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Masquerade Mingle

[The night has finally come--the Gravity Rush is nearly upon us! What normally serves as a large performance hall has been gutted, emptied of its boring furniture and rigged up into a fantastical mismatch of technology and old culture. No matter where you go tonight, you're encouraged to move around, dance, play games, whatever helps you sleep in late tomorrow morning.

If you aren't one for scurrying around a ballroom all night, there's always plenty of people-watching to do. After all, so many people are wearing extravagant costumes and elaborate masks. How can you even tell who is who? Get lost in a crowd of sequins, chatter with a sun and a moon, or try to beat the guy in the monster-mask at a game of cards. Meet your friends or make some new ones--this masquerade party has begun!]

[[ooc: All sections are up now, have fun! A related ooc post is HERE for any questions or plotting you'd like to do.]]
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castiel (au)

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pre-party(for the red fish + fdr);
[ the red fish is a-bustlin' the night before the gravity rush, naturally. cas can hardly begrudge his shipmates a good time, even if he's not necessarily the type to really go in for something like a masquerade.

oh, he's looking forward to the food and the good time, that's for sure, but dressing up isn't really his forte. so he's perfectly happy to dress himself in a perfectly respectable tee, jeans, and leather jacket to paint the town red in, but apparently some people have other ideas. what do you mean you can't wear jeans to a ballroom? they're clean! and they don't even have any holes in them! ]

[ since some people decided for him that denim and leather aren't appropriate attire, cas rolls into the ballroom looking slightly more fancy in some pressed slacks, a pinstriped shirt and vest, which, for him, is legitimately high fashion, even if it's really nothing special in comparison with the wildly extravagant costumes he's seeing. but it's all clean and neat, which is saying something, and sweet lord he's shaved for probably the first time since arriving on the fleet, and his hair isn't its usual ignored unkempt mess, but instead a nicer looking unkempt mess - trimmed and clean and upswept and ye gods, there's even some product in it. oh right, and a mask, because that's supposed to be a thing.

he's actually presentable. who knew this was even feasible.

nevertheless, cas isn't necessarily a big dancer, but he'll skulk around a bit, dance with you if you're a friend, or if he's, you know, forced, but cas is a good sport so he doesn't mind cutting a little rug. otherwise he's haunting the snack and drink areas, stuffing his face like a true gentleman, or out on the balcony taking a well-deserved breather and smoking a cigarette or puffing on a joint. ]

green museum;
[ now this - wow.

this place is something else, and it's a shame, he thinks, that it's been closed off to the public until now because damn, he could spend every day here.

there'd been sky and grass and green growing things on the space station, but it had seemed somehow.. artificial, some reasonable facsimile of the real thing even if, for all intents and purposes, it was the real thing. it still felt like something was missing. but this? this is perfect. this is beautiful, and cas hasn't been this enamored with growing life since before the earth fell, since before the crotes and the demons and lucifer, before the angels left when he still had innocence and hope and love enough to enjoy god's green earth for all it was.

he'll be spending a lot of time here, just wandering, touching the broad leaves of the plants and inhaling the sweet scent of growing things. the little luminescent moths seem to take a liking to him, and soon enough there's a great, glowing cloud of them following along behind him, dancing through the air and alighting on his hair and shoulders. ]
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[ Hunkering down in Cas' room, figuring he'll stay for another few hours before booking it (because the last thing he needs in life is to have Cas come back for nightly entertainment while he's still here), Dean is still hideous at knowing what the flying fuck to do with himself. And while sleeping is always an option, there are only so many hours he can grab before he doesn't need any more.

But that's hardly the point - he'd already waved vaguely dressed up, scruffy Cas off to the party and he hadn't even remotely thought he'd be returning any time soon. But apparently he was wrong, as the door pushes open again just as Dean is cracking open a beer.

Decided not to stay? [ That's kinda weird but whatever... he'll look up in a sec, yup. ]
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[ he's not really surprised that dean's still skulking around in here; it's become his new favorite hobby. not that cas can blame him for it. private rooms are far and away preferable to friendly shared bunks, and he had offered, so.

and it's nice, anyway, having dean hanging around more often.

skirting the bed, cas moves to the little table beside it, rooting through the drawer. ]

Nah, forgot my smokes.

