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Who: John Laurens
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit, specifically Space Bar
When: Right the heck now.

[John can be found, as usual, in the place where alcohol is served. He's all about that. Today he's also all about something else -- specifically, drawing. He picked up a notebook planetside, and he's idly doodling things from home. Some pages are torn out and sitting beside him -- a Southern plantation house, a picture of a young dark-haired man in a Continental army uniform, flowers, turtles, all sorts of things. He looks a little wistful as he picks up the nearby drink and takes a sip.]

Yo. So maybe it's cause I'm feelin' a little homesick, an' I figured some of y'all might be too. If anyone's around, come an' tell me about your homes! Or do it here, too, I ain't all that picky. What you miss, who you miss, all that. I feel like I should get t' know more people.

[There's a beat.] Oh yeah, an' since I didn't really introduce myself when I first got here--name's John Laurens, lately of South Carolina. Pleased to meet all of ya.
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Who: Anyone attending the Ball!
Broadcast: If you’d like.
Action: Orfwyn Dreadhorse’s personal asteroid
When: May 12th - 13th …. 14th if you really like to party.

Welcome to the biggest party of the season! Grab a date, dress up to the nines, and get ready to party the night away! In other words, it’s a mingle! Feel free to make a top level with any prompts or styles you prefer.

Get the Details! )
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Who: Twin Roses Crew & Visitors (so everyone!)
Broadcast: Nope!
Action: Twin Roses, be there or be...somewhere else probably.
When: May

[People have left. People have come. The Twin Rose mingles onward and upward! Visitors welcome!]

01 | text

May. 4th, 2017 07:58 pm
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Who: Iris West and YOU!!
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: If you're on the Marsiva, sure
When: May 4th

[ Two whole days later, Iris still can't believe she's actually in outer space. The view outside the Marsiva hasn't done anything to dissuade the notion, either. Part of her desperately wishes she could disembark and explore this star system: it would be the story of a lifetime, and more importantly, it would be a story she would've uncovered all by herself.

Exploring the hospitality deck hasn't answered many questions, so she's taken to sitting in the cafeteria with a trusty mug of coffee. Turns out, it's a good place to sit and think - as well as a good place to scroll through the Network and see what other people're saying.

So far, she's drawn a few conclusions: 1) there's a whole fleet of ships surrounding the Marsiva, 2) not everyone's from Earth - or a planet like it, and 3) they're here as part of a reality show?? That last one's pretty hard to believe. (Who'd watch someone write and edit?) Instead of asking her fellow captives the hows and whys, she figures she's better off asking them something else: ]

How many of you know the game 'Questions?'

It's a pretty simple game back on Earth: I pose a question, and you can only answer me with a question of your own. The first one to forget a question "loses." To make things easier on everyone, I won't instate any additional rules.

To start us off: Were you familiar with outer space travel before you arrived here?
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Who: Lance Hunter and yourself, should you choose to engage!
Broadcast: yes
Action: Marsiva
When: no time like the present!

[ the comm seems to be haphazardly leaning against something, and the image you get is crooked. a sleeping man, who almost instantly awakes with a start. no scream, mercifully, he's quite over screamer videos, and besides, it wouldn't really be that surprising under the circumstances, now, would it? his eyes dart around the room, his feet flying off the cot and touching the ground. the moment he speaks, his accent undeniably and unapologetically identifies him as an englishman. ]

Not again - [ he groans, looking around him. the first time he was knocked out and kidnapped happened because he was foolish, he trusted a friend when clearly he had overestimated the bond, bloody spies, he's had his fill of bloody spies. but this time - he has no idea what happened. one minute, he's in a pod, sailing to freedom and the next - he's in this bed. he must not have deactivated something. do they have a blasted tracker beam on these things? so paranoid! ] Oi, @therealshield, you forgot to paint your eagle - I'm gonna have to deduct your merits - [ no answer. the room really doesn't seem like anywhere his previous captors kept him in, and that's rarely a coincidence. he gets up, and the comm seems to slip off whatever it was leaning against and end up in a new position, one that shows the back of the man, as he walks towards a window. ] ...you have got to be joking.

[ and a moment later ] Bloody aliens!

