.

    He apparently has a thing against shoes because he doesn't pull any on as he turns back around, front to whatever camera was trained on him. Finally lifts his head enough for his face to be seen before he starts looking around for a communications array.

    It's only when he gets to a console and brings up the menu that the video switches to a close up shot of his face. Exactly what one would expect from a ship to ship video feed.]

    Alright, asshole, I'm pulling up the 'appropriate communication channels' so get your ass over here and answer me.

    [The words came out as a low, annoyed grumble that didn't have much force to it. Apparently the silence of the feed up to that point had been intentional.]
    throwsdown: (pic#11143931)
    [personal profile] throwsdown
    Who: Takeshi and you!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Iskaulit Gym
    When: Now!

    I grew!

    [Hey, it's ya' boy Takeshi, taking up the screen! And... actually... yeah, now that you look at him, he looks... older. A thicker neck, taller, more filled in. He no longer looks like a under-developed five-year-old; he's eight now! Like, physically, to do with his mentally! His crew may have noticed the three-month-long growth spurt, but it may have flown from under the radar.

    He holds up a ruler proudly and wags it around.]

    Almost a whole ruler taller, guys! The aging thing really worked! I just put some credits in and — bam!

    [He fans his longer arms out, blissful in not being small enough to lob in the air. What's up!]

    What kindsa' stuff have you guys bought on the computer? Not ship stuff, but stuff for you. They got so much stuff on there, I don't know how anyone can pay for all of it.


    [Afterward, you can find him at the Iskaulit Gym, where he'll be in the ring, practicing his moves, doing fast, methodical push-ups and sit ups. Probably a little weird to watch. But hey, he's got this whole work-out routine thing down pat. Nearby, of course, his little panda babe Hoi Hoi is sitting on his rocking horse, a handful of toys scattered around for him to enjoy while his not!dad works.

    ... What the hell is this gym coming to?]

    Hey! You! D'you wanna spar?

    [Is he talking to you? He might be talking to you.

    ... Takeshi, not the panda.

    Just. FYI.]

    bryces_pup: (44)
    [personal profile] bryces_pup
    Who: Riona and you!
    Broadcast: Yep
    Action: On the Blue Fish, if you want
    When: Backdated to earlier this week because I forgot to post this earlier like an idiot

    [Riona's back on the network, though thankfully she's considerably less annoyed this time around.]

    Some of you may recall that Beverly Crusher and I mentioning running a black box theater on the Iskaulit, where others could put on performances and whatnot? Well, someone made the mistake of letting her and I loose in a shop that sold play scripts and the like, and we found one we thought would be delightful to put on.

    It's called Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates and it seems to be a musical comedy about some, well, pirate shenanigans. It sounds a bit ridiculous and quite fun. It's not a big production and it doesn't seem to be intensive in terms of set building and the like. But we wanted to gauge interest before we move forward with it. We'll need actors, of course - preferably if you can sing well enough - along with costume makers and set builders. If anyone wants to see the script, I managed to get a copy on this device so I can send it to you.

    [She's rather proud of herself for figuring that one out.]

    If enough want to do it, we can look into auditions and the like. Any empty roles we may just fill with people on this asteroid belt who might be interested. Please let either myself or Beverly know as soon as possible if you'd be interested.

    This should be immensely entertaining, if nothing else.
    openseas: (my bees are going to kick ass)
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    Who: moana and you
    Broadcast: yes
    Action: paisley
    When: post shuffle!


    [after nearly a week spent on the marsiva, the transition to the paisley's deck is disorienting and sudden. with a shake of her head to clear away any remaining dizziness, she runs a hand over her hair quickly to clear it of any lingering confetti. once that's done, she looks down at the pudding with a frown, and that's when she notices someone. whether it's footsteps coming her way, seeing something out of the corner of her eyes, or hearing a voice calling out to her, her reaction is basically the same. still startled and tense from the sudden change of scenery, she instinctively whirls towards the noise and raises the pudding cup as if she's going to throw it - only to stop when she sees it's just another person. after a moment of pause:]

    Um, hey there! I wasn't going to throw it at you, I was just—

    [this is fine.]


    If the green light means it's on... Ha! Got it.

    [at some point, after someone shows her the basic function of the communicator, these are the first words to come out of her mouth as she stares down at the camera.]

    I was told to talk into this. Can anyone really hear me? [A pause.] If there is anyone listening, I think I understand what's going on, but if anyone can give me the whole explanation - please?

