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Who: Bishop crew and any visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Anyone aboard the S.S. Bishop
When: RIGHT THE HECK NOW (and also throughout the month)

[New crewmates, new captain, new reasons to wonder how the ship's still flying]
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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Video
Action: Anyone unfortunate enough to be aboard the Bishop
When: Evening of 5/21? Does space even have evenings? Space dinner time?

[For the past few weeks, Looma had been in A Mood and pricklier than usual. All that came to a screeching halt though, once she took out some of that anger on the ship and discovered something wonderful. And of course she's sharing it! So there's a giant, multi-armed and armor-clad princess gracing the network for you flooters, and she's positively beaming from the cargo hold of the SS Bishop.]

I have discovered the most exciting thing! This ship can repair itself!

[While that wasn't technically true, that was totally the case from Looma's point of view. And she was more than willing to show everyone so that they might better appreciate the superiority of the floating collection of spare parts that she'd been forced to crew against her will okay. It was clearly a superior piece of junk.]


[And with that she's just gonna turn around and punch the absolute hell out of the closest bulkhead. It's loud, the video quality takes a hit as the camera's jostled by the pressure wave and falls on its side, and those two fists of hers have caved in a section of the hull the size of a Winnebago. Also the instrument panel up on the bridge is probably lighting up like a Christmas tree but honestly that is so far from being her problem that it really doesn't matter, right?

But as soon as she pulls her arms back, there's a loud creaking and groaning of metal as the wall just pops itself right back into place, good as new! And the novelty clearly hasn't worn off yet, because Looma's still as excited by this as ever as she turns around to set her communicator back upright.]

Is every ship capable of this?! To think I had been worried I might break something- this is wonderful!

[...okay, yep, she is going right back to beating the hell out of the ship again. And again. For the love of god someone stop her because at this rate she's liable to have everyone aboard convinced that the ship had found its way into an asteroid field or something. Just stop her for their sake, okay?]
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Who: Crew of the Bishop and guests!
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Aboard the Bishop
When: April!

[ Welcome new folks to the ship. Hang out with the crew. Invite your friends over. Mingle! It's what we're here for! ]
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Who: Crew of and any visitors aboard the SS Bishop
Broadcast: N/A
Action: The SS Bishop of course!
When: All day, every day- in March, at least.

[Get your minimum daily interaction with the people you're forced to live with, then hide from them! Eat delicious protein paste! Stare at the bulkheads! The possibilities are endless!]


Jan. 3rd, 2017 03:53 pm
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Who: Bishop and Visitors!
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Bishop
When: Throughout January!

[Here lies your mingle for Bishop and friends!]


Nov. 30th, 2016 12:07 am
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Who: Betamax-8 and You!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Bishop Lab
When: Late at night

don't ask her about Thanatonauts )
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Who: Gemini & Open to the Bishop crew.
Broadcast: Nope
Action: S.S Bishop
When: Tuesday Evening

[It's now been well over a week since the Bishop's new security officer arrived in the usual burst of music and confetti...and stalked off without a word to anyone. Since then nobody will have seen so much as a peep of her; the office marked 'Gemini de Mille' remains completely untouched, the bed in her room obviously not slept in and the clothing locker unopened. Perhaps some of them might have heard sounds coming from the depths of the ship, tapping noises, faint slithery sounds emanating from the air ducts late at night, but that's the only hint of her continuing presence. However, even though the crew haven't seen her, Gemini has been watching them, listening in on conversations, intruding into private quarters, seeking to learn as much about her 'crewmates' as possible.

In fact there isn't a nook or cranny of the ship that she hasn't thoroughly explored, slipping behind walls, squeezing under the sparse furniture, oozing around the ship's wiring to see what leads where. Lately she's been exploring the plumbing system and discovered the ship's hot-water tank, and isn't that just heavenly? But she can't float around shapelessly in the tank forever, although the stubborn part of her likes to think she could, she's getting very bored very quickly. Eventually she'll have to talk to someone, and now seems as good a time as any.

