Mar. 7th, 2017

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Who: Jennifer Keller and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A unless you want to talk to her in person; in that case she'll probably be in the Wonderduck's medbay
When: March 7th

Hey, everyone. I hate to butt in with business when we're having a good time, but I feel like this is a good time to remind you all that I have a list of everyone in the Fleet that has medical or healing skills, and I'd like to make sure it's up to date. Considering the disease that's ravaging the native population here, if anybody is inclined to try and help them, it'd be good to know so we can collaborate.

The good news is that thus far, members of the Drift Fleet seem to be unaffected, so we don't have to worry about getting sick from it. Our medbays are also able to synthesize medicine, and I'm offering free use of the Wonderduck's medbay if anyone wants to give it a try. I'd like to do what I can to help these people for the short time we're here.

Oh, and anybody who's exploring these dungeons... please be careful. I'll be cheering for you from afar, since I'm not the dungeon-exploring sort. [She grins.]
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Who: An incredibly unbalanced party of casters and maybe a tank?? who knows. AKA: Belthazar, Eithan, Yuan, Khadgar, and Eliza
Broadcast: Nope!
Action: In the water temple!

[ Belthazar's dragged Eithan along on a temple run, and some others are joining the party! Safety in numbers, right? Well, if they don't all kill each other first. Oops.

Good game, guys. ]

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