Jan. 4th, 2017

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Who: Sorey & y'all
Broadcast: Huntress & fleetwide
Action: n/a
When: Jan 3rd

[ Broadcast: Huntress only ]

Hey everybody, this is Sorey. I'm just checking in, seeing if everything's okay. Oh, and paperwork for new upgrades will be coming in soon, so if there's anything anybody would like to see upgraded, cast your votes now!

Oh also, we don't have any lab support personnel. I know Mikleo's been doing some stuff but if you know anybody looking to transfer who'd like the use of the lab, could you let 'em know? I'll include a call out in my public broadcast in a sec.

Okey dokey, that's all for now! If anything comes up, don't hesitate to contact me or Mikleo!

[ Broadcast: all ]

I'm kind of curious; so there are a lot of different kinds of forces or energies here that are a lot like the ones back on my planet, but they don't seem to behave the same way here. Like the rules are different. Is anybody else running against that?

And as an aside, if there's any potential lab personnel looking for a place, the Huntress has an unoccupied lab, for now.

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