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Who: The fine crew of the SS Red Fish!
Broadcast: Probably not so much...
Action: You betcha.
When: Barely forward-dated to Halloween!


[welcome to the Red Fish, the ship that always looks ready for Halloween anyway.

while today is a popular Earth holiday, it's also Zhas' birthday, and he has probably mentioned it to everyone on board in an unsubtle way over the last few weeks. there are a hilarious number of jack-o-lanterns around the ship, showing off skull-face carvings of... varying quality. thanks, Syeira!

what's in store on this spooky night? HILARITY, probably.]
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Who: Zhas & You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Red Fish
When: A few days after that planet is in range.


[what is it about public network forums that invite sleep-deprived people to post weird, existential questions at three in the morning? but one insomniac has it bad this week, and the forest has not been playing well with his already-tenuous grip on reality.]

what are your dreams like?

[so, who else is awake at this hour?]


[and if anyone on the SS Red Fish is also still milling around this late (or morning), they can find Zhas at the kitchen table, slumped over a bunch of star charts, trying to take notes and compare to a book he has open. his face paint is a little smudged on one side, maybe from his constantly trying to prop his head up against his hand.]
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Who: Sam Winchester
Broadcast: fleetwide (WOO SPONSOR)
Action: Red Fish
When: Now

[Sam has had a pretty uneventful month... despite it being half spent as a toddler. But, look, none of his friends have died lately and his brother isn't trying to stab himself in the neck (recently? shut up we're being positive about this!), and, like. Space has been alright. No complaints. So that's probably why something happens right when he doesn't expect it. Or want to expect it. Sam appears on the feed, standing in the Red Fish's cargo bay, looking completely unhappy with the stack of books that are delivered to him.

They look like this, if you cock your head to the side and squint:

And Sam is totally not enthused by receiving crates of them. He reads the sponsor drop list in a hushed voice to himself.]

"From one of our sponsors — traveling across the galaxy, we bring you one of the top hits of Earth's many dimensions — Supernatural! Join the journey of two okay-looking brothers as they travel the country and somehow pass for law officials... The whole series is available... Free amulet... and anti-demon possession tattoo... with every purchase..." 

[............ EHEM. MORE DIRECTLY —

Enjoy him glowering.]

... There's no laws against air-locking a bunch of crap, right? Or can I burn it somewhere?

[Feel free to accidentally get a copy or find one misplaced by the sponsor drop — the book is essentially the first episode of the show.

And it's depressing in the last chapter, but whatever.

Meta thug life, Sam lives it.]

This picture still doesn't look anything like us, for the record. This is clearly Fabio's evil twin, come on.

[He's learned to be so over this whole thing, mmkay. He wanders while still scrutinizing the book.]

And I don't fight ghosts shirtless. Who the hell would fight ghosts shirtless...?


God, if they have Supernatural book conventions somewhere out here in space, I'm going to airlock myself.
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Who: Lilly, your fave kid
Broadcast: fleetwide text; all replies will be video/voice. because she. can't actually read or write. shh.
Action: Windrose, where she is newly transferred, to hang out with her adoptive parent, Makie.
When: today!

[Lilly wants to see if her mother is out there. If Makie's here, surely her mom, right?

And because we can never do things by halves, she is a little unsettling weirdo about it.]

And there's more hideous MAMAs. )

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Who: SS Red Fish crew and visitors
Broadcast: No
Action: Aboard the SS Red Fish
When: Around the drifting week (and probably a backtag party!)

[watch the newest episodes (and catch up on a few reruns) of your favorite dysfunctional fish in the fleet! what kind of drama will they create next? you can find out right here, right now!]
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Who: Zhas & Others
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Also yes
When: Now


[ RED FISH CREW | voice broadcast ]

[in the middle of nothing-in-particular, everyone hears the unmistakeable rock-tumbler voice of your resident skullface over their personal communicators.]

Bad news: assassins on the ship.

[a pause, silent...]

Good news: assassins on the ship. Coil, you have two minutes.

[ PUBLIC | text, a while later... ]

looking for someone to get some parts from Spirit for me

small, complicated mechanical pieces. i'll pay for it.
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Who: Syeira and YOU
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Red Fish, other ships, Iskaulit
When: Beginning 8/10 and ongoing

[Red Fish]

Hello Red Fish. Here she is. Again. Clean as a whistle, in her clothes that should be less than dust, all neat and tidy. Even her hair is brushed. But somehow she still looks like a wreck. Probably due to the all over flush and the sweating due to her raging fever. And also the fact that she feels as weak as a newborn kitten. She stumbles, leaning heavily against walls when she can't keep to her feet.