[ wait. is that cologne you smell? ]
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[ It's not as if Dean is here all the time, just an exceptionally large portion of it. At least it can be said that he's trying not to be a nuisance about it even if he's probably exactly that, but whatever- privacy was almost less of a commodity at home.

But he's only just opened up his beer, oblivious to Cas and his smokes until the smell hits and what the shit, dude.

Dean glances up and then promptly-- stares.

Cas is clean shaven and dressed to the nines, at least in Dean's mind. There isn't a whole lot he can muster up to say about spur of the moment and so he just continues to stare, jaw dropping only slightly as he's rendered only somewhat uncomfortable by the sight.
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[ once he's rummaged his pack out of the drawer, cas shuts it again with his hip, pockets the smokes and circles the bed again only to find dean.. staring.

and okay fine, look, he knows he looks kind of ridiculous. at least by their standards. it's probably been - hell, years since dean's seen him this cleaned up, and the whole vest and slacks thing is a little overboard as far as he's concerned but look, he's got pushy friends. and the cologne was totally not his idea either. ]

Yeah, yeah. You keep your big mouth shut.

[ he says, with a cocked brow and a wagging finger, even though a grin breaks out over his features. ]

This wasn't my idea, okay?
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[ So... ridiculous is probably not the word Dean would choose, but it's more the shock of the whole thing that's nabbed his attention. He's been goddamn groomed and considering all too recently they looked like cavemen and smelled like ass, there's really and truly something to be said for getting cleaned up.

And okay fine, maybe it's just all a little weird. Give him at least a few seconds to get used to it. Not that it'll matter too terribly much considering Cas'll be gone again in moments.

Cas' wagging finger though his him at least somewhat snapping back to normalcy though, giving his head a shake in at least some manner of disbelief. Yeah right you had nothing to do with this.

Sure, and you still agreed to it.
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[ our cavemen and ass days are over, friend; this place has running water. hot running water. and soap. and this ship even has a gd jacuzzi. granted, staying bathed and, you know, shaving and wearing a damned vest and cologne and hair product are two very different things, and he gets that, okay. it's weird even looking into a mirror. ]

Look, people are pushy, okay? And I don't see the harm, anyway, so I don't want to hear anything from your smart mouth, Winchester.

[ cas is grinning like a jackal anyway, smoothing both hands down the front of his vest, tugging it down a little. ]

Besides, I look damned good.

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[This story starts in the bathroom. Blah blah blah, however they got here, but this is where they are, FDR armed with a whole bag full of things and a cornered angel.

Clothes make the man, obviously, but there has to be a man to be shaped first, and all FDR can see is wild hair and a pair of dirty cheeks and blue eyes that compare obnoxiously to his own. That was supposed to be his claim to fame, tyvm, you rude ass trait stealer. Still, rather than compete, he's totally here to help. If he thought about that too much he would probably...not help. He really doesn't need more competition with a fleet full of pretty people. But, damned if he doesn't enjoy this part.

He's critical of himself in a thousand different ways, even now the healing bruises and cuts on his face nag at him in a way that makes him feel almost uncomfortable in own skin. But he doesn't judge anyone else the same way, admires those that are comfortable being themselves. But hobo? Nobody wants to be hobo chic, it's just a loss of self-esteem, a lack of pride, grime is just something to hide behind.

Of course, none of those are things he'd ever say out loud. Because he's a superficial asshole who cares about pretty things and fucking those pretty things. End of obvious story.]

Look, just stay still, okay. [And he digs out shaving cream and a couple of towels and..yep that sure is a shaving blade. Long and sharp and useful in a dozen different ways. But he really just plans to shave Cas with it, not slice his throat.]

[He is a little more violent with the shaving cream, however, as he fills his hand with it and then slaps it against Cas's face. He's not still a little bitter about the mud. Nope.]
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cas didn't ask for any of this, okay. he was perfectly happy in his leather and jeans. they were clean and mostly new and everything. and he showered! that's enough, isn't it?

apparently not, according to fdr and company, and now he's crowded into the red fish's bathroom here, being stared down by shaving cream and a razor. shaving cream that's being.. slapped right onto his face okay buddy thanks for that, he SUPPOSES HE DESERVES IT gosh. even if it's not his fault you're finicky about mud. and hey, isn't mud like, good for the skin, or whatever? let it rest, man.

but fine, he's just going to sit and tolerate all of this. ]

Try not to cut my nose off. It's an important feature.
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[That's right just accept your fate. At least the rest of covering Cas's beard is done with relatively no harm, and he massages the cream into his hair, makes sure it actually settles in against his skin, a nice lubrication for the blade.]

