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Who: Crew and visitors of the SS Passive Aggressive Pathstone
Broadcast: Probably not
Action: Aboard the ship
When: All February!

[with how good everyone on this ship is at settling differences, getting along, acting rationally, and sharing their things, this month will go by without any ripples.

the audience will be so bored. there isn't ever any drama on this ship. at all. it's great.]
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[On today's episode of the Drift Fleet:

The cargo holds are full of mysterious crates! The crews are filling beyond capacity with new faces! Official alerts are informing the passengers that they are signed to contracts that they've never agreed to! They are docking at the dazzling FS Starlight, but are flat broke!

What are they going to do!? Stay tuned to find out!

...Meaning, this is a kickoff mingle for you all to enjoy the beginning of the latest plot setting. This is a convenient place to start threads relating to the first week of the event-- meeting new crewmembers, reacting to the mysterious cargo, arriving on the station and discovering that you're all broke, etc.

Tag around, start whatever you'd like, have fun. And, as always, feel free to make your own posts and mingles from here on in, as this will be the only mod-posted one for this event!]
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Who: The Pathstone crew and anyone brave enough to come say hi
Broadcast: not this time
Action: I mean obvs
When: all month? all month!

[Contrary to popular believe, the Pathstone isn't THAT useless. Yes they can go months without an upgrade and sure they're kind of a mess at the best of times, but they still function!

Most of the time. Flying sideways in space is all about perspective anyway, and they haven't done a barrel roll in like... well probably awhile.

So welcome, new Pathstone dwellers! We're probably very sorry in advance.]
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Who: Tekhetsio and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleet-wide!
Action: Way-station!
When: Nebulously sometime after they're all back on their ships

network etc.

[aside from antics within the calibrations, Tek hasn't been seen much. on the Marsiva, he'd mostly holed himself up in his room, hiding from the rest of the Fleet as much as he could. and upon returning to his ship, he had slept for several days. but, apparently all of his hermiting has not been enough of an escape. so, after waking up and doing a little bit of spontaneous redecorating, he boards one of the shuttles (which he normally avoids touching) and wordlessly sets off into the darkness of space.

he flies far, and he flies without explanation. he gets as absolutely as far away as he can from his own ship and from the Marsiva. and while he does so, he logs onto the network and sends out a broadcast, calmly reciting something that has been haunting him for several weeks--]

--To see an almost certain horrible death... you know how crowds all sit at the edge of their seats, praying subconsciously for a spectacular accident--and then to be whisked away from it so suddenly--brought to the edge of tragedy, and then to have their better natures win out, showing them how much nicer they always knew they were... that was the supreme thrill.

and then on some way-station

[when he finally lands, it's on some nameless way-station. out here, he can at least pretend to be somewhere else. and to complete the illusion, he is wearing a completely different face and form when he exits the shuttle.

today, as Tekhetsio spends hours wandering the way-station and pretending to be interested in the automated shops, it is done as a woman. just as unnaturally flawless as Tek's male form is, the woman perusing the way-station's wares and lounging with a book in the plastic park is built to be gorgeous-- with long dark waves of hair and curves in all of the conventionally desirable places.

and she seems friendly, at least. she offers polite smiles to anyone who happens to glance her way, and slightly more inviting expressions to anyone who seems to be appreciating the view. because this girl likes being looked at, and isn't shy about making that fact very clear.]
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Who: crew of the pathstone & you!!!
Broadcast: ??
Action: aboard the pathstone, yo
When: 11/25 & beyond

[So how about that longer hallway? Weird, right? Or you know the new antiquated look in the interior is kinda nice...right? Right.]

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[ Calibration Rooms ]
( for N-Z characters )
Before you post your topcomment, please:
1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. A-M names go to the other post, and N-Z names comment here.
2. Make a note in your topcomment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
4. Post your comment! It's fine if everyone's Calibrations end up looking and reading very different from one another. As long as you're having fun and following our guidelines, you're good to go. :)
5. If you have any questions or concerns during Calibrations, you are welcome to send them towards the mod team at any time, as always.

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  • Natasha Romanoff
  • Nelkeila Tarid
  • Nux
  • Nyssa al Ghul
  • Octavia Blake
  • One
  • Peggy Carter
  • Phèdre nó Delaunay
    de Montrève

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    Who: The Pathstone + anyone!
    Broadcast: nah
    Action: yah!
    When: lets not go asking questions okay

    [Do you know what's weird and probably a sign of things to come for the entire fleet?

    The Pathstone isn't the most useless ship anymore. It's actually good at stuff. It's got upgrades! It's got a pilot and two people to shoot guns at things. And two captains.

