Jun. 2nd, 2017

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Who: Maggie and YOU
Broadcast: yes
Action: aboard the Goldstone
When: now?

[Maggie had only been absent for what was a couple days, upon looking through prope channels to access such a thing. All the same she knows that physically she is both the same as when she left the fleet and different from when she was last home. When she addresses the network, she has one hand over her stomach, still feeling lost in the absence of the child she and Glenn had wanted. Clearly that wasn't to be any more.

Clearing her throat, Maggie pushes her bangs out of her face before speaking. Her hair was long again and would need to be cut. Perhaps a project for Enid once again, or someone else. There were still so many thoughts in her head that hair was the last thing on her mind.

I, uh, I got to experience that whole deep sleep thing I've heard about - where some people come back different than what they were or rememberin' things that they didn't know before. I just wanted to let folks know that I'm back - specifically my crew. I'll still answer questions but I think I'll just keep my Lab work to my room for now. I... I could use some time to process, I guess. Or wake up.

[Because she still feels as if she's woken up into a nightmare, but at least she's a bit more at peace than if things had just happened. She's had time to grieve and to think her next steps through.]

If anyone needs anything important, please let me know.

Private Message: Enid

Hey. I'm sorry about before. About not knowing you. I remember now. All of it, actually.

[She takes a breath, trying to calm the flow of thoughts still circling about.]

Could you cut my hair again? If that'd be alright by you.

Private Message: Daryl


[She takes a less steady breath than when she'd messaged Enid, feeling her eyes burn somewhat.]

Daryl, can we please talk?

[She was hoping he'd let her talk to him, so that the two of them could sort things out together.]

Or maybe I could just come visit an' sit with you a while. I haven't been able to hear how you're settling in. Sorry, I- some things happened, thanks to the Atroma, but I'm alright.
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Who: First Breath crew and visitors
Broadcast: as desired
Action: SS First Breath
When: June drift week and beyond

[Some of the the crew have been in and out of trouble again in the last month or so, including one probably rather banged up shuttle, but a new month draws nears and with new crew members to get to know.

Time to mingle, First Breath!
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Who: John Laurens
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit, specifically Space Bar
When: Right the heck now.

[John can be found, as usual, in the place where alcohol is served. He's all about that. Today he's also all about something else -- specifically, drawing. He picked up a notebook planetside, and he's idly doodling things from home. Some pages are torn out and sitting beside him -- a Southern plantation house, a picture of a young dark-haired man in a Continental army uniform, flowers, turtles, all sorts of things. He looks a little wistful as he picks up the nearby drink and takes a sip.]

Yo. So maybe it's cause I'm feelin' a little homesick, an' I figured some of y'all might be too. If anyone's around, come an' tell me about your homes! Or do it here, too, I ain't all that picky. What you miss, who you miss, all that. I feel like I should get t' know more people.

[There's a beat.] Oh yeah, an' since I didn't really introduce myself when I first got here--name's John Laurens, lately of South Carolina. Pleased to meet all of ya.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 06:09 pm
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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Heron
When: Now!

[One of the newest passengers of the fleet jerks out of the bed he'd woken on and slams back against the cold steel. On second glance, ignoring the quiet gasps for breath, one can see delicately pointed ears peeking through silver hair, along with wide grey eyes before the elf- yes, another one- holds his breath, then slowly exhales a shaky breath as he forces some meager semblance of calm. He frowns, gaze falling to the red light blinking at him, and places a hand over the screen, effectively ending the transmission.

Not that it lasts long, as just as Daeron regains some sense of self and begins to absorb some of the new knowledge running through his head, he's transferred to another ship! He shakes his head slightly, hands clenching as he finds himself staring at a room- the bridge- with another screen watching him. Judging him. Pain and grief touch his gaze before flowing away like water.

He steels his nerve after casting a glance over his shoulder towards the stars, and stares back at the screen with feigned calm, brittle enough that even a breath could shatter it.]

A minstrel among the stars has a certain ring to it. Is it a reward or a punishment, to be separated from worlds of green and living water and air?

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