Mar. 1st, 2017

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[Does Tyrion look angry? Oh good. Because he is. He is unbelievably angry and that radiates from his small frame like an aura. Try closer to furious, ready to do bodily harm to others. It perhaps does not help that he has surrounded himself by his many, many weapons and looks like he will go to any ship and use them.

His tone is terse.]

I would like to welcome to the Fleet my brother and sister, Jaime and Cersei Lannister. They are out there, somewhere, amongst us all. For those of you who are close to me -- you know who these people are. To those from Westeros, here is your warning. For my brother and sister ...

[The smile on his face would have done Tywin Lannister proud.]

If you think about crossing me - if you think about going after any of my real family here, I will first verbally destroy you. If you cross me again ...

[He gestured to everything around him.]

Now now, sweet siblings. I know your tricks. I know all your dirty little secrets. I know everything, where every literal and figurative body is buried. So simply ... do not. If you feel the need to confront me - I have at least half a dozen friends who will gladly assist me in shoving you out through an airlock.

[His lips curve into a snarl.]

Which I might just do anyways.

[And he jams his finger down, ending the feed.]
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: Open to all
Action: At the Space Bar on the Iskaulit
When: March 1, 2017

Hello, everyone, I have a very important announcement. Kara and I are together! It's amazing and better than I could have imagined and you should all celebrate with us at the Space Bar today. The first round is on me! Oh, and I am Mon-El if we haven't met. Hello. [Just beaming.]

[This is him keeping it low key. He did manage to wait an entire 13 days before making a mass announcement at least? He was telling people on the side already though.]

(OOC: Video responses here. Go ahead and use this as a mingle whether you're at the Space Bar to celebrate their love or just to have a drink.)

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