Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Who: SS Pathstone crew and visitors for the month
Broadcast: IF YOU WANT IT BB
Action: on the Pathstone ofc
When: all of February - drift week and after, as needed!

[ just what it says on the tin - it's a mingle! What will The Pathstoners do while the other ships go seemingly crazy?? Someone get some popcorn started~ ]
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Who: Blue Fish Crew and any visitors!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: SS Blue Fish!
When: February Drift Week, maybe the rest of Feb too?? Who knows.

[Hey Blue Fish Crew! The fleet is on the move again, so it's time for another mingle!

It be noted that Sokka activated a device that might cause glitches among the crew. So uh. Sorry about that. But at least once upgrades go through, we'll have a deep fryer?! Yay!

Get in, it's a mingle!]
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Who: Anyone!
Broadcast: No
Action: Iskaulit
When: Feb. Drift Week (and beyond?)

[The fleet, more or less patched up after their battle, has once again left civilization behind for empty space. Maybe it's a good time to distract yourself and get away from the endless repairs and nothingness, though there might still be cleaning up that needs to be done here too.

Whether you're grabbing a broom or grabbing a drink, this is a fleetwide mingle for the Iskaulit.
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Who: Fingon
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Huntress.
When: 2/2

{There's a particularly joyous Elf in the kitchen this evening, poking at new equipment. He smiles brightly when he notices he's being recorded and rests a hand lightly on the soy sauce dispenser - not that he knows what any of the new things are for, except for the augment!}

It appears the Huntress has been gifted with a few new things in our kitchen! I admit to having never seen any of them before - though I will learn. Do my crewmates have any requests for meals I could try and prepare? Even tutoring on how to make them would be appreciated!
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Who: Lily Potter
Broadcast: Fleet Wide
Action: On Marsiva
When: Arrival, late Thursday

Hello, uh.. I feel like I used to be so much better at this.

Alright, I was here, I don't know how long ago it was for all of you. For me it was years. But does anyone recall Lily Evans?

I'm looking specifically for Tyrion Lannister and Captain Furiosa, or a pony named Cheese? If anyone knows them I'd really like to get back in touch with them. If they've gone home I'd like to know that too. Or anyone who has heard of Hogwarts, that's possibly a long shot though.

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