    And, if anyone from Motunui can see this - Mom, Dad, Grandma... I'm looking for you! I obviously haven't found you yet, but hopefully that'll change soon.
    mucked: (☂ from all signs of mad mankind)
    [personal profile] mucked
    Who: Peggy + you
    Broadcast: N/A
    Action: Starstruck, Iskaulit
    When: All day.

    [ as compelling an attraction as the asteroids can be, peggy wakes up on what could have been april 21st and promptly decides that a captain's work is never done. despite a short holiday on one of the less glitzy asteroids, she storms her way back onto the starstruck around midday. she'd have preferred to be back earlier, of course, but a certain stubborn steve rogers had delayed her more than usual this morning.

    because, you see, today is peggy carter's birthday. and up until recently, she'd thought this particular piece of sensitive intel might have remained under wraps. certainly, she's never announced it to the fleet (not had it announced for her) but over the last year there'd been an influx of individuals who might otherwise be privy to that sacred knowledge.

    and so surviving the day becomes a little trickier. her first precaution is to not even address the network -- indeed, she hasn't got her device with her at all. so if some friend or ally does try and contact peggy, they may be forced to seek her out in person instead. after all, it's rare that she should persist with so much radio silence. visitors and crew on the starstruck will find her in her quarters trying very hard to dodge the likes of both steve rogers and edwin jarvis. and trying to busy herself with 'paperwork', though closer inspections might prove she's doing little more than working on a few hobby ciphers. and let's not forget the copious trips to the kitchen for tea, of course.

    for visitors and crew: it seems steve's left the odd 'hint' and trinket around the ship. flowers here, candles there, and there's at least one cake chilling in the kitchen. perhaps more. when asked about it, the captain feigns innocence.

    later, when that diversion fails, she heads to the iskaulit. first to the firing range, where she squeezes off just enough shots to counterbalance the creeping sensation of domesticity. and that done, she stops by the space bar for a drink of whatever-the-devil most resembles whiskey. ]
    thespaceopera: (relapse)
    [personal profile] thespaceopera
    Who: Everyone!
    Broadcast: Possibly!
    Action: April System
    When: Month of April!

    [Welcome to the Belt, a huge asteroid belt that's been terraformed for life. Here you can explore the different asteroids, become a rock star, race on some ATVs, enjoy not being underwater.

    In other words, it's a mingle! Get in everyone!

    > System Info ]
    robitussin: (Default)
    [personal profile] robitussin
    Who: Goldstone crew
    Broadcast: n/a
    Action: yes!
    When: the month of april

    [So, we have rumors flying around, possible sponsor drops in our midst, and any other shenanigans that might be going down! What are you up to, Goldstone?]


    Apr. 2nd, 2017 06:38 pm
    helmsplitter: (not like i care)
    [personal profile] helmsplitter
    Who: Doudanuki Masakuni
    Broadcast: Video, Fleetwide
    Action: Caprine, if interested
    When: Now!

    [Welcome to Doudanuki's Very Important PSA. He turns on the video and stands back, dressed in the Fleet provided beige jumpsuit. He has his sword sheathed in one hand and clears his throat.]

    Alright, since I've had to explain this rusts know how many times just on the last planet, I figured I'd just show you all at once.

    My name's Doudanuki Masakuni. I'm a war sword, and yes, I mean that literally. This body? [He points to the human form.] Is a manifestation. This body? [He holds the sword out in front of him.] Is my real body.

    I'm a tsukumogami. I live in a sword. I have a human body 'cause my saniwa, my current master, used their powers to give me one. And in case you keep doubtin' me?

    [He tosses his sword on his bunk behind him. Then he suddenly disappears in a flash of light just as the sword hits the bed.

    A moment later he reappears in a flash of light and a shower of cherry blossom petals, dressed in his usual armor and black clothing. He's now holding his sword across his lap as he sits cross-legged on the bed. For a moment he looks disoriented, then he shakes his head, dislodging a few cherry blossoms, and looks at the camera again.

    If you got questions, I'll answer them today and today only. After that, don't tell me I can't be a sword or I'll punch you.
    willynilly: (happiness is the truth)
    [personal profile] willynilly
    Who: Uraraka Ochako | OTA
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: SS Starstruck, Iskaulit
    When: Today, after the fleet leaves the system

    [Cue Ochako setting the communicator up and bouncing back, waving like it's some kind of peppy vlog. Cheers, everyone!]

