Jan. 5th, 2017

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Who: SS Tourist crew and visitors!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Tourist
When: Through the month of January.


It's the only right way to start 2017.

(Everyone do top comments of stuff mkay.)
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Who: Ochako & OTA
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: SS Starstruck
When: At the start of January

[For once, Ochako's not using voice or video, bursting with energy; instead it's a simple text entry, no fluff or even an emoticon.]

does anybody have something happy they're willing to share

like, something good that happened to them, or a nice story

it's the new year, right? i wanna start fresh with good things.

[Ochako's sort of taking over the Starstruck kitchen, and making a bit of a mess of it, though unintentionally- she's all out of sorts, things are floating when she doesn't want them to, and her attempts at making something as simple as cake batter are not going as planned. Crewmates might have noticed that she's been quieter than usual since after Christmas, and it's apparently hit a breaking point.]
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Who: Jim Kirk
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Tourist
When: Today/Now

[ When Kirk's image comes on the screen, he isn't his usual, happy, confident self. His face is more serious, seeming withdrawn and there is a tenseness in his jaw, as if he were grinding his teeth. He is silent for several seconds, looking as if he is gathering words, wondering how much to say.

Finally - ]

I had hoped the reality would be different, but there's no denying it anymore.

For those who knew him and cared about him, or even if you didn't I suppose, Remy Lebeau has returned to home. I'm sorry to add to what seems like a stream of bad news.

[ The feed will cut shortly after that because what else is there to be said?

If you come around the Tourist, though, one can find Kirk in the gym, working up a sweat, practicing self-defense or running. He wasn't one to drink when upset - he was one to work until there wasn't enough energy to think anymore. ]

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