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Who: Twin Roses Crew & Visitors (so everyone!)
Broadcast: Nope!
Action: Twin Roses, be there or be...somewhere else probably.
When: May

[People have left. People have come. The Twin Rose mingles onward and upward! Visitors welcome!]
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Who: The crew of the SS Twin Roses and any visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Twin Roses
When: The end of April

['Sup, it's a ship mingle. We've lost Adawolfe, Anders and Ravi, but gained Lance, Shovel Knight, and Chuuya.

Enjoy the free pudding and make yourselves at home, newbies.]
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Who: Richard Castle and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Twin Roses, if desired
When: April 18th

[When Castle turns the feed on, he has a mischievous grin on his face... and is sporting a very, very 80's pink mullet wig. There's also a glittery star sticker on his cheek, and he adjusts the wig before holding up another one.]

The sponsors have sent me a bunch of stuff to help me realize my long-buried dream to be a glam rocker. Should I go with the Jem-esque pink wig, or would I look more fetching in this neon green? Oooh, ooh, or I could put on some facepaint and carry around this inflatable guitar and get my Gene Simmons on.

I have a whole crateful of wigs and makeup to go around, so, hey, if anyone REALLY wants to make it big in this asteroid belt as a musician... a costume might help.
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Who: Kitty and everyone else!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Twin Roses
When: Now, soon, wheneverish

[The video kicks on from an odd angle but you see a woman's hands trying to scrap the paint off of a musical triangle. They are silver except for the part where they are covered in tiny pink and red hearts. Love triangles! When that doesn't seem to be working she takes two of them and slides them into each other. Except she does it in a way that break the laws of physics. Solid matter is slipping through other solid matter. Then she removes one of her hands and they simply freeze that way. She picks up another one, continuing her sculpture.]

Hmm? [A hand moves toward the screen as she picks up her communicator, revealing Kitty's face.] Who turned you on? Right. Silly question.

Hi, everyone. I guess the Atroma wanted you to be in on this. Soooo, I have a crate of triangles for all you music lovers or people who might want to repurpose the metal. Let me know.

Oh, and as long as I'm here, the dance studio is officially up and running on the Iskaulit. Or up and just sitting there like studios tend to do. I'll post a sign up sheet on the door with some various types of dance I can feasibly teach. So mostly ballet, modern, and I'll give ballroom a shot since it's going to be the most popular. But go ahead and use the space to practice or perform when there isn't a class going on.

[She means to end the feed there, but a text she had nothing to do with goes out afterward.]

Kitty is actually 10 cats stacked on each other.

Kitty is a ghost—she's dead and she can walk through walls.

Ironically, Kitty likes it doggy style.

Kitty is so tough Chuck Norris is scared of her.

Kitty is secretly growing catnip in the Twin Roses garden.

Kitty is in a love triangle with Winn and C̷̨̞̫̗̭͎̳͉̟͔̍͜h̷̡̡͖̜̉͂̀̎̂͂̂́̀͆̋́́͋͒͜e̴̡̱̱̍̈͜k̶̙̰̜̹̠̤̹̀̋͋̒͐͊̋͋̎̔͘͘͝͠o̶̥̬̖͙̠̞͕͙̦̜̺̰̜̯͙̽̒͑̀̔̉̎͂v̸̢̧͕̯͈͉̥̫̤̪̥̯̍͛̚

[She manages to slightly distort the end of the message.]
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Who: Richard Castle and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A unless you want to talk to him in person on the Twin Roses
When: March 23rd

[Castle definitely wasn't one for going deep-sea diving to fight monsters, even with his newfound powers. Fire wasn't very effective underwater, after all.

So he decided to go for some entertainment instead. Time for another crappy romance novel reading. The cover has a stereotypical image of a very buff man holding a swooning damsel in his arms and is titled FLIGHT OF PASSION.]

"Steven tried to run, but it seemed like everywhere he turned, the scary-looking shadow followed him. Finally, he realized he had nowhere left to go and turned to face the creature. He then gasped as it floated toward him. It was smaller, it seemed, than it appeared to be- projecting shadows on the walls from the streetlights had made it seem much more sinister.

'Why are you following me?' he whispered to the creature, before taking a closer look at it. There was something familiar about its eyes... the color of its fur... 'Maria?' Steven asked in wonder. 'Are you... are you the mysterious were sugarglider?' "

[Castle shuts the book and smirks.]

So, quick poll- which would you rather have, a were cuttlefish or a were sugarglider?
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Who: Kate Beckett
Broadcast: Fleet wide
Action: Marsiva hospitality deck
When: Friday afternoon

I have seen some pretty spectacular gags in my time, but this takes the cake. Way better than the Nebula 9 Fan Experience, I’ll give it that. But I am having a really hard time believing this is real. Because it can't be real. No cell phone so that’s not an option, which reinforces my point, why take my cell if it won't work? But I don’t recognize this place, or the stars out the window. So nice job, very funny.

