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Who: The crew of the SS Blue Fish and friends
Broadcast: Not necessarily?
Action: On the lovely Blue Fish
When: Month of October

[With the tragedy of Lyuku and the entire Eyuzi system behind the Fleet, the crew of the Blue Fish and their friends are now settling into a new routine while they drift along in the relative safety of space.

As one of the few ships that didn't suffer a loss of crew during their little excursion, the crew can safely go about their duties, unless something attacks that is.]
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Who: The Blue Fish crew and any visitors
Broadcast: possibly?
Action: Definitely
When: Throughout the month of September

[Four new crew members and three long timers now occupy the Blue Fish. Whether you wanna introduce yourself or casually stroll in to see how the ship's faring, here's the mingle to do it.]
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Who: Blue Fish crew and visitors
Broadcast: Possible
Action: Yep
When: Throughout the month

Iiiiit's a mingle!
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Who: Shay and you
Broadcast: Unfiltered, open to everyone!
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[A - Network]

Um, hello? [Just because she has the augment doesn't mean Shay trusts it completely, and she peers curiously at the video. A smile spreads across her face as she realizes it's working.] Ah! Hello! I am Shay, of Balmera. There are so many here from different worlds! I would be most interested to hear of your homes. I know little of worlds beyond my own and this seems a perfect chance to learn!

[She pauses, her smile fading in thought. She is a little lonely.] I heard rumor of Voltron... I would be most pleased to see you again.

[B - Action aboard the SS Blue Fish.]

[The newest passenger of the Blue Fish is happy to be here, too happy with admiring the stars to think about how far away from home she is. She's perched by a window, long legs drawn to her chest as she looks outside to admire the view. Every now and then, a long fingered hand reaches out to try to catch a passing comet or meteor. She's never seen them so close before, never been this close to space, and she's loving the opportunity.]
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Who: Crew and Visitors of the SS Blue Fish
Broadcast: n/a unless people make their own threads I guess
Action: what it says on the tin
When: throughout the month of March

[Swimsuit not required]
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Who: Blue Fish Crew and any visitors!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: SS Blue Fish!
When: February Drift Week, maybe the rest of Feb too?? Who knows.

[Hey Blue Fish Crew! The fleet is on the move again, so it's time for another mingle!

It be noted that Sokka activated a device that might cause glitches among the crew. So uh. Sorry about that. But at least once upgrades go through, we'll have a deep fryer?! Yay!

Get in, it's a mingle!]
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Who: Blue Fish and visitors!
Broadcast: MAYBE!
Action: The Blue Fish
When: All of November

[Do the mingling thing, peeps]
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Who: Everyone aboard the Best Ship (Aka The SS Blue Fish)
Broadcast: Maybe?
Action: The Blue Fish
When: Today!

[Not one, but TWO people have arrived on the Blue Fish today in the shuffle. Greet them! Otherwise, hang out together, bring your guests aboard, have fun! It's a mingle ya'll ]
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Who: The Crew of the Blue Fish and Visitors
Broadcast: Perhaps!
Action: Blue Fish!
When: Month of August!

[Welcome back to the Blue Fish! Now that the fleet is on the move again, it's crew of the Blue Fish have plenty of time to interact! The freezers are full of meat (mostly dinosaur), there's a new personnel officer, a popcorn machine in the kitchen and they have several more pets aboard! Their spymaster Leliana has decided to take a long nap, and Beverly....where is Beverly anyway? Huh. And what's this about being bugged? ]

[Oh well. Mingle away Blue Fish! ]
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Who: Anders, Vash, and their victims
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Blue Fish, Tourist, Caprine, Three Twins
When: Backdated to the end of July

For Vash
[The plan was all too simple and even simpler to enact. Slip aboard the targeted ships, tinker with the food paste's mechanisims and lay a simple spell on them, then wait and watch for their victims. People wouldn't suspect a thing until it was too late, considering visitors were normal on the ships, it was flawless.

They'd start with the Caprine and end on their own ship, because what was 'home' without a little fun?

Anders grinned over at his partner in crime.]

I can't wait to see their faces.