[ the man comes in and out of the frame, as he's clearly examining his surroundings, before he heads back to check on what he's got by his cot, and notices the comm. picking it up, you now get a close up of his face - ] Little red light - you're either going to explode or - [ that sure looks like a camera, doesn't it? he holds it directly in front of his face. ]

Take me to your leader.
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Who: Crew of the Bishop and guests!
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Aboard the Bishop
When: April!

[ Welcome new folks to the ship. Hang out with the crew. Invite your friends over. Mingle! It's what we're here for! ]
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Who: Jack Sparrow and ANYONE
Broadcast: Fleetwide - Unfiltered
Action: Cargo Bay of the Bishop
When: Soon after appearing on the ship in a shower of brilliant confetti and chocolate


Just like rubbing the sultan's damnable balls again. [Alert listeners will hear him mutter that whilst musing over his adventures and trying to figure out use of the coms.

[The Bishop, though, had possibilities. Its cargo hold was empty save for a bicycle that didn't move and moving pathway to nowhere, but it had plenty of smuggling potential. Maybe, too, a place to hide the rum.

Later, louder, with video:]
Captain Jack Sparrow, here, aboard the bloody metal box, Bishop.

[He doesn't care that Cersei is the "official" captain.]

I've got a keg of ale and a lovely bottle of rum [no he doesn't] to give to the gentleman -- or lady -- [no, he won't] what knows the prime trade routes in this quadrant of the universe. Savvy?

video, 01

Mar. 28th, 2017 02:24 pm
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Who: John Laurens
Broadcast: Fleetwide video
Action: Aboard the Marsiva
When: Right the heck now.

[He wasn't expecting a bed. More to the point, he wasn't expecting to wake up at all; did someone wake up when they were dead? He's not sure. Well. At least he doesn't hurt after dying, though John can't remember it hurting much before, either. He sits up anyway, still clad in his continental uniform, now with a mysterious lack of bulletholes. In doing so, he jars the communicator nearby, and it falls to the floor with a clatter.]

Shit, what -- [Oh. Okay. There's a thing on the floor, he's surrounded by mysterious silvery walls, and he's trying not to panic. This is great. Maybe the thing will have some answers. So he picks up the comm and pokes at it, tentatively. That manages to activate the video, and behold, there's one seriously perplexed lieutenant colonel onscreen.]

--Um. Can anyone maybe tell me what the hell is goin' on? Is anyone there?
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Who: Cersei Lannister
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bishop
When: February [Glitches will pop up at SOME point I'm sure...If you don't want one, let me know]

A. A Shiny Promotion | Video
[She's in her cabin and, despite the small size of everything in here—truly, who could live like this—Cersei actually looks slightly pleased. For those who know her, a genuine smile is rare for her. Perhaps it's because of what's in her hand; perhaps it's because she doesn't quite know she's being video taped right now.

For all the knowledge she's been given to help her assimilate, she's still fumbling a bit with the technology itself. Besides, the girl who has never even heard of the electric light is now flying through space. Anyone would have a bit of a culture shock.]


[The word is said like a whisper. There's nothing to be lost in translation here whatsoever. She knows it's a title and a position of power to be sure. But what's all the more amazing is that it was bestowed upon her. A woman.]

If only Father could see this.

[The smile that graces her face is not quite cruel but the genuine tinge has left it. It's not that she'll be going crazy (yet) or anything quite so sinister as that. But more the fact that she wishes he were still alive—if only so he could see her rise to such a position of prominence. Thirty years in Westeros and she couldn't accomplish such a feat under his thumb. Maybe the future isn't so bad after all.]

B. Moving Day! | Action on board
[She wasn't so vain as to hope that her recent promotion would come with better living arrangements... well, she's exactly that vain. She looked. And she found the door labeled 'Captain' and she is most certainly moving.

It isn't that she has gathered a lot of possessions here in her short time aboard, but there are still things to move and, well, who does that whole heavy lifting thing?
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Who: Jarvis and you, valentine. ;)
Action: Tourist/Iskaulit, wherever you catch him
Valentine's Day of course!!!

[Jarvis here, ready to be — drunk? Perhaps just a little. He is actually doing a PSA whether he realizes it or not, looking disapprovingly at his wine glass. He's rosy-cheeked and his tie is the slightest bit crooked. Just the slightest. And he is currently abandoning his coat because it is clearly getting hot in the Tourist kitchen.]

