Oct. 7th, 2014

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Who: Kallen Kouzuki
Broadcast: Video
Action: On the hospitality deck
When: Oct 7, ~2pm

[Oh, well, of course everything's being broadcast! Where's the fun if it's not?

The first appearance of Kallen on intergalactic tv is her sitting up on one of the cots, running a hand through her hair in a half assed attempt to get rid of bed head. It only works so well. She sits there for a few moments, eyes narrowing as she tries to remember what happened.

Viewers can probably tell she doesn't have much success once she stands up and swears softly to herself. Glancing around, she begins to walk, making halfway around the deck before she snaps.]

What the hell is going on this time?!

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Oct. 7th, 2014 07:44 pm
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Please fill out and paste the following at the top of your in-character posts:

Who: Who is sending the message/doing the thing
Broadcast: What kind of broadcast element, if any (ex: Personal Comm - Wonderduck crew, Network - Unfiltered, None, etc.)
Action: What in-person element, if any (ex: Bridge of Wonderduck, Some random way-station, None, etc.)
When: About what day and time the thing happened, or message was sent

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Who: Zhas
Broadcast: Open, text default (+1 personal comm message)
Action: None.
When: A day or so after the initial wake-up.

[there's a new text entry on the network!]

10mins hot water.

[and then he uses his personal communitcator a little later...]

Private channel to Nunnally )
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Who: Zelos Wilder (good end)
Broadcast: Video
Action: Marsiva. From the hospitality deck, but he'll be moving around after!
When: 10/7 Morning!

[Again. Again. Zelos takes a good few minutes looking around before he decides that he's definitely been left behind in some way. Another handful of minutes pass, and he's tapping at the device meant to broadcast. If he's nearly alone up here, then he's just got to find out if there's anyone else out and about somewhere else, right?

Despite the stress he's feeling right now, the image that appears on screen to everyone is pretty upbeat. And pretty cocky, too.]

Yo! Looks like I missed out on the party. There's gotta be someone out there, right?

[He leans in a little closer for effect before sighing and pulling back, both arms raising in a shrug.] This is just my luck. Come on, give me a sign or something!
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Who: Zoe Hange
Broadcast: Video
Action: for Red Fish crewmates
When: Tuesday... October 7... midday...?

[Someone is experimenting with shipwide broadcast. The screen shows Hange sitting with her hands folded in front of her, grinning amiably at the camera.]

Hmm. Is this thing working? I think so... [She pauses for a couple seconds and then laughs.] Well, I guess I'll find out! Hello, everyone, this is Captain Hange of the SS Red Fish speaking. [She winks.] I just got the paperwork turned in. Sorry to surprise you, Nunnally and Skull, but I decided I'd be up for it and thought it was better to get it done!

Now, I'm addressing everyone today to mention the tiny thing that's been embedded in our skulls! I'm guessing everyone has noticed that they have something in the back of their head that's difficult to even touch. It feels maybe bottle-cap sized! I hope that's familiar-sounding to all of you? I'm a little reluctant to actually open up someone's head but I wonder if anyone has tried that yet! Have you removed someone else's implant? Have you removed your own? If so, amazing! How did you do that? Nunnally let me experiment with hers a little, noninvasively of course, and reported discomfort that seemed unnaturally strong even when another person was just touching it! Thanks for your contributions, brave girl.

Also, as I told some of you, I didn't know anything about space before arriving here, but suddenly upon arriving I do! Also, we have a little room on this ship where I know how to use everything! That's unusual, given my home doesn't have anything close to this level of technology. I'm still exploring that equipment, but I wonder what others have noticed! I certainly don't understand everything on the ship, but I'm guessing if I mysteriously understand this one room, others will understand some other parts! What do you know now that you didn't know before? If you feel up to it, please let me know!

[holy talking, batman. She takes a moment to breathe, grinning at the screen still in an I know I know many words fashion.]

Great to meet you all, by the way! Let's get along and work productively together!

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