    It's not just Captain Tek. There's two.

    It's still a pretty big mess who are we even kidding. Come see for yourself!!]
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    [The nebulas are beautiful in this region of space, at the very least. They gleam as great distorting clouds of space-stuff that your scanners don't even want to attempt to analyze. They affect the ships' instruments much like other areas of disruption have in the past, but these are actually visible as large swathes of light--like giant flames frozen in their swirling shapes, suspended across impressive stretches of space. For once, there's something like scenery to look at, out here in the black...

    And then, the proximity alarms begin to blare.

    From a gap between the two nearest clouds comes an assemblage of ships! Familiar to some and new to others--they do not respond to hails or communications of any kind, and they're gunning straight for the Fleet without slowing. Their weapons are locking on and firing as soon as they are in range.

    Many passengers have been through this before, and many of the ships are bigger and better than they'd been in the previous skirmish. Today, the Drift Fleet will put up a better fight, even punch a few holes in their attackers.

    Your augment knows where you need to go! Do you run to your station? Do you dodge your job? Are you unsure how to help? Are the captains giving orders or panicking, and are their crews paying attention? Everyone's got a chance to fight back before the enemy fleet runs them into the nearest nebula--and things suddenly take a bad turn.

    As soon as each Drift Fleet ship hits the nebula, its systems overload and short-circuit before going dead. It stays silent for minutes, no radar, no comms, no network. Stubborn stragglers are ganged up on and forced into the cloud, followed by the poor ships on autopilot being bodily hauled into the nebula with tractor beams. Once the entire Fleet has been set adrift as sitting ducks, before the Marsiva can get too close, the attacking fleet... turns and flees through the cloud, seemingly untouched by the nebula that scrambles your ships.

    Eventually, the systems flicker back to life, blinking on one by one. It will be several hours before any other effects of the attack will be noticeable. The network shows up as live again, but Atroma never shows up to explain a thing...]

    ooc: the out-of-character event post is over here! respond to this post any way you like; you can have action, comm messages, play during the attack, being stuck in the nebula, checking in after the network comes back online, or whatever else seems fitting.
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    Who: Finrod
    Broadcast: open broadcast
    Action: let's go with N/A for now
    When: August 28, earlier in the evening.

    [Finrod appears on the communicator, offering the viewers his best smile.]

    Good evening. [Or what passes for evening in space. It’s hard to tell. Look, just roll with it.]

    I have been doing a great deal of thinking as of late and it occurs to me that I have been most fortunate in the friends that I have made here. Most likely it need not be said, but I come from a world with technology far less advanced than that which is used here. Had certain individuals not taken pity upon me, I would have been at a great loss for far longer than I was.

    I think I should like to do something similar for others, if I can.

    I still cannot claim expertise in the technology here, of course, but I have been here long enough to develop a working knowledge of it. And I believe it may be easier for me to explain such things to another with a background similar to my own. I may promise, at least, a patient ear and a lack of overly complex terminology.

    Private to Beverly Crusher )

    Action for Tek )
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    Who: Davesprite and whoever!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide.
    Action: The Wonderballduck or stations, if u want.
    When: Nowish.

    real talk
    is there a fucking secret to getting an update around here
    i dont mean atromas nonupdate bs that might as well be equatable to a feral child smearing his own diarrhea hullside in a crude reenactment of an already crude neolithic cave painting
    but like picking up radio signals or tv stations from our own realities
    maybe tuning into whatever godawful shenanigans your posse has gotten up to in your absence
    or nonabsence
    lets not panic unnecessarily here you all probably know the drill by now there is no fire
    so yeah i guess this is a poll
    what misfortune has to befall someone before they get firsthand experience with what happens in their timeline
    i need specs on these close encounters of the fourth dimensional kind
    is it inevitably "whoops i went to sleep or hit my head and now its 20 minutes into the future" or do we have options
    asking specifically for people who cant just concuss themselves and receive download options for chill time with obama
    you know
    whatevers going on where youre from

    [And, tacked on as an afterthought:]

    p.s. if you find feathers clogging anything shipboard it wasnt me

    [Aboard the Wonderduck, the resident crowkid can be found at a computer terminal, fucking around with something between bouts of annoyed wing-scratching. He is molting, albeit a little later than usual. It sucks and there are probably black feathers lodged in odd places. As for the stations, well. He's still molting, just at a picnic table. He's perched right in its center, legs crossed beneath him, and sure is making an unnecessary amount of noise with a chip bag. In fact, he's surrounded by a downright implausible number of chip bags, some popped and some not, and some with an unusual orange-glowing property to them.