Oh, myyyyy goodnessgracious, I think — I... Yes, the wrong bottle, this is... the wrong bottle. It's just a little purple...er than the other I was supposed to take from the shelf. I should have known better; I can't read —

[He looks intently at the liquor bottle, marked in alien writing that their augments certainly can't translate.]

I can't read this, period. I think I accidentally drank one of the more potent... bottles...

[... hiccup]

... Not the whole bottle, mind you, I'm not a barbarian.

Clearly two glasses is downright diabolical. I apologize, Miss Nami, I believe this is one of the newer imports. I will have to credit it out in take — ...take it out in credits. Goodness, it's warm in here. I'm going to go to the Iskaulit, since I fancy it cooler there... Cookies!! [Yes, that's as sudden as it seems, and he claps his hands together.] I'll make some cookies, because it is Valentine's Day, and cookies have to be made, and I haven't the supplies nor the mind-power for chocolate... anything, really. And I certainly have nothing to do on Valentine's Day, no sir — or ma'am. I am quite freed up by... by the light-years-away... -ness, of my predicament. Very much free to bake indeed. I don't mind at all. I — it's very... un-routine of me, to have no one to bake for on this particular date.

[He huffs.]

If you don't have a valentine, please stop by the Space Bar kitchen, I will have cookies so you can at least eat cookies. It's completely unnecessary to have a single valentine — it doesn't need to be a... lady or fellow you fancy, either. I'll have you know I made my classmates biscuits every year, save for — goodness, that time in... 1925...? When I came down with the flu. What a terrible February that was. I thought I'd gone — bubonic.

..... I'm talking quite a lot.

If you'll excuse me, I need my apron. Where did I put my...

[...... He's wandered off.]
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Who: You!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: The Rew System
When: Month of February

[ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

In other words, it's a mingle!

> Rew System Information ]
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Who: Leonard McCoy
Broadcast: Yes! Fleetwide
Action: Caprine/Solace
When: Friday

[There are days when McCoy would gladly turn in his lab augment for an engineering one. After practically picking apart the Caprine and then putting her back together bolt by bolt (with a lot of help from actual engineers out there, thanks) he's about ready to airlock himself.

He's a doctor, not a goddamn mechanic. It's like learning anatomy all over again, except this time he doesn't understand a single thing. Glory be, at least, they've finally graduated to trying fix the many issues in non-essential systems.

Like the kitchen, where McCoy is now making sure it all works again, after having spent hours trying to put it all back together. Spoiler: it doesn't go well. That's why he's waving away wisps of smoke and coughing a bit when he addresses the Fleet.]

I need an engineer. Again. [Sigh.] I'll pay you the going rate. Come on over to the Caprine. It's the ship in the most pieces over here. [There goes more credits. Everything exploded again. Someone just... put him out of his misery.]

[private comm to Beverly Crusher]
[So he's starting to regret thinking that someone should put him out of his misery. Really coming to regret that.] Hey. We need to talk. Let's meet somewhere.
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Who: Leo Fitz
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: on the Bishop
When: Jan 6th ; post-shuffle

[ he hardly had a chance to really look around the marsiva before he was transported elsewhere. the time allowed him to get his bearings, but mostly it allowed him a chance to calm down a little after what he just experienced with the whole... well, hydra. he's by no means past the whole ordeal but he feels like he can breath now, at least.

he halfheartedly looks around the bishop, trying to get a feel for the layout though not really entering any of the rooms just yet. except for the kitchen. that's where he sits down and pulls out his communicator

My name's Fitz. Leo - Leopold - Fitz. Is this really some sort of reality show? In space? [ and if so, why did they chose him? especially without simmons. at least if she was here they could properly appreciate the fact that he is on a ship in space right now. instead he's worried about her. and the rest of the team, of course ]

Quick question. Another question. Does shield mean anything to you? Not a shield, but just... shield.

[ and he ends the feed there. coulson, may, ward, any one of them would be much better at asking without asking. but they're not here! well actually he's not sure yet if they are. that's what he's trying to find out. at the very least, maybe this will point him in the direction of someone he can trust ]

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