May. 4th, 2017

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May. 4th, 2017 07:58 pm
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Who: Iris West and YOU!!
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: If you're on the Marsiva, sure
When: May 4th

[ Two whole days later, Iris still can't believe she's actually in outer space. The view outside the Marsiva hasn't done anything to dissuade the notion, either. Part of her desperately wishes she could disembark and explore this star system: it would be the story of a lifetime, and more importantly, it would be a story she would've uncovered all by herself.

Exploring the hospitality deck hasn't answered many questions, so she's taken to sitting in the cafeteria with a trusty mug of coffee. Turns out, it's a good place to sit and think - as well as a good place to scroll through the Network and see what other people're saying.

So far, she's drawn a few conclusions: 1) there's a whole fleet of ships surrounding the Marsiva, 2) not everyone's from Earth - or a planet like it, and 3) they're here as part of a reality show?? That last one's pretty hard to believe. (Who'd watch someone write and edit?) Instead of asking her fellow captives the hows and whys, she figures she's better off asking them something else: ]

How many of you know the game 'Questions?'

It's a pretty simple game back on Earth: I pose a question, and you can only answer me with a question of your own. The first one to forget a question "loses." To make things easier on everyone, I won't instate any additional rules.

To start us off: Were you familiar with outer space travel before you arrived here?
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[It’s been a couple of months since the Fleet heard from the Interceptors, and much longer when it comes to Atroma, but it seems the mysterious other fleet is still doing their thing. A few hours after passengers begin receiving their invitations to Dreadhorse's formal ball, a message comes over an unknown frequency and it’s heavily encrypted at that. There is no video feed, but there is audio, distorted as it is. It sounds like they’re using something to disguise their voice.]

This is the Interceptor Fleet. As before, Atroma is definitely trying to crack our encryption, so we’ll make this quick.

We have reason to believe that Orfwyn Dreadhorse has information on Atroma. It would benefit both of our groups to have this information, so we should work together. We’ll be using the party as a cover while we look for the documents. Two of our best will approach you at the party and reveal the details then. Don’t worry… we know who you are.

Send your best people for this. Dress nice, but be ready to fight. We’re counting on you to get everyone out safely.

Keelah se'lai.

[As before, the transmission ends abruptly, and there are no further replies or messages from this frequency, though you're welcomed to make your own threads to discuss.

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