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Who: Rick Grimes and You. (OTA).
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: All around (the ships, Iskaulit etc).
When: Now and onward! Basically, catch all for July.

A. Exploring/Investigation.

[ Given there are now more places to roam around and with his job as security, Rick will be doing just that. No matter where he might be, Rick will have paper and pen in hand, making notes that might appear to not make any sense given they'll be in morse code. He'll also ask questions to anyone who wanders by him, especially about the augments and job details.

When it comes to being on the Iskaulit, Rick will be trying to be find edible food and working out. He needs to run off excess nerves and energy. Also, trying to find a decent drink. So, bother him. ]

B. Glitch!

[ A slight augment glitch will make it so Rick sounds British for a little while but still with hints of his country twang and speech patterns. It'll be a mess and completely frustrating for him. ]

C. Video.

[ Another sudden change left Rick more frustrated than ever but the loss of Daryl and Maggie just twisted a knife worse in him. What happened? Did they return home or had something far worse happened to them? He wanted to believe the former but experience led him to always holding onto the latter.

With a deep sigh, he grabbed for the device to see what the network had to say about things. ]

Everyone is in different places now? [ He paused with a frown. ] Do people leave a lot? Just without warnin'? [ Now, he shook his head, looking sad for a moment. ]

If anybody needs any help with target practice, let me know. [ It would make things feel a little more level for him. Almost like how things were in Alexandria. ]

D. Wild Card.

[ anything else not listed above! if anyone wants to plot or want a starter, hit me up at [plurk.com profile] snowflakecrowns. also, the glitch will basically be Rick with Andrew Lincoln's accent. can be listened to here and Rick's accent here! ]
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What sort of target practice have you got in mind? [ she's not asking for help, though, so much as offering. ] We've got a firing range on the Iskaulit; you're welcome to use it.

[ ordinarily, she maintains it. however -- she's more than a bit distracted at the moment. ]
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Well enough.

[ understatement. ]

It's difficult to get in as much practice as I'm used to -- not enough ammo, too few pieces that don't shoot bloody lasers.

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[Have a tow-haired alien princess with elf perfect ears, Mister Grimes.]

'Target practice'? As it pertains to combat?

[If this place is safe, why would there be a need?]
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[Allura's smile broadens.] I do, in fact! [She stuffs down the looming sense of danger nagging in the back of her mind at the realization that this may be an encouraged past time, but for now, best to make friends.]

I've been trained in combat since I was a youth--though ballistics is something that I've picked up more recently. [Seeing as the Galrans tend to favor them as a weapon of choice.] Are there other facets of combat training aboard?


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c to start with;;

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[ Getting sent back to their ships had been unsettling enough, but learning that Maggie and Daryl were gone after the fact? It leaves a bad feeling in Carl's gut, and he hadn't really known how to really address the situation. Thankfully, his dad took care of that, instead.

When he starts up the broadcast, Rick will see the backdrop of a decently-lit kitchen. He gives a strained smile. ]

People leave, but I guess I didn't think they would. Feels like Daryl just got here. He was startin' to warm up to me, too.
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I kinda upset him when he got here. That was my fault.

[ Not much he could have done about it, but somehow things were okay. ]

No. They're not stuck anywhere. They're back home. [ It's said with more conviction than he really feels, but they need to be home. They have jobs they need to do. ]

Oh-- [ Carl looks around, motioning with a tilt of his head to the side. ] My ship. I'm on the Red Fish.

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C, text.

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No help needed, but I wouldn't mind a shooting buddy.

If you're offering to help, I assume you have a specialty? Or, at least a preferred weapon. I prefer ARs and MGs, though I'm kind of a Jack-of-All Trades and master of none.
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Well, look no further than Jill Valentine! ;) You'd have to let me know where I can get a weapon, though. I arrived empty.

My partner uses an axe. I prefer survival knives, about three inches and on the shorter side. Crossbows aren't too useful in my field, but you name it and I've used it.

Not sure if it means anything to you, but I'm former Army/Delta Force. Was in a localized SWAT team after that. Currently SOA with the BSAA.

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This has only happened once before, but it's much the same. As for the people, you get used to it. There's not a lot of correlation between how long they've been here and when they go.
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Almost the exact same way, though the previous hosts weren't brutally murdered.

Sometimes they do. Sometimes they remember their time here from before. Most don't.

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A: Training Room

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[Rick would find the training room on the Iskaulit currently in use. Not that it wasn't big enough for more than one person to independently work out, but there was a older teen in there currently going through some training motions. The kid was a pretty decent fighter, too, and had a pretty hefty kick when he threw his weight into it. He had an aggressive style, usually on the attack, though that could just be because he was going against a sandbag that didn't attack back.]
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[Keith caught the bag when he heard the voice, pausing in his workout for a moment.]

I learned from a friend mostly, but I do have some formal training.

[While there were some differences between the two, Shiro and Keith shared quite a few of their moves, so it would be pretty easy to see where Keith got his base style from should Rick ever see the two of the fight together.]

{OOC: Not sure if it's a thing you know or want Rick to notice, but Glenn's actor voices Keith. I'll leave it up to you if you want to acknowledge it or not. I know Glenn might be a difficult subject for any TWD cast that are up to date.}

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It happens too much. [Hi again.]

Though the big move just put everyone back where we normally reside in the fleet.

Who'd you lose? [In close quarters like they were it probably should have been easier to keep track of the missing, but it didn't feel that way.]
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I'm sorry to hear that. I met Maggie briefly. [She talked to Daryl twice but someone never gave her his name.]

Mmm...just the once usually I thought. You show up on the Marsiva and then you get assigned and that's the end of it. More complicated with their head games. You'll probably stay on your current ship a long time now unless you transfer yourself.

Twin Roses. I'm one of the captains. What about you?
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It's good you're here still. Where are you now? [Said with some heart but not a whole lot since her emotions are spent. Because first Maggie, now Daryl are unaccounted for. She's really happy Rick is around though.]

What are you offering to show?
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[A tiny smile graces her face, if only just because his concern is touching.]

I'm on the Vanquish. Where they had me before.

Anything you want to show me. I never had any practice.


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