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one. voice + action.

Who: snarkbot + you!
Broadcast: ye.
Action: the special calibrations portion of the ship.
When: early evening, july 2.

( action. )
[ when gideon wakes she's--well. more than a little confused. this is the first time ever she's not been connected to the waverider and it's disorienting. it takes her a minute of sitting in her room to figure out just what's wrong and why she feels like she has a stone resting in her stomach, but when she does she's a little peeved, honestly. she rifles around the room, finding her communicator but nothing else of note. unless you count the absolutely ridiculous throw blanket that she wraps around her shoulders.

gideon is, first and foremost, a computer so it's the communicator she's drawn to first. she spends a not insignificant amount of time flipping through it and figuring out what she can. once she's sort of got her bearings, she makes a network post of her own (see below) and then determines that exploring is a great idea.

as such, she can be found very curiously wandering barefoot through all the parts of the ship she can get into, occasionally pausing to simply touch things--walls, doors, furniture--with a slight frown on her face. and, yes, all the while she has the ugly as sin flamingo blanket with her. ]

( voice. )
[ the voice that comes through is surprisingly pleasant, all things considered, though there's a hint of testiness lurking behind the words. ]

I'm given to understand that this rather elaborate kidnapping has taken place because of a reality show, correct? One which we are all unwilling participants in. I'd like to know more about how this is broadcast, if anyone has that information. [ augh, having to ask for information instead of just looking it up is really unexpectedly annoying.

she pauses. ]
I would also like to speak with anyone familiar with the Waverider or her crew.
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[ despite the voice transmission, Kara replies in a video. She has no qualms about the other person seeing her, even if she can't see them. her response is enthusiastic ]

Oh! Me! I know about the Waverider! I'm friends with Sara and Ray. Also Rip is here.
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That's the one! Though I met him here for the first time, not where I met Sara and Ray.
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On Earth-1. I'm from Earth-38? I think that's what Cisco said.

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[ peggy carter knows this woman.

it takes her a moment -- passing in the hall, noting the bare feet first, and then offering a barely-polite nod as they pass. ordinarily, she might have made the connection much quicker except that it's been a trying few weeks. and she'd glimpsed her only briefly, and in the confines of someone else's head.

(and at the time, her concerns had been with the blonde in rip's memories -- not the brunette.)

but when the connection is made, she pauses and turns on a heel -- hailing her. ]

You. [ what a warm and gentle start. had she fallen asleep again? it seems early for another round of calibrations. this isn't the waverider that she'd seen in rip's dreams. it certainly still looks like the marsiva. ] Good God, don't tell me I'm stuck in his head a third time. I can't stomach it. Not again.
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[ and it is (eventually) the blanket which finally assures her this isn't yet another trip into rip hunter's altogether too dreary and alarming headspace. so although none of the tension drains out of her posture, peggy backs off the attitude by degrees.

god, what a stupid blanket. she blames jarvis; he had to go and spread those damned flamingos across half the star-systems in this area. ]

The Marsiva. [ wary, but warming. if this is indeed some new passenger, then maybe she ought to at least try and be good. we'll see how long it lasts. ] The ship you're on is called the Marsiva. It's where all new arrivals start out.

[ although not ordinarily in this part of it. ]


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voice (for now)

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[It cannot be.

This is the first thought that manages to work its way into Rip's mind when he hears the broadcast, a familiar voice ringing out from the communication device he cares. He holds it in his hands, wonder how in the multiverse they managed to bring Gideon here--does she exist as she is back home, a program able to reach out from wherever she's been housed? Have they fashioned some sort of robotic form for her, something that can be moved from ship to ship to systems and between?

Whatever method, however they've managed it, Rip recognizes that underlying hint of frustration. How can he not after so many years?]

Gideon. [She shouldn't be here, shouldn't suffer through this--and yet the relief Rip feels is evident in that single word. Though impossible and entirely unfair, he cannot help but feel some sense of comfort to have her here.

Always, even in this impossible place.]
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voice (i mean technically he doesn't know he should be meeting her anywhere yet)

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[Oh, indeed, Rip can hear it. If he tries, he expects he can even go so far as to picture it within his mind.

And in spite of everything, there's a faint grin on his lips as he answers back once more.]

I'm afraid it's back to Mister here, Gideon. [Or Rip, but he won't presume. He has to keep his wits about him, after all, moreso now that she's arrived here. Gideon could well be from a different point in time from him, having not yet experienced so many of the events he has from back home--

--Including his departure from the Waverider's crew, he realizes a beat later. The moment when he'd come as close to officially resigning his title as he could, with the Time Masters long since gone.]

Are you in the ship's systems somehow? [Just as important as their shared history from home, however, is Gideon's existence now. He needs to understand just what they've done to her, and more. If she has somehow been incorporated into the ship's computers, then maybe she can find a way to access information kept secret by the Atroma.]

voice (sort of)

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voice (penny in the air!)

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Sounds like you've got the gist of it. Anything more specific you wanted to know, or just... casting a wide net?

[Natasha's voice is a mix of professional and informal, neutral enough to seem distanced but just a little wry.]
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That's a complicated answer, and mostly depends on how you define vital. Some information gets passed around, but you won't find it on the network at all.

And I'm not going to change that.

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I guess I kind of qualify as knowing a Waverider crew member. [Even if it was through the cheating of viewing Rip's memories.] But you've probably already heard from the source.
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I am, but I just met him here, and he hasn't been around that long. I'm Kitty.

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voice }

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[Okay, that voice is ... familiar. But also slightly off. He doesn't put two and two together, mostly because the version of Gideon that he met was slightly more American, but it's enough to have Barry's attention even before the mention of "Waverider."]

I am. Doctors Palmer and Stein are friends as well as Jefferson Jackson, Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Kendra Saunders and ...

[There's a breath.]

Let's just say I know them all pretty well. I'm Barry Allen. I probably should have led with that, sorry.

[That should help, right?]
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Wait. He's run into a Gideon before, and it told him stuff about his future, and while this isn't the same Gideon, does that mean that the same holds true across the board?]

Oh my God.

[There's a beat. and a fumbling to privatize their conversation.]

Oh my God. Hi. You're not the same Gideon Thawne had, right? Do you all come from the same base code? I'm sorry, these are all probably inappropriate questions.

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