Feb. 7th, 2017

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Who: Kara & u
Broadcast: Yep!
Action: Tourist/Rew System/w/e
When: Today!

[ The broadcast from Kara is cheery. She waves. ]

Helloooo fellow passengers. Wait, no, that was really cheesy. Anyway. Hi! I'm back in the land of the waking, so to speak, and it looks like I missed my first Fleet Birthday, which would be more of a bummer if I wasn't, you know, being held here indefinitely. Anyway! Hi! I missed everyone, so fill me in on your lives! What's been going on? I heard there was some pretty tense moments there for a little while but we don't have to talk about that if you don't want to. Or we can! Just, whatever you feel like.

Oh, and Cisco I need to talk to you. Not in a scary way I promise! Just in a normal... friend way?

Just call me!

[ Kara can be found on the Tourist or taking in the nature sights system-side. Come say hi! ]
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Who: Riona and Beverly and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: if you want, on the Blue Fish
When: End of Drift Week, right before arrival at the Rew System

[“Hyper” is probably not a word anyone would ever use to describe Beverly, not even as a child, but that very much describes her state right now. Bouncy, even, as she starts up the video feed. Her words come out a mile a minute and she hands the communicator to Riona to control, so for a moment, you’ll mostly hear Beverly rather than see her.]

Here, Riona, you take this because I’m afraid I'll just make it entirely too shaky and then people might get seasick and we don’t want that do we?

[She suddenly appears in view of the camera, a little too close for comfort, waving at the fleet.]

Riona and I have a big surprise for you all!

[She steps back, arms open wide to reveal… An empty room on the Iskaulit?]

Surprise! [Riona laughs at her dumb follow up, the camera shaking a bit from her laughter.] It doesn’t look like much now, but pretty soon it’ll be something great. Right, Beverly? [She’ll happily let Beverly do the reveal if she wants, given how excited she is. Oddly so, but, hey… theater nerdiness brings out weird sides of people.]

Right! [Beverly claps her hands together.] We’re going to build… a theater! I know we have the movie theater already which is wonderful and such a good addition to the fleet but you know we’ve all had a rough month so Riona and I were talking and wouldn’t it be such fun to have a community theater? We could put on plays and concerts and talent shows and oh! Kitty! [She leans into the camera again.] I’m very sorry, I meant to answer your call to the network but I got distracted because well I mean [She gestures at herself] look at me.

[So she is at least aware of how ridiculous she is right now. That’s something.]

I think it’s a glitch in the augments maybe Sokka has it too we’ve both just been so busy! Anyway, Kitty I wanted to let you know I am a dancer as well and I think your idea for having dance classes is marvelous and you could absolutely use the theater if you ever wanted for performances!

[She dodges out of sight of the camera for a moment.]

Riona? Could you turn it a bit please?

[Riona does as bid, turning the camera to follow Beverly.]

That would explain his manic energy. And yours. And maybe that’s why poor Allen isn’t feeling well? Ah well, hopefully this will cheer everyone up. Because theater! [The camera is away from her, but the smile can be heard in her voice.] Something productive and good for everyone to focus on. And we’ll need… a lot of help. In both getting it started and continuing to run it and do things with it.

[Ah good, now Beverly is in bouncing around the room range!]

Yes! It’ll be a lot of work but it’ll be worth it! We’re thinking just a small black box theater - which if you aren’t familiar with those they’re not like traditional theaters with a big stage up front and a large row of seats and curtains and all that - though we could certainly have curtains if people wanted, it’d just depend on the performance but that’s the beauty of a black box is that it’s so adaptable! So basically [She runs to the middle of the room and spreads her arms wide.] we’d have a small platform in the middle here and [Now she dances in a circle around the edges of the room.] Seats all along here and they don’t have to be anything fancy just like folding chairs or something like that, things that’d be easy to move and then we’d need to make a catwalk area for lights and things and maybe a few moveable walls for scenery and then of course the whole room would be painted black!

[Finally she takes a breath.]

Anything else you can think of Riona?

[Beverly can probably see the amused smile on her face as she watches her galavant around the room. And also, she makes a mental note to keep Beverly away from those beverages that make people more energetic. Caffeinated, she thinks the word is.]

You know much more about these “black box” theaters than I do, so I can’t speak much about their construction. But anyone who has a background in building and the like who wants to help out, we’d love to hear from you. And of course from anyone who’s interested in helping once everything is built. Actors, writers, set designers, costume makers, backstage crew… there’ll be something for anyone, I would think.

[And that’s the beauty of it, really.]

That’s all I can think of. And people can certainly use it for other purposes, too. It’d make for a good lecture hall or something of the like, too. So do let us know if you’re interested in helping. The more the merrier!

((ooc: the sign up page for your characters is right over here, if you're interested!))

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