    Back to space we go! I don't know about everybody else, but I'll be glad that I don't have to keep wringing my clothes out all the time.

    Anyway! That's not the point of this! While we're here, I was thinking... we've got a lot of kids with special abilities around here now, don't we? Or even just kids who wanna get stronger. The fleet is mostly safe, but sometimes things happen, and... well! Everyone benefits when we know what we're doing, right? Right!

    Okay, so for everybody who doesn't know him, my teacher, Aizawa-sensei, is here! He's kind of a recluse so you probably wouldn't think it but he's really strong, and his teaching skills are top-notch! Back home, he's my homeroom teacher at the best heroics school in the world! He knows what's what. I bet he could teach anyone.

    I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a school here? Not just for superpowers, though I think that sort of thing is important... but I've never been out of school this long in my life. I feel like I'm getting dumber by the day. And it could be fun! We could make a classroom on the Iskaulit, we could get books and put together a real class and- oh, uniforms! We could get uniforms if we wanted!

    Anyone interested!?

    ( Wandering )

    [Ochako starts off on the Starstruck, taking care of her various chores while she covers responses, but at some point she'll venture over to the Iskaulit, poking around some of the rooms - both existing and unclaimed - to scout out what space is free in the vicinity of the library. She's humming to herself some upbeat song, visibly and very obviously in a good mood.]
    all7seas: (yes I can be a bastard)
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    Who: Jack Sparrow and ANYONE
    Broadcast: Fleetwide - Unfiltered
    Action: Cargo Bay of the Bishop
    When: Soon after appearing on the ship in a shower of brilliant confetti and chocolate

    TLDR )

    Just like rubbing the sultan's damnable balls again. [Alert listeners will hear him mutter that whilst musing over his adventures and trying to figure out use of the coms.

    [The Bishop, though, had possibilities. Its cargo hold was empty save for a bicycle that didn't move and moving pathway to nowhere, but it had plenty of smuggling potential. Maybe, too, a place to hide the rum.

    Later, louder, with video:]
    Captain Jack Sparrow, here, aboard the bloody metal box, Bishop.

    [He doesn't care that Cersei is the "official" captain.]

    I've got a keg of ale and a lovely bottle of rum [no he doesn't] to give to the gentleman -- or lady -- [no, he won't] what knows the prime trade routes in this quadrant of the universe. Savvy?
    ladybro: (➵ what good is my life?)
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    Who: Kate Bishop and YOU.
    Broadcast: Fleetwide.
    Action: Aboard the Blameless, as well as in Málum aboard the Iskaulit.
    When: Today.

    So I know I'm not the only one here who can boast both some experience and frustration with alternate worlds, dimensions, timelines, so on and futzing so forth. [ kate hits the network like she hits the ground: running. no hello, no hi, no how-do-you-do. ]

    But, uh, I figured it might be good to gather some intel from people outside my little social circle. Personally, I've counted no fewer than six different versions of home. Including mine, but not including any other generally Earth-based worlds. I'm talking we had mutual acquaintances in common, but details were...different. Shout out to anyone who can identify me a seventh. It's like Pokemon at this point: gotta learn'em all.

    What about the rest of you? Are other worlds a thing where you're from? A fact of life? Or are they pretty much the stuff of sci-fi -- culty, but soon to be a blockbuster reboot on a big screen near you?

    Hawkeye, out.

    [ -- and with that, she kicks back and waits to discuss the existential can-o-worms she just opened. part of it is almost masochistic, because she knows how little she doesn't want to learn about yet another world where the avengers exist, but she doesn't.

    to take her mind off things, kate heads for her shift at málum over on the iskaulit. but something', tonight. usually a paragon of coordination and balance, she's been breaking a lot of glasses tonight. futz, that's gonna come out of her pay. it puts her in a foul mood, so patrons can expect a bit of petulant surliness with their drinks. ]
    throwsdown: (pic#10376736)
    [personal profile] throwsdown
    Who: Takeshi, baby Hoi Hoi (aka a panda version of baby Groot) and you!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: SS Goldstone
    When: Now

    [When the feed opens up, Takeshi is in hysterics. Tears streaming and face all twisted up and splotchy and deep sobs heaving in his chest.

    At first, extremely concerning — but then, you see what he's bear hugging (no pun intended) against his bosom. It's a panda, soft and babyish, still big enough that he's a handful for a boy who looks six or seven, but also very small for a panda bear. He's in a little black suit, round eyes peering around with some confusion at Takeshi's... very emotional outburst.]

