Jul. 2nd, 2017

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Who: snarkbot + you!
Broadcast: ye.
Action: the special calibrations portion of the ship.
When: early evening, july 2.

( action. )
[ when gideon wakes she's--well. more than a little confused. this is the first time ever she's not been connected to the waverider and it's disorienting. it takes her a minute of sitting in her room to figure out just what's wrong and why she feels like she has a stone resting in her stomach, but when she does she's a little peeved, honestly. she rifles around the room, finding her communicator but nothing else of note. unless you count the absolutely ridiculous throw blanket that she wraps around her shoulders.

gideon is, first and foremost, a computer so it's the communicator she's drawn to first. she spends a not insignificant amount of time flipping through it and figuring out what she can. once she's sort of got her bearings, she makes a network post of her own (see below) and then determines that exploring is a great idea.

as such, she can be found very curiously wandering barefoot through all the parts of the ship she can get into, occasionally pausing to simply touch things--walls, doors, furniture--with a slight frown on her face. and, yes, all the while she has the ugly as sin flamingo blanket with her. ]

( voice. )
[ the voice that comes through is surprisingly pleasant, all things considered, though there's a hint of testiness lurking behind the words. ]

I'm given to understand that this rather elaborate kidnapping has taken place because of a reality show, correct? One which we are all unwilling participants in. I'd like to know more about how this is broadcast, if anyone has that information. [ augh, having to ask for information instead of just looking it up is really unexpectedly annoying.

she pauses. ]
I would also like to speak with anyone familiar with the Waverider or her crew.

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