[On your ship, her first week back]

Somehow, she's there. Feverish, very likely still dressed for bed. Because that's where she ought to be. But no, she's on your ship. Wandering around, maybe looking for someone, or something. Talking to herself softly, deliriously. How did she fly a shuttle in this condition? Probably very poorly.

"Here...Here? Wrong place. Or the right place?"

[Iskaulit, first week]

She has a stick of charcoal in her hand and she's chosen some spot, a wall or floor, perhaps in the garden or the gym, or one of the bars or even a hallway, and she's furiously drawing. It's just lines and smudges in black on black. The more she tries to make it make sense, the less it seems to, and the more her obvious frustration grows.

"I saw...I saw but it won't come out..." There's black streaks across her face, her hands and on her shift. She's still a weak, feverish mess.
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Who: Kaworu Nagisa, anyone else!
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: his bunk, the Vanquish
When: this afternoon

Need advice for when one's body is trying to kill oneself

[Shipmates may notice how he hasn't left his bunk but a couple of times in the entirety of this past week. This means he's been of no use as an engineer, which is bad news considering this mysterious bug business. Even without that, he should at least be tending to the ship's overhead lights, which have been flickering on occasion... (The particularly astute might note that this seems to coincide with the muffled sounds of what could be... sneezes?)

But, alas, he is dying. He's pretty sure of it.]

(augment glitch = baby's first flu!)
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Who: Crew of the S.S. Bad At Feelings S.S. Red Fish and visitors!
Broadcast: Optional!
Action: All sorts!
When: Around the Drifting Week.


[if the worlds really are watching, they must just be chomping at the bit to find out what's going on aboard this ship full of misfits and sad-sacks! with one crewmate reportedly dead, another recently missing, and now this thing about a hacking device planted in the communications system--what could possibly happen next?

stay tuned, audience!]
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Who: Asuka Shikinami Langley
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Handholding planet, if you want it.
When: 7/27

[It's not like her to post much, and it's not like her to post with text at all, unless it's as a response to someone else. But if there's one thing Asuka's confident in, it's that people tend to own up to a hell of a lot more on the network than they ever do in person, especially when they're typing it up. Something about the distance. Even Katsuragi always sounded far more imposing over email than in person, except for the last couple years.]

[Plus, she's curious. All those pilgrimages that it seemed as if the whole Fleet had made had to have earned some useful tidbits. Asuka's poor at cloaking her motivations in the best of times, so she barely bothers.]

If we stay here much longer, I'm learning to swim.

What did you get from the tree? Even if it's something crappy like the promo stuff we get sometimes, I still want to know.
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Who: Jojen Reed & you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva
When: 7/3

[ The feed starts when deep green eyes open, they don't open to feel relieved or rested - they open with the same dark circles under them that Jojen Reed has had for far too long. The boy may have been asleep but he did not rest. In all honesty, he can't remember closing his eyes. It doesn't make him nervous, or at least it doesn't seem to, however. He's used to being so worn thin that blinking turns to rest. What the thirteen year old isn't used to is awakening in a room so odd looking, and on a bed he'd consider far more comfortable than any he's been on in a while.

The chill that reaches down and wraps around his bones is not one he is unused to either, but the coldness of the floor on his bare feet etches a languid frown in his features when they find the floor. He doesn't move for a long moment, simply observing his surroundings.

Meera? Bran?

[ His voice is quiet and cautious, almost like he doesn't actually want anyone to hear him. He isn't to die, not yet. Instead of pulling himself off the bunk, the boy glances down to the floor, observing its craftsmanship oddly but curious. Fear tinges somewhere deep under his skin, but he pushes it back, and instead reaches for his shoes - discarded by someone other than him - next to his bed. If he is going to be caught off-guard, he will not be doing it barefoot with the possibility of having to leave his shoes behind and trudge through snow again.

He just wants to go home.


[ He isn't used to feeling like such a fish out of water, not when it comes to knowledge of the situation he's in. For someone who often looks aloof in even the most distressing situations, he looks young and confused. ]
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Who: Natasha Romanoff & You
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva
When: 6/24


[Transmission starts at the same moment the woman laying in fram shifts from unconsciousness to tense stillness—her eyes open, darting, and she goes tense, but otherwise there's no movement from her for the first four or five seconds. That seems to be how long it takes her to process that she's in an unfamiliar space with no memory of how she came to be lying there. Then one hand balls consciously into a fist. Her eyes flutter. Jaw tightens.

