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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: If you like!
Action: The planet Lyuku, the Iskaulit, and anywhere else you want
When: Sept 1 to Sept 28

[After a rather short time adrift, the fleet is finally in range of another planet. Small, peaceful, and colorful, there is plenty to do and explore.

Maybe it's enough to forget that vague feeling of unease.

Or not.



Jul. 15th, 2017 11:33 pm
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[Tyrion's video clicked on once more, and yes, he's sitting in his New Engineering Station, with a lot more bits, and bobs, and all sorts of interesting new things that he can use in his inventions. He is, of course, eying the new tools suspiciously. Even more so the basket waiting for him, with a big red and gold bow.]

....Well. [He finally says.] Someone clearly wants to see what sort of trouble I can get myself into.

[He flicks the bow with one finger.] So is this a challenge, Atroma? You vs me in who can invent the most clever item to trip the other one up? Or are you truly sorry for what you've done?

[He tipped his head towards the camera.] Remember who you're dealing with. No one knows better than I that gifts from your enemies always have a hook inside them.

[He pulled loose the bow, a sharp smile on his face.]
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Who: Jim Kirk & Anyone
Broadcast: Yes
Action: The Tourist if you want to speak to him in person
When: Now! Right now!

[ The video comes on and Kirk fills the screen, looking somewhere between perturbed and amused, maybe even a touch confused. Or was it miffed? Either way it's a slightly odd expression and just to his left is sitting a basket most everyone should be familiar with now. It is opened, though the food stuffs is left untouched (for now - he's not Looma, okay?).

He picks one of the items up off the table beside him and holds it up - it's a picture of a bird with some words atop it that read: 'I took a calculated risk, but man, am I bad at math' and titled on the frame as "Self Portrait". ]

I feel this is a very sassy and unwarranted attack on my character, Atroma. Is there something you're trying to tell me?
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Who: Worf and you.
Broadcast: Open.
Action: Marsiva kitchen.
When: Now. 4th of July.

[The feed cuts in showing a rather irritated Klingon tasting some of the "space gel" that the crew are forced to eat as a substitute to real food. He's in the kitchen, having had no choice but to tear himself away from all the memories and strange rooms aboard the ship. Worf isn't good dealing with odd situations like staring into someone's past or trying to get his head around things like that.]

How can anyone call this food? It is tasteless and lacks everything real food has! This is nothing compared to Gagh.

[That's Klingon food. Worms that are alive and move a lot.]

This show has gone on long enough. I demand to know what is happening and why there are these strange memories of people being shown in rooms. If you were a man I would kill you where you stand!

[He's targeting his anger at the network, hoping to get his rage across to the Atroma; his captors. Maybe Worf is just annoyed at the food selection and lack of prune juice. It seems he wants to pick a fight with something or someone.]
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[Tyrion's face appears on the screen, scarred and faintly bemused, as he peers at the feed, then shifts something off to the side. Some sort of computing device. He shifts it again, and the screen changes, narrows, with a small bit of scripts running along the top. He sighs, shakes his head a little.]

I need someone who has the communications augment. This ... this is not secure enough. It is secure, but not secure absolutely. Which is what we require.

[He grumbles, and goes back to fiddling with wires.]
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Who: Daenerys Targaryen & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Yes, on the Marsiva. Because I know ship names.
When: Right after her arrival.

[The salt of the sea no longer fills her nostrils; she cannot hear the waves and she senses that she is not amongst her fellows or onboard a ship any longer. Panic would be an acceptable first emotion and with how the young Queen jerks up from her bed, she clearly considers it.

But a Dragon does not show her weakness. Rubbing absently at her neck, clad in black, Daenerys familiarizes herself with her surroundings and, eventually, her communication's device.


After watching others making use of it, she learns quickly, violet eyes sharp and intent on the task. What magic is this?]

I commend you for your audacity. If you think I am weaker cut off from my allies and my children, you are sadly mistaken.

[Now onto negotiations. She settles herself, expression calm, adapting to her new, strange circumstances.]

What do you want? Gold? Power? Ships? [She is not parting from either option, of course, but any hint about her captor(s) is useful.

Later, she can be found scouring out the Marsiva, posture perfect and unyielding.]
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[The video is fumbled on as Tyrion Lannister is staring out the front of the First Breath, abject horror touching his face.]

By the Seven ... by the fucking Seven! What is that - what is that -

[He looks at his video, fumbling with it, to point it towards the Marvisa.]

There's some sort of .... terrifyingly large gun coming out of the ship and it's - Ah.


[He slapped on the communicator, flipping the ship to the encrypted frequency.]

