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Who: Kaname & You!
Broadcast: Yes (Oct 6)
Action: Also yes! (Iskaulit & Waystation)
When: Oct 6 - 13

[ video; oct 6 ]

[A red haired young woman appears on the screen, smiling as she leans against a wall. She's a little winded with some sweat on her forehead, but she seems contented all the same. Exhaling, she speaks what's on her mind.]

I don't think I ever realized how big the Iskaulit was until just now. Planning out a jogging path ahead of time might've saved me from getting lost on a couple occasions. [Kaname chuckles at herself.] It's still worthwhile despite that. But what's really striking is how barren it feels compared to the Elysion. Maybe it'll just take time...

[Her voice trails off as she straightens before addressing the network again.]

Anyway, I'd like to see more of it I think. If anyone would like to join me for a jog or a dip in the pool later, I'd love the company. Possibly a movie, too. Ah, that does remind me about the way stations. I should go shopping.

[ action; oct 6-13 ; iskaulit or waystation ]

[On any of the following days, Kaname is available to be doing whatever might be mentioned. Swimming, running, shopping, watching a movie, what have you. Hit her up!]


Oct. 5th, 2017 10:39 pm
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Who: Five lions and a rock
Broadcast: No
Action: On the Iskaulit
When: Beginning of the month

Hear me purr )

Action OTA

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:37 pm
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Who: Shay and you
Broadcast: private to Hunk
Action: Evac station
When: 22nd, just after the planet goes kaboom

Action - Evac Station

[Shay is on the station when the meteor strikes, helping out whoever she can with her limited medical abilities. While the most she can do is clean up blood and put on bandages, she's determined to do her part and help these people.

The horror and sorrow of the newly made refugees resonates with her in a way that she wishes she didn't feel. She too knows the fear of losing her home, but they had been lucky, and her planet had been saved when it seemed all hope was lost. These people though...they don't have that. There's nothing she can do but try to patch up wounds.

Her hands shake as she tries to continue, but the overwhelming feeling of panic rises in her chest until she can't stand it any longer. Shay mutters an apology and excuses herself, trying to find somewhere quiet. She doesn't handle panic well, and ends up on her own in a dark room, trying to muffle her shuddering sobs.]

Locked to Hunk - Audio

[Shay's voice is thick with tears and shaking as she speaks. She's panicking and scared, and she doesn't know what to do.] Um...H-Hunk? Are...are you there?
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Who: Hunk and EVERYONE~
Broadcast: Open, Fleet wide
Action: SS Heron
When: Today

[A - Network/Video]

[Oh man, not again. Being kidnapped by some unknown alien force really needed to stop happening. What are even the odds of that? Is there a card you can get stamped? And just in case waking up alone in this very stark room wasn't bad enough, his head was killing him. Probably from the alien lo-jack that he felt behind his ear. Or... that's what he assuming the bump was. But he could worry about that later. He needed to find the others.

Shaking off the headache he slipped off the bed to head for the door. It was eerily quiet as he entered the Hospitably Deck and he paused. The place looked abandoned. Oooookay. This isn't creepy at all. He scanned the area, searching for anything that remotely looked like control panel and made a b-line for it.

The feed flicked on to reveal the image of a young man wearing quite the colorful space suit. His expression brightened seeing that the video was going through.

There we go.... Hello? Lance? Guys? Is anyone picking up this transmission? This is Hunk, Yellow Paladin of Voltron and I have no idea where I am. I thought I saw a sign that said 'Hospitality Deck' but there doesn't seem to be anyone here. I'd at least expect cupcakes.

Except there is some smooth jazz playing in the distance somewhere? Which just makes me being alone even creepier.

If anyone is getting this, please respond.

[B - SS Heron Bridge]

[There was a sudden new surprise for the crew of the SS Heron. With a flash of confetti and the fanfare of tiny trumpets, a very confused looking Hunk was now standing in the middle of their bridge. He barely had time to send a broadcast let alone explore the previous ship he was on before he was whisked away again. Man, today just keep getting weirder.]

Hello? Anyone here?

[He picked the confetti from his hair as he scanned the room. Defiantly not on the Castle, but hey, its not galra either so... glass half full? And wait a second. Does his eyes deceive him? Was that a plate of chocolate pudding? It was that moment his stomach decided to make it's presence known. When was the last time he ate? Honestly, he couldn't remember which means it was too long. You know, you can't think when your tank is empty.

Sliding on over to the plate, Hunk picked up one of the small cups and was instantly filled with regret the moment its contents touched his lips. Blech! That wasn't chocolate! It was just paste to taste like chocolate which is just an insult to real chocolate! A wave of betrayal washed over his face as he stared down at the cup in his hands.

Great.... I'm missing food goo already.
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Who: Psycho Mantis and you.
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Bishop
When: Today

(Video – Fleetwide)

My god, it’s full of stars.

[He wandered around the ship in a bit of a daze. First came the larger ship, then the small celebration welcoming him to the second, and he is just as confused as he was when he first woke up. It’s been a long couple of days for him and he finds his way to the bridge of the ship. Stars. So many stars, He slumps in one of the many chairs nearest the window looking out onto space. There’s a cup of tea in his hand and his head turns between the feed he managed to open and the view.]

It’s a dream, isn’t it? It has to be. I remember what happened.

[He’s still dressed in his leathers, not quite trusting himself to wear the ship standards just yet. It’s so clinical. So real… He curls up more in the chair, lifting his mask a little out of the way to have a sip.]

This ship is called Bishop. Like the clergymen and the chess piece. If…anyone is out there, where is here?

(Action – Bishop)

[Still on the bridge of the ship, Mantis decides to make use of the music system to play something classical in the hopes of soothing some of his confusion. The tea doesn’t hurt either, and he sighs heavily as he tries to count the stars he can see. His malaise is such that someone could reasonably sneak up on him if they were so inclined. He is making good company with the chair he singled out.]

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Who: Shay and you
Broadcast: Unfiltered, open to everyone!
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[A - Network]

Um, hello? [Just because she has the augment doesn't mean Shay trusts it completely, and she peers curiously at the video. A smile spreads across her face as she realizes it's working.] Ah! Hello! I am Shay, of Balmera. There are so many here from different worlds! I would be most interested to hear of your homes. I know little of worlds beyond my own and this seems a perfect chance to learn!

[She pauses, her smile fading in thought. She is a little lonely.] I heard rumor of Voltron... I would be most pleased to see you again.

[B - Action aboard the SS Blue Fish.]

[The newest passenger of the Blue Fish is happy to be here, too happy with admiring the stars to think about how far away from home she is. She's perched by a window, long legs drawn to her chest as she looks outside to admire the view. Every now and then, a long fingered hand reaches out to try to catch a passing comet or meteor. She's never seen them so close before, never been this close to space, and she's loving the opportunity.]

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