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Chloe Price ([personal profile] helladoomed) wrote in [community profile] driftfleet2017-02-12 03:08 pm
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Fleetwide Text Post, Action for the Tourist

Who: Chloe Price and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: On the Tourist
When: Around the 12th.

Text Broadcast:

Wanted: Single person for valentine's day.
Requirements: Don't be a little kid, don't be really old, don't be a stick in the mud. Don't mind cigarettes. Don't be a prude.

Details: So I am not sitting alone in my fucking cabin on valentine's day. Or third wheeling it with one of the 'so happy couples' everyone I know seems to have turned into lately.

Rented a pretty nice cabin down on the ringworld because FUCK YES RINGWORLD. Ever notice that even after a year in space there's still shit that can surprise you? I mean, damn, a Ringworld.


Let's see. I'll cook, there'll be booze, a view, place has a lake. Maybe go swimming? Heard of worse things to do on valentine's day.

If we hit it off you'll probably get laid so. Yeah. Date with benefits. Happy endings all around.

Come one, come all. Applications start below.

[Action for the Tourist]

[After her funk over the last few weeks, Chloe has seemed a bit more...up, recently? At least, she's not sitting in her cabin or the lab all day anymore. She's been cooking again, singing along with her music again, just...getting back to normal. Maybe she's feeling better?]

[Or maybe it's a glitch, of course, since she's also way more talkative when people are around. But even if it was, it's better than all the moping and pity-party stuff, yes? She can be found all over the ship really, cooking, working, sometimes exercising..]

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