Yeah, relax. I've cut off noses before, it's gross and I have no interest in doing it again. [A pause as he realizes what he says and he's shrugging and grinning.] That's a joke. [Not really.]

[And he dabs some more over the top of his lip, leans in to make sure he's got it all, and it's hard to miss that particular feature this close up, when his fingers brush against the top of a plush lip.] Anyone ever told you you've got cock-sucking lips?

[Just making conversation, of course.]
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[ cas seems entirely unaffected by that nose thing because uh, that's a perfectly acceptable form of torture, right? and hey look, he's not going to jump to conclusions about anyone's.. proclivities, okay. if you're a professional torturer or something that's totally on you, guy.

and look, he's so comfortably tolerant of all this poking and creaming. but then he's talking about cock-sucking lips and what the heck there was no preamble or anything, you don't just jump right into the subject of cock-sucking lips without wining and dining him first, gosh.

but okay, cas barks a laugh anyway. ]

You know, I've never gotten any complaints, but I can't say I've ever gotten that specific compliment, no.
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[Wow, sorry if you somehow don't come across as the type he has to talk about how much he loves his dog, or how impressive his cruise ship is, or how attractive...that t-shirt is, before he can jump into the shit that's actually on his mind.

He smirks at the answer and turns on the faucet, running the blade under warm water before he's picking a small patch of this wild thicket to start with.]

Who the hell complains about a blowjob? That's pretty much a guarantee it won't happen again. And even a bad bj is a good one, you know?

[A wink, before he's actually concentrating on dragging the blade down a small patch of skin. It's an easy glide, wet and soapy, and he knows just how much pressure to apply, just enough to stimulate skin and graze across stubble, gathers hair up on the top of his blade before he moves down again to catch anything he might have missed the first round.]

Though, I guess, said to the wrong person, it's the kind of compliment that gets you slapped too.
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Green museum

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[She's spent most of her evening at the party, dancing, talking, driving, generally having the time of her life. But even Syeira needs to get away from the crowd and noise for a while. The museum is the perfect place.

The green is a relief. She reaches out for a leaf, whispering softly to it. The plants whisper back. They talk to her, in a language most would never hear, unless they too had such an ability. They tell her the mouths have taken to someone further in, and that's curious.

She follows the guiding murmurs, until she spots him. Cas isn't utterly disguised by his mask, but he's quite transformed anyway. Clean and dressed more finally than she's ever seen him, and with an added coat of glowing, fluttering moths, it's enough to stop her in her tracts. Which is all the best, as she doesn't want to startle the insects.

Cas, that's amazing.
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[ uh oh. caught in the act!

cas's head turns, and a few of the moths flutter off, but they resettle soon enough, clinging to his rolled up sleeve. he recognizes her voice, of course, before he even looks, so he's not too worried about being, you know, completely embarrassed here. ]

Look. They assaulted me, okay? I'm a victim, here.

[ but he hesitates for a moment, taking in the sight of her with raised brows. ]

You, uh.. you look great, Sye.
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Oh yes, you look terribly distressed.


She's been complimented a lot tonight, but that doesn't dim the impact of when Cas does it. She blushes (surprise!) and runs her hands over the translucent fabric of her costume, smoothing wrinkles that aren't there.

Thank you. So do you. You look [Stylish. Dapper. Handsome.] fantastic.

[Because he really does, like a shiny new gold coin.]
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[ normally cas would rake his eyes shamelessly over someone wearing something so.. sheer. at first glance it doesn't look terribly revealing, but it sure is translucent, but still cas is careful not to linger. he respects her, and she's, you know, innocent. deserves better than being ogled.

so he clears his throat and turns a little more fully toward her, grinning sheepishly. ]

Can't say I remember the last time I shaved. That wasn't my call either.
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[If she could hear his thought process she'd probably blush a good five shades darker. Cas is too sweet.

She takes a few careful steps forward, not wanting to disturb the moths with her approach.

It looks good. Not that the five o'clock shadow doesn't suit you well, of course. But this is a nice change. The clothes too. You wear them very well.

