Feb. 4th, 2017

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Who: Sora
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Huntress
When: 2/04

[From the looks of the video, Sora's hanging out in the cargo bay of the Huntress again. He seems to be in good spirits, and not even a glitched induced one. Just Sora being Sora.]

Man, I really liked those hoverboard things from the last place. Think there's any way we could make some of those for the fleet?

And oh yeah! Tell me about ways you guys deal with fears, I wanna know.

[FILTER: SS Huntress]

Hey guys! So I noticed we don't have a pilot anymore....

Can I be pilot? [ :D? :D? ]
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Who: Arthur and you!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Red Fish / on the Iskaulit
When: Now!

a ) video broadcast / action on the Red Fish

[Arthur's sitting at the kitchen table, dressed to the nines, his hair slicked back as usual. He smiles enthusiastically, his fingers tapping against the table as if he can barely control himself.]

Another year older, another year wiser. I'm 28 today. It's also been about a year since I first arrived here. So much has changed for me since then. I'm surprised how thankful I am for things. For my girlfriend, for my friends. That nothing worse than a shot through the hand happened during that battle.

It makes me wonder about the people back home. Do you think they know we're gone? Do they miss us?

[Probably not, he thinks. He aims the camera toward a newly iced cake, vanilla frosting on vanilla cake.]

I actually bought some ingredients for cake before we set off, if anyone wants any? Coffee is available, too. Just hop on over to the Red Fish.

[He grins again, his dimples standing out, unusually smiley today, and turns the camera off.]

b ) action in gym on Iskaulit

[Okay, so training with a punching bag is hard when one of your hands is injured. He's been punching at the bag for so long that his right hand is turning red, but he can barely stop himself. He has so much energy. He's not distressed by it, though. It's great. Everything's great. It's his birthday, and everything is kind of energizing.]

c ) action in meditation rooms on Iskaulit

[He's trying out this meditation thing again, thinking of what Misty told him way back then. He's even twitchier than usual, but he tries breathing in and out slowly, trying to clear his mind. Maybe he's just not good at this.]

[(ooc: Arthur (and Carl if that's still cool) activated the bugging device, so feel free to have your Red Fish characters have an augment glitch, or opt out. Arthur isn't aware of the connection between the device and the glitches, and he has mood boost and hyperactivity today.)]
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Who: Crew of the Starstruck
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Y, aboard the ship
When: All month

[ welcome to february. y'all know the drill. ]

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