This is a warning! Repeat, this is a warning! You are in grave danger! You must leave immediately - I repeat! Grave danger! The giant gun is pointed Right At You and you have to get out of there NOW -

[The gun goes off with a giant flicker of light into the nothing, and Tyrion sucks in a harsh breath.]

... oh no.
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Who: Furiosa and Tyrion, Feris, Kaidan, Max, and maybe you?
Broadcast: Video
Action: First Breath hangar
When: April 17

[New system, new rules, new opportunities. Furiosa does her exploring and gets a lead to a mining job that pays a little more than some of the others - partly because it's on one of the farther asteroids and through some treacherous pirate territory.]

[Which Furiosa didn't think she'd have any trouble with, especially if she could flesh out a crew of like-minded individuals.]

Fleet. Furiosa here. I've got a bite on a mining job out past the main cluster. Needs a few more bodies; I'll be leaving [insert reasonable time here] so meet me in the First Breath hangar before hand and you're in. Good pay.

[She'll be in the hangar bay doing general maintenance on the shuttle for the extended trip.]

[[ooc: for this plot]]

07 - video

Mar. 18th, 2017 06:31 pm
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Who: Winn Schott + you = awesome
Broadcast: yup!
Action: Tourist!
When: now!

[ the feed opens with a profile view of a sleeping winn. on his face, you can see an elaborate sharpie painted mustache (courtesy of opal) and from the ceiling right above him hangs a plastic flamingo in a coat and plastic sunglasses (courtesy of cisco).

to anyone who's been by to see him lately, it's a very familiar scene. but seconds into it something that hasn't happened in about two weeks begins to take place - movement. with a soft groan, winn reaches a sluggish hand to his face, shielding his eyes from the light. the hand then seems to decide that scratching above his upper lip is better use of its time and skills. slowly, his eyes blink open, struggling to adjust, to focus.

and then they do. on that flamingo.

he yelps, jumping up in bed, tearing the flamingo off its strings and throws it across the room, where he proceeds to stare at an off frame army of (four) flamingos. rubbing at his temples he mutters just loudly enough to be captured on film ]
So Cisco's still here...

[ that seems to remind him of something, and with a sharp move his still sleepy mind can't seem to properly cope with, grabs at the communicator and misses. next attempt brings it into his hand and you finally get a close up of that glorious mustache.

he frowns into the camera ]

Of course it's rolling... [ his voice is raw, lips chapped, and he clears his throat in an attempt to bring back his usual volume ] Hi - Fleeters - if we're still calling ourselves that - Winn Schott here, back to the world of the conscious - if you recognize me check in and tell me how long I've been out - Kitty - you better still be here. [ because unless you call him within the next 10 seconds he's calling you as soon as he cuts this feed and if you're not there he will freak. he rubs at his painted mustache again, not quite realizing what's bothering him, and with a small tired smile fumbles to shut the broadcast off. ]
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[Does Tyrion look angry? Oh good. Because he is. He is unbelievably angry and that radiates from his small frame like an aura. Try closer to furious, ready to do bodily harm to others. It perhaps does not help that he has surrounded himself by his many, many weapons and looks like he will go to any ship and use them.

His tone is terse.]

I would like to welcome to the Fleet my brother and sister, Jaime and Cersei Lannister. They are out there, somewhere, amongst us all. For those of you who are close to me -- you know who these people are. To those from Westeros, here is your warning. For my brother and sister ...

[The smile on his face would have done Tywin Lannister proud.]

If you think about crossing me - if you think about going after any of my real family here, I will first verbally destroy you. If you cross me again ...

[He gestured to everything around him.]

Now now, sweet siblings. I know your tricks. I know all your dirty little secrets. I know everything, where every literal and figurative body is buried. So simply ... do not. If you feel the need to confront me - I have at least half a dozen friends who will gladly assist me in shoving you out through an airlock.

[His lips curve into a snarl.]

Which I might just do anyways.

[And he jams his finger down, ending the feed.]
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Who: You!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: The Rew System
When: Month of February

[ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

In other words, it's a mingle!

> Rew System Information ]
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Who: Crew of the First Breath
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS First Breath
When: February 3 and Onward!

The day that Tyrion played with the device

Anyone who comes to the First Breath that day will note that everyone on the crew is particularly ... elevated that day. In fact, it seems that they are in the middle of some sort of wild party. All kinds of things are happening - drinking, dancing, fighting, and lots and lots of emotional outbursts.

The rest of the days

Well, it's usually NOT crazy, and the ship was hardy damaged at all so it is already up to peak performance. Come and stop by for a visit!
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: Fleetwide
When: A catch all that can be any time after the big battle.

