May. 3rd, 2017

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Who: Nami and you (may include sputtering Winchesters)
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit at the Space Bar.  (Alternately, getting hammered at some nightclub down below later in the evening.)
When: 5/02

For the record, it's the birthday of one Sam Winchester today! ♪♫

He's on shift at the Space Bar, so make sure you drop by to wish him a good day.  Preferably in the most embarrassing fashion possible.  If you make me laugh, I might even buy you a drink.

[She's sorry, Sam.

... she's not who are we kidding.  But she'll make up for it by dragging you out after work?  8D?]

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Who: Ardyn and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS RED FISH - Catch-all for the fleet
When: Now


Around the Ship:

[If anyone is wandering around the many decks of the RED FISH they will likely find the Chancellor gazing out into the stars. It had been over two months nearly since his arrival and Ardyn Izunia was pondering his fate aboard the ship. The new arrivals last month had caught his attention and now he was wondering about possible ways to contact the Atroma, or try to reason with them at least. Negotiation was something he was good at and he intended to use his skills to get his way out of this cold prison.]

Is this where the stars destined for me to end up? How could you be so cruel to a servant such as me? What have I done to deserve another stab of the blade thrust into my already broken heart?

[Don't mind him. Ardyn loves to spout off poetic verses and riddles. It's just how he speaks.]


[Weapons. Now these were something Ardyn was very interested in. There were no fancy swords aboard the ship but there were some guns. Automatic weapons it seemed. What if they were infused with Magitek? Ardyn wondered what it would be like to have the SS RED FISH equipped with Magitek technology. Surely, it would become the jewel in the fleet? He picked up one of the rifles and examined it.]

Hm, not bad. Yet, it lacks the decorum of a Magitek weapon. If I could infuse it with technology from back home, who knows what these weapons could be capable of?

[He mused to himself, placing the rifle down and moving to admire the space armour. The security crews got the upgraded versions, so he would be wearing one of the more basic armoured variety. Still, he wondered what it would be like with Magitek added. All the possibilities.]

Cargo Hold:

[Now, this was interesting; a gym aboard the ship. Who would have thought? Ardyn adjusted his fedora before taking it off and placing on a nearby bench. This would be a good place to hone his skills, surely? He closed his eyes and placed both hands out in front of him, materialising his sword. At least he could still do that. The Atroma hadn't completely taken away his dignity.

His eyes scanned the room before landing on the 50lb punch bag hanging from it's hook. Smiling to himself, he replaced his weapon with his fist, smashing the bag with a powerful blow, enough to send the bag reeling with the force. The man was dangerous when angered and now he felt like giving the bag a good thrashing. How dare the Atroma imprison him! He could take his frustrations out on the bag for now.]

How kind of you for giving me a whole gymnasium where I can wreak havoc to my heart's content. Yet, I wish it were you I was doing this to.

["You" being the Atroma. That's right. He's kind of pissed at you alien people.

His eyes focused on the feed network, as he faced the bag and sliced it with many shards of ice. His power of the elements was quite intimidating to those who were not used to magic. He smashed the bag, seeing all the icicles fall to the floor.]
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Who: Tourists & visitors!
Broadcast: n/a
Action: The Tourist
When: the month of May!

[ Don't mind the smoke alarm going off in the kitchen. Or the woman frantically pulling a cupcake tin out of the smokey oven. Or the fact that she's doing it with bare hands. Don't mind any of it.

[ Or perhaps you're mingling on the ship at a different time and you miss this baking disaster altogether ]

Ugh! Why can't I get this right?


May. 3rd, 2017 07:53 pm
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Who: Riona and Fenris
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Yes, at some seedy little bar in the asteroid belt somewhere
When: Tonight

[Riona's glad he chose a bar for this conversation. Something told her they were going to need a lot of alcohol to get through it. Though she doesn't entirely remember everything they discussed of the matter previously, she remembers enough to know how much of a proverbial minefield it is. And she was just as confused on some things as he was. Whether her additional decade of experience and life is going to help, remains to be seen.

For now, she takes a seat at a small booth in the corner, waiting for Fenris to show up.]

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