Natasha takes a deep breath and forces her body to relax muscle by muscle.

Seems like spies don't make for great entertainment when they first wake up. Not unless you find tension and veiled suspicious looks riveting. The first minute or two isn't much more than that. She wakes up. She sits up. She swings her legs over the edge of her cot and stretches her back, trying to flex the adrenaline out of her muscles.

She looks directly into the camera at one point, her expression flat, lips tightening in a frown. She taps the edge of the lens experimentally.]

You know, if you're gonna kidnap a girl you could at least buy her dinner first.

[Her voice is just a touch to defiant to be neutral as she speaks.

Then she hauls herself to her feet. The last thing caught on camera before the broadcast ends is a shot of her catsuited figure walking away.]


Jun. 8th, 2016 06:00 pm
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Who: Syeira, Arthur, anyone who's friends with Syeira!
Broadcast: none
Action: at the Space bar on the Iskaulit
When: today at 6pm

party party )
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Who: Zhas
Broadcast: Video
Action: N/A
When: Nebulous now-time


[for once, Zhas is not wearing a full face of skull makeup.

so for all intents and purposes, this looks like a video feed of a pretty normal guy propping up his communicator on something so that he doesn't have to hold it. as he steps back, his eyes go a little glowy in the dim light of the Red Fish's cargo bay--but that's not the focus, here.

his expression stays blank, but he brings his hands up to sign, in very clear ASL:]
'Who understands sign language?'
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Who: Anyone aboard the SS Red Fish
Broadcast: Probably Not
Action: SS Red Fish
When: Through the end of May

[as usual, all is friendly smiles and laughs on the most lovable ship in the fleet!]
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Who: The Golden Crew!
Broadcast: Probably not.
Action: Yes that.
When: Sometime while everyone's still on the toxic moon?

[hey, crew! how's life aboard the good ol' Golden? why does the corner of the ceiling dip down like that? has it always been that way? oh, whatever. what's everyone on this fine crew up to?]
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Who: Red Fish Crew!
Broadcast: None!
Action: Yes!
When: Dinner time!


[there is an almost-long-standing tradition in the Skullface Household regarding having a certain dinner on a certain night of the month because certain creepy vampire hunters just kind of miss the food that their moms used to make sometimes. Zhas had been unsuccessful in aquiring the ingredients until very recently--when he figured out that this economy-sized pack of Floot Loop Macaroni was not actually Floot Loop flavored (they're just "loop" shaped, whatever that means...) and that there's a place down on the dusty moon that sells little meat-based sausage things that are basically hotdogs if you squint at them a little.

so one night when everyone's home, the crew gets a text from Zhas saying 'KITCHEN', which is somewhat-helpfully followed up with, 'there is food'.

because guess what losers it's a RED FISH FAMILY DINNER and he secretly likes all of you enough to share.

so sit your ass down around the table and start eating because there is a ton of crappy out-of-the-box macaroni with little meat pieces in it!! there's also bread and bowls and utensils and whatever else other people contribute. tag in with food prep, or showing up, or already eating, or all of those things... threadjacking (and breadjacking) is highly encouraged so do what makes you happy it's freakin' macaroni night.

suck it Blue Fish we can have a nice dinner too (I'm kidding it'll be a mess)]
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Who: Zhas and whoever wants in on this grumpy trainwreck.
Broadcast: None probably.
Action: All day every day.
When: Forward dated to the dust moon because SOMEONE (me) can't be patient.


[gunning for the prestigious "first asshole to get irresponsibly drunk as soon as they land" award, there's this guy. he doesn't normally do this kind of thing, but it's been a spectacularly harrowing six months or so. he landed, took one look at this tiny town, and thought, "Nope. Not going to participate."

he has since been working hard to remove himself from the responsibility of being a functioning human being. is this a good idea? of course not. but he has reasons and he has a gnawing evil in his chest, and he'd love for one of them to just shut up for a while.

so, acquaintances will be surprised to find him out in the late evening, dressed up like a normal person and not covered in face paint. his eyes still have kind of a dim orange glow to them, but genetics can't be helped. anyone, friend or stranger, is welcome to find him either:

a. in the process of getting drunk (at the bar, hunched grumpily over his glass of bourbon)
b. getting into a fight (because the other guy... something... doesn't really matter anyway)
c. wandering the town streets (uncoordinated, content, and oblivious to a bad nosebleed)

on the bright side, the ratings he'll get from this will probably pay for his bar tab.]

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