Jan. 6th, 2017

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Who: Felix, Crowley, and Allen
Broadcast: private, if any
Action: Hotel Corona, Red Shift district
When: late December

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Jan. 6th, 2017 10:13 pm
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Who: Jayden and YOU!!
Broadcast: Yes - part 1
Action: Yes - part 1 (Marsiva) and part 2 (Pathstone)
When: part 1 is earlier in the day, part 2 is after the latest shuffle!

[ 1 - The Marsiva | Video ]
[ Jayden is NOT HAPPY when she wakes up. At all. And after long enough of frantically searching every inch of the room she's in, and seeing no sign of any of her things, she's all the more pissed off! So she very, very quickly figures out her communication device, switches it on, and glares daggers into the feed. Hoo boy howdy, is she pissed... ]

Where. Is. My. Ghost?

[ First things first. More questions later.

Later, anyone else also on the Marsiva might bump into her in the main room, though she'll be quite pissy about the whole situation. ... She might also be stuffing her face with some of that buffet food. Don't judge. ]

[ 2 - The Pathstone | Action ]
[ Poof!! Jayden appears on the Pathstone, there's a flurry of confetti, and... ... is that pudding? She'll take some of that thank you very much~

She's wandering the ship, trying to figure out 1) where she's supposed to be right now, 2) who else is around, and 3) if she's going to get any more answers about... well, anything at all. So, would anyone care to help show her around? Don't mind the stern look on her face too much. It... it just does that. ]
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Who: Leonard McCoy
Broadcast: Yep - ota
Action: On the Caprine
When: Now.

[Someone looks about half a beat from pouring himself a really strong drink. He's not looking depressed so much as just really confused.] The Caprine's feeling a bit empty, but hey. We've got a new captain. [He's not sure if he should ask for help or tell who's left on the Caprine to abandon ship.]

Pouring a drink for absent friends. [He didn't know Pinkie Pie or Daenerys well, but... they were crewmates and there's also a downed Enterprise not so very long ago, too.] I'd invite y'all to join me but the Caprine's a small ship, empty as it is.

[But he'll take visitors, should anyone get it in their heads to travel to the Caprine. Either way, someone please distract this man.]
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Who: Jeyne and YOU!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: S.S. Blue Fish, S.S. Iskaulit, Anywhere
When: Jan 6th


[Since hearing of it from Beverly, Jeyne visited the gardens at least twice in a week. With her lessons in medicine increasing, it seemed a wise idea to test the various plants and determine what sort of use they might have. With small samples, she is able to experiment and test, all mainly with herself (as she wouldn't want to subject anyone else to this.) Some plants are recognizable or close to what she knew in her world. For the rest? It's a guessing game.

Her latest project is a sweet smelling salve. When not attempting to mix it with other plants, she rubs it gently on her wrists, smelling the aroma with a small smile.]

Blue Fish

[From one type of experimenting to another. With very few patients to treat, Jeyne has begun to occupy herself with different skills, determined to learn them and no longer be a wastrel. She practices her cooking when able, sometimes not burning the meal and slowly making something that looks nearly appetizing. She continues her lessons with Beverly in medicine, dutifully taking notes. When not with Beverly, she reads over all the information she compiled, committing it to memory and practicing in her head. There are times when she wanders to the cargo deck, toying with her bow (sans arrows), muttering to herself as she works at her aiming.

It's a bit difficult without a target or arrows, but she doesn't intend to injure anyone...even if it would help improve her medical training.]

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