    He may or may not ask if anyone wants to take some of these glowing chips. It's for science.]
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    Who: Tony Stark and you!
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: N/A
    When: Aug 21

    [ so, he's arrived and rogue filled him in on the important details of who was here that he may know - or may yet know, thanks to timelines being what they are. it's the sort of thing he's had experience dealing with before, but it was still annoying. in luceti, no one else had been privy to details that hadn't happened to him yet. if they even pertained to the same version of him - tony was well aware of the fact that there were several other iterations of himself somewhere out there in the cosmos. he's gotten used to it. ]

    Alright - so, I'm here. [ does he even need to introduce himself? everyone knows who he is, right??? of course they do. ] Sound off if you think we need to talk and I'll use my flawless judgment to decide if it's worth my time.

    [ yep. ]

    For the rest of you, I need to know about switching my augment. As much as I like having my name on a door, I'm not here to help anyone sort out their issues. Believe me - that's not good for anyone. Especially me.
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    Who: Stefan Salvatore and you!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: The Iskaulit
    When: August 21st

    [Stefan promised Allen that he would scout the Iskaulit for potential locations for an interfaith space. The formal name would come later, should he think up something catchier... While he's poking around the entire ship, he finally settles upon a moderately-sized room (with a few springline windows on one side and a wooden floor) towards the back of the ship.

    He'll be in the room for a while, trying to guess measurements and sketch ideas for how this space could best work. Around the time he settles in, he switches the feed on:]

    There's a lot of great stuff happening right now - makes this feel more like a community. Which is kind of why I'm wondering, would anyone else be interested in an interfaith space?

    [He moves the camera so that everyone can see the space clearer.] Back home, I did interfaith ministry. No matter what you practiced or who you believed in - or who you didn't - these prayer rooms would be sacred spaces for you to stop and take a moment to reflect. Prayers, meditation, even just a cup of tea or a chat with a religious counselor... I'd like to make all of that happen here.

    But... to do that, I'll need your support. If you're interested in helping me, or in just using the space, let me know. Just tell me about your faith, or your spirituality, and what you'd need, and I'll try my best to make it happen.
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    Who: Crowley and you!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Iskaulit
    When: Right now!

    [Crowley isn't in his usual place, lounging before the communications array aboard the Pathstone. Today, he seems to be wandering one of the big, empty spaces within the Iskaulit, looking around him with a small level of appraisal. ]

    Back in Paradisa, there were a number of bars around the place. Gave people a place to go spend time, drown their sorrows, maybe people watch, or just sit in a corner and ignore the fact they were trapped in a magical soul-eating castle. One of my favourite places was a bar called the Lux. Great place, that.

    [He wanders over to one part of the room, holding one hand out like he's trying to judge the space. ]

    Discounting the fleeting places we end up on our travels, we haven't got anywhere like that here. Our own Drift Fleet captives place. Seen as we have this floating lot of empty space following us now, we might as well use it. So this is me, laying claim to this space for a bar that will be named at a later date. Something classy, I think.

    Of course, work isn't my thing, so anyone interested in joining me in this grand and marvellous enterprise? I'd say I'll make it worth your while, but I think having our own bar will do that all by itself.
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    Who: Anyone aboard the SS Pathstone!
    Broadcast: Probably not
    Action: Yes! If you can call it that.
    When: The rest of August and early September

    [with a new addition to the crew, the SS Pathstone is officially full of the warmest, most sensible, least-obxious passengers in the fleet. they will surely function as a flawless, finely-tuned machine.

    like a... toaster, or something.

    don't miss a minute of the action.]
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    Who: Tek and anyone!
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: Beachside lounging
    When: Early August

    [the video feed flicks on to the glare of the sun, until the (absurdly) pretty man wielding the device leans back into the shade. he seems to be starting this broadcast mid-thought, and--for anyone who knows him well enough to spot the difference--he's smiling quite easily.]

    --Oh, now I remember. I'd wanted to ask if there were any fine metalsmiths in the fleet. I'd intended to ask the next locals we happened across for their services, but... well. Metalworking does not seem to be among their most refined skills.

    I'm looking for someone trustworthy and proficient in jewelry-making. I have several options for payment. If interested, please reply.

    [and with that matter done with, he settles back to wait in high comfort. for anyone happening by, he has found the absolute perfect spot along the shoreline. there is a stretch of clean, soft sand with an impeccable view of the ocean, tucked into the patchy, partial shade of a small stand of trees.

    and he must be feeling better than usual, because he's actually wearing something that Atroma has given him--gothy-looking shorts that he has drawstringed to hang just a little off his hips--and he is sacrificing multiple layers of beach towels and blankets to the sand. he apparently doesn't care whether or not he'll ever get the sand out of them again.