    IT'S MY HOI HOI!! HE'S BEEN G-G-G-GIVEN B-BACK TO ME — I did the trial and he was there, he was alive, and it's him; he's here, even after I lost him, he's back...!


    [He rubs his cheek against Hoi Hoi's fuzzy cheek, leaving a wet spot there, and he heaves a sob.]

    I l-love you so much, Hoi Hoi. I'll protect you now, I'll always keep you s—safe...!!

    [Hoi Hoi yawns, unaware of just how important this reunion is. Takeshi and his panda friend can be found in the captain's room; he's got him on his bed and is feeding him some of that synthetic milk from a bottle kindly given by a local. Near Hoi Hoi's foot is a half-destroyed fish plushy. Or maybe you find him in the kitchen, Hoi Hoi sitting on the table while Takeshi writes a thank you note to place in that temple later.

    His best friend is alive, and everything is so good.

    If you're passing back and forth you may find your leg suddenly clung to by said panda baby.

    ... And if you're interested in why this is a big deal for the lad, just
    read this completely awful and terrible thread featuring pet death from his last game.

    God help you, though.]

    robitussin: (and you graduate early)
    [personal profile] robitussin
    Who: opal and you!
    Broadcast: text
    Action: on the goldstone if you so desire
    When: midday 2/27

    i'm starting up a formal betting pool for which ships are going to inexplicably crash into each other and become one within the void of space next

    and also when

    and also why but let's be real nobody is going to be able to figure that out
    throwsdown: (pic#9441388)
    [personal profile] throwsdown
    Who: Takeshi and any concerned citizens
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: N/A unless you're visiting afterward! (He'll have a mingle thread on the fusion log. You can reply re: network there as well!)
    When: TODAY!!!

    [There's a static-filled and alarmed transmission before the SS Golden and the SS Pathstone speed off towards each other — the voice is that of Takeshi's sitting at the pilot seat, trying in vain to alter the courses and not let the ships move on their own accord.]

    All the ▓▓▓▓▓ controls not working!! Ship▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ can't stop ▓▓▓▓▓▓!!!

    Every▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ seatbelts ▓▓▓▓▓▓ gonna crash!

    [There's a rolling, anbd the screen is fuzzy and nothing is immediately distinguishable as there's a great big CRASH!!! It seems the crews of the ships have been lost — Or, well, it seemed that way until suddenly the camera, abandoned on the floor, shows... confetti...?]

    [Takeshi stands, panting and in a fighting pose, his gun drawn and ready for battle, likely members of the two crews standing around him as well. Slowly... he picks up his feed device and puts away the gun, looking puzzled as he walks around the new bridge, toward the controls.]

    Is... everyone okay...?

    [He wanders over to the captain's ship, stares down at the cake. Reads what's on it:]

    "Congratulations... SS... Goldstone. Happy... Fusion..."



    [After a long and thoughtful pause, he blows out the candle.]
    thespaceopera: (relapse)
    [personal profile] thespaceopera
    Suddenly, the SS Pathstone and the SS Golden begin to move on their own... slowly, calmly, they drift to two different points, a certain distance apart, away from the other ships of the fleet. Then, just as slowly, they turn to face each other.

    And that is all the warning there is before the engines engage -- full speed ahead.

    Like a pair of rockets, the ships torpedo toward each other, perfectly lined up for a head-on collision, and there is nothing to stop them. No matter what buttons the crews press, no matter how much they might panic, nothing is going to stop the inevitable. Any other ships watching will not have time to attempt any sort of interception.


    As if to shield spectators' eyes from the horrors of ships colliding in space, there's a blinding light upon impact -- and once it gradually fades, the results can be clearly seen by all: There is no wreckage. Nothing is broken. But where there were once two ships... now there's only one.

    One ship that is... very clearly made up of parts from the SS Pathstone and the SS Golden, but somehow seems well put together, at least!


    On the bridge, the crews of the SS Golden and the SS Pathstone arrive, along with the usual pop! of Atroma confetti and ridiculous jingle music upon a successful shuffle. Sitting in the captain's chair is a round cake, just large enough for everyone to have one slice. There's a single candle, and the following message scribbled on top in yellow icing:

    "Congratulations - SS Goldstone!
    Happy Fusion!"

    ... What, did you think you were going to die? Sorry about that.

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