Just a catch-all for anyone that needs more space for aftermath -- everything's in disarray and nothing's gonna be fixed up overnight! This can take place as the fleet ships as people heal, make repairs, and try to keep each other's spirits up after a pretty gnarly raid. Put your augments and personal skillsets to good use to get us all working and moving forward. Some people included aftermaths on the original post and that's kosher, too!! Just a quick entry for farther-reaching threads if wanted, or things that didn't quite make your original thread starter.

NOTE: there's a new system soon as well, so don't forward date it too far until it's introduced. :)
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[The First Battle]

[They come shooting out of the great dark. Guns blazing, no warning. The enemy ships are ragtag, mismatched, and cobbled together from spare parts. But that doesn’t make them weak. No-- years and years of scavenging have turned them into raiders, and they carry their scars with pride.

The battle is more aggressive than previous attacks against the Fleet. Nothing deters the raiders because they’re tough, and if they see a wounded ship floundering, they have no problems swooping in and boarding. Those crews will soon learn the meaning of teamwork if they want to bring the attackers down. They infiltrate the Iskaulit as well, just in case people try to hide there. At this point they are very, very used to tracking down women and children for their slave trade.

If asked why they’re doing this, the answer is simple.

Spare parts have to come from somewhere.

Don’t worry. Nothing on your ship, and no one, will go to waste.]

[A Few Hours Later]

[The raiders are too strong and the Fleet is failing. After what seems like an eternity of warfare, static comes in, broadcasted to the fleet at large. Something or someone is hailing them…

The signal is untraceable and the video is complete static, but they tell the Fleet they are here to help. Ships come swooping out of the black and they open fire on the raiders. They number a dozen, maybe more, and the ships look eerily similar to the ones currently used by the Fleet, if not a bit older and battle-hardened. Their shielding and weaponry is much, much better, however-- and most of them have custom paint or other touches on their hulls.

They’re not invincible, however. A few may end up between a rock and a hard place when the raiders surround them.

Some older residents may remember this particular group of ships. They’re obviously helping out now, but there’s nothing stopping Fleeters from firing on their would-be saviors save a complete lack of weaponry. You do have a Security officer on board, don’t you? They’ll defend themselves by seriously injuring your ship, but they won’t destroy it for some reason. Small mercies.

The raiders soon realize they’re outgunned and jump ship, taking their dead with them. The intercepting fleet pulls back, too, and both parties vanish back into the dark as silently and swiftly as they came. There’s a lot of cleanup to do whether your ship is disabled or you’re preparing to tow someone else.

Hopefully, the people who saved you don’t change their minds.]

[Plot info is here! Feel free to make your own toplevels with fighting, barricading, being boarded, saving others, the aftermath, etc. There's lots to do!]


Jan. 3rd, 2017 12:32 pm
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[Tyrion has looked better, truth be told. His mis-matched eyes were distant, sad, and a little red-rimmed. Winn's bottle of wine was open at his elbow, half empty, but it appeared that he had slowed down his consumption from the last time people saw him endulge.

Voice quiet, but steady, he spoke directly into the camera.]

For those who have, or have not been paying attention ... Daenyrs Stormborn Targaryan has gone home. Drogon, I believe, has gone with her.

[With that, he clicks off the feed. Fzzzzzt. Silence.]

004; video

Jan. 1st, 2017 12:07 am
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Who: Theon Greyjoy
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Paisley
When: January 1. Happy New Year?

[ The man who appears on the screen is a pitiful sight indeed. He’s has a gaunt, tired face, framed by brittle white hair, and looks as if he hasn’t eaten a good meal in months.

This is clearly a man with one foot in the grave, and is altogether unfamiliar—until he speaks.

My name is Theon. Theon Greyjoy.

[ You have to remember your name, he thinks as he chuckles dryly, a ghastly smile breaking across his face. His teeth are showing his teeth to be a painful, splintered mess; a far cry from the charming grin that’s become Theon Greyjoy’s trademark. He’s skin and bones and appears as if he’s aged ten years, though no more than a single year has passed for him. ]

You won’t recognize me, but I’ll recognize all of you. I will.

[ He still sees their faces clearly; those from his own world, his crewmates, and those he’s met from other ships. He remembers how this works. He may be addled, driven half mad by the horrific things he’s gone through, but his mind and memory both still work. His voice is hoarse, less commanding than it once was, and he seems to be teetering somewhere between laughter and tears with each word, but he’s holding it together none the less. It could be worse; it could always be worse. ]

Perhaps Atroma should have reconsidered bringing me back.

[ He chortles, gesturing to his skeletal appearance. He looks awful, nothing like the handsome young man he once was, but at least he can joke about it, right? What can he do to change it now? ]

They’ll only lose their audience when they see me. Do you regret it now, Atroma? I was of use to you before. [ Another laugh, something closer to a giggle. ] You’ve only harmed yourself, but not me. There’s little left that you can do to harm me.