Ryan? Esposito?


Joke's over, I have work to do.
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Suddenly, the SS Three Twins and the SS Windrose begin to move on their own... slowly, calmly, they drift to into the same direction, away from the other ships of the fleet. Slowly, they move until they side by side.

Over the two ships' intercom, an old song begins to play. And that is all the warning there is before the engines engage -- full speed ahead.

Like a pair of rockets, the ships torpedo forward. As they move, they start circling around each other, like a synchronized dance. They move with incredible grace and skill, far more masterfully than the average pilot augment. Except, each time that they pass each other, they clearly get closer to one another.

And closer...

And closer...

No matter what buttons the crews press, no matter how much they might panic, nothing is going to stop the inevitable. On the final pass, it becomes clear there's not enough room between them to avoid a collision. Any impact alarms on the bridge are blaring at full blast. Any other ships watching will not have time to attempt any sort of interception.


As if to shield spectators' eyes from the horrors of ships colliding in space, there's a blinding light upon impact -- and once it gradually fades, the results can be clearly seen by all: There is no wreckage. Nothing is broken. But where there were once two ships... now there's only one.

One ship that is looks completely new, but yet is reminiscent of both the SS Three Twins and the SS Windrose.


On the bridge, the crews of the SS Three Twins and the SS Windrose arrive, along with the usual pop! of Atroma confetti and ridiculous jingle music upon a successful shuffle. Sitting in the captain's chair is a round cake, just large enough for everyone to have one slice. There's a single candle, and the following message scribbled on top in yellow icing:

"Congratulations - SS Twin Roses!
Happy Fusion!"

... What, did you think you were going to die? Sorry about that.
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Who: Richard Castle and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Windrose, if desired
When: February 11th

[When Castle flicks on the video, he's projecting a veneer of calm... very badly, because one can hear an edge of panic in his voice.]

Ha, ha, ha! I don't mean to alarm anybody, but I bought myself one of those spiffy augment upgrades. I picked fire, because who doesn't want to be red hot, am I right? But, enhh... [He holds up his left palm, which has a small but persistent flame on the center.] I can't seem to turn it off. Does anybody here have experience with fire powers? And should it really be this powerful when I've only bought the first level...?
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Who: Cara + You
Broadcast: Text
Action: SS First Breath
When: Now!

Apparently many people on the Fleet seem to be suffering from sadness. I have come up with some suitable solutions for you.

One: Crying. (This works for many)
Two: Drinking. (I'm less sure of this)
Three: Cuddling.

These usually work from what I've seen of people with . . . feelings. Hopefully you will all recover soon.
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Who: You!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: The Rew System
When: Month of February

[ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

In other words, it's a mingle!

> Rew System Information ]
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Who: Windrose crew and visitors!
Broadcast: Unlikely
Action: Windrose
When: January

[Get your mingle on now that we're leaving the hotel and ice planet behind! We also have a new-ish crewmate.]
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Who: Pinkie Pie and You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Caprine
When: Hearth's Warming Morning

[Friends of a certain tiny pink pony has been quiet this month. For the most part she's been staying either on the Caprine or the icy planet, only visiting the hotel to buy baking supplies in an act of defiance against the Atroma. She HAS been busy with something, though, and after a month of labor her project is finally ready to be unveiled. One morning, everyone on the Caprine, as well as all of Pinkie's friends on the other ships (and even Sokka), will wake up to a tiny little package placed at the door to their rooms: tiny dolls in the likeness of the recipient and... carved out of solid rock? Hopefully this broadcast sheds some light on things.]

Morning, everybody, and Happy Hearth's Warming, and all the other holidays you guys have this year! Allen mentioned it earlier this month, but Hearth's Warming is a holiday back in Equestria where Cheesy and I are from. It's to celebrate how the three pony tribes stopped fighting with each other and used friendship to stop Windigos from freezing everything solid!

[Yeeup, pony history can be horrifying if you think about it too long.]

One of our traditions is putting dolls over the hearth, so here you guys go: one Pie Family-style Hearth's Warming doll! I know the ships don't really have fireplaces, somewhere high up and warm should work too! Love you guys tons, and Happy Hearth's Warming!

[And with that the video ends. Feel free to call or visit her back to share the holiday spirit!]
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Who: Richard Castle and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Castle's room at the resort
When: December 22nd. Apologies to the creators of A Christmas Story.

[When Castle begins broadcasting, the traditional Festivus pole can be seen behind him in his fairy tale-themed room.]

Howdy, folks! I finally managed to win a prize through betting on the space ponies, so I thought I'd share in this Festivus miracle and open the crate live on television.