[There's something about the dressier clothes that highlights his physique better, makes him look stronger, taller. Very fetching.]

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ballroom-ish or whatever wOOoo

[personal profile] collegedropout 2016-04-28 09:20 am (UTC)(link)
[Castiel gets a whistle from Sam (fit in his typical tux and domino mask combo; he's a plain jane, leave him alone), as he wanders in from visiting quite an assortment of friends. Goddamn, it's weird to have friends that are less prone to dying horribly and unexpectedly. He flashes Cas a dimpled grin, all pride, and nerds himself right the fuck out by flashing a thumbs up.]

Who knew, you look like a regal gentleman.

[A++++ sam knows his friends are sexy bastards whats new]
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[personal profile] heavenonearth 2016-04-28 10:42 am (UTC)(link)
[ oh my god sam you are absolutely outdoing yourself with the nerdery right now, it's off the charts. is that a thumbs up???

cas is in a terribly good mood though so he just grins and shakes his head, lifting a flute of champagne off of a passing tray woo thank you very much. or at least he thinks it might be champagne. meh. ]

Who, me?

[ looking around like sam might be looking at some dude behind him. ]

I don't see any gentlemen here, just me and a giant penguin.
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[personal profile] collegedropout 2016-04-30 07:49 am (UTC)(link)
[Wow don't hate on a thumbs-up, it's the symbol of success.]

... Are you calling me a giant penguin? Come on, you're gonna have to try harder than that.

[Crowley has already found fifty ways of addressing him and then some.

It's annoying.]

Ever been to something this, uh... cordial?
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[personal profile] therewerefifty 2016-04-28 02:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ah, there's a face she hasn't seen in some time. Makie took a while to realise there was even a museum in this place, but once she discovered it, it hadn't taken long for her to find refuge from the crowd. Though she has enjoyed herself, it's just a little... overwhelming.

She's resting on a bench in her pale green dress with its lacy sleeves, the matching luna moth mask now in her lap. But she's a quiet presence, barely seen in the gloom, content to watch the moths and fireflies with a faint sense of nostalgia. She'd always loved fireflies.

So seeing Cas wander past her small nook with a whole cloud of them dancing around his shoulders draws a quiet huff of laughter.]

I see you've made friends.

[Sup. She looks a hell of a lot healthier than the last time they met.]
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[personal profile] heavenonearth 2016-04-29 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
[ well, if she isn't a sight for sore eyes.

it's apparent enough to him that she's looking well nearly from the get go. she feels better. it's good to see. in her lovely dress and luna moth mask she fits in here so well she may as well be camouflaged, and had she not spoken, it's more than likely that he wouldn't even have seen her at all.

though perhaps that's exactly what she's going for. nevertheless, cas stops and glances toward her, smiling wryly. ]

Looks that way. But hey, don't look at me, they did it on their own.
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[personal profile] therewerefifty 2016-04-29 08:45 am (UTC)(link)
Mm. It seems to me there are some guests here who are much the same. [Not that she's hiding from a particular over-enthusiastic dance partner or anything.] Fireflies are far smaller and much quieter about it. They're so peaceful.

[She reaches up a finger for one that drifts away from Cas, though it doesn't quite land; skirts her fingertip and flits about between them.]

How have you been, Cas?
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[personal profile] heavenonearth 2016-05-01 02:19 am (UTC)(link)
[ cas chuckles, soft and easy, meandering over toward her, dislodging a cloud of moths in the doing, but they float along behind him nonetheless and find new places to settle into his hair and onto his shoulders. ]

Oh, not too bad. [ wild bender aside, he's been pretty comfortable. ] How about you? You look beautiful. That dress.. [ a vague gesture. ] .. it suits you.
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[personal profile] therewerefifty 2016-05-01 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
[She missed that whole post. But she wouldn't have held it against him anyway. You do you. In response to the compliment, she plucks at one of her sleeves with a small smile, but the more she hears the compliments the less self-conscious she gets.]

Thank you. I'm not used to wearing such dresses. But I must admit it's... well, I also like it. It's just not very practical. [It's also on loan, much like Cas's clothes. Maybe she'll get a chance to borrow it again, or something like it.]

And I've been well. Much improved since my arrival. [She hesitates.] Your counterpart cured me, before he left.

[She can breathe. It's fantastic.]