Mar. 4th, 2017

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Who: Vash and any wonderful characters who speak to him!
Broadcast: Fleetwise
Action: SS Twin Roses/Gardens/Space Bar
When: Now!

[Is this customary? Vash isn't sure. Maybe he doesn't have to say anything after sleeping for a month and just go right back to routine. Ugh, this never use to be a problem when he could ditch a town when things went wrong. Either way, after taking a few days to get over the Three Twins and the Windrose being in a permanent hug and running around like a madman on the last planet to try to keep his charts up to date it's time to get back into the swing of things.

By the background when he turns on the video it looks like Vash is in the Iskaulit garden area.]
Hey everyone. I'm bac-- uh, awake? Sorry if I worried anyone. I hope I didn't miss anything too exciting. At least I was able to see my ship crash with another ship. HAHAHAHAHA! [The laugh may seem like he honestly found that funny, it certainly sounds it, but he's still rather angry inside.] Ooh, that was fun. [No it wasn't.]

Anyway! Sorry I missed out on so much work, Nami! I didn't even bother to call in sick! [Jokes help. All the jokes.] But I can get back to work today if you need me to. I hope you haven't been too swamped without me there. [Please give him something to do.]

And one more thing. Something I feel it's good to remind people of once in while and feel free to say this with me now. A reminder that this world is made of...




That's right! Say it together now! Love! And! Peace! Love! And! Peace! Love! And! Peace! EVERYBODY! Love! And! PEACE! [Yes, he's really screaming that phrase over and over. Complete with hand motions of the peace sign over and over. This will continue for a bit before he finally stops and hangs up.

After yelling in the gardens he will also stop by the Space Bar if they need him or not to see how things are going before heading back to the Twin Roses. For those who want to physically find him.]

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