[ And for all crew and visitors on the Paisley, this new Theon can be found in the armory. It’s silent, free from the sounds of what used to be his near-daily target practice. He isn’t even looking at the weaponry. Instead, he’s seated himself at the desk, staring at his hands. A quick glance will show that they’ve been mangled just as badly as his teeth. Three fingers have been removed, one from the left and two from the right, leaving nothing but nubs.

He knows he’ll never be able to pull a bowstring again.
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: Broadcast — Earlier than now for planning
Action: Hotel Corona — Winn's birthday / NYE party!
When: Action — Dec. 31 / New Year's Eve

[Broadcast (open to everyone but Winn)]
At the risk for earning a reputation as a party planner, I have a thing for everyone to attend again. Don't worry, lots of other people are helping pull it together. It's going to be on New Year's Eve, but the real event is the countdown to Winn's birthday which is also on the first. It's going to be in a club we rented out for this in the red shift district. Starts around seven-ish. Ends when you pass out?

It's kind of a surprise maybe? At least the part where it's for his birthday. And if you don't know Winn but you still want to come that's fine too. You can trade a gift for Winn for a free drink at the bar. Otherwise, bring some money. Cake's on us though.

[Birthday/New Year's Party]
[The space is well decorated and so glittered you can probably tell Wrath was part of the team putting this together. Lots of Winn's friends came out to help whether it was getting decorations up, managing food, music, or chipping in to buy out the space and a drink for anyone bringing a gift. Not to mention drinks for the birthday boy all night.

There's a table for presents and another one with a spread of openly available food though the bar has appetizers you can buy too. There's a big cake at one end because of course there is and some punch that didn't start the night spiked at least. There's space for dancing and a karaoke machine set up on a small raised platform for those who want to try their hand at entertainment.

The night really kicks off when Winn walks in and instead of a balloon drop there's a fluffy blue stuffed bear drop. Feel free to take one of those home. There are a lot.

When midnight comes closer some people will file out to one of the observation areas to get a good view of the nebula for the big countdown. Bring your own person to kiss!
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Who: Pinkie Pie and You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Caprine
When: Hearth's Warming Morning

[Friends of a certain tiny pink pony has been quiet this month. For the most part she's been staying either on the Caprine or the icy planet, only visiting the hotel to buy baking supplies in an act of defiance against the Atroma. She HAS been busy with something, though, and after a month of labor her project is finally ready to be unveiled. One morning, everyone on the Caprine, as well as all of Pinkie's friends on the other ships (and even Sokka), will wake up to a tiny little package placed at the door to their rooms: tiny dolls in the likeness of the recipient and... carved out of solid rock? Hopefully this broadcast sheds some light on things.]

Morning, everybody, and Happy Hearth's Warming, and all the other holidays you guys have this year! Allen mentioned it earlier this month, but Hearth's Warming is a holiday back in Equestria where Cheesy and I are from. It's to celebrate how the three pony tribes stopped fighting with each other and used friendship to stop Windigos from freezing everything solid!

[Yeeup, pony history can be horrifying if you think about it too long.]

One of our traditions is putting dolls over the hearth, so here you guys go: one Pie Family-style Hearth's Warming doll! I know the ships don't really have fireplaces, somewhere high up and warm should work too! Love you guys tons, and Happy Hearth's Warming!

[And with that the video ends. Feel free to call or visit her back to share the holiday spirit!]


Dec. 24th, 2016 12:50 am
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[Tyrion is looking at a wrapped ... something sitting atop his worktable in the Engineering room, mis-matched eyes narrowed as he poked at it gingerly. It was brightly wrapped, clearly done by hand with fancy paper and that wonderous device known as tape.

Tyrion kept poking at it like it might bite him.]

...so just out of curiosity, what precisely is going on this time of year for most of you? There seems to be a lot of ... giving recently.

[He really just wants to make sure no one has gotten some sort of alien disease. Really.]
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[Crowley's bar is the setting, and Tyrion is the broadcaster, as he is setting up a chess board on one of the tables, along with different stacks of cards on others, and yes, even some odd games he managed to find called 'Monopoly' and the like.]

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Considering how ... fraught things are lately, I welcome you to come to your local watering holes and enjoy a cool beverage, and perhaps a little gaming besides that. I myself have taken to, after excellent instruction from Kitty Pryde, to teach others how to play chess. I think it might be good for all of us to get outside of our own heads for a bit. You can even bring a game of your choice, if you do not see it here.

[He bowed once, before smirking.] And if you are all really good, I have figured out how to turn this communication device into a microphone, so if one wishes to do the ... karaoke, I believe I can figure something out. Given interest and a little time, of course.

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