For the prank victims
[OOC: Completely voluntary, if you'd like your character to get splattered with food paste, then reply away and maybe you'll even catch one of the guys.]

It would seem like a simple malfunction, if it wasn't for the magic used to cause it. A shimmer in the air and a little burst of light blue light was all the pomp and circumstance given before a burst of sticky and wet food paste burst from it's container and onto the unsuspecting victim caught in it's spray.

Have fun picking that out of your hair.

A sharp eye might be able to pick out the culprits hidden away and snickering to each other like school boys who thought they were overly clever.]

((OOC: Also feel free to have threads that don't involve Vash or Anders, if the inspiration strikes!))
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Who: The Blue Fish Crew / visitors
Broadcast: Nope
Action: By the Giving Tree / the Blue Fish
When: sometime in the first week or so of being on the singing planet and onward

[Guess what everyone? It's time for a Life Changing Field Trip with the Blue Fish!!! The whole crew has come together at the giving tree to see what the fuss is about and maybe get some gifts. And to hold hands of course. Obviously.

Also feel free to use as a general mingle for the ship throughout the month!]
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Who: The crew of the SS Sad Blue Fish and any visitors
Broadcast: nope?
Action: Yas
When: The entire month of June

[So far June hasn't been the best month for the ship, having lost two crew members, awful things being discovered, and then SOMEONE got thrown through a shop window. Come cheer these poor saps up, or come commiserate. The locks are no longer active so people can freely wander onto the ship again.]
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Who: Blue Fish Crew + Visitors!
Broadcast: If you'd like?!
Action: The Blue Fish!
When: Month of May!

[Get in here Blue Fish! It's time for a mingle post! Visitors are welcomed, but anyone who requires doors will need to know someone from the crew that can let you in thanks to the passcode on the door.]
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Who: The crew of the SS Blue Fish + visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: The month of April

[Come hang out on the SS Avastark, you nerds. It'll probably be alright.]
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Who: Crew members and visitors of the SS Blue Fish
Broadcast: nope
Action: On the Blue Fish, naturally.
When: Throughout March!

[Another month, another mingle. Once again, any visitors on the ship should bear in mind that there are locks installed all over the ship, so someone on board's gotta let you in. Or you can just stand there. And stare. And hope someone takes pity on you.]
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Who: Blue Fishes (and visitors)
Broadcast: Nah
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: January 22nd and beyond

[We've seen Blendergate 2K16, and now it's time for... AZULAGATE. And all means of other shenanigans.]
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Who: The passengers of the Blue Fish and visitors!
Action: The Blue Fish!
When: It's a mingle for the month of January, losers!

[ mingle for the month for the blue fish, to meet up with new crew members, hash out stuff. come get free therapy from zuko, who has 100% put up a sign on his door saying 10 credits because allen owes him money. ]
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Who: The crew of the Blue Fish, and visitors
Broadcast: Nah
Action: Aboard the Fish of Blue
When: 11/25 and onward

[We're baaaack! Whether or not you enjoyed your time aboard the Marsiva, there's really no place like space home. With a couple of new features to explore, it's time to mingle the hell out of this ship, comrades.]
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Who: Sokka and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Blue Fish
When: 11th

[The feed turns on to Sokka looking exceptionally miserable, the Blue Fish's kitchen as his backdrop. He turns to wave a hand at the empty kitchen, because this is an important part to his point.]

Do you see that, Flooters? Do you know what that is? That is a kitchen devoid of a cook, which is just about the saddest thing in the universe. Even sadder than a turtleduck with one leg. It's that sad.

SO! Does any cook here want to help out the Blue Fish? We have every single upgrade at your disposal if you want to come cook for us! We even have frozen meat and fish, hunted fresh by your handsome captain here.

[He's turning on the puppy eyes. Don't stare too much into them, they'll steal your soul.]

Please. We might die. Pleeeeeaaaaaase feed us.
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Who: Blue Fish Crew and Visitors!
Broadcast: IF YOU WANT?
When: After the Shuffle but before Calibrations Plot!

[Well guys it's a new month and there's been some new additions to the crew! So let's check in to see what's going on with the Blue Fish!]

[In other words: GET IN HERE ITS A MINGLE.]

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