Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Who: Peggy Carter, some rumours, and you!
Broadcast: text, then video.
Action: y, aboard the starstruck.
When: today!

[ a message materializes on the network around midday: ]

Peggy Carter's got a veritable guy-pile of suitors: Edwin Jarvis, Max Rockatansky, Jason Wilkes, Jack Thompson, Howard Stark, Stefan Salvatore, Steve Rogers, Sam Winchester, James Barnes, Clint Barton, Daniel Sousa, and counting! How many more can you name?

[ and not long after (in a state of utter pique and dismay), that same network registers a rather heartfelt reaction -- but this time with accompanying wide-eyed video. ] Jack -- Jack Thompson? Un-bloody-likely. The only thing he's ever got his eyes on is the next greasy rung on the ladder. [ peggy scoffs, disgusted. ] As pranks go, this one's been truly shambolic. The first of April was days ago.

[ in a few hours, she'll enjoy her meltdown all over again when she finds a box of sponsor gifts in the cargo bay filled with stickers, each with a different so-called suitor's name scribbled into the blank space. all of them are filled in except for an ominous pile with an attached note: in case there's so many you start to forget their names. blanks included for any others that we might have missed. ]


Apr. 3rd, 2017 07:59 pm
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Who: Castiel and YOU
Broadcast: Yes
Action: No
When: Right now.

[Upon waking on the Marsiva, Castiel had spent the next several hours poking around and finding almost exactly nothing. Perhaps if he'd been a little more computer saavy -- anything beyond simply poking ineffectually at it -- he might have found a little more, but as it stood, all he'd managed was finding out that he apparently couldn't even ask questions right. There are 'appropriate channels' and he can't find them.

At all.

It's time to figure out the... phone-communicator-thingamajig... maybe. Fortunately, it's not that hard.

Unfortunately, Cas has no idea how to even start here.]

I've never heard of the Marsiva. [That's kinda saying something, all things considered.

That's... that's also all he's got for now. Someone answer his unspoken questions so he doesn't have to stoop to actually answering them. (If there's anyone really out there. He's still not quite sure of that.)]
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Who: Elena Gilbert
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Yes (on the hospitality deck of the Marsiva)
When: Now

[ Elena wakes with a start, her first thought being that she'd fallen asleep in one of the unused patient rooms. She rubs her arms with her hands, an attempt to chase away the chill and gives the room a good look. This isn't any room in the hospital. She puts her feet on the ground and stands. She's still dressed in the long-sleeved thermal top and blue scrubs she wears at work. She tucks a strand of her dark hair behind one ear.

Once she orients herself and does a little bit of exploring, she heads to one of the screens to browse the network and get a better grasp of this place. After that's done, she makes her own broadcast, giving the video screen a sheepish smile. ]

Hi, I'm Elena Gilbert. I just arrived and I've got no idea what to say here. Am I supposed to tell the class all about myself? I think I used to be good at this. [ She takes a deep breath then releases it. ] Whatever this is. I can honestly say this is my first time on a reality show though.
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Who: Ezri and you?
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Caprine
When: 4/2

[Up until now, Ezri had managed her spacesickness very well. And by manage it, she would mean that she's absolutely ignored it as much as she could and mentioning it to no one. No one from DS9 was there to call her on her lie by omission. And Beverly isn't from the same year so she has that at her advantage.

Except, nothing lasts forever. She looks a little green when she speaks up.]

So, is this what life here is? Stopping somewhere for most of a month, welcoming new kidnap victims, and then drifting somewhere else? It seems like... like.... [She swallows hard.]

Excuseme! [And gone.]

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