[And Castle pans down to show a fairly large crate with alien writing all over it. It reads "FRAGILE", though of course Castle doesn't know it. When he pries it open, there's a lot of packing inside, and so he carefully brushes it aside to reveal...

... a lamp. But not just any lamp. This is a lamp made of a distinctly alien-looking mannequin leg, complete with a metallic high-heeled shoe straight out of 50's sci-fi art, and adorned with a lampshade on top. Castle is lost for words for a moment.]

Uh... I, uh... that... that's some prize there. One might... might call it a major award in fact. I'd be willing to let someone take it off my hands, though.
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Who: The Fleet!
Broadcast: If you want
Action: Hotel Corona or Planet Ikke
When: December 7th onward

a wheel-shaped space station

[After the mystery and isolation of their last destination, the Marsiva seems determined to head to brighter, busier territory. After a long journey through remote, nebula-painted space, speeding along at a brisk pace for the Host ship, the Marsiva brings her Fleet to a sudden and prominent point of traffic.

It seems that the Fleet has happened upon some sort of vacation destination! Maybe Atroma thinks that the passengers deserve some rest and relaxation... or just wants to distract them with something huge and shiny.

Welcome to Hotel Corona! Feel free to enjoy yourselves and enjoy the sites! If a hotel resort isn't your thing, you can head on over to the nearby planet and explore it's icy wonders.

In order words: it's a mingle!! Everyone get in! ]

[>> Plot Post]


Nov. 30th, 2016 12:07 am
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Who: Betamax-8 and You!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Bishop Lab
When: Late at night

don't ask her about Thanatonauts )
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Who: Anyone on the Iskaulit!
Broadcast: If you'd like?!
Action: Iskaulit!
When: Today, as Sora's augment glitch starts.

[It's your average day on the Iskaulit. Absolutely nothing seems out of place initially, but without any warning- you might find yourself or your friends experiencing some problems. What's up on that?

In other words, it's an Iskaulit mingle with a twist! Come on in everyone! You don't need to interact with Sora to have it effect you, so feel free to start your own threadstarter! Or talk to Sora, that's cool too. ]
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Who: Pinkie Pie and anyone else at various levels of DONE with the Atroma.
Broadcast: Heck yes! Spread ALL the salt!
Action: Iskaulit
When: Post-shuffle

[This is the fourth time in the last five shuffles that Pinkie's lost crew mates. Qing, Robin, Poe, and now Finn were gone home, and there was no way to tell if they'd ever come back or if they'd keep any memory of this place and the people they'd met, the friendships and relationships they've made, the adventures they've had. Whether they'd remember her ever again. Whether she'd forget all this too when she went back home.

After this fourth stab in the heart, though, there was less raw pain and more anger. WAY more anger. Mostly at the stupid Atroma and their stupid fake-smiley-ness and their not letting people remember things or even say GOODBYE! So it's time for some revenge, Pinkie Pie Style.]

I'm throwing a party for anybody that's lost somebody in these shuffle things, even if they've been gone for a while. Or anybody who doesn't like the Atroma. Or just needs a good time. It's on the Iskaulit, FAR AWAY from the Marsiva's party room. I'm a little low on actual not-gel snacks at the moment, but I've got plenty of salt, and you can bring your own snacks and stuff if you want.

[It won't be Pinkie's usual extravaganzas, but there's some out-of-the-way music, card-making supplies, and some candles to set up a memorial alter. There's also a line of snack tables, with lots of room for contributions. Pinkie's own fare is honor of her absent crew mates: veggie pot stickers for Qing, coffee for Robin, nachos slathered with a BURNING hot sauce for Poe, and bright blue melon-flavored milkshakes for Finn. And yes, there's actually salt formed into a huge block, as well as shakers for adding salt to your drink. Because ponies.]
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Who: Richard Castle and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A
When: October 25th. Ta to [ profile] anarin for supplying suggestions.

[The following are uploaded to the network at various times during the day. Castle... tried to make them anonymous, but anybody could do the slightest bit of digging and see that RICHARD CASTLE is clearly listed as the author.]

Read more... )

01; video

Oct. 8th, 2016 07:45 pm
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Who: Winnie Davids
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: S.S. Bishop
When: now!

[the face that greets the network looks a little relieved to have figured out the communicator, and her eyes light up, albeit briefly, before she looks around. She mutters as she brushes the confetti out of her hair]

They don't really warn you when you're going to be moved, do they . . .

[she clears her throat and turns her attention back to the screen]

Um, h-hi, I'm Winnie and - okay, being in space is kind of really cool, but - could someone answer a few questions for me? A-And tell me how I can go back home? I really can't stay here, I was kind of - busy.

[what an understatement. She looks around again, then turns the camera to the pudding desserts]

And if anyone wants some of these, I'm on the - Bishop? I don't, uh - I'm not really hungry.

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