    Tek has made himself the most comfortable basking spot on the planet, and he has left more than enough room for a friend.

    he knows that Atroma is messing with his head, but he can't find it within himself to be bothered right now. he even has a little brush and bottle of lovely dark maroon ink that he's staining his nails with. someone is glitched and enjoying every minute of it.]
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    Who: Anyone aboard the SS Pathstone!
    Broadcast: Probably not
    Action: Yes! Even if that action is mostly sleeping.
    When: All month!

    [watch, dear audience, as the intrepid crew of the SS Pathstone handles beaches, bugs, and storms!

    with nothing but teamwork and sheer emotional maturity, they face each and every obstacle with dignity and grace.

    there will never be a crew in the entire Fleet as stalwart and bonded in the eternal ties of friendship as the Pathstone.

    watch, and be amazed.]
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    Broadcast: IF YOU WANT
    Action: YEAH!!!!!
    When: July!

    [Congratulations to the crews that did not get themselves blown up! Welcome to the Blue Planet, a planet full of charming islands and even less charming weather patterns! Are you going to take the time to enjoy the beach? Help out with the local Nunnilis population? Get caught in a storm with another person and have a rating boosting sexual tension moment? The world's your oyster!]

    [Yeah in other words: ITS A MINGLE GET IN HERE]

    [July Planet Info!]

    oo2 / voice

    Jul. 5th, 2015 10:35 pm
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    WHO Misha Hunt
    BROADCAST Fleet-wide voice
    ACTION Somewhere on the Golden
    WHEN July 5th

    Okay, guys. Hear me out. This is going to sound like a weird suggestion, but... has anyone thought we've been almost too gloomy lately? Our mourning is all well and good. A lot of shit happened. But if you ask me, we're missing a pretty key component to the whole cycle. Where's the party? The wake. The remembrance that we're alive and we have our own lives to continue now enriched by the lives we touched while they were here.

    You know. That kind of sappy stuff.

    [ There's a pause, a quiet "um". ]

    If anyone else agrees, I was thinking of setting something up in say—a week or so? Would anyone else be up for that?

    [ No this clearly has nothing to do with the fact that her birthday is on the 11th. Mere coincidence! ]
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    Who: Cole
    Broadcast: No
    When: The first half of the month

    [See, the problem is, now Cole's augment is a pilot one.

    He's lost the room he wasn't aware as his, but he's gained a whole new lot of knowledge. Such as how to move the ship, how to dock it to other ships and that makes his constant wandering from ship to ship much easier.

    And it means he can park the Pathstone with the Three Twins and Tourist without ever going on board either of them. He can bring the Pathstone to them, and still give Fenris his safe space and people form those ships and visit the Pathstone without having to take a shuttle!

    So, Cole's doing his rounds again. Visiting. Parking. Shoving the Pathstone wherever he feels like going.]
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    [it may be too optimistic to hope that it has something to do with respect, but Atroma has been very quiet. in the wake of the growing stillness on the Iskaulit, neither of the fleet's hosts have broken the peace with their chipper voices.

    if the passengers are being watched as closely as they always claim, it is being done in silence.

    whether or not the remainder of the living bugs are being kept somewhere for observation, and regardless of the fact that the discussion of what to ultimately do with the ship is still ongoing, it has been generally agreed that something respectful should be done with the dead, and that the remaining spores should be washed away.

    so, this will all be done through a combined effort of vacuum and fire, and the time for this purge has been set.

    feet on the ground are needed to prepare the foreign ship for purging--securing anything that could be damaged, and safely packing away delicate data-storing instruments and anything belonging to the fleet itself. anyone willing to help could surely find something to do.

    and for anyone wishing to bless, reflect, honor, or pray... now is the time to do so. whether aboard the Iskaulit itself before the purge, offering a voice over the network, or simply watching from nearby shuttles and ships, this is the fleet's moment to help send off the crew of the Iskaulit with dignity.]

    ooc: this is the final IC mod post for June! the purge itself will be implied for the most part, but anyone with skills in mechanics or fire-controlling may assume they were involved.

    this post specifically is for any interactive threads involved in the final days before the Iskaulit is cleaned, and anything funerary, including broadcasts. even if you just want to put up a closed comment describing what private way your character is taking part in this makeshift 'ceremony,' go for it.

    an OOC post summarizing and officially wrapping up the rest of June will go up as soon as we're able.

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