The shower locker room is seemingly empty, but Gemini is there, blending seamlessly in, waiting impatiently for someone to come along, although she's unsure of what exactly she'll say...or even who she'll say it as.]
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Who: the crew of the bishop + visitors
Broadcast: nah
Action: the bishop duh
When: foreeeeeeeeeverrr

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Who: Crew of the SS Bishop & friends, visitors, interlopers!
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Aboard the Bishop
When: This week

[ Bishopites! How is station life treating you? Can you fit all the stuff you bought with your casino winnings into your bunk, or did you lose your last boring jumpsuit when Lady Luck abandoned you? Has anyone touched the gumball crates yet? Have at each other here and mingle away! ]
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Who: Cheese and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Bishop
When: Sometime before Belth's meltdown

[The video falls on the grinning-like-a-lunatic pony. Guess what time it is! It's pony holiday story time!!!]

Heya everypony! Happy Valentines day. Back where I come from, we call this Hearts and Hooves Day. Buuut that doesn't really work here given that I'm the only one with hooves. Hopefully everyone has a heart of some description though. ANYhoo. We celebrate this day pretty much the same as they do on Earth. Spending time with our special somepony, hearts, flowers, yadda yadda.

[He's forever alone, it's not important to him.]

The story of how it came to be is waaaay different though. OKAY so a loooong looong time ago a prince created a love potion to give to a princess he loved. He wanted her to love him back. Unfortunately it turned out to be a love poison and it made the two so lost in each others eyes that they couldn't perform their royal duties. There was a dragon and the kingdom fell, chaos reigned. It was the worst.

Luckily there was an antidote. The prince and princess had to be kept from looking into one another's eyes for a whole hour. Then the love curse broke and everything began to be restored once again. And from that day on everypony celebrated that day as one of love because-

[He taps his chin with a forehoof.]

...Actually I'm not sure. It's not really a romantic story when you think about it. I don't know what the moral is. Don't force love? Don't drink a suspicious drink that your stalker gave you? I dunno. We made a holiday with it anyway. So enjoy that, if you have a special somepony and be glad they didn't poison you? Yeah.
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Who: Bishop crew and visitors!
Broadcast: NO!!!!
Action: On the Bishop!!!

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Who: Crew + visitors
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Ship mingle on the SS Bishop yay
When: After returning to the ships

[it's great that the rooms got bigger! Still, one could argue that there's a fine line between "art" and "warehouse."]
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Who: SS Bishop crew and visitors!
Broadcast: N/A!
Action: On the ship!
When: Anytime in Sept and... until the next mingle goes up! It's a giant catch-all for shipwide shenanigans.

[ it's been a while, bishop! what's going on? ]
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Who: Cheese Sandwich and You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide - video
Action: Bishop
When: Right now.

[Cheese has been here for three months now, and it's clear Atroma aren't about to get rid of him, so he has an important mission to carry out. He turns on the video feed at stares down at the camera, his face is serious. This is serious business. ]

Okay, everypony. I have a super duper absolutely utterly important question to ask all of you. I really, really need an answer from everypony. It's that important.

[He leans a little closer in, to show how REALLY IMPORTANT it is. ]

I need to you tell me when your birthdays are. I also accept dates of anniversaries or likewise important dates to you.

[He picks up a pencil from off camera, and sits poised, ready to write into a little notebook. His words are a little muffled when he speaks again on account of the pencil in his mouth. Earth pony problems.]

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Who: SS Bishop Crew + You!
Broadcast: Bishop PA-system!
Action: SS Bishop!
When: 7/6-7/20!


Attention SS Bishop crew, this is your captain, Hiro Hamada, speaking. I'd like to take a moment to thank everybody for doing such a great job at their stations; we couldn't run the ship without you. Also, Adra, if you can take the time to figure out how to fix my brother's elephant ears, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Who: Anyone who wants to come!
Broadcast: If you want to.
Action: SS Bishop and anyone present.
When: April 2nd through the 15th, if you'd like! A little fudging with dates is allowed.

[We're not going to talk about tripping balls on April Fools or the inevitable hallucinogenic hangover. Let's talk about... uh... Tadashi's love life. Or someone's choice in fairy lights. Or the fact that there are still freaking ostrich bobbleheads hidden in places around the ship, months later.]
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Who: Everyone on the Bishop!
Broadcast: none!
Action: Bishop!
When: Anywhere from 3/15 til the end of the month!

[Welcome to the Bishop. We have rave lights.]
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Who: Team At Least We're Not Pathstone Bishop
Broadcast: Potentially!
Action: The SS Bishop
When: Right now! And other times!

[The ship is still full of bobbleheads, and your augments may or may not be malfunctioning.

So what's going on this fine day aboard the SS Bishop?]

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